1971/1972 Shelby Europe Sales Literature and Options
© Wolfgang Kohrn 2001- Last updated on June15th, 2010

Thanks to Edwin van Beurden for this rare stuff


The special items of a Shelby Europe

Edwin has got hold of some ultrarare sales literature of the Shelby Europe, which are more kind of specification sheets. On the left  is a pic of one of the french language spec. sheets (title and first page).
  • Shelby aftermarket slotted wheels (California built)
  • Marchal fog lights
  • Boss 351 front spoiler
  • Boss 351 rear spoiler (except for convertibles)
  • Standard 351 Cleveland with Shelby aluminium 4V intake, optional 351 race engine or modified 429 engine
  • Chrome hood lips
  • Shelby Europe side stripes
  • Ram Air Hood
  • Power steering
  • Special smaller steering wheel
  • Avon radial tires
  • KONI shocks
  • engine oil cooler
  • optional climate control
  • optional automatic
  • tinted glass
  • tilt-wheel option
  • Traction Lok differential 3.25:1 manual, 3.00:1 automatic
  • Other Suspensions modifications
Please follow this link for the english preliminary translation.

In 2005 Edwin also got hold of original dutch sales literature at a meeting, which clarified a few issues:

For both bodystyles there were GT350 and GT500 available.
The GT350 with a 351 cleveland with Shelby intake and Shelby exhaust manifolds.
The GT500 had a 429 engine or a special prepared 351 Cleveland engine with Shelby HO camshaft and special lifters that could withstand 6000rpm.

The suspension front should be racing adjustable as well.

The rear suspension should have diagonal mounted special Koni’s with springs.

There should be special high performance brake pads and shoe’s on the car.

Prices back then including 14%tax (translated in Euro’s)

GT350 Fastback          €16032
GT350 convertible       €17027
GT500 Fastback          €18954
GT500 Convertible       €20241
The GT350 special (GT500 with 351CID engine)is available on special order only.
The price from the GT350 special will be calculated separately.
The price from Airco including tinted windows is €909 excluding tax

What colours were available?

At least seven colour/stripe combinations  were on the standard option list:
  • Dark green metallic                      white stripe

  • White                                            blue stripe

  • Silver metallic                               black stripe

  • Light (Grabber) green metallic      white stripe

  • Light red                                        white or black stripe

  • Bronze (medium brown) metallic   black stripe

  • Light (bright) blue metallic             white stripe

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