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Picture courtesy  Bill Goszinski

Bill Goszinski pays always at the pump.

His 1972 Mach 1 351 Cleveland/4V that he bought in 1977, is for sure an outstanding Ponycar at the pump. So he likes to stay close to his silver beauty, not leaving it for a moment unattended to be touched by oily or greasy hands. Milwaukee/Wisconsin based Bill soon wants to add a 2005 GT - in silver - to his stable. "I wish the States had unlimited speed limits" he adds. So watch out at the pump and on the highways.
Picture courtesy Bill Goszinski

Picture courtesy Iso Schwager

Mustang gasstation corral

You know all these good ol' western movies with John Wayne or similar icons, where ponies corral up at the water tap after a dusty and exhausting ride through the prairie. This picture pretty much catches the atmosphere of such a round-up, although Switzerland might be considered just the opposite of a dusty prairie. But these guys for sure had the same thrilling ride in their saddles, now lusting for a cool drink and fueling up their beloved 'stangs.

Picture courtesy Iso Schwager
Pictures courtesy Iso Schwager

Picture courtesy Marco R.

Quite expensive Mustang stampede at 4,50$ a gallon!

Mustangs seem to be quite thirsty, but this is not exactly true for this group of Ponies. Quite reasonable modifications keep their internal fuel pressure and consumption under control, still with the average price of about 4,50 dollar a gallon in Germany this gathering offers a special award for the gasstation owner. Marco, owner of the front black T-5 with a bench seat sent in these nice pics.

Picture courtesy Marco R.
Pictures courtesy Marco R.

Picture courtesy Mike Calicott

Picture courtesy Mike Calicott

Full Service "Bullitt Fillie"

"These pictures were taken at a ”for real” full service station in Mustang, Oklahoma. "Full service stations are rare anymore so it was a treat. I had to help them find the gas cap and show them how to open the hood, but they put the gas in and checked the oil. I was on my way back home from San Francisco and the Bullitt Nats in Chandler ,Az. What a blast." says Mike Calicott. Note the JJZ 109 BULLITT movie licence plate still on the car.
Picture courtesy Mike Calicott

Please send in your contributions for this section. Any 64-73 Mustang parked at the gas station needs to get its admiration. Allow me a choice of just nice pics to appear here, it does not say anything about your car, rest assured.

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