The Mustang ... Hobo style
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Pictures Joel Patrick Inc.

The story of the Mustang Hobo

Arthur Camp designed this station wagon top for Mustang convertibles back then in late 1966. Finally he found an interested partner in Dennis Devine of Joel Patrick, Inc., 4500 Fulton, Sherman Oaks, California.

We have yet to guess around how many very actual made, though the top was certainly a good idea for any skier, surfer or camper. The extra luggage capacity or installment of Ford Astro-Gard seats for children would have been on the bonus side.
How was it mounted:
Well, you had to simply unbolt the decklid, fold down the convertible top, remove the side trim of the top well. The Hobo kit contained all the tools to do this little job.
The pre-production unit was presented to Motor Trend still with plexiglass, but the final versin had glass, padded headliner and padding around the openings. 

The top is secured by four latches, while the soft top can remain in the well.  

The total cost of the conversion kit was 595$, not cheap in those days.

If you have any other pictures or know of a surviving top, pls. pass us a line.


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