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Panoz Autos/Equus Automotive/Designed by Tom Tjaarda/Bassam Abdallah.

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Braselton, GA USA – February 19, 2009

Panoz Auto Development Company President and FounderDan Panoz and Bassam Abdallah, President and Founder ofEquus Automotive, today announced a collaboration to buildthe Dream on Wheels global car. The management anddesign staff of Equus Automotive visited the Panoz facilitiesthis week and Mr. Abdallah and Mr. Panoz formalized thiscollaboration with a formal signingythey also announced a joint venture for the internationaldevelopment of the Panoz MKII technologies.

Equus – Panoz is an international program to bring the feelinand the passion of an iconic car to the world market.Designed in Italy by Tom Tjaarda, developed and engineeredin the USA by Panoz Auto Development Company, the Equusis the reincarnation of a legendary car that will commemoratethe recent Maharajah’s Road Event that took place in India,the first model will be badged Equus MR (Maharajah Road). 

At the completion of the signing ceremony Mr. BassamAbdallah presented Dan Panoz a hand crafted, solid gold,handmade, one-of-a-kind, Equus MR model featuring genuinediamond headlights. Mr. Dan Panoz presented Mr. BassamAbdallah with his renowned one-of-a-kind custom 1965Mustang GT with Equus MR design features. 


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