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December 26th, 2018
Remember Jim Langes Mystery notchback racer?
It seems that with help from Steve Francis and some others that crawled under thcar he finally found the truth could be found and the history be traced back to a Notchback racer from Ray Wollf. Many know his orange-red early 64 car, that was one of the Shelby prototypes.
Well he also had other following race cars and amongst them a 1968 Notchback. With his access to Shelby pieces, it is logical that he had all the goodies at his hands, maybe even the 1967 Shelby GT500 front clip, that was welded to Jim Langes car early on.

Research will continue, while the restoration proceeds. We will keep you updated in 2019 on the restoration

Read about the history research here
November 21st, 2018
Mark Larsen restored and owns this Boss 302 driven by Roger Briere in the canadian series CASC.

Read more here
Currently on sale for 110.000 US$
September 5th, 2018
Shelby Trans-Am Group 2 #12 (of 16) is on sale by LMC.

Check out their site and you'll see a lot of restoration pictures for your archive.

August 14th, 2018
Mont Tremblant race course saw a thrilling T/A reunion AT THE  event and the QVRCA gathered its members to perform at the Sommet Des Lgendes 2018 .
We are soon featuring Raynald Belangers report on this site. Meanwhile check out this video from the event.
August 2nd, 2018

Tony Conover sells his Bill Clawson Racer via Hemmings
RIP Don Pike
We just heard Don died last week.

Follow this link for his Mustang ride.
July 20th, 2018
Kyle Hallett owns the ex-Greg Hessler Boss 302 with Leon Hallett

With his help and permission we set the page up combined with  archived information from previous owners and Ed Ludtke/Steve Francis.

Have a look here
June 21st, 2018, updated July 2018
#112073 Shelby Team car no. 2 joined to Goodwood Festival of Speed

Last owner Don Dimitiriadis wrapped up his treasure for one of the most exciting United Kingdom event, the Goodwood Festival of Speed.
He had a good time....mostly shared on Facebook. Congratulations.

June 14th, 2018
On June 11th, 2018 Martin Birrane passed away in the UK. R.I.P.

Martin is well-known amongst racers as the one who raced amongst others a 1968 427 Mustang built by Holman Moody and the 1970 season development car raced earlier by Eichstaedt car.
Most impressive at least for UK and Belgium Spa race goeers was certainly Martins appearance in this car pictured.

Our thougths are with his family.
February 10th, 2018
1969 Canadian race Boss  - ex Roger Briere- for sale
For those interesed to get a ready to race car, here is one for you from Steves contacts. The car was driven by Roger Briere in canadian CASC races 1969/1970.
Mark Larsen is the owner.

Excerts from the description:

"Very solid car, all electrical and fuel systems (including fuel pump and fuel cell) completely new.
Engine updates
- new MSD racing wires and racing spark plugs, new MSD Billet Small Cap distributor replaced original manual tachometer distributor; new Edelbrock racing water pump.
The Boss came with a Bud Moore Mini Plenum Intake which remains on the Boss.

Original dry sump system
- completely updated with new sump lines and inline filter, new Peterson aluminum dry sump tank and Moroso air vent tank; original Boss 302 oil cooler removed and new racing aluminum oil cooler installed.
Peterson inline Oil Sump Line Primer system installed.

Braking system
-  all new rotors, new manual hydraulic brake cylinder, Porterfield racing brake pads, and new custom NASCAR racing brake lines (Yes, converted to manual brakes as in TA).
Custom period style TA roll cage
(designed from photos of Shelby TA Boss 302) built by NASCAR chassis shop.

So much more to mention.
All original parts with car have been kept along with period racing equipment/parts."

January 7th, 2018
Dan Long presents us the former Ford Engine Engineer Bill Barr A/S Boss 302 racer and clarifies the historic.

The car is currently undergoing some corrections to let it appear like it was raced in 1972.

Read Dans report here
November 28th, 2017
Walter Bud Moore died at the age of 92.
We express our sincere condolences to his family.

He left his name for eternity in the automotive history books. Not many have that privilege, but he deserves it for sure.
November 18th, 2017
At the same event the former John McComb, Gary Spraggins, Rick Davis... Shelby Group 2 car #12.

Picture courtesy Steve Francis.
November 18th, 2017
At the Simeone Museum event today, Steve stumbled over the Shelby Group 2 car #16, that made some noise, when it appeared after a long storage in 2014.

Good to see its body and interior still unrestored, though some mechanical upgrades had been made to get it on the road back then. It remains a survivor.

Another picture and some more information here on our #16 T/A subpage.
November 1st, 2017
Dale Wood #4 Tribute car on sale

Wish I had bought it, but small pockets did not allow. A great car for a real enthusiast.

Now on Craigslist
October 28th, 2017

Phil Dauphinee has a long term relation to Trans Am Mustangs.
He just finished his Jerry Titus tribute scale model and it appears like a true build. Die-hard scalemodel builders know the pain, backlashes and attention to detail, such a build takes.
August 15th, 2017

The Warren Tope dress is clearly visible. In 1974 at Mid-Ohio this A/S 69 racer appeared and Kevin Knedler took a picture.
I was a bit guessing around with the 69 racer that Warren Tope once had, but it is most probably
9F02M148628, the former Shelby car, sold to Troy for the 1971 season and then on to Tope Racing.

They had actually 2 cars racing in the 72 and following years (lettered with door number #31 and #32), the last driven by Lee Roy at San Air in 1972, as you can clearly spot the #32 was altered to a #82 for 1974 at least at this Mid-Ohio appearance in the A/S class.
July 2017
Another interesting picture of the 1-1971 BIW as raced by Phil Bartelt in 1978, here August 1978 in Mid-Ohio.

Note the A/S and #42 lettering and read the full story.
July 2017
Kevin Knedler sent us some pics taken at Mid-Ohio 1975 and Nelson-Ledges 1976 quite some time ago, now we found the time to research them a bit.

This picture and another actually was a nice surprise, as they show 112073, the Shelby Team car with a Bud Moore Engineering sticker on the back.
The picture shows the famous historic car clearly in the Daher Enterprise Racing Teams dress with Jose A. Daher and Daniel Muniz as drivers. (August 24th, 1975)
We've added the other pic as well in the history of the former Shelby Team car 112073
May 2017
If you have a
Racing Boss for sale with some history for sale, pass us a line. Somebody in the UK is looking for one.

History is good, but not mandatory though.

Tired of racing?

March 28th, 2017
(updated May 15th, 2017)

The Dale Wood Tribute Mustang built by his brother Johnny is finally finished.
Still waiting for Dales answers, but then we can garner it with shots from historic places, where the original #4 car from the Caballos Racing Team appeared.

Update: November 1st, 2017
The Tribute car is on sale on craigslist now. Make sure it finds a good new home.
December 29th, 2016
Dale Woods brother Johnny S. just updated us about his brothers car and his tribute Mustang that he is building for him.

Looking through the boxes he has, he found something interesting for us T/A guys, a blueprint map of the Texas International Speedway racetrack.
It is really cool to see these genuine maps surviving and I hope we can get more out of this new contact.
December 19th/27th, 2016
The Bill Clawson  BIW (Body in White) Mustang Notchback story
Steve Francis sent in the history of this car, While we put it up here on the site, here is a brief ownership record. Stay tuned.
Picture courtesy Charlie Henry


More here
December 5th, 2016
We recently posted about the Dos Caballos team. Eventually this lead to another contact, the brother of Dale Wood pointing us to the #4 1966 Mustang driven by Dale and A.J. Foyt and some other Mustangs/Shelbys Dale drove.
Dale is visible in the picture as the third from left, A.J. Foyt senior 2nd from left.
Freddy van Buren sitting on 5R108.

Stay tuned for more exclusive stuff out of Johnny and Dales photobox.
November 18th, 2016
Daniel Lipetz has published his new Trans Am book (224 pages) about the 1966-72 era for us enthusiasts.
69.95 Dollar to go.

The Publishers Edition for 250 Dollar might be a special collectors item (256 pages) in the future with only 150 printed, so make sure you get it signed by PJ, Dan Guerney, George Follmer, Bud Moore, Penske and Posey.
Export adds roughly 85 Dollar to the bill.

Pls. contact Bulls Publishing for your online order.
Octobre 14th, 2016
Driving a Trans-Am tribute car on the road is many a T/A enthusiasts dream.
A whole group called Quebec Vintage Race Cars Association is living their dreams in western Canada.

Raynald Belanger was or is is known to some from his outstanding Mach 1 a decade or more ago.
He meanwhile has built his own #16 Follmer Tribute T/A racer for the street and can join the others, amongst them this #15 car, a 67 #17 Titus car, one replica of the famous Bud Moore  Cougar and there are more in the club, amongst them a #98 Shelby GT-R, a Javelin ...more soon.
We will feature a few, since we got many requests over the year for some affordable tribute car upgrades. Let's see what we can do this year. Always a matter of time and willingness to share the information.

September 22nd
First pre-production shots!

My favourite - the Smokey Yunick car ...finally available in 1:18 scale.
I wish they had it done in 1:8, but o.k, so be it. Based on the very well done Welly moulds, ACME retooled it back then for the #15 Parnelli Jones car and now did a paint and sticker job on it to make it a Smokey Yunick car, that raced only once at Talladega. Wrong wheels on the car, neither the Kar Kraft ex-factory nor the steel wheels used at the actual race are on the car, but o.k. for the shelf, the Minilites may be good enough.

With a MRSP of 105 Dollar, it will soon hit the known scale model retailers. Unfortunately they do not export, so we over here in Europe may have to wait for the many grey importers.

Ask your favourite scale model shop for them.

September 18th, 2016
Steve Francis finished the 1967 Dearborn (and later Larry Beaupre/Bill Clawson) early suspension, engine ...development test car ..
in time for the SVRA race at Watkins Glen on the 10th of September 2016.

Read more about the history.

Jim Click auctioned of a variety of his car collection, amongst them 2 of the most famous 69 and 70 T/A cars, 2 Cobras, a Don Roberts race Shelby 6S2363 and a GT40 P/1061.

See the external link for further information on the offer at RM Auctions August16th

Update 22.nd August
Both T/A cars were not sold.
11971 not at 425.000 hammered price.
147628 not at 675.000 hammered price.
March 5th, 2016
The Historic TransAm group gathered at the first of the 50th TransAm Anniversaries at the Sebring race track.
Looks like they had a lot of fun.

The modern T/A racecars were of course dominant at the event, but this field certainly was a crowdpuller to remind all spectators of the rich history of TransAm races.
More soon.
January 20th, 2016
Car Craft John Halls Ltd. garage isn't any more around.
John Hall and his head mechanic Dave Dunbar had their names carved into the T/A tracks back then. The team founded the High Performance Division of Fogg Motors and rejoined forces later at the Bay Street in Northern Vancouver at the Car Craft John Halls Ltd.
The garage finally closed its doors last month with John Hall retiring. It was however run by Davie Dunbar and his son Steve already since 1977 after taking over ownership from John.  Dave retired 5 years ago , is still around, but his memories aren't unfortunately preserved for the world.

Cory Ellwyn told us recently about the closing down. A lot of stuff went into his own garage from teh sale.

Car Craft was a name since the early 70ies. It dealt with Ford cars at lest 30 years, as we hear.'

With 50 years of experience in Mustang wrenching however Dave Dunbar ran the former garage of his friend and former team chief John Hall with a certain focus for racing. If a Mustang needed more power and stiffness or better track times, this was the best address in western Canada.

January 11th, 2016
50 Years Trans Am Festivities
Make sure you visit the place, where the first TransAm Race took place. March 25th, 1966 saw the first race, where A.J. Foyt, Ed Diamond and Dick Thompson entered Ford Mustangs in T/A trim.
The first two did not finish, but it was the start of an exciting, thrilling new adventure for the years to come.
5,2miles airport track at Sebring were waiting for FIA Group 1 and Group 2 cars. 67 laps, which were good for 348,4 miles caused quite many technical issues. Bob Tullius in his Dodge Dart setting the average speed record at 88,8 miles. Jochen Rindt winning in his Alfa GTA (U1class) and Dick Thompson in his Mustang (O5class) with 28 laps difference (minus to the winner) finally crossing the finishing line with two points, but no price cash back afer the 4 hours of the very first TransAm race had passed by.
We hope the 2016 race sees some different results.

The schedule as published:

March 6  Sebring International Raceway
April 10 Road Atlanta
May 15  Watkins Glen International
June 12  New Jersey Motorsports Park
July 3  Brainerd International Raceway
August 13  Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course
August 27  Road America
September 24 Virginia International Raceway
October 9  Homestead-Miami Speedway
October 15 NOLA Motorsport Park
November 5  Circuit of the Americas
November 12  Daytona International Speedway

The 50th Anniversary at Sebring will see some exciting Coming outs this year, reports Brian Ferrin:

"The 50th Anniversary series starts only in Sebring and ends at Watkins Glen in September. At Sebring we join with the current T/A for the  first time.

Some exciting cars coming out:

The Dean Gregson Boss is fully restored and back to its 69 configuration. The Pete Cordts Boss will join us at Monterey.
The Hinchcliff Boss is getting a full makeover The Owens/Corning Camaro is on the way And, the Grey Ghost Pontiac Tempest returns to the track after a full resto."

November 27th, 2015
A new book about Kar Kraft will be published in summer 2016

Save your X-mas money for a book worth to read. Lots of genuine people will be intereviewed who worked on the more famous racing cars and in the works.

The Don Eichstaedt test mule will be covered in it as well in depth and of course there will be a lot insider knowledge on the B302 and B429s passing through their shop. Famous racer Charlie Henry is the author and we are looking forward to it.
November 27th, 2015, updated Dec. 27th
Steve Francis reports about the history bits of this 1965 mexican notchback.

It appears these day with the door number # 91 at several vintage racing events.
Raced by Fernando Sterling from 1967 to 1972 in Mexico.

Follow this link for more information.
November 27th, 2015
The Leech car returns to the UK.

Bill Shepherd from Shepherd Mustangs, a very well known dealer in the UK bought the car finally in May from Craig Olsen and it is on its way to the UK to be brought back to the former Dennis Leech racing livery.

The restoration will certainly take some more time, but Bill is positive to get it back on the track soon wiht all his shop teams skills.

Looking forward to see it racing again.

The picture shows the car as of 2014 in Craigs shop.
August 7th, 2015
Steve Francis is returning to the Ford world with this 1967 K-code notchback A/S project.
A special Ford test and engineering vehicle that was seen at the Dearborn prooving grounds.
Lots of KK pieces included.

More soon on the history bits of this car that will certainly hit soon the racetrack again, if all goes well.

April 22nd, /May 25th, 2015
Most have heard that SFM 5R108 is coming up for sale. Tom Hamon, son of one of the former owner (Gene Hamon Ford), will be on site at the RM auction next weekend to watch it coming and probably also going after 45 years again.
He will have a replica for his own driving fun soon built by David Rowan.

But in the research for original pics of his car, a friend of Tom came across a collector and that unearthed this rare shot of the Freddy van Beuren driven R108 during its Dos Caballo Racing Team period in June 66 at Green Valley.

With it and that explains its appearance here is the 1966 Dale Wood/A.J.Foyt  Sedan race car, again driven by Dale Wood in May and June 66 at GV. A really rare shot.
April 22nd. 2015
Cory Ellwyn is not unknown at car shows and racing meetings. His gold on black 1968 427 Mustang attracted already a big crowd  including me. Staying in touch over the years he kept us up to date with his latest projects. Cory also had his hands once on a Panther Six restoration.

This is his latest Holman Moody 1967 racer tribute with some technical highlights.
Read more of the specs here on - Click here
March 8th, 2015
Good news spread fast.
The 1966 Shelby Group 2 #16 was unearthed and published yesterday on the SAAC forum.
I happened to talk to Lee Holman about the red coupe in their place at the time, but at that time of our talking he thought it could also have been the winning DPK7B TDF car.

Stay up to date with more news on it here on our site as well hopefully soon. It is on sale now, the owner decided that it is better to have it done on an appropriate level of expertise to save it for the future.
January 15th/16th, 2015

Auction started at 100.000, ended at 140.000.  Sold for 200.000 $.

"Car was not sold because it did not meet reserve" was the official statement.

After the auction bidders were put in contact with the owner and the car subsequently sold for 200.000 Dollar plus commissions to Bob Smalley.
Work has started and it is planned to enter it in vintage races in summer 2015, maybe  under the RSR banner.

Picture RM Auctions (with permission)
January 14th, 2015
Steve Holmes visited the new owner of the 1967 Shelby Group 2 #25, which is Nigel  McDonald in Australia.
See how things get reunited even after 30 years and more.

Click here
December, 29th 2014
Time for a Review.
Monterey 2014 contained all of what a T/A reunion meeting needs:
Nice sun shine, well preserved race cars, race drivers and technical experts to jog their memories and enthusiasts to listen to those memories.

Our reporter Michael Gullery was on site and allows us to look over his shoulder.

More pics here

More coming soon from the Corkscrew.
December 27th, 2014
Wally did it again.
With a sense for the things people would grab on the counter, he wrote another
 "Way beyond Barn Finds" book
and put Smoke(y) on the cover. Thus he got my attention of course and then he wrote:

"The cover story is about the famousTrans Am Mustang Boss 302 built by Smokey Yunick . Smokey - being a long time race car mechanic, at the behest of Ford executive Bunkie Knudsen was challenged back then.The idea was to see how many tricks the famous race car mechanic could incorporate into the car.

It was an oddball car because, though it known as a Trans-Am car, it never raced in Trans Am originally. In fact it only ran one race, a Grand National race, and broke. Yet it one of the most valuable "Trans Am" cars because of the reputation of Smokey Yunick. says Wallace Wyss.

In this book Wyss also has a  chapter on a car still listed as missing the mid-engined Boss 429 Mustang built by Ford as an experiment.
All the Wyss Incredible Barn Find books can be ordered from Enthusiast Books, Hudson, WI.
December 2014
We've added latest engine bay pics taken by Steve Francis from the Ross Myers owned Smokey Yunick Boss 302.

Review them here

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 2015 will be more exciting here in the Ponysite/TransAm section. Stay tuned.
December 2014
BME # 41971 finally on sale at the R/M Auction in Arizona in mid January 2015.

Read our history on this car here

Follow the auction here

The ad starts as follows:

"460 hp, 302 cu. in. OHV V-8 engine with a Holley four-barrel carburetor, four-speed manual transmission, independent front suspension with upper A-arms, lower transverse arms with drag struts, coil springs, tube shocks, and an anti-roll bar, rear live axle suspension with multi-leaf springs, upper trailing arms, Watts link, and an anti-roll bar, and four-wheel disc brakes.
Wheelbase: 108 in.

  • The final Kar Kraft Bud Moore Boss 302 Trans Am racer
  • Completed under the supervision of Bud Moore and sons to 1971 BME specifications
  • Certificate of Authenticity signed by Bud Moore
  • Eligible for HSR/SVRA events and a FIA Historic Technical Passport"

Picture  R/M Auctions
(used with permission)
November, 2014
Although pictures from last years (2013)
Spa 6 hours in Belgium, we are fortunate to get these pics from club mate Hans to update our John Hall independent Boss racer website.
September 20th, 2014
R.I.P Dr. Dick Thompson
The "Flying Dentist" has passed away in his age of 94 on the 14th. of September.

He was better known in the Corvette circles during his race career from 1952-1968, but 1965 and on saw him in the Mustangs, GT-40s, Gulf Mirage, 1966 as well in the Trans-Am area with a notchback from Jim Sutter.
This car  is well preserved and today in Ross Myers collection.

September 14th.
The Goodwood Revival
is the best place to revive a legendary car such as this

1965 AS notchback raced by Gene Felton in 1965 and on.

Anders Nannerup from Denmark kept it alive for the past period of time and went through a lot of pain with it. The car had been through a few accidents and seen a few different liveries in its history, but  it is good to see it again in its former shiny blue appearance, when it was damaged the first time at the 1967 ARRC Daytona.

Anders kept it a bit behind of the heavy battles on the racetrack at the Goodwood Shelby cup race knowing he would like to race it also during the rest of the season. Well done. More pics will be added soon in the history logbook.
September 9th, 2014
Being allowed to browse through
Gene Feltons scrapbook
with Anders Nannerup, I found this rare picture of Bob Grossmanns early Dockery Ford Shelby notchback.

Jeff Canon provided the hint that this was the ARRC race in Daytona as of Nov. 1967, where P. Cordts in #18 blew a tire and Grossmann crashed with Gene Feltons racer.
So what you see here, is 67 SA notchback #11, that was later turned into Malcom Starrs car.
September 1st, 2014
What does it take today to get a more or less
period correct 1966 Trans Am Racer for the street?
..ready to rumble and scream on the track...and then being reliable enough to go in stop and go traffic to your work?

Typical FIA race cars in that range run between 70.000 and 130.000 dollar depending on the work done, spare parts and professional background of the restoration and material. But can you drive them on the street and enjoy more than a few weekends. Not really, here is an alternative to consider - yet in the upper range mentioned above.

This street legal racer was build from scratch -  which we have yet to see in detail close up, but looks like excellent workmanship. German workmanship btw. from our friends at in Aachen.

August 18th, 2014
RIP Trond Schea

Trond Schea died August 16th, 2014 in his age of 83 in Norway. Our thoughts are with his family. Only a few genuine race drivers of the Muscle car period remain on this earth, so let's preserve their memories forever.

Trond was for a period a driver of the 1967 Shelby Trans Am racer #8, that went originally to Bo Ljungfeldt and now is in the hands of Bjornar Djonne in Norway. He also drove Cortinas and Escorts according to John Bakke, who informed us.
Here is more in norwegian language

July 26th, 2014
Unearthed - Picture of 1966 Shelby notchback at the Daytona 1967 race
Well, I had bought this picture about 8 years ago and for some reason locked it away with numerous others in my original picture binder.
Triggered by another search for another car, I stumbled over this shot again.

Of course you recognize the Ray Cuomo SA notchback car #6

July 14th, 2014
Racing Legends day at the Simeone Museum

A very cool event - even only looking only at the Facebook page of the museum.
Andrew Taylor caught the essence of the event on 33 pictures there.
We wonder what the narration of Chuck Cantwell was about the making of the first racer showing the notchback test mules.

Recent research on the very first racing Mustangs ever will be published soon. So far Bob Acton  in May 64 at Waterford Hills was one of the entries, but there are a few others that may preceed that event worldwide. Mike Matune wrote that piece a while ago and we are looking forward to seeing it finally on the web or in print.
July 14th, 2014
Bruce Thompson from New Zealand now owns the former Russell Rosalez 68 T/A replica.

Bruce raced the former T. Godsall white Firebird and is a known name in the scene.
Hampton Inns racetrack will see this car probably more often, though Bruce shows it off currently at Street Machine events and for sure it makes a nice driver on the streets.
GGood luck with it and we like to follow race cars of all kinds, so drop us a line, if you see outdated information here.
More on this one here.
June 4th, 2014/span>
1967 Shelby Group 2 #24 on sale
Fred Sutherland sells his car again. Now on sale until August from Auctions America.

Check it out via the link at the bottom of this site
May 2014
Got my 1968-1971 (yes 1971) SAAC registry from Rick Kopec.
Thanks to Rick for mentioning in the acknowledgements. We will soon come back to the 68 T/A topic, even though we may be not so famous for that part:-).

At least we worked together on the Shelby Europa registry and sorted the facts from the fallacies. Still enough to research for the next 50 years based on this one.
May 2014
Not very often you see an original BM oil pan.
This one I spotted during a visit at Lee Holmans shop. Lee was quick to point out the details of the oil pick up levels and aeriator system.

Actually for sale. Give him a call, if you want it.
April 2014
Once in a lifetime we intended to do our own FMCOG 1964-1973 Mustang Racing Heritage show at our  33. international club meeting and 50th Anniversary.
The location is an old airport near Cologne. Genuine race drivers will speak out at the evening dinner.
But several teams draw back due to the ongoing seasons and paint jobs, mechanic overhauls, damage repair, brake downs or timing problems. Well - guess it was wrong timing anyway. We still had a few dragsters and race cars including a T/A replica around for the show.
More to see:
- Monte Carlo Historique 1964Falcon
(Bo Ljungfeldt replica)
- Titus Dittman FIA racer
- Redline Motors workmanship samples and dragster
- some other FIA racers (if they fire up)
- 1969 Bud Moore replica
- 1971 Racer Big Body

Start your engines, gentleman!
Bastian Ebener has saddled up to join our meeting with one of his customers cars.
April 2014
It is not a Trans Am Mustang, but the
Dennis Leech car has been always of special interest with its B429 engine heritage.
Craig Olson send us the latest picture and we will put up a dyno sheet of the recent engine testing soon.
Read more about the history, if you haven't yet.
January 2nd, 2014
2013 was a good year for most TransAm enthusiasts, maybe not for all.

But one, who enjoyed going racing again, was the Ring Free Oil team with Frank Dobias.
I asked and yes - Frank would like to share his reports with you here on
Read about the Fun at the 2013 Glenora Wine Cellars US Vintage Grand Prix and the parade on the Franklin Street downtown.

Read the Watkins Glen report here.

Plus Lime Rock  Historic Festival 2013
November 1st, 2013
Darrell Brewer offered this former T/A or A/S racer with the VIN 0T02G106247 out of the former Curtis collection these days on ebay with no  reserve. It is for sure a very interesting race car project with lots of things to do, but most probably worht the effort as most insiders agree.
Make sure you don't miss your opportunity.
Check out this link to ebay.

Sold for $5600,--  on ebay.
October 1st, 2013
Ready to get back on the track
Once and then we run an exceptional car without a T/A history on this site. Dave Redman kept us up to date on this one for quite some time, so it is good to see it finally back to life.
It is a former Andy Kilian race car, that saw first duty on racetracks in the GT-1 class in the early 80ies, yet it has a HM roll cage built in and thus deserves certainly mentioning here with all these factors.

Read the details of this 1967 Notchback GT-1 racer and follow this link
September 25th, 2013
Mary EllenWilkins
is still kicking

The former 1967 Shelby SA notchback car#7 racing lady left her truck on the roadside, when it broke down, but got a pleasant ride by a racer
It is one of those nice stories that we hear here on quite often from roadside reporters and even more like to share. Genuine racers are still out there and kicking.  Tim Bergquist is a serious weekend racer of with a 1991 Ford Escort (car#261). He will get famous, when his car is considered of historic value latest in 2021 hopefully:-). So keep it, Tim.
Anyway let's hear about Tim Bergquists latest incident.

"The 15th of Sep.2013, I was returning from a club race in Willow California, Thunderhill Raceway.  I was driving home early as our car broke.

I saw a 70ish lady walking down highway 5, in Winters California, away from a disabled truck.
It was Sunday morning, so I stop and offer her a ride into town.  Very nice lady asks for a ride to church and she will get the truck later.  She asks where I coming from and I tell her of my shortened race weekend.  She laughs and begins t tell me she used to race a Shelby Mustang in the 60s.  She stated she was in negations with Ford to be the first factory female racer when she joined the church and gave up racing.  It was a short ride to her church and I asked her name. "Mary Ellen Wilkins"

This is her and her race car and I found it on your site!

Thought you'd get a laugh out of the news that Mary Ellen is still around!"

Thanks Tim for the heads up.
September 19th, 2013
Steve Ross Boss 302
Owned since at least a decade by Tom and Patty added to our history logbook.

If you have any more information or own pictures out there to share, please send our way.
September 15th, 2013
The Watkins Glen T/A group reunion was a blast.
Steve Francis was there and send us some nice shots.

I guess by now everybody in the T/A scene knows that Bill Ockerlund owns the ex-Hodges #112074  and he proudly presented it at Lime Rock Park and Watkins Glen.

Jan Nelson in his 66 Shelby Group II #6 notchback and the ex-Tatum/Pendleton 67 Cougar behind him

September 8th, 2013
Watch out on ebay

soon for stuff from Matt LaFond, PO of an 1968 T/A notchback racer.
After years of research about his own and other Shelby notchbacks he wants to let go a good dose of his material collected and found in all those years - copies or originals, the description will tell.

Anybody interested to check out the material - best at his storage place - set ON your Radar or more simple your Google Alerts for Vintage Car Services Shelby notchback documentation.

Needless to repeat, but I don't have an interest in these sales as usual, be it copies or originals, so you'll be on your own in checking the material out before buying.
September 5th, 2013
Lime Rock
was the starting point last week for some T/A Enthusiasts:
Steve Francis went there with his white Camaro:

"Rubber boots were needed today. Dried up for the afternoon and the guys (as well as Christie Edelbrock) put on a great show. They are on their way to Watkins Glen now and so are we in a couple days. "

Among the participants were the Ex-Yunick camaro from the Edelbrocks, the ex-Whelan/Pete Dock Mustang from Ken Epsman, David Ritters 1-1971 with door number 16, 9F02R119724 with Bill Ockerlund and some more.
More pictures to follow. A short video from the rainy test day is here from Steve

  Racing & Trans Am related stuff
September 1st, 2013
We leave the Trans Am World for a moment to update you with some new unearthed stuff of the Ford Rally Team.
In 1969 this team won the SCCA championship for Ford in rallyes.

By coincidence three of the team members contacted us independently in the last half year and we linked them up for sharing memories with us.
Roger Bohl, Allan White and Bruce Gezon narrate the story about this succesful race team effort here

August 25th, 2013
I know, I left this section unattended for a while.
 It is good to breath sometimes fresh air and get things cleared off in our heads before sorting things out again. Now "we" are back browsing the many mails that have been dropped into my box. I also stumbled over a lot of new bits in the past these two pics of the Shelby notchback #11, the Ray Cuomo car with door number 20 and it being raced with the Malcom Starr door number 5.

If you have any further hints, let me know.

We will also return soon to the hiding 67 SA notchbacks with some more news from Dick Guider. Stay tuned.

And good to hear, Bud Moore was recently inducted to the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America.  Check out the Ford Racing Enthusiast website for more.

Picture source: Jim Glostonbury Muscle Cars.
If you have a free weekend on October 11.-13th, 2013, don't miss the Festival of Speed Car Show at the Bob Bondurant 80th. Birthday party.

See on the right picture, which cars are featured and you know why we invite you to Arizona.
Entry fee is 35€, free T-Shirt included. Race participants and interested party, please visit this website.
May 16th, 2013
George Follmer - the American Wheel Man

A new book by Tom Madigan can be ordered now at in order to arrive in June 2013 at your doorstep.
Hurry up to get an insight into the life of one of the main players in American racing.
April 18th, 2013
1967 #24 Sullivan SA notchback for sale
April 9th, 2013
How to recognize treasures?

..first have a second look!
..get friends involved!
..ask a few more questions!
Now what do you see on the right side?

A disc brake with curved veins and quick release brake pad retainers, a full floater rear end and more...
Yep that is valuable Kar Kraft stuff JCB showed us and which led us to more questions about his RARE FIND of the year.
Further research is going on.
  Much more from the Ponysite T/A News archives 

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