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News Archive 2018

December 26th, 2018
Shelby stories are always a bit more interesting than the average Mustang stories, but this one is even more special.
Some may remember the custom built metfalflake green 1968 GT500 #0828 that Jeff could buy a year ago from Fritz Stubanus former Shelby collection.
Jeff made a contact to Peter Disher, known as the Coralsnake and could buy a 428 PI that was once in a 1968 GT500 #413, until it was separated from it and built into a Thunderbird in the 70ies.

Read Petes story about the 428 PI #413 engine.

Jeff was happy to get the engine (here still in the crate) for his GT500. The marriage and restoration of these two historic items will make up a very peculiar Shelby story.

Below shows the old engine (a 1969 302 with some Shelby components, that was put in for hillclimb races) being taken out in March 18 out of the heavily customized Shelby (done in the 80ies by Fritz).
Jeff will restore it back to factory status.
The Shelby American #116 Winter 2019 issue is a special one.
It contains an article I could write together and about Bastian Ebener and Mikael Tarne, who run the Daytona Coupe recreation project with Peter Brock.
All 3 of them edited the raw text and Rick Kopec made the german and danish touch go for a readable version as well as eliminated the historical glitches, we put in to test his knowledge. He made it of course.
The result is a 12 pages article plus an intro on the first page and moreover the cover itself with one of the prof. pics from Tim Upitz.

Make sure you become a member of SAAC to read the full article. And the rest of course, the issue contains also Craig Conleys part of the story of 5R107 and many more interesting articles.
"C'est un hommage a la vie"
Claude Lelouch just started filming a sequel of the famous 1966 movie Une homme et une Femme. (A man and a woman). With the original main actors in their roles.
Joel Lefebrve is the proud owner of the tribute Mustang in the #184 dress that is used for the new movie. Pic from the actual filming last week in Deauville.
Paul sells one of the 25 only Tour de France 2014 Mustang Specials, which were ordered by Edsel Ford to be built by Holman in Charlotte.
I visited them during the 50th Anniversary and the car is indeed a special breed with its 2013 Boss 302 style tune.
Paul has just put 3600 miles on the odometer, so it is still a collector car.
Asking price is 65.000 US Dollar, location US.
Let us know if you want to know more and we'll pass yr request on to Paul.
September 18th, 2018
The car that is claimed by the owner to be SFM 5R539 was on display at the Autoworld in May/June 2018 at a special show "Les Belges au Mans" and I missed it. What a pity.

Since the car is still not authenticated...those that have taken more pics, pls. send us a note. We are very interested in any that were taken on site or during the set-up of the exhibition.
September 5th, 2018
Venezuelan Mustangs like this are of particular interest. My friend Steve Francis parked next to one recently.

Dave Hammar ran the South of the Border registry for a while and listed a number of them. Not leas than 213 were made in late 1966 of the 1967 model. This one was made in December 1966 if we read the decoder I found myself back then in an old Ford book.
VIN AJO1GP13737 stands for a Coupe assembled in Caracas/Venezuela in December 66 (P). Dave had registered 5 back then on his site. This car came originally in white (M), with a 289/4V (A) and a 2B blue interior.

Nathan Loos is the proud owner
. He tells us that his grandfather bought the car new in South America. A sort of buck tag is visible on the radiator support and it shows a 5 and 1 for the axle and trans, which was rather standard for the registered cars.
More soon.

August 18th, 2018
Shelby EXP500 "LIttle Red" found in Texas
7R01S138947 was the recorded VIN for teh special engineering car that Shelby ordered from Ford with a 428 Cobra Jet engine. Connecting a few knowledgable people Craig Jackson (BJ) had initiated a research with Kevin Marti and Jason Billups and Paul Newitt to find the owner of this car.
Craig already owns the other Shelby Coupe, the Green Hornet EXP500.

Through the social media the owner of Little Red could be retrieved finally, once his name was known.
Little Red was said to have been crushed early on, but insiders know that this term is sometimes applied to cars just in order to prevent fakes being done and avoid unnecessary authenticating processes. There are more cars out there like that, even Shelbys.
The car was presented in Dearborn at a private dinner before the Woodward Dream Cruise started.

Picture: Brian Styles (VIN), Jason Billups.
Thanks to Pete Disher you can follow the further research on his site.
Click here

When Peter Brock signs a Daytona Coupe, it must be something special.
Actually this is the only exact endorsed recreation of CSX2299 worldwide.

It was presented this last weekend at the Nuerburgring Classics in Germany.
The background story is that new exact copies can be ordered now. Mikael Tarne obtained the rights to recreate the 6 cars from digital scan data.
 Each of the original is different in its body shape and some people just like to have the best copy, but to race it.
The 6 originals, which are probably worth 4 million each are likely not to be seen again on racetracks after their last Goodwood appearance in 2015.
Thus the development of  FIA approved copies makes pretty much sense. Peter Brock monitored the building closely on site in Germany and inspected it at the Ring.  With his signature he certified the first one built by AMMAS in Stolberg as PBX-2299-1.
PBX-2287 ist the next one due in January 2019. Stay tuned for more exclusive information.

Peter and Gayle Brock visited the Ring on June 15th to 17th, 2018 and had a good time at this base camp of true racers. The Classics is a tribute to the good old times, where no auction houses and caterers block the place for enthusiasts. Instead there is ample place for just roll-on-roll off racers as well as even the more expensive CAN-AM racing guild.
Each of them just wants to have undisturbed  fun in driving on the edge of their skills. This was the place to be for a historic moment.

Tavelling back in time is mankinds desire and for sure a real kick for Mustang Enthusiasts.
Well known Dan McDonald took us and now you with him back to the TASCA 505 presentation in their showroom. We will soon add those pictures to our Tasca 505 page.
We had hopes that it would already pop up again at the 50th Anniversary in Charlotte, but signs may indicate, that it will be displayed in the Mustang Owners Preview museum and be shown in June, 8. to 10th 2018 or even earlier at their Mustang Day, alternatively at the next MCA National event. Stay tuned.

Follow this link
January, 7th 2018
The winning Tour de France car 1964 (in its class) from Alan Mann DPK7B was definitely wrecked in 1978.
For a long time it was thought to have ended up in the US or in Canada.

Recently we found out - based on Jan Alsemgeests research - that indeed the Mustang returned after its entry in the Daytona February 1965 race by Skip Scott  to Europe. Erik Zurbriggen pointed me to a ad and some indications that identify the car clearly.

It turned up after a sale at Alan Brown Racing and was driven then by Jack Brabham, first race at Oulton Park.
After several races through 65 and 66 it was sold to Ronny Lyon, who painted it maroon with gold stripes, then to the Frami Racing Team and Han Akersloot. It went afterwards to the van der Ende racing team. In 1978 it got wrecked in Den Hague.

Congrats to Jan for his persistency over years to research his idea in depth  and  who published this article in the TMCN club mag. Based on this we've found more evidence of that the story is true. Read more - the complete story.

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