1970 Mustang Sidewinder Special

An attempt to register all of them
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Picture courtesy David Charlier

1 of at least 6 surviving '70 Sidewinder Special Mustang Sportsroof - owner David Charlier, VIN 0F02M153xxx

Picture courtesy David Charlier

Picture courtesy David Charlier

Picture courtesy David Charlier
Original picture from 1970 when the car was 2 weeks old

David tells us, what he knows about the Sidewinders:

"The Sidewinders were all Dearborn built in the 152,000 to 156,000 range, sent to the Omaha district sales office (DSO 54), so any dealer in the district could have one sold.
The cars seem to be sold at dealers in Iowa and Nebraska that would be a hell of a group. Why do the stripes look like the twister stripes? I have yet no answer. Anyway they certainly could have picked a better design.

My invoice shows that it was delivered to a company called BREDA Autocompany in BREDA, no street or postal code. The others do not show the same delivery location.

I have heard from another original owner that the sticker kit was delivered with the car in the trunk and that the dealer had to apply the stickers himself. The customer could opt for the stickers to be installed or not. Dealer body men confirmed this to me.

There are 6 of these cars left and one of the grabber green cars still has the original owner and paint. Unfortunately he opted not to put the stripes on back then and gave them to a friend with a maverick back in the early 70s.

My car was featured in the feb/march 96 issue of muscle car review, 95 Mustang Times, and a black and white small rear quarter shot in a 96 Mustang Monthly."

What options came with Davids Sidewinder Sportsroof 351?

The invoice shows:

  • 351/4V 8 cylinder
  • high back bucket seats
  • Select Shift Cruise-o-matic
  • Comp. suspension
  • color keyed racing mirrors
  • Traction Lok differential
  • Optional Axle ratio
  • console
  • Power Steering
  • Sports wheel covers
  • color keyed carpet
  • F70x14 wide oval belted BSW tires w. white letters
  • AM radio

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