Une Homme et une Femme
The most famous french Mustang/GT40 movie 
The history of #184 

Frank & Jaques Becker/Wolfgang Kohrn - 16th. September 2007, updated May 30th,. 2015


Picture courtesy F.Abraham/Movie scene

As we know from Guilleaume Vesnat from the Mustang Club de France, 2 1965 Mustang K-code hardtops were given from Ford France to Claude Lelouche, producer of the famous "Une Homme et une Femme" movie, that mirrors the life of the mid 60ies in France very well.

The story is widely known amongst european and many other nations Mustangers, but what attracts them most is of course the long sequences of Ford racing including scenes of a real GT40 in action and the  #145 racing in some scenes.
As Guilleaume points out, the movie cars however were not used in any races. 

Ponysite has been contacted over the years quite often about the traces of the HEF movie cars.
For a long time one was believed to exist in the ownership of Mr. D., however it turned out that this car was not the original one and carried a colour code different from the original white and was sold in about 2006 for a marginal amount.

Ponysite was fortunate to have been contacted by Frank Becker in 2007, whose father Jaques Becker bought this car soon after the movie via a dealer from William Reiber, then president of Ford France.
Unfortunately the K-engine soon failed and Jaques Becker, after getting no satisfactory service from the dealer, wrote a letter on 19th. Sept. 1966 to William Reiber himself, to claim his case.

William Reiber and  his service people took the claim obviously personally and advised the responsible managers to satisfy Jaques  demand immediately. 
As it turned out later in those cases, still Jaque got only half of his costs back by warranty regulation. 

Not a good memory for Ford instantly, but a fond memory for the short experience with the HiPo Mustang. 
He traded the Mustang for 3 Mercedes Benz 200D used by his company.

Jaques today would like to see his old car again, so whoever bought the car from the dealer in Soissons, please contact Ponysite.de via e-mail. 

It seems there is again a car on sale around on the market as of December 2009.
The place was Santa Monica, but it turned out as a fake.



Then we found this 1965 car in the Autoworld Bruxelles, where the museum claims that is a real deal. We have not been able to verify it having any connection so far and then again it has the wrong door number.
Trying to get the VIN, if you have a better connection to the museums guys, then pls. help us in getting the VIN of this car.

The famous #184 car after being sold to Jaques Becker in 1966

Jaques Becker claims his rights in adressing William Reiber at Ford France personally.

William Reiber, president of Ford France, himself took the time to respond personally, explaining that there was some problem to get another HiPo engine, but that the case has been solved and that Jaques is asked to excuse the problems he had encountered.

The invoice for the replacement engine.

The car was sold being registered under 860 LG 2 to Ford in Sedan/FR.

The story continues that a Second Hand car dealer i Thiais (south of Paris) had it registered under 2227 TY 75. The owner of the dealership was Mr. Bermude. The last registration known is in 1967.

At that time a serious fire destroyed Mr. Bermude's shop according to his son, whom Frank Becker contacted.

Whoever bougth this car from this dealer prior to the fire or got something from it later, pls. contact us. Frank has the VIN to verify any remainders.

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