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Scaling down a Rare Find

Picture courtesy Freddy & Paul
Picture courtesy Freddy & Paul

.. and trying to reunite both.. the aim of Freddy & Paul. After releasing the Customstang in October 2001 they spotted the rare original Beverly Hills LTd. built Mustang Pick up on my site in May 2002 and decided to create a scale model 1:18 of this. We are now trying to reunite the big and the small for a nice photoshooting.

"We want to ask you if you you can get us in touch with Ruedi Laederach, cause we want to show him our creation and....we want to see if it is possible to shoot some pictures of our scale model together with the real car. That would be awesome, you can imagine!" Freddy

It is good to know that this site can even get people together based on their same interest. I'll keep you updated.

Modern Mustang vs Charger revenge

Picture courtesy Jan Scheppers the flatlands of Europe!

The Netherlands are not only known for the 'Flying Dutchmen' but have a pretty good dose of straight flat roads and airstrips, maybe an inspiring environment for Jan Scheppers and his Velocity Team. Velocity makes indeed the difference and helps to stimulate this modern 2002 revenge of Mustang vs. Charger race. Read on for further details about Jan's own and a bit different version of the BULLITT race here.

Imagine an open air above your dream..or a big scoop in front of your windscreen.

Picture courtesy Marcus Stehrenberger/photoshopped by Sean Sweeney

Picture courtesy Marcus Stehrenberger/photoshopped by Sean Sweeney

..and now open your eyes!

Sean Sweeney took out his digital pen and scribbled a bit around the lates Stehrenberger design to let us have a look what the 2005 convertible and the 2005 Eleanor G.T.500 might look like. An interesting small hood scoop, cleaned up front grill on the convertible, just the colour seems not yet to be right, unless it is a golden one.

The Eleanor G.T. 500 version seems obviously very powerful, the hood seems to offer plenty of room for a 428 yet to come. Thanks to Sean. Look forward to see other variations of this theme quite soon.

Picture courtesy Sean Sweeney

Discovery channel on air..

Picture courtesy Iso Schwager

...Mustang spotting in Turkey

Iso from Switzerland made a contact to a turkish Mustanger quite some time ago and later visited Sedlat during his honeymoon journey. Of course a guided tour through the local yards and garages was on the list and as these are usually hard to find, you'll now have the chance to discover them. Follow along this link and thanks again to Iso for sharing his travel book with us.

History will be repeated in 2005

Picture courtesy Mark Stehrenberger, slightly modified

..with a new Shelby G.T.350 and G.T.500

Remember you read it here first (in late 2002), because secret sources had told me that Carroll Shelby has made true peace with Ford, not only by joining the GT40 (now GT) team as an advisor, but as a promoter and engineering force with his team for the new 2005 Shelby G.T.350 and G.T.500. Although little could yet be sneaked through the fence about the engine mods and details, 300HP are a lower limit level. With the new Mustang V being introduced a 2004 1/2 model, the Shelby G.T.350 is planned to be launched as 40 years ago with a short delay as a 2005 production model. Stay tuned for further information on this site.
Update 22nd.August: Indeed, as of 15th. August 2003 Ford confirmed the deal in a press note. So next time you have some disbelief in news on this site, think again (smile).

Of course you can add a black/gold Hertz Shelby 2005 as well to your wish list already. This one is quite obvious, right? But maybe they have learned their lesson about renting conditions by now.

Rare finds are usually....

Secret Mustang garden in the hot climate of the Iran

..where you typically don't expect them.

Barn finds are certainly a climax of everybody, but if you read all those Mustang mags, the "barn find" just seems not a very rare incident. Every third time at least the featured Mustang has been in a barn for a long, long time in its history. Now consider the introduction of a Mustang or even Shelby, that is said to have been on a iranian junkyard or in a hidden garage. Well, an anonymous reporter sent me a series of interesting pics of the typically hidden junkyard of a Ford enthusiast near Teheran. He found this yard being on the hunt for a true Shelby, which seems to be likewise not as far beyond imagination after you have followed this link here for more information and seeing the finally a bit different RARE FIND, our reporter was lucky enough to spot. Book your next travel into new territories, if you are interested in that extra thrill of locating hidden Mustangs.

Little known Mustang racers of the past..

III. Course de côte de l 'Orme 1968
Photo courtesy Sophie Massoneri

...Mr. Massoneri in action 1968.

Some racers just did not make big noise over 30 years, but they had a big share in Mustang promotion at that time. Jean Marc Massoneri from Dijon/France was one of them. Being a BMW dealer from 1963-1992 there, he had a faible for something more spectacular on the race track.Thanks to his daugther who kept looking into his old photo files for the past month after an initial contact, these pics are exclusivly on this site for the first time. Being short of cars in a barn, I focus on old pictures in carton boxes. More of Jean Marc Massoneris race action here on my European Vintage Mustang racing page. Unfortunately Jean Marc passed away in 1994.

An early 65 sunroof prototyp?

Photos courtesy Gary Hanson

..or a dealer altered special export car.

Mystery ranks around this ultrarare T-5. It features a professionally built in steel sliding sunroof, a Ford truck powerbrake booster and a front valance, that does not even resemble the Hutton aftermarket rally valance. We would like to to hear from owners or sightings of similar equipped early 65 T-5s.

First appearance on this site?

1967 Photo courtesy Mustang Club de France/J.Guerin

...5R539 back on the racetrack!

The unearthed Shelby Competition Model 5R539 was tested on the 29th. of August in Zolder/Belgium for the first appearance in public at the Le Mans Classic 21./22. September 2002. A SFM 5R539 will return to its original "coming out" exactly 35 years later. The Le Mans Classic saw 2 Shelby GT.350 in total, the other 65 model from the Hugenholtz plus a 67 belgium GT.350.
Stay tuned for the first pics plus an interview with the previous owner of the R-model and racedriver Claude Dubois, that was done by myself.
Update 12.September 2002: Unfortunately SFM5R539 is not be ready for the Le Mans Classic, although already listed there. We hope to have further news soon.
Update 22.August 2003: Still not ready in 2003, expected to turn up at the 2004 Le Mans Classic.

168 Mustang met at...

...the 2nd. Int. Mustang Meeting in Anvers/Belgium

Due to mixed up weather the participation this year was less than 2/3 of last years event. Anyway all participants and visitors had a good day despite some showers. Several Shelbys, a Boss 302, a new BULLITT Mustang and some hot modified 'stangs were the highlights for the enthusiasts. Members of various Mustang Clubs came together and made new friends. Check out some pics here

2006 Living Legend Sneak Preview

..guess what car?

J. Mays told it to a european mag some month ago, some weeks ago it got the final thumbs up after a re-direction of the hole project into another price range down to 17.500 -24.000 dollar/Euros. It is the next Living Legend project by Ford. Well, it is tough guessing which heritage or legend is revived with this car, but in my opinion it is at least a very modern sports car like the original was back then in Europe. It had a very similar background like the Mustang, or maybe it is a new world car? Follow this link for some more pics and find out what the original car of the 60/70 and 80ies was.

Pilot Plant Mustang found?

..probably 5S07_100003!

Alan Mann from Alan Mann Racing Ltd. told me in a June 2002 interview that he indeed got one of the prototype pilot plant Mustangs for serious performance testing "most probably end of February". 'In Search of Mustangs' published by Jim Smart/Jim Haskell lists some of the VINs, but has not yet found traces of them. Obviously most of them were destroyed. I've yet no written proof, but there is little doubt that Alan Mann got indeed one of the earliest Mustangs and it was for sure the first Mustang in Europe aside from the Mustang I at the Geneve 1962 show. One of the former mechanics, who also worked on the Rally Falcons, meanwhile confirmed the Mustang test car to be #3 of the Pilot Plant Mustangs. The purpose was not only performance testing, as Alan Mann said, but also homologation of the Mustang for the european touring car champion, which he did. As he said, they kept the car after homologation and did not destroy it, but they might have used it as a spare parts car.
Update: Pictures received from Alan Mann.
More here

Goldfinger Mustangs

Picture courtesy MGM/UA

..The famous 65 Fastback, that did not even appear in the movie and the lost 64 1/2 convertible

Other than at the BOND fansites and for the Aston Martin DB5, little interest has been maintained in one of the earliest 64 1/2 export convertible that was used in the movie in the famous 'Ben Hur' style car chase. What happened to it? Surprisingly Alan Mann Racing worked on the car and made the suspensions stiffer plus supported the actual chase filming. Indeed Peter Procter's TDF co-driver -the scottish racer Cowan, drove the car in some stunt scenes, because the actress Tania Mallet was not up to the speed at the Furka pass in Switzerland and sent home. So they had to find a quick solution and put Andrew Cowan in the car wearing a blonde wig.
Follow this link to my new Goldfinger Mustang website
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