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An interview with Holly (Christmas 2006)

Holly Clark, the daughter of the Pony Emblem and Mustang I Designer ...
speaks out about her sentiments and plans for 2007 

I, Holly Clark, spent my entire life, just trying to find out more about my dad. Not understanding why my family was so saddened just at the sight of me. It was pointed out to me, just this Christmas, that I was really sad most of my life, but it was because the people around me were sad. I lost my dad at 2, and I was always, literally, looking for him. Expecting him to show up one day. Expecting it to all be a bad dream.
The Christmas I found his things in Grandmother's attic, all I wanted to do was find daddy's friends. I wanted to hear stories about him. To get to know him. To know what he looked like, what he sounded like. What he wore. What he did. I wanted to know why all this art work was with his things, and why all this Ford stuff was in his portfolio and his personal papers. I wanted to know the dad that I never knew. 
It's now been over 20 years. And I am still searching for my father. At times my family thinks I need to let go. But he is a mystery to me. When I found the only friend of his that would talk to me, he told me that dad actually drew those Mustang pictures. I was so naive about cars/dates/etc I didn't even know the Mustang came out in 1964 1/2, so the pre-dated drawings didn't mean anything to me....except when I touched them, I knew I was touching the same places my father's hands had touched, and in this way I felt close to him. That was simply it.
Most of the other addresses had changed by my 19th Birthday and I didn't find any of daddy's other friends, until their names started appearing in the backs of the Ford Books, and online and all over the world.
I feel pain in my stomach. It is very emotional to see all these young friends of dads grow older, while I am still just discovering a man of 27 years old. The hardest thing is, in the process, I have bypassed my fathers life. With tears I say this. It just doesn't seem fair that someone has so much to offer and he dies, and he leaves me here. I guess I feel my purpose is to show his original purpose. My purpose in life---my reason to live, is simply to tell everyone and show everyone what dad was doing, thinking, feeling, saying---because it honestly seems so extraordinarily worthwhile.
And so, another year goes by, and still many mystery's remain about my father. My uncle said at Christmas that my father called me the White Tornado because I was so full of energy and would run all over the house leaving toys and things behind (when I was a 2 year old). I can imagine what a handful I was, because my son was the same with me. History does indeed repeat itself they say.
My mother was very glad to see me even though we could only make the 11 hour drive and only stay for 3 days and drive back 11 hours due to my husbands work at the time. I am exhausted due to my illness and the needed medical things I must do on a daily basis. The drive is very hard on me.
I am still working very hard on finding information about my father although it is very emotional at times I must say. I worked on the project while at mothers house. I actually found all of my baby congratulations notes to me. Some were Western Union, some beautiful pink notes, and others, very funny. I found out, due to a show that my daddy dearly loved that he and his friends dubbed me the Mini Spy. That does seem appropriate!
I must sign off and get needed rest. My Car Show Co-ordinator and Friend says first thing on my list is to keep healthy so that I can continue to work to find all the information about dad and what was happening during his time with Ford.

Our goals for 2007 are as following:
  1. The Phil Clark Foundation --- the paperwork is complete for a non-profit organization HONORING Phil Clark in memory of the man, the designer, the artist, writer, poet, songwriter, musician, comic, and all around talented, charismatic person. A man who died young and needlessly. A man who should be remembered and whose works should be showcased instead of lost forever.
2. The initial goal of the Phil Clark Foundation is to care of the historical documents that have been found and preserve them properly for generations to come. Long Term Goal- A Museum.

3. Another goal is to research and find out where in history (as it is) these documents belong. (Example, if they are missing parts to something, we would like to help 'fill in the blanks' as the term may be). Long Term Goal- Online Research and A Research Document Housing place in the Museum.
4. In the process we would like to keep the memory of the Man (Phil Clark), his ideas, and his advanced works alive. We would like to do things the way he would do things to the best of our ability.
5. Any money that would be raised as profit in this non-profit organization, we would like to go to fund important projects that would be in align with his love of life and his beliefs. Currently, this year and last year, we sent money * to children in need of kidney dialysis during summer camp (as Phil was on dialysis) and to Urological research (to help find a cure for current Urological disorders), and the Miracle League for people with disabilities, (as Phil was disabled with debilitating incurable disorders during his teenage and young adult hood).  
6. Finally, these goals may add/change somewhat as information is gathered. For example: This was originally just a search for information about Phil Clark, now we have that information and we must do something with it, therefore the goal changed somewhat, but only because of new information.
*note (even though there have not been any profits as of yet and we are not currently funded by anyone)
The Mini Spy...
Detective Holly Clark

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