1972 Shelby Europe Fastback in Sweden
© Wolfgang Kohrn -  June 15th, 2003, last updated May 10th, 2013

Thanks to the Swedish Shelby Registry  (that has been lost in cyberspace meanwhile) and the CMCS we got information on this rare Mustang* fastback
*Yes it is true, this car is not a real Shelby Europe, but a very rare Find instead


The emblem, that led many Mustangers in the past to believe this was a Shelby Europe. But it wasn't. It is an even more Rare Find indeed.
This car once raced against a Boeing airplane!

A swedish Shelby Europe  Mach 1 belonging to Göran Svensson in Ankarsvik/Sweden

VIN 2F05Q139410 was painted in Light Pewter, has a 351Cleveland and a C6 and is equipped with air condition.

Registered by the former Swedish Shelby Registry when Göran was a member of the Classic Mustang Club Sweden. Since 2003 we were always promised pictures of this car, but it took until 2013 until we finally got some.

As of 2013 we were contacted during further research from the current owner Anders A. and we have to correct the story of this car.

It was never a Shelby Europe, although it had and still has some Shelby Europe emblems attached. Fortunately we got the whole history and we will tell it soon.


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