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October 2021
Ross Dudley and Mike Charles found the way to our  website and would like to learn more about pre 1993 history of this #7 or #17 A/S Mustang racer.

Though it has a pony interior which might have been a bit strange in a historic race car, it has a roll cage wearing no. 43-125.

Whoever has photos or records of this A/S Mustang race car before 1993, pls. pass us a line. 

In 1993 it was obviously driven by a Mike George. And yes, it has a Carroll Shelby signed dashboard, but simply because he drove or sat in the car in 1993 when this pic was taken.
August 2021
Charlie Whitford passed by and reports about the birth of Paul Pettys Mustang race car. Very interesting history bits and thanks to Charlie for taking the time to share this.

Read here:
July 16th, 2021
The 66 Shelby Trans Am Notchback #12 is again advertised by LMC on Group 2Facebook pages.
It now carries the #41 dress from the first CDR race with John McComb at the steering wheel.

See more history on this page
May 27th, 2021
Tim Olives BM Solana Mustang was invited this year and won 1st place in the vintage race car class 1961-1989 at the Amelia Concours show.

Congratulations, Tim and thanks for the outstanding pics from Nathan Deremer Photography.

Now updated here
May, 4th, 2021
The 1968 Team cars still carry some mystery. Good to get more pics along with the individual cars history.
We could finally add pics from Michael Scott to the St. Jovite/CA T/A race #8 from the Shelby 68 team car #3 to our pages.
The San Jose built car was delayed for the first races, so it could enter only late in the season as a replacement for car #1.

See more in-depth information on the SA 1968 Team car #3.
May 2nd, 2021
We were fortunate: Michael Scott shared his pictures taken at St. Jovite 1968 showing the Shelby T/A cars #2 and #3 in the pits and in action.

It may take a few days to get them up, but it helps us to get the 1968 section finally straight along with Matt La Fonds paperwork.
This  is the converted 1967 car, which was out in its dark blue livery for the first time in the 1968 season  at Mt. Tremblant/Canada (T/A race no. 8).

Link to the history of the car SA work order #2.

Jan 21st, 2021
Dan Long sent us a new picture from the Bill Barr racer.
We always appreciate any update of listed cars here.

Link to the history
Sept. 2021
New pictures unearthed from the 80ies of Jim Langes notchback racer thanks to Charles Fahey.

Editors note: Always good to add some history. Jim Lange is close to prooving their families racer as a Ray Wolff car. We need your help in pictures of a blue #9 car from the September Mission Bell race at Riverside and yes, T/A that is.
September 2020
Danny Moore heritage unearthed.
Some of you may have noticed that Danny Moores wife Susan died in late 2019. Rest in Peace from all of us.
We got a note about that, some time later we had been approached here at by a relative Lisa Smith, if there was an interest in some boxes that were sorted out while clearing the house for remodeling. Sure we had interest. Thanks to her, Steve could agree on getting the relevant material with the help of Craig, a local friend to the owners of Dannys cars.

Some delay was caused by the things happening soon after in March until now.

We are happy and proud that the interest of all related parties was to preserve Dannys memories for the future and link back trophies, pics and documents where they belong. We will update the related pages of his B Production Shelby GT350, the Ole Blue Pup Bud Moore original Transam prototype #073 and Danny Moores own Boss 302 racer #57.

The 2 owners of the 3 cars - Forrest Straight and Don Dimitriadis - were quite surprised about the news and memorabilia (awards, photos, documents) and we will report more on the topic soon, once they open their boxes.

The first box contained Danny Moores awards from 1969 through 1980 both in B/P and A/S.

It maybe little known to non-insiders that Danny Moore succeeded to achieve the third Mustang championchip victory (only) in A/S with the #073 Ole Blue Pup (ex-Bud Moore T/A prototype) owned today by Don Dimitriadis.

Forrest Straight owns the other two cars from Danny, the Shelby GT 350 B/P racer and the Boss 302 racer door number #57.
Stay tuned for exciting new pictures and documents from Danny Moores successfull racing career. For those who want to read more meanwhile refer to Alex Gabbards fantastic book on Fast Mustangs, page 83 and the interview with Jerry Crew or read our related pages on this subpage. (Listing of all above visible awards is there - further updates coming soon)
April, 2020
Dean Gregsons 69 racecar found a new owner in Brian Ferrin.

We are looking forward for further updates about the car.
Check it out here.

Tim Olive presents the 1969 Solana Bud Moore built 1969 Mustang racer for the first time to the larger audience
"Dear Mustang racing friends, on July 12th of 2019 I bought a 1969 Mustang that I had been trying to buy for many years.
I have
received a lot of original paperwork to support it’s origin and race history. It was ordered via a local dealer and modified by Bud Moore. He took a new 1969 Mustang and in three weeks turned it into a full blown race car and used a Boss 302 engine. The race car was then sent to Moises Solana in Mexico. On the 26th. April 1969, this BM racer won the first race with Moises at the steering wheel.

I was able to talk to Bud Moore about this car back in 2016 before he died, and I have photo’s of him remembering the car and signing a photo of the car."

This is a very unique car that has been in storage since 1988 by Rick Nagel. It is good to see it finally coming out.
Note the Pepsi sponsoring vs the known Alan Moffat Coca-Cola sponsored B302.

this link to a complete history page of the Bud Moore built racer thanks to and reported byTim Olive.
June 14th, 2019
Trans Am related sticker
are the finishing touch for your project car.

Raynald Belanger from Canada has done a tremendous job to reproduce the most common stickers of the period for their Trans Am Enthusiast group and is selling them worldwide meanwhile.

Visit his website for the complete portfolio here.

May 9th, 2019
The second 1971 BIW Trans-Am Mustang is on sale.
Best known is the Warren Tope 1971 BIW car, but Ford engineer Ed Hinchcliff got one as well back in the period, when Ford ended its racing activities in a sudden move.
Both cars, the Tope and this car were finished by Bud Moore using KarKraft blueprints (KK ended activities in Dec. 1970 and sent its treasures to BM) acc. to Mustang Road Racing Registry owner Ed Ludtke.

Ed Hinchcliff used the car for more than a decade. Unfortunately it had been restored not in its original livery blue, but in the schoolbus yellow scheme.
The car had been heavily modified during its past including bulky fender housings, a chopped roof and the front end lowering.
Still it look like a cool car to race.

Check out the link from RM auctions.

The ex-Hinchcliff 1971 racer was repainted in the 8oies by George Boyd in the schoolbus yellow scheme, because he wanted it "like KK would have finished it". Today it certainly would look more appealing in its original blue/white livery as raced.
(Picture courtesy RM Auctions)
January 26th, 2019
BME #4 sells for just 80.000 at the Gooding Scottsdale auction as lot #118.
What a shock for the seller...the new owner made a good deal.

Information thanks to Steve Francis, who was on site.
Auction result listing

Link to car on
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