KK1587 Boss 429 Survivor
1969 Boss 429 Survivor unearthed in 2015

© R.W./J.S. ,Wolfgang Kohrn,  - August 14th  2015


The german owner emigrated to the US in 1955 and had a german cake and pie shop near Ritar Ford Sales in Norwalk/CT.
Having already 3 cars, amongst them a 1967 Mustang,  he was in the market for a real sports car - a 1969 Mach 1.

Yet the dealer had none on the lot . Instead he showed him a white Boss 429, that was not a customer ordered, but a showroom car.
Finally they agreed on a 36 month financing and the owner could take it home. It never saw the rain. In 1974 the first owner moved back to Germany due to private reasons.
Living near an US army base, he just needed to use the USA stickers on the US licenced car. He had neighbours take care of the tax stickers.
Thus the car never got registered in Germany and had to be customs cleared, before the deal went through now in 2015.

Picking it up at the docks in 1974, this was the only day the car saw rain. In the following 4 years until 1978 the car saw the road only on sunny days for short cruise and performance test trips.

Finally in 1978 after a short cruise the owner parked it in a garage and locked it up with no desire to get it out again. He just had other things going on and to take care off.

Only thing he did was later filling the engine with protection lube fortunately.
The garage roof was at some time damaged and some water dripped in the garage, before the roof was repaired.

Fortunately the garage door had developped some corosion that allowed fresh air in and out, so the garage was pretty good ventilated despite the occasional humidity.br>
The visible body rust seems to be just surface bound, closer inspection is ongoing, but not touched at this moment. The car will be on display for a while "as found", at least until February 2016.
However one could not resist to test the wiring and cabling and it turned out pretty good. Even the clock ran, most lights are working.

Most convincing is the door shutting, straight and even like on a new car.
This car is really a gem of the gems and the tendency to leave it as it is now may prevail with the owners.

KK1587 got the second batch of  429 engines named 820-T, the first run was the 820-S up to KK1479 plus/minus (without checking).
We will dive into the details of the camshaft specs soon.

Original set-up of the tire saver equipment. Boss 429 purists are certainly interested in how this looks like on a survivor with little more than 12.000 miles.

38 years
hidden away!

Finding a Boss 429 in Germany was something that almost nobody ever dared to hope for over here in the Mustang enthusiast circles.

But it happened in July 2015, when the owner  in northern Germany suddenly decided to sell it being in the age of 80.

Fortunately two guys from our club could buy it and that's why we had the story up front.

Details will be unveiled in the next weeks and monthes, the electricity turned out to work, rubber items are still soft, the interior is better than expected.

The engine is turning, because the cylinders were filled with conservation oil at some time until now and the break in will be end of September with NOS ignition plugs maybe, that are still with the car in a box with some maintenance stuff.

Cool stuff indeed.






























The double horn set-up and their wiring is also quite often a topic amongst B429 owners, the details can be examined here.


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