Shelby Team car in Trans Am Racing
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#148629 with Sam Posey driving in 1969 at Lime Rock. Picture courtesy Greg Nicholson

#148629 - Sam Posey driving in 1969 at Lime Rock
Picture courtesy

The History of 9F02M148629

Was driven to victory at Lime Rock by Sam Posey in 1969 and wrecked at St. Jovite with Peter Revson driving.
In the wreck, Revson managed to get the blue #1 car to climb on top of the pile of destroyed cars.
Although uninjured by the crash, when he climbed from the car at the top of the pile, he fell and injured his shoulder.
The car was not repaired, but used for parts to repair the other two wrecked at St. Jovite.

Randy Gillis on the Boss 302 Forum:

"148629 suffered a bent tub at San Jovite and was written off never to be fixed, however Ron Butler and Donnie were supposed to get it and they felt it was fixable. Donnie thought Bobby Boxx ended up with it. And after his death it may have been hauled away as a junker. It was left at Kar Kraft after the thrash to fix 028 for the rest of the season. ...
Donnie clearly remembers that it was left as a field stripped tub at Kar Kraft after the mad thrash. He has pictures of the carnage in mid thrash in the back lot area of Kar Kraft."

Ed Ludtke on the Boss 302 Forum:
"I believe that tail end of #629 used to repair #628 from the 1970 accident.  And I too doubt we will ever find the "rest" of that one. As far as Kar Kraft & #629 I think the info from Don is 100% correct.  All the wrecks were sent back to Dearborn and they either repaired or they used them for parts.  When KK closed the doors @ the end of 1970 season, they shipped EVERYTHING to Bud Moore."

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