A unique Australian RHD Boss 351 Survivor

© Joszef K.(AUS), Geoff (AUS),  Wolfgang Kohrn -April, 17th., 2005, last updated June 22nd, 2008


According to our International Ford VIN decoder  the AA02LC stands typically for
A= America
= typically Dagenham/UK (other Ford decoder says Ford Cologne), but Ford Australia has confirmed to the owner that A stood for Australia in this case
02 =Sportsroof
= 1971
= January
which matches the written build date of 1/1971 and sounds logical for a RHD car like this. 

The engine code is an M on this tag, while the VIN elsewhere and on the engine is reported to be of an R-code. The upper left Sido-no. was used by Ford Australia for registering approved import cars.


Previous owners Jo and Lindi have received the Marti report that states this car being an original Australia export.

This probably unique Australian Right Hand Driven BOSS 351 features an 600HP 351/4V engine today acc. to the previous owner. The cars original colour is reported to have been yellow, while the colour today fits the cars look much better. Wether Paint SVO on the tag stands for yellow or another applied colour is yet unknown. 

There are still some mysteries about this car, but with the help of Ford Australia, Jo and some experts we are jopefully going to solve it:
"Ford USA sent all cars at that period via UK, which is - what I was told -  the politically correct method and the cars left the UK in - what was called an assembly kit form. The data plate is an aussie style one and the SIDO number is a Ford Australia generated internal order/control number. It also has all around disc brakes, unique for a BOSS 351 of those days.  " 
Jo (the owner)

Here is an update of what Ford Australia confirmed so far:
"According to our record this vehicle was imported by Ford Australia. Unfortunately, due to the age of the vehicle we are unable to translate some of the codes. According to our records here, the vehicle with VIN:AA02LC36584 was originally built to the following specifications:
SIDO: 210970
Model Code: 38799
Engine:  V8 HO Boss Engine
Transmission: 2 Speed Manio Transmission
Paint: SVO - Unable to translate (see below)
Trim: B - Unable to translate (see below)
Date of Manufacture: 01/71
Selling Dealership: Peter Warren Ford (Liverpool) Remark: Near Sidney
We are unable to comment on its present specification or condition as modifications or alterations may have been made to the vehicle since its production, of which no record is kept." 
Paul Kolarik

Customer Service Representative
Ford Customer Relationship Centre

As of February 2008, the new owner Geoff from Down Under contacted us with this update:

The Boss was originally ordered by Peter Warren Ford at Liverpool in Sydney on the 21 Sept 1970 for retail sale to a customer, it was delivered to Peter Warren Ford from Ford Australia on the 20 Jan 1971 and then retailed to the customer on the 3 Feb 1971. 
The car was produced on the 12th Nov 1970, 3 days behind schedule. There were two 1971 Boss 351 Mustangs produced on the 12th Nov 1970 for export, both of them were shipped to Australia, they were the first two Boss 351 Mustangs to be exported.

Either Ford Australia or Peter Warren Ford would have had the car converted to RHD by a specialist subcontractor prior to retailing to the customer.

This would have been a very early 351 Boss and I wonder if the customer thought he was ordering a 1970 302 Boss but caught the change of model, if so I wonder if he was happy with his new car. I am currently trying to find the original owner as there are many questions I would like to ask him.
Referring to the decoding of the Australian ID plate
The first A in the Vin# is for America, the Country of Origin, the 2nd A is for Australia, the final Production Facility
The paint code SVO on the Australian fitted tag stands for Special Vehicle Option. It was a Special Vehicle to Ford Australia, who did not normally sell Mustangs, and Grabber Yellow was an option available to that vehicle in its Country of Origin, if that makes sense.
The trim code B is for black upholstery.
The Boss is currently undergoing a minor restoration to bring it back to something like original and replace many of the things that have been removed or replaced by aftermarket pieces over the years.
Cheers Geoff


Further research tells us that indeed Ford Australia sold in 1965/1966 200-250 RHD converted cars in Australia (source www.mustangs.com.au/guide and Dave Hammars site), but obviously did not until 2001, when again 250 cars were converted with the Tickford connection and sold via Ford dealers. 
No Mustang between 1967 and 2001 were known so far, so whatever this story reveals more, this is still quite a unique Boss 351 out of 1806 sold in 1971. The VIN 1F02R136584 tells us, it was most probably built in a group of export BOSS 351. 


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