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Mustangs gathering..

..for our annual club meet 2002.

1000s of horsepower created a powerful sound atmosphere around the nice village Beerfelden again this year. The people there are already used to the Pony Round-up each "Pfingsten" weekend and welcomed us again as good old friends. More than 130 Mustangs of all model years met this year taking their owners and families with them. Only 3 minor incidents happened, one engine spitting oil through the dipstick tube, one dry automatic transmission and some other leakage, all 3 of them successfully fixed in short time by our local Ford dealer support of club member Jens Ihrig. A 2 hour 30 miles drive through the Odenwald area with a comfortable coffee/applie pie break at the Erbach castle was the highlight of the Sunday, while Saturday evening the "Oberzenthalle" gave room for ample commodity with a excellent band and lots of fuel talk.
See more pictures here on a club fellow's website

Mystery '70 428 SCJ

No Twister, no ARI, no Lawman, maybe special promo?

Scott M. owns this rare '70 Mach 1 Cobra Jet with all the goodies like Comp. Suspension, Traction-Lock and Drag Pack, 428 CJ engine. Scott claims it to be a SCJ. Quite a few luxury options were chosen as well from the original owner and he chose Grabber orange as the colour for eye-attraction. Originally sold to Jack Keller Ford dealer in Michigan, the car was delivered to Car Corp. in Livonia, which should ring any alarm bell for Ford insiders. Some special treatment was probably done to this car, but we do not know yet. Need your help this time for this 0F05R18892x car. Apparently it is not a ARI promo car, Terry Fritts said, it is no Twister as the numbers impose, and it is not one of the Lawman SCJ Mach 1, but my best guess right now goes to a special promo car. The pictures show the car in red colour, which was applied by a previous owner, but the original colour was grabber orange. We would like to see e-mails from Grabber coloured Mustang owners with close VINs.
BTW Kevin Marti checked the VIN already and a Deluxe Report as well as the invoice is known, but it does not show any other hint than the Livonia destination.

New: Photoshop contest!

Mustang phantasies

Having no further breathtaking news I thought a Photoshop contest would get you a little bit more active,hmmm? Send in your artwork and it will be published on a special site. Most Mustangers would like to see a 68 with the tailights spread over the entire panel. Here it is. How about your ideas?

Ever heard of this one?

Mustang El Bandido

Philippe Guattari from the Mustang Club de France visited Don Chambers and his famous Mustang Country collection quite a while ago. One of the hangars hides an almost unique Mustang from 1970. El Bandido. It was constructed back then in Mexico and features a top chop and a customized interior. Don Chambers is very proud of this sample, as of today there are only 2 known in the US. It is powered by a 351/4V Cleveland. Don's museum hosts quite a variety of one-of-a-kind Mustangs, so stay tuned for some more interesting insight. Credit goes to Philippe and the MCDF for this information.
Here is a bigger pic of BANDIDO

Radical TOYZZ

Sharp dressed Mustangs of their own class

Customized 'stangs have been a special side of our hobby from the late 60ies on. Although the taste has clearly changed from provocative fender bulging to clean, mean, frenched and lowered DeZigns, sharp dressed Mustangs have always been crowdpullers and gave others a good idea of what they would like on their car or what not.
Click here for Radical ZZtangs.

Mr. and Ms. Invoice..

..Roger Hayman and Lois Eminger say hello to all of you

Credit goes again to Iso Schwager from Switzerland for this nice pic of Mustang friend Roger Hayman - "Mr. Invoice". Roger enjoys life with his wife Lois and his 57 black Thunderbird, that he owns since 1966. The three of them live in Dearborn, close to Ford and Lois Eminger (not shown). Roger shares Ford invoice handling to Mustang enthusiast worldwide with her. In fact Roger worked 35 years with Ford in machine programming and has retired recently. He learned about Lois Eminger, when he bought his Thunderbird and contacted the Thunderbird Club and they became friends since then.
Iso was invited for a nice dinner with Roger and they enjoyed a Thunderbird cruising in the evening. Iso also met Lois Eminger the next day and they checked out the Ford Invoices, well, o.k. not all of them. At least Iso told us that the invoices are packed in enveloppes (around 50 each) and that only the 72 model year made up 42 "banana baskets" with close to 125.000 invoices. Now you wonder that the 64-66 invoices got lost?
In 1967 Lois asked for an specific invoice, when she worked in the attorney department of Ford and she had to do research for a 55 T-bird invoice. Well, she was told, they were scrapped after 10 years. Being worried about this she asked the archive to send her all invoices before they would go into the scrapper. As she could imagine that in the future Mustang invoices would be interesting, she kept all she could. Still she and Roger are not sure, wether the early Mustang invoices are really scrapped or wether they are still filed and archived somewhere in the archives of FORD Dearborn. As to common knowledge today however they are gone forever.
Thanks to Iso, Roger and Lois for sharing this information. BTW - Roger and his wife Lois visited Switzerland 10 years ago. This world is real small.
You may contact Lois Eminger at P.O. Box 220, Dearborn, MI 48121-0220 with proof of ownership for Dearborn 69-73 and Metuchen 70 Mustang invoices. For a fee of $35, you can get your invoice. Don't ask for other model years, please.
BTW, do you know, what Lois Eminger drives? Our swiss friend Iso met here and she is indeed a very nice lady, being 75 years young now, still vivid and a true Mustang fan. A 67 convertible, a 67 Hardtop, a 73 Mach1 and a one-owner Thunderbird are in her garage. Yes, Lois still owns and drives her original T'bird. And Lois has another passion - PINK. All her cars are painted that colour. Thanks, Iso, for this ultrarare information and Lois had certainly a good time with this young swiss guy.

Beware of the Dog!

..sneak into the most secure backyard of the Bramlett's Mustangs Plus.

You are pretty wise, if you do not try to enter Ron Bramlett's secret backyard of Mustangs Plus in California. There are some quite impressive bulldogs with teeth like pitbulls and various protection systems, so don't even dare to make a visit by night.
I was furtunate to be invited by Ron to enter his secret project garden with my friend Gary Hanson (T-5 registry father) and we both were quite stunned. By looking at the pictures you will certainly recognize that Ron does not slaughter roadworthy Mustangs for his projects like the Ronster or any recent modified car. Follow this link for an interesting insight. Thanks again, Ron.

This is no early April fools, but..

.. this is for sure a true Shelby GT.350 redesigned by Zagato!

Italian designers had their hands on various Mustang. You may know the Ghia or Bertone Mustang or many other later Mustang prototypes that were made in Europe. If not, you missed our collection on our clubsite! Well, this one is a true RARE FIND and it is genuine according to SAAC.
This is what Howard Pardee (65-66 registrar) has on file:
"6S761. Green. Shipped to Ford Advanced Vehicles (Slough, Bucks, ENG) 1/26/66. Shipped to Zagato (Italy) who modified the body by installing a wrap-around rear window, oval headlights with 2 small lights under each headlight, black and white interior and a special small radiator to clear a new, lower hood with a wide scoop and dents to clear the top of the shock towers. It also has a custom console which houses the tach. Purchased from a junkyard by the present owner (SWI) 1974, who entered it in many races from 1974 to 1989 in SWI. It was restored and the small radiator was replaced with a standard Mustang radiator which is much higher. To close the hood, it was necessary to add a dent to clear the radiator cap. The front seats were redone in white and the car was painted in 1994. Aluminum alloy wheels replaced the original Mustang styled-steel wheels."

The owner wants not to be revealed, but I would not run, this site, if we don't get actual pics of this car. Stay tuned.

Genuine T/A race team members talk..

about those famous glory days on my site.

Previously unpublished Trans-Am race pics up now relayed to me from Sam Colman/David Bauer. Sam worked in the Dark Horse Racing Team responsible for the engine heads. We are putting the story together right now. Pics seen here are just teasers.

Follow this link for more pics and information

Nice guys?

...says Iso Schwager

Iso stopped at CJ Pony Parts and got a friendly welcome. "Best showroom I ever saw and nice guys that help you finding any rare part" says Iso and he seems to be correct in his statement. A nice Shelby project car that you rarely ever see on a showroom floor - just as found in the weeds. Iso was also guided through the CJ Pony's junkyard area. You know, we overseas guys just love these places. I stay in envy, but I am glad Iso shared these pics with me and you - or was it you and me?
Follow us through the showroom and backyard of with our small tour through CJ Pony Parts

Bad to the BONE!

The Ultimate BOSS 429

It will be hard to top this one, but I am sure somebody will pop up and proof me wrong. At least I rank this for a while as the ultimate MEAN MACHINE - A Black Jade Boss 429 with a 514 cui engine and 714 HP - found in Belgium. And it's getting even better. It is for sale for the lumpy sum of 30.000 EURO, as far as I heard. Check here for the ULTIMATE BOSS

Updated with pics: Superrare Find

1 of only 5 or 6 surviving european Lawman Cobra Jet Mach1 found

David McGorman was searching for information about the Lawman Performance Team and Elton Al Eckstrand, then he found my secret website. Well, you might guess it already - David has one of the 12 (maybe only 11) Lawman CJ Mach 1. After discussion with Elton, it appeared that Elton indeed had brought the european cars back to the US, despite that he told me once, they were all gone. A misunderstanding on the phone or due to my bad english. David has the white one and he recalls, that the brown one was wrecked later. Kevin Marti ( found out that 5 identical cars were built around this VIN of the Lawman CJ Mach1 and shipped to a location, where FORD occasionally worked on unusual cars. Just now got some more pics, which were added in the Lawman section

Sunroofs are still a mystery

Picture courtesy Richard Carlyon 'Mustang' book
Picture courtesy Richard Carlyon's book 'Mustang'

..and probably will be for a while.

There are still a lot of rare Mustangs and interesting stuff about their owners out there. How about the rare early Sunroof Factory option? 

We've meanwhile found quite a few early  65-69 stangs with similar, but also with a wide variety of sunroofs. About 8 to 10  in our files.

Sneaking into Perogies Warehouse?

..thanks to Iso Schwager from Switzerland

Iso, our fellow swiss Mustang club editor, recently made a trip to the US and visited a lot of places, that I missed last time. One of the most interesting places is certainly Perogie Enterprises, a well-known dealer for certain obsolete Mustangs parts, like radios or consoles or even smog tubes. Although I have seen Perogie people searching all aisles of swap meets for rare parts thus buying out the market, which I do not really support, there is certainly an argument that these parts are better preserved than people throwing them away, if they did not sell them. Well, lets have a look, what these guys collect for their boss and put on the Perogie shelves.

Cool X-mas greetings

..from the NORSK Mustang Club

Our scandinavian friends like to set up special cool sceneries each year for their annual X-mas card. Just got this one from my friend Arild Gronnevik and I thought you would like to see their 68 GT500KR dressed for X-mas with all those nice little goodies in the foreground and the extra Super-NOS-angel standing behind. Why Super-NOS? Well, not New Old Stock, but even better than Nitrous Oxyd System, because if she would touch your knee during idling at a traffic light, you get a real wheelie, right?

Credit goes to Canada!

The "STALLION" 1967

The high-stamina Performance Car initiated, custom designed and sold by Mainway Ford in Toronto back then in 1967. Not many of those have surfaced over the past decade, but I've heard of at least 3 of them. One is in the corral of the Greater Horseshoe Mustang Association in Canada and is pictured to the right. I just rented it from their site, which I usually don't do. But thanks to Raynald Belanger I got a copy of the original advertisement from the Canada Track and Traffic magazine (July 1967). It is worth a lool for widening your horizon.
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