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A picture from 1970 of a true Sidewinder decal on J.Kliens car featured on this website.

News as of February 2010 from David Charlier:

Mike B. from Texas called me.  Mike claims to be the designer of the rear decal and the person responsible for the Omaha DSO sidewinder project back in 1969-70 (1970 sidewinder) time table. Here are some of the things he has told me that hasn't been known.
   He states that Ford Motor Company approached his superiors about doing a regional promotion, and they let him do the work (didn't sound as they were to interested in a promotion), Ford gave the regions a choice of 3 different stripe styles, Mike said " this was the least offensive stripe set of the three" also "I got to design the rear decal and submit it to Ford". When the stripes made it to him Ford had changed the snakes head for some reason, "I drew a triangular head and they put a oval head on it".

Mike goes on to say that there was a race track (drag racing) event, which he claims the sidewinder won out of around 6-8 DSOs (mid west). Most of the DSOs did not even name there cars. This fits in with Clifford Hornbacks green 1970 sportsroof with original stripes and no decal on the back, down in Anita Oklahoma.
General History:
The 1970 Sidewinder Special is one of the remaining mysteries of the Mustang history, but we are pretty sure that this website will continue to gather information. We encourage those amongst you who have heard or know anything about the Sidewinder, to contact us and share your knowledge.

Research in 2002 from Kevin Marti (www.martiauto.com) about the known VIN's of the registered Sidewinders has not brought up the necessary proofs from the FORD files to identify a real Sidewinder. They have the obvious common 351/4V engine, all are Sportsroofs and built in Dearborn. Provided with the known available colours, Kevin could limit the possible DSO related cars down to 40. Unfortunately the database does not proof anything about the true existence of a Sidewinder Special. 

Despite this David Charlier is sure from original pictures and many Ford people he talked to, that the Sidewinder Special was a FORD promotion, not a dealer only gimmick. An original owner has told him that the stripe kit box - with a Ford part no. - came with the car in the trunk and dealer body men confirmed the mounting of Sidewinder stripe kits. Read through these pages to get all the details. I have absolutely no doubts in these facts and we hope that we can find as many as possible Sidewinder Specials out of those about 40 1970 Sportsroofs. We have eliminated the complete VINs in order not to provoke any fakes.

There was a special CODE on the order sheet for sidewinders only and it got you a 1970 sportsroof with a 351 4v, comp suspension (polyglas tires included), FMX (cruise-o-matic), and the optional 3.50 traction lok rear differential. Dealers could add or subtract from there. Other DSO's could design their own package of drive train and rear decal. Most cars did in fact come this way, other than a optional 4spd, with Les Masteras car being the only moderately optioned sidewinder so far found.
Sidewinders came in all colors.

*Editors note:
We are disappointed about the few book authors and other website editors or bloggers who simply copy or use our content without giving proper credit.

David has been the only one who did his homework and Ponysite.de the first website that dedicated extra space for his research aside from Mustang Monthly magazine. Be a true Mustanger and respect copyrights of David Charliers research that we like to share with readers and Enthusiasts only.

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