Bud Moore "Body in white" 1-1971 in Trans Am Racing
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#1-1971 at Bryar Motorsport Park, 1971

#1-1971 at Mid-Ohio 1971 in the pits

#1-1971 (front or rear car) at Watkins Glen in 1971
Picture courtesy Sam Colman/David M.Bauer

















#1-1971 as of 1985 soon after its restoration 
while being in Ed Ludtkes ownership 

Picture courtesy R-M Auctions 2003

Last owner is Dave Ritter:

"I purchased the Bud Moore no. 11971 Peter Gregg car at the Gooding Auction in January 2009.  The car will be on display at the 12 Hours of Sebring in March and will compete in the SVRA one-hour enduro and sprint races help prior to the 12 Hour race.
I intend to race several SVRA events during 2009 - Gary Jones Motorsports of Hepzibah, GA will prepare and maintain the car.  I am delighted with the acquisition and look forward to the upcoming race season." 
Kindest regards 
Dave Ritter

Update April 2009 Dave Ritter

Some photos on right and below from the SVRA event held prior to the 12 Hours of Sebring 2009.
The car qualified 2nd overall in Group and finished 1st in Class in the race.  Gary Jones of Gary Jones Motorsports was the driver. 
The car performed well considering that it was purchased in January and this was the first time we raced the car.
This is the Bud Moore Trans Am no. 18159 Car in White no. 1-1971 driven by Peter Gregg in the 1971 season in no. 16 livery.  We will replace the no. 16 prior to our next race.


Update 2012: 
On sale at Mecum auctions in Monterey. Did not sell. 

Update 2013/2014:
Sold to Ken Epsman




The History of the Body in white #1-1971

This is an original Bud Moore Team Car or to be accurate one of 4 body/chassis left over of the T/A program. Built by Bud Moore from Kar Kraft shell for the 1971 Trans-Am season.
Driven by Peter Gregg with the #16 car for the entire 1971 season.

BIW #1-1971 driven by Peter Gregg at the MIS in September 1971

Following are the 1971 race results as registered and informed by Ed Ludtke (Road Racing Registry)

  • May 8th, 1971 Schaefer Trans-Am Race, Lime Rock Park, CT
    Body in white #1- #16 Peter Gregg, driver finished 4th
  • May 31st, 1971 Bryar 200, Bryar Motorsport Park. Laconia, NH
    BIW#1 - #16 Peter Gregg, driver finished 2nd, qualified 5th
  • June 6th, 1971 Mid-Ohio Trans-Am, Mid-Ohio Sports car course,Lexington, Ohio
    BIW#1 - #16 Peter Gregg, driver finished 3rd and qualified 3rd
  • June 20th, 1971 Players Trans-Am race, Edmonton International Speedway, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    BIW#1 - #16 Peter Gregg, driver finished 12th and qualified 3rd
  • July 4th, 1971 GBX Trans-Am, Donnybrooke International Speedway, Brainerd, MN
    Team did not enter - unable to secure financial backing
  • July 17th, 1971 Road America Trans-Am, Elkhart Lake, WI
    BIW#1 - #16 Peter Gregg, driver finished 4th and qualified 17th
  • August 1st, 1971 Players Quebec Trans-Am, Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant, St. Jovite, Quebec, Canada
    BIW#1 - #16 Peter Gregg, driver finished 3rd and qualified 5th
  • August 15, 1971 Glen Trans-Am, Watkins Glen, NY
    BIW#1 - #16 Peter Gregg, driver finished 3rd and qualified 5th
  • September 6th, 1971 Wolverine Trans-Am, Michigan International Speedway Brooklyn, MI
    BIW#1 - #16 Peter Gregg, driver DNF and qualified 5th
  • October 3rd, 1971 Misson Bell 200, Riverside International Raceway Riverside, CA
    Team did not enter, Donohue had won the championship at MIS
    Follmer drove and won in a Javelin
Sold in Oct 1971 to J. Marshall Robbins along with the #15 BIW #2 
- competed in SCCA ARRC - Road Atlanta

1973 - Donated to Spangler Automotive in ARM mechanic school in Indianapolis.

1976 - Purchased by Phil Bartelt of Milwaukee, raced SCCA #18-159 in A/Sedan, GT-1 from 1977 to 1981.

Below is Phil Bartelt with 11971 lettered with #42 AS August 1978 at a Mid Ohio SCCA race.

The following pic shows Phil and #1-1971 at the Road Atlanta race in 1979.

1982 - Sold to Edward Ludtke of Michigan who restored the car back to 1971 specs and prepared the Mustang for vintage racing.

The following pic shows #1-1971 as displayed at a SAAC-convetion in Dearborn in 1983.

1986 - 1/5/86 Won 1st place @ Detroit Cobo Hall Autorama - first show after restoration

All pictures courtesy Ed Ludtke except where indicated

1988 - Sold to Richard Freshman and vintage raced in California (restored a second time by Richard Rodeck in 1995)

2000 - Sold to John Mozart of CA

2003 - Sold 15/16h. August @ R-M auction in Monterey for $342,000

2009 - Sold @ Gooding & Co auction in Scottsdale, AZ for $407,000 (370 w/o fees) to Dave Ritter

2012 - On sale at Mecums auction at Monterey. Did not sell.. Reserve was set at 400.000.


2016 - On sale at Sothebys/Monterey in August and not sold at 425.000 Dollar.


Note: Most of this information is provided thanks to Ed Ludtke.

2nd Note: The information here is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I have collected this information with the help of Bud Moore, Greg Moore, Marshall Robbins, and William Spangler, various employees of Kar Kraft, Competition Press and Autoweek magazines and programs and press accounts from the Trans-Am series. I also disclaim any liability incurred in connection with the use of this data of specific details.
Edward Ludtke

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