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Ever seen 20 inch rims on a 69?

Here is your 'biggest' chance..

Karl Ness from Norway did not want any compromise in terms of real wheels. He thought big or better say biggest. Karl fitted the 20" rims with 245/35VR20 all around and got enough attention at this years NORSK Mustang Club Meeting at the Dagaali Airport. Although some clubmembers thought of an overkill, Karl has the right to built his 'stang his way. At least you get an idea, of how those muscle tires would look like on your car. Picture courtesy Norsk Mustang Club.

More Sidewinder stuff unearthed...

David Charlier opens his picture box

Little has been known over the past 31 years of the 1970 Sidewinder Special. Now David Charlier thought, this would be the right time to use Internet possibilities to collect more information on these mystery cars. Kevin Marti run the prospective VINs through his "mill" and came back with.... well, read yourself.
Check the updated (but not yet completed) 3 pages full of Sidewinders for an insight view.

"Little" Muscle 'stang

Custom built 1:5 Scale Model

Larsen Veller built this brute 1:5 scale Muscle Mustang as his dream car. Now he is looking for some additional power parts or body kits to finnish the last 5% of little Pony. Check this picture for a rear view.

More stationwagons...

Custom built 65 Mustang stationwagon

Jim Sprague aka TRUNKS sent some interesting pics of a friend's custom built red stationwagon. He has a nice set of pictures of the original dutch based INTERMECCANICA built Car and Driver project station wagon. Check out my Mustang Mutations section for more background on these rare cars.

A rare grabber blue Test Mach1

..used for quality inspection or any promo stuff?

Mickey Holmes from Illinois feels like being in a pyramid close to the hidden secret. After some research on his car with Kevin Martis help, we found out, that Mickeys grabber blue Mach 1 was delivered to Ford Transmission and Chassis Engineering Group soon after being produced and sold to a guy named R.A. Stone in Michigan after 3 weeks in that shop. This R.A. Stone seems to had some relation to FORD, so Mickey is very close to the purpose of that 3 weeks stay in a FORD T&C garage, but not close enough. Phoning one R.A. Stone by another in the Michigan area will probably take some time, but if sb. of you can help, Mickey will probably get sooner to his treasure. Send an e-mail, if you know anything about this rare special Mach 1.

Update 6th.Nov. - Problem solved, a Ford technical advisor popped up and told Mickey, that his car was used for a toploader transmission test and quality inspection. Now Jim can sleep again.

Hot Mustero - Swiss style

1 of probably 50 original Ford licenced conversion cars

When Swiss car buffs put their hands on something, it usually turns out as a precision jobs like a swiss watch. Ruedi Läderach seems to be one of those. He bought this ultrarare Mustero at an auction in Interlaken/Switzerland some years ago and realised his own idea of a cool Restomod.
The conversion into a Mustero was licenced by FORD in 1965/1966. Read interesting details reported by Ruedi in my Mustang Mutation section here

Two of only two!

Picture courtesy NORSK Mustang Club

Shelby Europe 1971 convertibles

Some years ago, it seemed impossible to gather all that information that is available as of today. Mustang world has become even more transparent with INTERNET and e-mail possibilities. Well - fortunate as I am - I could gather a lot of unknown facts about the Shelby Europe Convertibles and Fastback thanks to my european club fellows in Norway, Finland and Belgium.
Check out new information on Dr. Sandakers and Rauno Harvimas Shelby Europe convertibles here and here
Update 2004 - now Rauno owns both of them

An ultrarare Shelby Mangusta?

Picture courtesy Johnny Capor/Swede

Update 2011
The car appeared again in a german museum (most probably the same). It is said to have some linkage to Shelby at least. We will dive into it in the more actual news pages of 2011 ore create a separate one here

No Hope! Really?

Although Shelby is written across the windshield and a big sticker indicating such heritage on the fender, Howard Pardee from SAAC was quick to point out back then in 2002, that this is indeed the SAAC club sticker logo used after 1975. The driver was probably a Shelby club member using the sticker on his De Tomaso Mangusta racer, he assumed.
Claude Dubois also did not know about a Shelby Mangusta, which would have probably gone through his hands back then. He also gave his opinion that the Mangusta was not really a car designed to be a racer as to his long-time experience with De Tomaso. In fact he was the most successful dealer and sold more than 270. Anybody knowing sth. out there about this rare Mangusta race car? I saw an ad from a german dealer 2 years ago, but he was not able or willing to provide any details on the car. Let me know by email.

Never seen online..

67/68 T-5 Dash emblem
Let's take a close look at an ultrarare 67-68 T-5 dash emblem. Thanks to a fellow T-5 owner, you see it here for the first time in any publication. I stand in envy as mine is missing on my dash due to a nice pre-owner that cut the co-drivers dash insert for a radio or CD. Eagle eyed visitors can spot the part-no. on the back. Others not. That's life. :)

Other news:
Ford Germany (Mr. Zimmermann) recently told journalists in an interview that there are yet no plans to sell a Mustang nor the Thunderbird in Germany. They rather focus on their volume models. 
BTW get your Mustang Monthly October issue with lots of BULLITT pics and facts. And do not mind my non-Mustang-related view above. It will be the last one, I promise.

Rare 68 T-5 convertible

...from "Mr. Tagesschau"

U.S. citizens might know their Lettermans or Lenos, well, we had our Mr. Tagesschau, Karl-Heinz-Köpcke, who died some years ago. It is not a very well known fact, that he bought a 68 convertible back then in April 1968 through Ford Germany and owned it for more than 16 years. I learned about this rare Mustang, when the current owner Andreas Cordes, who kept it for 6 years, contacted our club for a sales offer. The car is almost original except for a new Wibledon white paint finish. Considering that only 19 302 convertibles were built with the 2F saddle interior (if it is original), there is more than a chance, that this export T-5 version is really unique. If you would be interested in buying this famous Pony, that is equipped with an automatic, please send an e-mail to him . Asking price is about 17.500 Euro obo.

Bad Amigo?

Mustang Lowrider in Norway

Lowriders are rarely seen amongst Mustangs. This black beauty can be considered probably as one of them. A norwegian took the challenge to get his pony down deep low. Considering that straight pavement is very rare in Norway, there is certainly limited use. Any other Lowriders out there?


Thumbs up!

Radical taste of its own class.

Long-time visitors of this site very well know that I have a sense for the non-ordinary kind of the Mustang herd.
Mike S. (last name withheld) seems to like radical designs according to the pictures. I first thought upon receipt of the pics that he took the phrase from FORD back then letter by letter: "Your personal Mustang is to be designed by you!"
But Mike was just not sure about mounting the rear spoiler. It seems he was undecided for the wheel style as well, but he mounted the front wheels just for the height comparison of a 14" rim front and the 235/60 on 15" rims at the rear. After some clarification recently, Mike updated me that the car is going to be painted a deep royal blue that almost looks black at night, possibly with dual pearl white over the top Cobra style stripes. Thanks Mike. For him there is only one direction of your thumb as his licence plate predicts. The following photograph links show Mike's proud in its current project style full glory. Look here and here.

Little Elvis on my dash.

The Multitronic puppet

...waiting for those V8 vibrations.

Finally Little Elvis from AUDI QUATTRO company arrived. Some of you might remember the funny commercial that made "The FAN" a cult in Germany - a must have for all Mustang owners, because it really stands for driving Fun in a good old V8 shakin Mustang, that was used in the commercial.
Further information about this commercial is in this news section. Unfortunately my car is still not running, so Elvis has little to shake right now. I'll gonna make him shake soon again.
If you want a close-up of "The FAN", click here.

Another Texas Speedway car found!

Mark Memmers ARI pace car

Mark Memmer is the proud owner of this special calypso Mach1.

Internet is a great thing. It can bring folks with the same interest together. Thanks to the ARI pace car registry on this site, Mark found new fellow ARI pace car owners, which would have taken him otherwise lots of letters, research and such. This is why I keep this up. It is a lot of fun.
Follow this link to get some more information on his special ARI pace car and the other ones.

Why not? 302 engine triva!

My 302 cylinder head

Pull the head or not, that is here the question.

A clattering valve noise, a curious look under the valve cover and a small metal piece lying next to a exhaust valve? What do you think what this could be of the valvetrain of a 70 cylinder head? And what is the next step?
By no means this is not a Sesame Street Q&A, but a serious test for your engine building knowledge.
Follow this link to get some more details, then e-mail me the solution. I'll probably soon have the answer for you, when I have solved my problem.

Only one made for Europe?

Picture courtesy Mats

1967 FB Export K-code GTA

114 Fastback K-code GTAs were produced of the 1967 model Mustang acc. to Mats Wilhemson from Sweden. There is little doubt that exports of this rare version could be counted much less and this one is probably the only one in Europe. This is an even more rare car (well, it can't be more rare) considering the meticulous restoration, it has underwent. Mats is now willing to trade his treasure for another little treasure of about 37.000 EURO. Follow this link , if you would like to know, how a die-hard Mustanger took the extra challenge of an overseas concours restoration. At least his efforts have been honoured by several awards.
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