1971 Shelby Europe Fastback in Sweden
© Wolfgang Kohrn - July 31st, 2003, last updated 23.August 2010

Thanks to the former Swedish Shelby Registry and Roland Palmquist/Rune B., of which we got information on this rare Shelby Europe fastback


All pictures courtesy Roland Palmquist/SWE taken in 1989. Actually the car has never turned up at shows during all those years.

This is the swedish Shelby Europe 1F02M202546 belonging to Hilding Tillmann in Nossebro/Sweden - registered by the Swedish Shelby registry, which had disappeared from the web since a decade.
The car was delivered from Claude Dubois via the Autostrade dealership as a brown metallic car.

These pictures were taken in 1989 while Roland and Rune went to see Hilding Tillmanns car. Roland reports: "The engine is an 351 cui/4V. Hilding mentioned that when he inspected the engine, he found that the exhaust ports were so big that he could not find any aftermarket headers to fit. He did not know back then, if this was standard or if the engine was tuned.
You can also spot the special petrol cap used on the Shelby Europas."

Any interested buyer will have to check the documentation, history and stampings of body parts himself on site.
This car below is  advertised as of August 2010
Obviously Hilding Tillman is  the owner, the meanwhile removed Dubois tag shows 1F02M202546, the door tag is of a different 1971 car though, which is not unusual however, when doors are replaced.

We have yet a few questions to the owner to verify the cars tags, stampings and history and hope he will answer them.

Here is his friends comment on the history which we received in August 2010.
Mr Tillman bought this car in 1975 in not a perfect condition. He made some work on the engine, one stroke was faulty and some paint job .... In 1977 he took it of the road and have kept it in perfect condition in his garage since then.

A couple of weeks ago he asked me if I could help him get a fair price for him, not that he needs to sell but that it only stood in the garage. If the price is not right it will not be sold."

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