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Pic shows prototype, final serial product may differ

Exact Details famous ..exact details!

Detailing at its best
Detailing of a Shelby in a scale version must be even harder than doing it in original size.
Exact Detail is world famous for its limited run of highly precision made 1:18 scale models. Check out their website in a few days, when these prototype pics are uploaded at

5F08F100006, Pic courtesy A. S./D.Bauer

5F08F100145, picture courtesey MCDF

The final "Return" of the eldest Mustangs in 2004
While rumours are out that 5S07_100003, an early Alan Mann pilot car, has been unearthed in the UK and a New York World Fair Mustang 'called' 5F08F100006 is currently being under restoration by A.S. and published in the August issue of Mustang Monthly, we are proud to present you 5F08F100145, most probably the earliest serial production Mustang and first movie Mustang send to Europe for promotion.

Read more exclusively on this subpage about this early bird. It will be probably covered in an autumn 2005 MM "In Search of Mustangs" article.

BTW - News about 5F08F100006 and other NYWF Mustangs will appear soon after MM's August issue is out at from our Early Bird Expert club fellow Klaus or you might glimpse a few more infos on the NYWF at Arjans excellent Mustang history webpage .

Keith enjoys his special 2-angle 'opera view'
Keith got the best "opera seat ticket" in his 1969 Mustang. His 69 Mustang sports a 351W/2V, plus it has a power sunroof, which is Ford stamped according to Keith. While either of them is already a rare option, be it tasteful or not, both together make a quite unique combination. Keith enjoys his extra-ride and ennjoys the special "opera visility group option".
You can find other opera window equipped Mustangs now on this site

Off-limits BOSS 429 resto project

Picture courtesy Gary Branson

Something we all dream off - finding an abandoned BOSS 429 in dry storage, placing our maximum bid and being called soon after to collect it, then starting a 3 years rotisserie restoration and finally getting it out in the sunshine for more glorious days. Gary Branson was such a lucky man.
Read here about his Off-Limits BOSS 429 resto project.

The gas station award

Picture courtesy Bill Goszinski

Over the years we all get somewhat tired of going to car shows with all these supercars grade AAA and window-sticker equipped trailer queens, having your own car parked out of sight in the rows and weeds. Mustangs were and are meant to be driven, so where do we average Mustang drivers get our biggest awards? No question, at the pump. After a thorough cleaning on Saturday morning, a few wipes here and there, our first drive is out to the gas station, checking tire pressure and fueling up for a shiny cruising day in our Ponys life. What do you do next while walking up to the cashier? You turn your head looking how beautiful your 'stang looks at the pump and wether anyone noticed it already, right? The cashier got awake and has a few nice words for your proud outside and while you are making your way back, you feel all the admiration that come from your pump neighbours. Your heart beats faster, while you try to calm down and stay cool at the same time. What an reward to those nitty-gritty losses in your briefcase. Best car of the show and Mustang of the day- simple and easy awards you can get at the pump station. Drive up here and see my new - just started - Mustang gas station gallery.

Almost Lost and finally Found in France - Erics corner again

Pictures courtesy Eric L.

Eric L. from France has a special passion in hunting down rare Finds by simply calling up parts advertisers. Way to often he was fortunate enough that the seller had a car with the part lying around in his yard or barn. Thus Eric allowed already many a Mustanger elsewhere in Europe to get his hands on a rare project. This time Eric found a 71 429, originally exported to France probably, that certainly needs to be saved. The project was started by the last owner with new body parts and floor pans, but then time was the biggest problem again. Although there is no more engine in this car, Eric has found another 429 engine that could be installed. Eric regrets that he cannot keep all his finds, but found pleasure enough in saving this one for another enthusiast. Serious offers are welcome, most probably this one will end up with our scandinavian friends up there again.

Mustangs around the world - India

Photo courtesy Ashley Baxter

Rare Ponies are a focus on this page as you certainly know by now. This is one of only 2 originally to India exported 1967 Mustang Fastbacks. Proud owner is Hari Khoday and he pulled the crowds at the Ford 100 centenniary in Bangalore/India.
While you could think that the Ford India managing directors name David Friedman rings a bell, it is not really "the" famous book author David Friedman, however at least this David is as well a true car buff with a sense for the vintage iron.
The MG Road, which is the busiest in Bangalore was completely crowded with vowing people, when the caravan made its tour to the Bangalore Palace, where the prizes were awarded. Haris Mustang did not have any problems with the slow cruising in the extreme heat and even won first prize in the modern(!) classics 1960-1989 class.

1 of only 3 1971 T-5 Mach1 429

1971 Mach 1 429 are already a rare Mustang variety and very desirable. Jerry B. from LA had all the luck and found one that is almost unique. He believes the original owner was in the US military - the original rear bumper still has a parking permit decal for Fort Sill, Oklahoma, USA. "I bought the car from my wife's brother, who was the third owner. He had the car for the past 24 years, letting it sit and rust to pieces. I bought the car two years ago and did a complete restoration, because it is a number matching 429. I did know from the beginning that it was built in Dearborn to be exported. I found out from my Marti report that it is a T5!
The Marti report - for my VIN 1F05J189271 says:
240 T-5's were built
3 were built with 429 4V Ram Air engine
2 came with 4 speed Transmission
1 was painted Medium Yellow Gold
This is that car!

There was not only one, but 3 early 4-wheel drive Mustangs built by Ferguson

While we thought for a long time that there was only one real 4-wheel-drive Mustang built by Ferguson probably in 1966, this picture proofed me wrong. At least there were 2. We later learned, indeed there were 3 (a red,a maroon and a blue one) 
These 2 exceptional Mustang with the famous Ferguson  & Matarex system at least appeared at 3 swedish races.
The picture is courtesy of Thomas Haventon, who published a number of interesting swedish books about nordic car and motorsport history.
Note the 5th wheel on the trunk for extra traction and the specific side view mirrors on the front fenders. We still would like to know what happened to these 2 cars. None of them has yet surfaced.
Ferguson once approaced Henry Ford for getting a strong partner for his 4WD-system in a tractor. When Henry Ford II overtook the seat, he just grabbed the idea and started production of its own Ford 4WD tractor. This lead to a legal case, that Ferguson won. We just can wonder that he later again laid his hands on Ford products. But maybe this Research project was a kind of compensation that was ordered from Ford itself? We all know of the later 4 built 69 4-wheel drive Mustangs, but these 2 still are a big mystery.

In memoriam Henry Carlini 

I am very sorry, that we loose these days a number of very influencal Ford genuine people. 
As I just heard Henry Carlini, former Special Promotions Manager at Ford back then in the mid 60ies passed away on Sunday November 16th. 2003.We know Henry Carlini from a number of european Mustangs event like the Monte Carlo Rallye and the Tour de France 1964. But his activities went far beyond these deals with Alan Mann Racing.He had a big influence in the Total Performance programm of Ford in general. Our thoughts are with his family.

In memoriam Peter Harper

Picture courtesy ARCC

Peter Harper died in August 2003, as we just heard. He was a famous english rally driver, having big success driving Sunbeams, Cobras and Mustangs in the early to late 60ies. Le Mans and the Tour de France were just some of his highlights. Mustangers know him as being part of the second winning Tour de France Mustang team and DPK6B licenced TDF Mustang from 1964. Co-driver was David Pollard. Let's keep a moment of silence thinking of this great driver.
An ex-RAF pilot Harper in 12 years of competition had established himself as a cool, consistent driver, as he was a wartime pilot. He has been a Rootes Sunbeam team driver for seven years and has a top record in the Monte Carlo Rally, filling third, fourth, fifth, sixth and ninth in the event since he first entered in 1961.

.. and only here: More about the whereabouts of the Mustang DPK6B exclusive on this site.

A rare collectors item

Once in 10 years you stumble over a really rare piece of Mustang documentation. Those are the Henri Carlini letter to Alan Mann for the Tour de France cars or this 6th. July 1964 dated T-5 presskit. It states that since its debut of a sporty-elegant car already 80.000 units had been built and that by July a daily production of 7.000 units had been achieved with a still ongoing delivery time of 3 months. Interesting is that the press kit does not show pictures of a real T-5, but a standard Mustang, there is absolute no mentioning of the word Mustang in any of the 10 sheets enclosed.
Ford Germany spokesman Christoph Schmitt send this specific press kit obviously to well known german magazine, the signing Mr. H. Mahle, Dr. Köhler and 2 others sound familiar on the cover.
More interesting for U.S readers however might be the indication of the real rear-wheel DIN-Horsepower of their most preferred engines compared to the flywheel US HP. The technical datas list a 190 HP figure for the 271 SAE-HP K-code, a 175 HP figure for the C-code engine and a mere 105 HP for the 6-inline, all measured at 4.400rpm. The T-5 started at list prices of 16.500 DM and up to 20.000DM depending on the options.
This surviving original press kit goes to Gary Hanson, founder of the T-5 registry, so no need to place a bid to me.

The only true Eleanor?

Pictures courtesy Super Rod September 2003

Sometimes it pays off to read a few other mags while travelling. I stumbled over this Big Body Eleanor in the last month issue of SuperRod
It might be coincidence that the published article fell together with the October 2003 release of the new "Original Gone in Sixty Second II" from Toby Halicki, cut together and edited from original material of the 70ies. They state that the chase scenes had been already completed and hundreds of crashed cars appear. There is just a bit in that new movie that looks a bit odd, the SLICER. Have a look at and judge yourself.
Although the original Eleanor was a yellow 73 Mach 1, this Big Body was created by Robert and his son Tim Wallace as a completely 'superrodded' 71. Unfortunately they went over the border with a 502 Chevy engine, but a prancing horse is still on top. At least this Eleanor creation might have been at least a much better attraction to get Mustangers watch the Halicky movie today.
The "original GISSII" is available via the mentioned website and the Big Body Eleanor can be seen in SUPERROD September, if you are fast enough to get the last issues at the newsstand. Or buy a backissue at There are all the details about the building of it and a poster of this wild 71 supercharged Big Body. Or look here at ronsrestauration

MCA Staged

David and Marian J. McGorman's Lawman CJ Mach 1 appeared at the MCA Grand National Show

Darrin Hart sent us pics of his friends car, while it appeared for the first time at the recent 2003 MCA Grand Natinal Show in Augusta... cleaned and with its original wheels. It's gonna certainly be featured in one of the next Mustang Times issues, but remember you saw it here first quite a long time ago, exclusively rolled out of the garage of David. It is good to see it back on the road with the deserved admiration of Mustang enthusiasts.
More pics on this site

Deal almost sealed

Hertz Shelby becomes reality

Frequent visitors of this site have read about this quite some time ago, but insiders tell me the deal has been or is already sealed for a limited number of at least 500 of the 2005 Shelby Hertz. Details of the modifications are not yet out. With Shelby having anounced its new "sales promotion and licencing" company and a good ol customer in sight, there is little to doubt about this deal.
Vyto P. provided some decent new renderings of the variations.
See more of Vytos breathtaking designs here at ythis site.

Ever enjoyed a traffic jam?

Just cruise at Monterey once in a while.
Being in between thundering and rumbling, roaring and pondering V8 power, you'd never listen to the traffic news and detour recommendations. You'd simply enjoy your life and sniff true american V8-BEL AIR. Our club member Hansjoerg Angele visited this years Monterey Historic races and brought home a dose of the good stuff with a nice report and excellent pics. Look here for the best traffic jam, you have ever seen.
Having been "in touch" with Camee Edelbrock and a lot of other kind Mustang racers. Soon more on this site in a few days.

How to triple your fun in a vintage racer?

Very easy, buy three!
Joerg Bratke is a long time vintage racer. While most of them stick to their beloved Ponies, Joerg likes a change in his weekend rides. Check out his Race Horses

American icon vivid in cool environment

Sorry guys, for letting you wait. Spend a week of holidays in Sweden, the country where your American icon is still vivid in the streets, not in garage. First day, I saw 5 Mustangs cruising or parking in the streets like this 67 burgundy metallic brute Fastback. When being back after 5 days, it was still there. It's like being back in the 60ies, early 70ies. In fact, where the King drives a Shelby, where Shelbys are hanging under the ceiling in garages waiting for restoration and crusing action downtown - this was a journey to the past good 'ol time.
Follow this link to a short report

Just to mention it - the 2005 Shelby has been confirmed by Ford as of 15th. of August. You remember you read it first here a very long time ago in 2002? There is little doubt about the Hertz Shelby now that was pictured on my site here as well, right?

Rolled out of the museum

Shane Walker is the new proud owner of this immaculate BOSS 429, that was preserved in a collection at a british castle for more than a decade. Shane went the extra mile to trailer this Majesty BOSS over the channel to the recent Mustang Nationals in Antwerp. Have a closer look here at this subpage

Back to life -a 351 GT 4V convertible

Eric, our "Lost and Found"-specialist in France did it again. He unearthed one of the 50 351GT convertibles delivered to France in 1969, as he says. It still has his original French registration. Colour Wimbledon white with dark red interior. The pre-owner took all the parts off to restore it and stopped amidst the project. 2 rear fender need major attention and the floor trunk. There are no more mechanics in. The original engine was a 351 Windsor 4V with a manual gear box (Top Loader). If sb. is interested, Eric would consider serious offers +/- 5000 EURO. A 351 Hardtop could be with the deal for the mechanical items.

Where did the Tour de France cars went?

Alan Mann test-driving 5S07_100003 at Goodwood in February 1964

....It is getting tougher to top each news with another, but there are still things out there that are a mistery. Alan Mann just bought back one of his old racing cars (a Lotus Cortina) and he will be at Goodwood/UK this weekend (11.-13.July) together with all the good old Mustang drivers like Dan Guerney, Jack Brabham, Jackie Oliver, you name them..... SFM5R101 owned by Tommy Thompson and driven by Alan Bolte will be there as well as a Shelby GT500.All in all a special FORD 100 celebration will take place. Hope to have pictures here next week.
I've got also plenty of information from a former race mechanic John G. of Alan Manns race shop about the whereabouts of the TDF cars. Stay tuned for a while while we try to reconfirm things and read exclusive information soon on this site. In the meantime you may reread the interview with Alan Mann here.
Mustang Prototype

One of a few sunroof equipped Mustangs

owned by Mijnheer Neerven from the Netherlands, we don't have a 100% proof,
but Mijnheer Neerven from the Netherlands is absolute sure, his 66 Hardtop has got its electrical sunroof at Ford facilities. I know there will be doubts, but all the workmanship is done perfectly and the equipment and original status, very well preserved by Mr. Neerven seems to be one living argument for the theory that Ford indeed converted at least some export cars at their Wixom export facilities into valuable "suncruisers". See more of Mr. Neervens sunny Mustang
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