On the 5th of July 2020, 56 years after the launch of Goldfinger, Steffen Appel, member of the James Bond Club Germany presented a new Goldfinger book with lots of insider pics from the set. Written with his mate Peter Waelty. Looking forward to it.

Probably available by the known Internet sources by September 2020.

Thanks to current owner Ed Herbst we got some new pictures of the Goldfinger Mustang Fastback in October 2011.

After running them in our club mag, they are finally online as of 2013.
We hope to see the car at the 50th Anniversary.

Check out latest pic here

Goldfinger locations revisited - 
Article in Octane December 2008

Tania Mallet finally made it back to the Bond movies Goldfinger locations at the Furka pass in Switzerland.The pic shows her in Sept. 2008. With help trough our european Mustang network, we took care that a suitable Mustang was on site to play a major role in the recreation of the chase scenes. 

It must have been a lot of fun for our Mustang fellow Peter Lanz and his Mustang to follow or overtake the DB5 of a british collector during a restaging of the Goldfinger scenes at the original locations in Switzerland.
Klaus from www.early-mustang.com and myself and Iso Schwager from the Swiss Mustang Club made it happen for him to join the gang of this famous couple of cars and a Rolls Royce Phantom used by Goldfinger himself in the movie. Accompanied by a Shelby GT500 and a AM DBS the pictures and movie are worth to see in the near future on TV and in further publications aside from this month Octane. 

A nice roof console, cosmetic box, a few extra accent decals or numbered Goldfinger plate on the dash and off for sale would be a limited run of 750 cars easily. Let's see :) 
For those interested more in the original 1965 model golden Fastback pls. review our
www.ponysite.de/goldfinger_fastb.htm page with new pictures contributed by Matthew Mark Chitwood in August 2008
Will there be a new Goldfinger Mustang?
Sudden interest in the car let us believe it already in 2009, but maybe 2014 is the better date for a 50th Anniversary version.

Well it did not happen in 2009, but what about a 2012 version.
A simple dress up package with some gadgets inside? Why not. Could be a hot seller any day.
Ford did not build it back then in 1964, but today it would be a nice addition to any boulevard, hotel lobby, airport promo...even any car show.
A golden Pony emblem, a sidestripe with Goldfinger emblems and the secretary driving this car would be a real glamour girl suddenly. Isn't that the genuine message from Ford back then.

Sky One presented on 27th. July 2005 at 8.00 pm a TV show "Greatest Movie Cars"
The Goldfinger DB5 won 5th. place, BULLITT Mustang being the winner.. 
Picture thanks to Nicola Waddell of Waddell Productions. 
Two other Bond cars took high ranks, the Lotus Esprit and the AM V8 

Carrera Slot Car available from August 15th 2004... plus complete slot car track set with 2 Bond cars
Robert Learmouth from Slotcity brough this to my attention.
Check out the collectible site here.


Mystery for Bond and Aston Martin fans:
Alan Mann of Alan Mann Racing said, he located the DB5 for the race scene. 
We have also word of ex-Alan Mann mechanic John Grant that the car - while being returned to the UK - was crashed slightly.

I guess DB5 maniacs shure know a little bit more about this.
Is this the 2nd DB5 used in the movie or really a 3rd one?
Actually there were 4 DB5 in total. One is in Switzerland as of 2011. They found crash traces up front.