1970 Sidewinder Special Mustang

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  • 0F02M1526__ Dennis M., Nebraska
  • 0F02M1526__ Les Mastera, Nebraska
  • 0F02M1533__ Mich L., Nebraska,
     original owner
  • 0F02M1533__ David Charlier
  • 0F02M1551__ (Dennis M., Nebraska)
  • 0F02M1551__ former owner Todd C., then Dale Stuhr, now Paul Christian, Iowa
  • 0F02M1633__ Mick Th., Iowa
     (maybe 0F02M1533__)
  •  (VIN unknown) Mike

Sidewinder Registry by VIN

You might be disappointed about the missing last digits in the VIN, but we have not yet got permission of the owners to publish all these VINs. 

Another reason is that we do not want to have any fakes created, until all VINs can be clearly identified and verified. Acc. to Kevin Marti research a maximum of 40 cars fall into the current known range of DSO 54 related possible Sidewinder Specials, although there is yet no proof in his Ford database for identifying Sidewinders.

To the left is a list of the current known VINs. Some of them have very close numbers, so it seems they were indeed ordered or built together.

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