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News Archive 201

David Redhead sent us again a nice Christmas card and I am happy to share it with you.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to each of you. Enjoy the days, we still can cruise around and hear the rumble of a V8, even the sound of an I6 is better than any other around.
Stay safe and relax.
Our new club mag 3/2016 is a bit delayed, but will be soon at the desk of our 800 members and subscribers.

I hope they wil enjoy the content like I do, when I see it printed each time.

November 26th, 2016
The First Mustang Club of Germany has a new president and some new board of directors members.
After 25 years of successful development of the club from 75 to 750 members today, Ralf Wurm was ready to finally hand the torch over to Michael Kraemer (56), owner of 12 Mustangs in his collection and always on the hunt for the rare ones. Being a businessmann as well, he wants to increase the number of meetings and his major target for the clubs activities is "Let's have fun".
On behalf of all members of the FMCOG Peter Heuel (1st cashier) thanked Ralf for his lifetime contribution to the club and donated him a wellness package.
Ralf promised not to vanish from the stage of Mustang life in Germany running a Mustang parts business and with new ideas for Mustang promotion in the future.
November 25th. 2016
Ford Germany shows the #68 Le Mans Ford GT at the Motorshow Essen.
Stefan Muecke and TV/youtube  sportscar star J.P. show the car to the media and public.
Stefans father Peter raced Capris in the Youngtimer series and it was natural that Stefan also drove Ford Colognes own RS2600 during the opening ceremony to introduce the new Ford of Germany boss Gunnar Hermann (standing under the Ford logo here). Gunnar takes over the job of B. Matthes. We wish him luck and it seems he is not afraid of getting in touch with Ford enthusiasts.
Ford dealership Reintges cooperated with Ford Germany and made the booth possible. 15 trainees from Ford supported the booth manning. Good PR for the Reintges family, who drive classic and modern Mustangs by themselves as well.
November 25th, 2016
A 1 of 1 - a 2017 german police Mustang, sponsored by Ford Cologne and used in 2017 in the Tune-it-safe roadshow campaign, where youngsters get educated to stay within the limits of a car. The special Mustang features a Wolf Racing Wide 5.0 body kit and suspension/rim/engine tuning. With 456HP the car is good for a 4.3 seconds 0-100km/h sprint. Rims are 20"ET37 and the exhaust is a 76/104mm diameter dual type. You may even see it in your rear mirror on the Autobahn while driving, as its used officially in police services once and then.
November 11th. 2016
Mustang meets Industrie 4.0

Big Data (collection), Predictive Maintenance, Overall Machine efficience, Internet of Things...these are key right now in the machine automation sector.
This guy pictured on right is developping related tools and looking at his Mustang, he thought that the same could easily apply to "old iron" as well.
The key here was not performance, but reliability.
Collecting operation data over longer periods, analyzing them creates smart data, that could be turned into predictive maintenance alerts and longterm trend analysis for parts exchange or just a maintenance stop in time.

A very clever idea, that we may see hopefully soon marketed...if affordable like our cars are. The sensors costed him 60 bucks, not too much.
We will feature the box and the software and H.P.s skills in our next club mag.

H.P. participates in races and rallies...so he went out to buy some sensors, create a simple box, an interface and using some software he finally got it to work...ensuring that he has much less suprises on the road and always an alert or hint before things run out of their normal healthy operating range. The earlier the better. A light going on at 80mph is sometimes too late for immediate reaction. A trend alarm is much better.
November 1st, 2016
Ever seen an
original japanese export 1971 429 Mustang

Here is your chance, we will feature it first in our club mag, but will cover it later.

Let me prepare the background story first with the owner and browse my files for more details.
September 18th, 2016
Do you want to relive the Route 66 style in Europe? Then drive up at the Wittrup Motel and Sallys diner in Albertslund/Denmark.
It has preseverd the genuine atmosphere that most of us like so much.
Every once in a while Mustangers drive up there.
During my recent stay, "Theodore" drove in and had a good time at Sallys with his family.
The owner likes to do Burn-outs as we heard and has a NOS-bottle under the rear glass installed and the proper ratchet shifter to make Theodore go fast.

August 2nd. 2016
Last year we were pulled to an ultrarare 1968 Mustang GTS built by Mainway Ford in Canada, another promotion after the 1967 Stallion.
That GTS is still under restoration. Now ex-Stallion owner Edward informed us of his latest finding, another 1968 GTS, but a convertible. According to the owner that acapulco blue convertible is one of 8 CVs that were sold as a Special Editon to Toronto customers from Mainway Ford. The Performance Manager of Mainway could not tell us more back then, but we hope that the current owner of the GTS CV can add to the story.
Update: Still waiting:-)
July 22nd, 2016 - update July 31st
What do you think is under this golden tarp?
A rare car and probably unique in this country, where it was found.....it was recently restored in a 2 years effort and finally was presented at a local Mustang Club of Iran show.

It is not yet registered officially, so we are glad to get the information first hand.

Read more here
July 22nd, 2016
My friends 1970 T-5 T/A Tribute car finally returned to him after a year of absence. It got stolen August 1, 2015 and for Hans, who had worked and lived with the car for 32 years - a world collapsed.
The following weeks were characterized by anger and fear, frustration, but also daily and weekly visits to the area where the car was believed to be. Police investigations were declared, but not visible nor fed back to him, cross-border interaction with the dutch police almost not existent, as Hans found out on site in the Netherlands, when asking there if his car was known as stolen.

Finally he engaged a private investigator and could make a deal to buy it back. The deal almost failed and warnings came along that the car would be set on fire or dismantled immediately. But last week Hans could pick it up in the Netherlands and return it to his home.. A heavy stone fell of his heart and all of us are happy with him.
The car has only 3 areas of slight damages, but it came back without major harm done. Looks like indeed thieves stole it and just stored it away in da garage to let grass grow over the case, then dismantle items and sell them.
Car theft is considered in the Netherlands a minor crime, so thieves are not afraid of being imprisoned for a longer period.  We are glad for Hans this one made it back, even for the burden of buying it back. Lets hope the insurance sees it the same way and in fact they save a lot of money, if they pay the "Buy back deal".
June 4th. 2016
Lee Holman steels the Carlisle All Ford show with his Holman 2016 Special Edition S550 in a black/red stripe dress.
The warbird (or rather meant to be the battlebird tribute) on the lower valance.
It is just one of one now, but we are looking forward to see a series of them. Seems it was just one of one for Lee himself however, as we could not confirm anything about it.
Gone is the Stallion!

...and then again...it may become another Stallion....
May 26th, 2016
It is hard to believe that someone would turn a (currently known) unique survivor into a restomod, but then again if it is one of the original owners, he could have done that even much earlier in the 90ies.

We are talking about the sole 1967 Stallion that Edward and his brother owned in Canada since the late 90ies and where ponysite.de was the first to get the ear of the owners and get it on the web.

Now we just heard they sold it back to the previous owner already 4 years ago. Actually the plan was indeed to restore it with an eye on its history, but thinking about the limited usage, the owner then decided to go restomod and make it a performance driver like it was intended.

All that is remaining of the former outstanding (in all aspects) design of the 1967 Stallion is gone except for that gascap emblem, that is now mounted on a restomod center console. We are sorry to hear that actually, but the Mustang was sold to be designed by the owner and so he did ....now. Enough said. See our updated Stallion page
May 15th, 2016
Rare cars are popping up still in our mailbox every other day.

This is a 1972 Mexican built Mustang Hardtop and an original owner car.
So the owner will tell us a great story on this AFO1MB22884 vinned special Mustang with a 351 High Output engine.

The car looks real stunning. Stay tuned for more information about its history very soon.
May 13th, 2016
Holly Clark pushes the marketing of her Phil Clark Mustang Stampede Club
(on Facebook)
Make sure you join and suppurt her in her continued effort to keep history straight on her fathers involvement in the Mustang I project and the Pony emblem designing.
Merchandise is available for fund the efforts that ate up a lot of her families resources.
April 26th, 2016
Again a busy season in my job, and then finishing the latest club mag 1/2016 was an extra effort.
I wish I had more time to continue the website as usual, but time slots get scarce.

This issue covers
- 1972 T-5 convertible
- 1973 T-5 convertible with a 460 engine
- Le Mans movie memories from Hans Herrmann, Herbert Linge and Rolf Ruediger thanks to our CM Frank Wrobel
- A meeting with Wolfgang Kopplin, Sales and Marketing Manager Ford Germany and the top automotive headhunter Dr. Wolfgang Eckelt with a 2016 Mustang and my own 68 Fastback
- Lots of readers letters
- Mustang sightings at the Techno Classica and Interclassics this year and the Mustang Day at Le Mans on April 17th
- Bullitt memorabilia
- Eastern Mustangs in Serbia
- 50th T/A at Sebring and a 66 notchback that raced in Mexico plus my friends Cory Ellwins T/A tribute
March 22nd, 2016
The 7th Generation Mustang is keeping crystal ball experts busy again.

I happen to have a clear picture of it. With the latest DB10 and new DB 9 from Aston in the pipelines, it is known that global Ford Design has a tendency to follow the style a bit.
AM engines are still build in Cologne and exchanges of opinions on design clues are quite normal. A more flowing line with a shorter hood (the current one looks not properley seized) and front and  the C-shape combined, the tri-bar back lights in a concave rear fascia and 20" rims, this may be the next Gen Mustang. At least my favourite derivation of an original design.
January 28th, 2016
Sorry for no news, my move had taken its toll on available time for the hobby. I met great Mustangers in between from Canada, visit great shows and sorted out some stuff from my archives.

Just to surprise you with a unique never seen car - the 1967 Zagato Mustang. It is still around, but the owner and source likes to remain anonymous.
It may even disappear from this site again. But I thought we should start into the new year with a glimpse of Mustangs never seen. More coming in 2016.
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