1970 Sidewinder Special Mustang

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Picture courtesy David Charlier

Picture courtesy David Charlier
Shown in the lower picture is the second owner in or around 1978.
"This is 0F02M151--- that was owned by Todd C., 
later sold to Dale Stuhr here in Iowa. The picture shows the car, before it was restored."
Unfortunately the picture quality is not very good, but you can spot the Sidewinder logo on the rear fender - at least it can be identified in the original picture.

Dale Stuhr reported in 2002: 
"Hello I'm Dale. I'm in the process of restoring this yellow 1970 sidewinder. This one was sold at Norman Bros. Ford in Primgar, IA. There were two sold in my area. One was grabber green and the other was blue. Both of these no longer exist but I did find the doors off the green one awhile back. I'm thinking about painting mine orange, if I decide to keep it."

Paul Christian bought the car in 2005. We hope to have actual pictures of the car soon.

Interim picture

"Another one is 0F02M1533__ owned by Mich L. from Nebraska. 
Mich is the original owner of this Sidewinder and we talked a lot about his car and how it came from the dealer.

I also talked to Vince Juron, the regional sales manager of the Omaha district. He said that he didn't recall this particular promotion, but he said so many things crossed his desk that he wouldn't remember anyway. He told me that the Sidewinder would had to have been a Ford promo and not a dealer. "(David Charlier)

"0F02M1526__ owner was Dennis M. and is now his son. The car was originally green, and is now black. Dennis M. had a set of stripes with a Ford part number on it. 

Unfortunately the box got lost, but a former body man (Dean F. at the Exira Ford dealer in Iowa) remembers installing the stripes and he confirmed, what all people that I spoke to stated - the stripe kit came in the trunk! Dean told me however, that the Sidewinder was not a special order, but a filler car to keep the assembly line busy. Does this make any sense?" (David Charlier)

This car is on sale as of April 2010

Picture courtesy Les Mastera

This is Les Mastera's Sidewinder. Les ist just in the process of restoring the Mustang and will give us some more history insight soon.
Picture courtesy Les Mastera

Picture courtesy David Charlier

Picture courtesy David Charlier

"This is the Sidewinder of an unknown owner here in Iowa. 
Dennis M. knows him and I could check it out. I took some pictures. The owner welded '65 frames under the floor pan and the car is in a status that would shock every Mustang enthusiast. You can see a part of the original side stripe." 

"And look at the rest of the car. Doesn't that hurt you deep in your Mustang heart?" 
David Charlier

Picture courtesy David Charlier

"The orange Sidewinder of Mick Th.., VIN 0F02M1633__. 

A typical barn car, that has yet to come back to its full glory." (David Charlier)

This is Mike's Sidewinder pictured in Nov. 1970

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