45 Stories from the 45th. Mustang Anniversary 2009
Impatient Custom Creations 

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They start from this...

.... and end up with the that car on the right, yes it is the same car indeed, but a thorough change of most components inside and outside. It still preserves the classic look, but is a driving machine at its best. 







From this point of view you can better judge the perfect paint job, that needs to go with the flat modern colours.

The interior corresponds to the brute outside look, mean and simple, yet a professional working place for the ice cool drivers. . 

New ideas for the rear end and lightning may find deaf ears for some, but may at least get you thinking about your own vision of something different for your order at Impatient Customs Creations. These are owner requested mods, whatever you want to see on your car, ICC makes it happen most probably. At least this was said on a signboard. 









Again a flat black car from SVP with a modern Ford racing modular engine. The booklet that was with this car described the tough way of getting the chassis ready to accomodate the engine and the structural enforcements necessary for a convertible.  

Restomod was yesterday - custom creations is the trend...

... Individuality on a top level

I know it is not the terrain of most of us average Mustangers, but those new custom creations are still worth to look at for some idea or details that may influence your next modification on your own car. 
There is more than one company around focussing on the typical upgrades and body kits for your Mustang to make you stand out. Individuality has been promoted with several customized show pieces like the Raptor, Anaconda or many other SEMA Mustangs.

The Mustangs from Impatient Custom Creations are really extraordinary and attracted quite a crowd, although you could feel there was some invisible sort of barrier in admiring the artwork instantly. 
But you have to understand that these are customer requested cars. ICC creates custom cars for customers that want something special. You can sketch or write down what you want and they will built it for you. Individual custom Mustangs - Design them as you like them. Ford inspired.

Modern Mustang technology has advanced a lot and merging this with our classic breed of Mustangs is a natural thing. Don Lyons from ICC seems to have some understanding of the needs of his audience and has created some (yet) very unique idea carriers for modern custom work on Mustangs. We show you a few of them right from th e 45th. here.
With new colour technics flat colours like ice blue or flat black became very popular colours for custom cars. One could of course say that this flat black is a 34 Hot Rod Ford colour, but it's indeed a more modern hue of flat black that withstands finger prints and other air pollution oddieties much better with its modern paint formula. It's not cheap to apply such colour on your Mustang with the same even dull surface all around, so forget about doing it in your driveway.

Not really 50 states legal, if you've heard the news about the colour preferences in California recently :)

Modern 4,6 or 5,4 litre Ford racing engines make their way into classic Mustangs more often. It's not an easy drop-in as you can picture from the missing shocktowers, but it's one big step to a high-class custom job for the impatient ones.

Another radical Impatient Custom Creations Mustang is this 1968 silverfrost car.

Even if you don't like the appearance from this view, the car has several details to explore that might fit your own custom ideas like the mirors, grille or headlight covers.

The insight is modified, yet still has a classic look with modern accents. 

Visible are big changes in the engine bay, if you look close at the side fender walls.

The Eleanor is almost dead, but this was one customized convertible that integrated a few parts of it with taste. A well done blend.

There were more customs to spot on the ground, but yep, I need to do another 20 stories at least:)

 Author: Wolfgang Kohrn

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