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A Mustang you'd never expect on this website

...but it deserves your full respect!

This Mustang makes his rumble voice heard from a long distance. It has been built by a Mustang expert and has been around the world several times. Some of you might have seen it already, even in the US. In fact it is Germany made and worth a second and third look. I started to like it after the second look, when I saw it in action. This is a true sleeper with peak level performance built in.

Follow this link to learn about a real Mustang 'King' Cobra style.

Truly international...

Mustang Meeting in Antwerpen/Belgium
15th. of July 2001

Many Mustang clubs made an attempt to gather more than one nation in Europe for an international Mustang Meeting in the past years. The organizers of the well known 'Power on Wheels' event, which usually draws more than 2000 US cars to Antwerpen, this time simply called in all Mustang owners. And almost 300 followed in the sunshine. Representatives of the Ford Mustang Club de France, Team Mustang Center Netherland, First Mustang Club of Germany, Mustang and Cougar Club of Belgium, Wild Ponies of Hanau (Germany) and even one guy from Switzerland followed and showed up in Anvers (Antwerpen).
Follow this link to see already a few pictures from this Mega-Mustang event.

This most famous exhaust organ could be played only by artists

Smokey Yunick's Trans Am Racer.
New Rare Pictures and Details!

Everybody in the Mustang world knew Smokey Yunick, the Racing Development Engineer and close friend of Semon Bunkie Knudsen. Unfortunately he died in 2001 in the age of 77.
However Smokey and his car will remain unforgotten. Back in early 1969 he got one of only 7 early test mules that were used for the development of the BOSS 302.
This BOSS 302 was one of only 3 of those 7 that got full treatment at Kar Kraft before being delivered to Smokey's race shop with a 427 wedge engine.
Follow this link to see unpublished details about the most famous Trans-Am racer thanks to Steve Francis from Minilite Wheels.

Finally out..

The interview with Elton 'Al' Eckstrand about his SUPER BOSS 429 and the 12 Cobra Jet Mach 1.

Follow this link to get all the details about the cars and the Man himself.

Factory Freak.. of a kind 69 SCJ T5 found in Norway!
Thanks to John Bakke from Norway, it took only minutes to browse his files after the recent (June 2001) published article in Mustang Monthly and a hint from the 428cobrajet-board to find the ultrarare one of a kind 69 SCJ T5. The owner does not want to have his name and the location of the car published, but door tag and buck tag fit into the image and here it is.

follow this link for further pics and information.

Bullitt Puma RS

Picture courtesy FORD MEDIA, Randy Lorentzen

Anthony Bologna reports: Hi guys, David's Bullitt replica Mustang was transported up from Los Angeles for a publicity photo shoot with the Ford's press photographer...Chad McQueen was there to kick off the event. Ford gave him the first 001 car......The new Ford Thunderbird was unveiled too! Dave's car made the evening news! The Ford Press people had city permission to block a few of the original streets that Steve McQueen drove in the original chase of the movie "Bullitt". You could feel a presence of energy in the air as if McQueen was smiling down!!!!!
With Chad at the wheel of the new Bullitt car, he was air born! The car came down with a crunch! Chad McQueen and Dave Kunz had a few minutes to chat,in between their photo shoot, about their cars and Chad's dad, the late actor Steve McQueen. Chad even autographed Dave's "Bullitt" car!!! I guess this will be an area that will never see day light!!!! Right Dave?...
Here are the pictures. Follow this link

Zero compromise...
picture courtesy Jeff Bidinger the philosophy of Jeff Bidinger from Luxembourg.

He takes his resto projects very serious. After the frame-off job of an original export T5 (german Mustang) he got tired of driving around without having to take his hands deep into grease and grime. Well, he took the extra challenge and acquired a clapped out 65 Fastback that carried a 58 Mercedes Ponton 6cyl. engine and a split driveshaft. Read his personal story and follow this link

One of only 26...
picture courtesy Bjorn Djonne

Rare Find: The Bo Ljungfeldt 67 Shelby T/A Hardtop

Bjorn Djonne from Norway found this ultrarare historic Shelby racing car and is currently restoring it to original specifications.
Read his personal story and follow this link

Thanks to AUDI..
picture courtesy Horizont mag
picture courtesy AUDI
picture courtesy AUDI
courtesy HORIZONT

...we learned what real Driving fun is.

Audi is just airing a TV commercial with a ELVIS Double (Peter McNamara). He drives a 71-73 red Mustang hardtop, which is shaking a lot. He is proud of a small Elvis puppet that is dancing on the shaking dashboard. Well, the Mustang breaks down and 'Elvis' is stranded along the roadside. A lady with an AUDI equipped with the new Multitronic stepless automatic stops, 'Elvis' enters and after some time sticks his puppet to the windshield. But it does not dance, because this car is not shaking. 'Elvis' is very sad. Lady watches him, then snips with her finger at the puppet to make 'Elvis' smile again.

What we as Mustang drivers get confirmed with this commercial is, that in a Mustang you have lots of fun while in an AUDI you have a totally bored lady and a sad Elvis, no driving fun, just boring movement from A to B.

AUDI, thank you and please send us 260 Elvis puppets for our club Mustangs!!!

BTW they will be available soon from Quadro AG for about 10 EURO.

Just when you thought... knew it all..

..the swiss American Mustang Clubs editor Iso Schwager has some things to surprise you.
This picture was published from Iso in their latest 'Mustang Magic' club magazine. Iso found a wrecking yard in little tidy Switzerland (as US guys are known to call it) with some Mustangs piled there. He went immediately with a friend and got hold of all reusable parts for future projects or help searching club members. I would call this a RARE FIND as well. Fortunate guy Iso.
Iso told me as well that 3200 Mustangs (64-01) are currently still registered in Switzerland, half of them being of the 64-73 variety. Even 25 Shelbys are guessed to drive around, amongst them SFM 5R209, one of the famous Shelby Competition models.
Consider the small space and high mountains, this might be even more than we have in Germany. I guess the swiss Mustang collectors are the better ones.

Top notch insider information..

Picture courtesy Petersen Museum

from the owner of the red BOND Mach1

This is information, I have waited a long time for. 

Mike Alameda, owner of the 429 red Bond Mach1 happened to stumble over my site and gave permission to publish part of his 'Diamond' insider knowledge here.
Mike Alameda owns the so-called reference car, wherein the close-up shots of Sean Connery and Jill St.John were done. Over the years Mike has become somewhat tired of showing it around and its up for sale for museums or die-hard collectors now.
Click here for more information.
Update 2004 - it is for sale now 

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