BOSS Showroom

pictured at SAAC-25, Lime Rock/CT June 2000

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This is the Boss 302 from Randy Ream, founder of the Boss 302 registry

Lets others look like creeping snails!.. This is indeed 'your snail's view'.
Now you got the correct stand towards this icon of Mustang history.

More than a dozen Boss 302 and 2 Boss 429 found their way to Lime Rock. Shelby events naturally attract Boss owners as well. Both derivations of the Mustang have something in common - they are basically race ready, they love higher rpms and their suspension had been heavily modified and both played a major role in the Mustang race history. There is acceptance from both parties for each others philosophy of keeping history alive. Either meticously preserved in concours condition or full-throttle quenching the air behind the pedals, while the race is on.
A row of Boss 302

More than a dozen Boss lined up

An export Boss, that raced in UK returned to the U.S.

This is one of the few Boss Mustangs, that was originally an export car back then. It was raced in the UK and apparently returned to the U.S. to be displayed at the SAAC-25 in Lime Rock/CT.

A mean sleeper in itself - BOSS 429

No compromise - BOSS 429 deserves all the respect you can afford. Nobody would even try to challenge such a car at the traffic light. It does not need to proove its power (although we know, there are faster cars around). This 429er was one of two at SAAC-25.

Simply BOSS - no more

The lime colour makes this BOSS even more mean
Say Thank you to Larry Shinoda Metallic coloured BOSS look even more BOSS in the sunshine. This one carries the right stuff to silence any Diners parking spot upon cruising in.

A rare grabber orange Boss from Brian, which later (2002) underwent a restoration and a white one from the NYC area, restored by owner Ray Prato. - side by side, parked in the pits area. Attention "Grabbers" by themselves.

A red 70 Boss 302 attracts all kind of spectators. This goofer seems to have spotted something special under the hood or is in process of restoring his own Boss, as he pays closer attention to details than usual, right?

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