Did you know that....
..over 2 million DB5 Corgi scale models were sold immediately after the movie premiere.
A special mini DB5 was built for Prince Charles in 1965
In 1994 a special real golden model was built with 14 carat - 7500 pieces special edition

... and Ford sold over 6 million real Mustangs!
Gold plated Special Corgi scale model I am pretty sure, there is a huge variety of Goldfinger items out there. I am only interested in Goldfinger Mustang related collectibles. Any hint? Please let me know.
This Carrera slot car set (2 cars and track set) came out in August 2004. It is available via major scale or slot car sellers such as this one in the UK
The Mustang itself is also available as a stand-alone slot car. Usage is possible on Carrera systems as well as Scalextric (with some changes or an available replacement guide blade)
Check out the same source  here in the UK
A nice piece of artwork. A limited print run with original signatures of Sean Connery, Gert Froebe, Shirley Eaton, Harold Sakuta and Honor Blackman.
2750 Dollar and it was yours at the 2013 Monterey/Pebble Beach event.