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This owner had all the bad luck that one can have, but it will be certainly back on the track soon. This is still an affordable sportscar.
The Powerslide Magazine compared racing cars prices recently and tagged the Mustang with an average 65.000 Euro sticker  (which is currently roughly 90.000 US Dollar). The 65.000 average includes Shelby however, so expect the standard notchbacks at around 40.000 - 75.000 Dollar.

More pictures in our friend Geoffrey's gallery  (Geoffrey runs www.mustangdriver.be)
The SIX HOURS FROM SPA 2009 took their toll

In 2010 we reconnected with ex-Ford Designer Kyle Evans, who did the above shown sketch around 2005/2006. Later on the guidelines were changed, though these designs made it into a clay model, until they were found too expensive for a new Mustang model. More from an interview about muscle car design will be published in Sept/Okt.2010.
The sketch on the left was part of the artwork created for the 2010 Mustang 
But the sidescoops and overall styling might be further developed for the next version. It was also not widely published, which might indicate, it will be reused. The bread-and-butter kinetic more practicable approach will become visible in the new Capri 2012 quite soon, they promised at the IAA/Frankfurt starting mid September. 
During a visit at the Ford Cologne facility, we've got some whispers about it. The Visos is parked there as well, so the current available web-renderings of the Capri are quite close to it. 

Source worldcarfans.com/courtesy avarvarii
It might feature the 2,5 V6 Ecoboost and 2.0, but the base engine is probably the new 1,6 litre/180HP Ecoboost.
August 9th,2009
AVD Oldtimer Grand Prix 2009, August 7th-9th , Nuerburgring

900 racing drivers listed in total for this amount and about 60.000 spectators expected.
I enjoyed Friday the training session and the drivers pits. Below see the staging for the 4 hours training that ran the full Nuerburgring circle incl. the old Nordschleife.

NOW ONLINE for a limited time 251 pics. 

The Mustangs finally won on Saturday 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th place in their Touring car class ...in rain.
The Galaxies 427 from www.totalperformance.se placed 9th out of 100 on Friday. Not too bad.

This is only half of the participants during the testing, 2 groups were waved off for the circuit. Lots of spectacular action.

While we were first to report about the Road of Maharajah 1 rallye project and the Tjaarda designed Equus EQ500, some may think that the project ends with the production of the Equus Tom-1 end of this year for the indian and some other markets.
Not so, this picture tells us something more. This is Camillo Pardo (Ford GT designer)  spraying another project car after eliminating "THE END" on the car. This scene might be used for the beginning of the movie, but join us in speculating about Pardos role with the project ...having been there for the MR1 and MR2 rallye and still enjoying the creative atmosphere....We will keep you updated on the next one. 


See www.maharajah-of-the-road.com for further info on the recent Paris-Turin rallye and the visit of the VIP group at Giugiarios homeplace, joining his latest Mustang exercises. This rallye was done earlier this year, but we missed to keep you updated. See Claude Lelouche (producer of A Man and a Woman), Alain Delon and Isabelle Adjani plus  more famous actors signing the lime yellow MR 1 participating car in Cannes. Watch the videos there for the Paris-Turin event and the Cannes event (Alain Delon menu point).

The Bowdens from Down Under brought the famous Coca Cola racer over to the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2009. Picture Tony Turner/UK Moffat racer at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Plus more T/A

Body in White 2-1971 at Knotts Berry Farm

July 6th, 2009 2009
Celebrating the July 4th at the Wiesbaden US Army Airbase with 4500 visitors
Safety is always a concern at military US bases throughout the world. Yet the First Mustang Club of Germany was invited with a limited number of 50 Mustangs to the recent Mustang Special Show at the Wiesbaden US Army airbase and they joined the Mustang coral.

Cheers were all over the place - starting from cruising through the US military staff home area and into the airbase itself. The event took place in front of a huge hangar on an airfield. The organizer team had made extra efforts to make this special 45th. Mustang show a real family event with Cheerleaders for the men, jumping stuff for the kids and lots of other entertainment and parts shopping for the women (for birthdays and X-mas).

Our club members 70 T-5 with a fresh Boss 302 engine and an original Bud Moore Sticker repro is always an eyecatcher at the shows. One day he might even add the rest of the stuff to make it a Moffat T/A  replica.
July 1st, 2009 2009
A 427 Holman Moody engine is a rare piece 
This one has an interesting history - told by owner Alan.
In 1994, I was in my Ford store, parts dept., when a Mr. Hockaday asked me if I knew anyone who wanted a Holman Moody 427 Ford Engine.  He said he once worked with Ford years before and purchased this engine directly from Holman-Moody in Charlotte, NC. He actually drove to Charlotte and picked out the engine.  He put it in a 1940 Ford Coupe.  (Sorry about initial information that it was never in a vehicle, but it was in this 1940 Ford).
 I told him I would buy the Engine.  I took the engine to Harold Barnes in Raleigh, NC, a known 427 man.  Harold went through it and made sure it was perfect. He then balanced and blueprinted it.  I installed it in a flat bottom boat.  My wife was a little upset with the fast boat. I took the motor out of the boat. I then put it in a 1966 Ford Fairlane. I drove it very little and then decided to put the original motor back in Fairlane. I put the 427 in storage. The picture shows header and transmission, as it came out of the Fairlane.
And it is on sale  - probably not for long.
We suppose it has been sold meanwhile, so don't ask anymore :) 
For the 40 years Anniversary 
of the original Mustang Milano

Ponysite asked Ben from Rogue Automotive Design wether he could do - based on his awesome 3D-Mustang SketchUp models - an all-new, but realistic and street-production oriented 2010 Mustang Milano.
"This is a modern incarnation of the one off concept from Ford. In 1970 Ford showcased the Concept along with 5 other vehicles. The model was praised and the few fans said it would be one of the most looked at cars. It was rarely photographed and was long forgotten by most. After its showing the concept was crushed as was common practice. The resulting model was the 1971 Mustang, although the original inspiration was speculated as being the ‘69 Shelby Mustang. This modern Milano holds many of the same design features as the original but some changes are necessary for modernization. The engine would be a 450hp supercharged V8 mounted to the same underpinnings as the 2010 Shelby Mustang. This model was requested by Wolfgang, author at www.ponysite.de. The base model is the Trojan Cobra GT S. Note: You can move the front lights into place and delete the covers to show them. "The Rogue Generation"

I hope this inspires some true Custom builders.

This is the one I'd buy immediately

Model by: Ben - Rogue
Renders by: Shams - BLANK

Modeled in: Google SketchUp 7 Pro
Rendered in: Hypershot

Ponysite information on the 1970 Mustang Milano


We look closer at our recent RARE FIND in the Netherlands
The 1968 Branded Special? 
A Special Paint Mustang (WT7105) that was later turned into a Branded Special
Occasionally I seem to follow the better known editors destiny and don't do my homework right due to timing issues, so owner Robbie Tromp was quick to point out the small errors and here is the revised version of his information. 
We are yet digging for more details in the history.
Texas International Speedway
ARI Promo Pacecar restoration finished after 7 years (with interruptions) and for sale for a good offer

Craig Clark owns this one today again, since he bought it back from his buddy a while ago. 
After finishing the interrupted restoration it might be now for sale, if you find the right tune.

 Here is the history of it as far as we have it.

The 45th. Anniversary Big Show in Europe - This weekend on in Zwolle/The Netherlands

Astrid Bouthoorns Terlingua Tasca#1 - April in Birmingham at the 45th, now in the Netherlands

The Bullitt Plaza with a slightly different green 68 Mustang over there, but there was one in DHG in the other hall.

Rare find - a 1968 Branded Special?

Patrick and Astrid Bouthoorn and his club mates prepared a great show, that takes in the Ijsselhallen in Zwolle this weekend. 107 showcars are set-up in the main hall to demonstrate the history of the Mustang from April 1964 until today. Unfortunately Steven McCarley from the MCA cancelled his flight last Monday. 
But we could already spot Astrids new Terlingua Shelby #1 from the Tasca Mod Shop plus a few very rare cars like the Branded 68 Special in a Green Color of the month and more.

This I6 powered "Plain Jane" 66 Mustang was given away on Sunday at 4.00 pm to Andre from the Netherlands. For the 15 Euro ticket price he got an outstanding Mustang to drive. The TMCN had bought it last year for this occasion from a club member

Earlybird's view this morning into the main hall

250 individual Mustangs were already rowed up in the other hall by 2.00 pm.. 500 plus are expected for tomorrow. 
Due to the nice weather this was certainly the record-braking event in Europe.


Pics of the actual display at the All-Ford Carlisle

Sources of interest for this NYWF topic:  www.early-mustang.com/NYWF community/Mustang Monthly blog, www.dutchmustang.com MCA article Mustang Times 2007, Jim Haskell/Jim Smart Mustang Production Guide/Guilleaume Vesnat archive

Early 1964 Mustang #100004 found and displayed at the All-Ford Carlisle meeting

We all know that Mustang #100001 (white convertible) and #100002 (Bob Frias Hardtop) are around, but what happened to #100003 -#100014? Since a while the Ford Benson research center knew that amongst others #03 through to #14 were used at the New Yorks World Fair (with evidence through Carron & Company invoices), who did some work on them to the World Fairs site (Ford Exhibit hall) on the 1st. of April 1964. It was common believe for decades that 12 white convertibles were used there , but that has been prooved wrong. Acc. to an MCA 2007 article 5F08F100003, 4 and 5 were raven black, 6,7,8 wimbledon white, 9,10,11 guardsman blue and 12,13,14 rangoon red. A colour portfolio with a reason. And there was a second batch of NYWF Mustangs to replace the first one later.
Now one of the 3 first NYWorld Fair raven black convertibles was just recovered, stored with about 60.000 miles on it. The best news is however that it will be cleaned up as it is and displayed at the All Ford Event in Carlisle this next weekend, so watch out for the highlight of this year. It will be also featured in an oncoming Mustang Monthly. BTW 100006 was found in a salvage yard in 1981.  

The 45th. Mustang Anniversary was a blast
Met lot of friends and there is plenty of stuff to report. The Mustang I concept car from 1962 and Mustang #100001 built on March 9th. 1964 on display in the Barber Motorsports Park museum. 
Although the name Mustang appeared first on a Ford car in 1962 based on Phil Clarks design and thus it would be the 47th. birthday, MCA and most Mustangers celebrate the 17th. April 1964 as the official birthday. Both pioneering Mustangs shown here side by side at the 45th. event. A good sign.

BTW - Plans are on their way to double the museum size and add a biketrack by the owner. 

45 Stories from the 45th, well almost

1. The Mach1 Registry group at the Logans Roadhouse
2. Rex Turner from the Sprint Registry shares his trip report with us
3. The Shelby Trans Am Team car live in action (video at the bottom)
4. Holly Clark meets Mustang I  (extended version coming soon)
5. Gary Hanson from the T-5 registry and new tidbits of T-5 research (More from Lt. McCaffrey s archive)
6. Meet Kevin Marti and read about his memories of the show 
7. The 1969 Chrysler Boss 302
8. The Shelby Hertz in "Driven from the barn" class
9. The Fox Interview about the international character on the 16th.
10. The spanish 67 Shelby saga
11. The Ford Banquett -  meet interesting Insiders
12. How a Harley dealer became a Mustang nut - Bikerbob from Virginia and his 68 CJ
13. Eddie Wild stories about his brother detailing Vaughn Gittin Jr.car (The Drifter)
14. About the Ponydrive family dinner on Sunday

15. The B429 tidbits
16. The best 1967 Shelby GT500 at Barbers M. and the truth behind it
17. Is Birmingham/Alabama worth a visit downtown?
18. The Original Owners stories 1 - Harrell McKinneys white 260cui hardtop
19. The BULLET misspelling
20. The new trends in Mustang customizing
21. The unknown Twister 
22. The Bondurant driving lesson
23. Rare parts and bits from the vendor area

Nothing is as boring as watching hundreds of galleries and terrabytes of pictures in those online galleries if you don't know about the personal stories behind those pics. So we chose in our typical unexpected way of telling stories another route. You're invited to participate! Even if you don't have pics of your Mustang, rest assured I have more than 1000 pics to go with your story. So just send them along. I'll keep on filling this section over the next month.

24.-45. Your personal 45th Mustang story could have been here...
Well, this took longer than I thought initially, but that's because of the many websites problems I had due to the move. I may keep the other 23 stories for our club mag. Be patient with me.


TECHNO CLASSICA 2009 in Essen/Germany 1.-5.th. April
40 years end of the Shelby on era - 
a special theme created to feature a few club members owned real and cloned Shelbys.


Jörgen Sjölin up there in Sweden likes it hot.
For another adventure he came down to see the Hockenheimring in Germany and after blowing out final fumes from the engine he'll soon be back with an even hotter engine for this years season, trying to squeeze 560HP out of the new block at 9000rpm. Wish him luck and we know he will be successfull.
A Look at Wallace Wyss new artwork

Wallace Wyss is known for his various Mustang and Cobra books, since a number of years, he is also enjoying life with the creation of nice artwork around his favourite topics.
Actually he changed his technics, more on this .

Talking about Cobras, we also put up his words about the Mercer Cobra
The BIRTH of the Mustang

is a special Bonus section on this Great Cars  - Mustang DVD produced by Michael Rose production and widely available.

Don't miss it because it is a full 25minutes video documentation made during the PR action for the Mustang I.
First time you can indeed see Phil Clark showing off his early designs from April 1962, drawing the Pony emblem and many more details around the story we try to get out since years for now. You can now - thanks to Michael Rose - even see a small section on youtube with his permission. Follow this link.

The birth of the Mustang on DVD
Unedited new material of Phil Clark live in the studios

Not a typical news item for this site, but since we received on 12. March 2009  the Ford Fan Award for the second best Ford Clubs website, the webteam was invited to the production facility in Cologne-Niehl.
About 1750 cars per days are pumped out on a daily base, compared to the 1200 units Dearborn built in 1964 not a bad figure. A Fiesta is build in 12,25 hours, while a Mustang actually took  27,5 hours back then in mid 1964.
The Fiesta body consists out of 270 internal single punched and pressed metal parts plus 35 external plus nuts and bolts. I'd guess that the classic Mustang has much less and no hardened steel ones like the Fiesta. 

With that figure Ford is on the second place in a voluntary competition amongst small car manufacturers after a first place last year. They are eager to become No. 1 again with more automation and Kaizen method improved production processes. Ford Cologne is the lead factory for the Fiesta (and Fusion), that will be also build for the US market in a factory in Mexico and for the chinese market (in 4-door version) in Nanjing/China. 

Fiesta Production visited in Cologne/Germany



The mystery early Fastback
a prototype?

Pictures from the car before the restoration started - it looks like a regular GT Fastback but had numerous strange factory welds, a bigger rear window, strange vent cutouts and more. 

The first Mustang 2+2 later to be called Fastback was shown already on May 2nd 1962 in the studios, still with a Cougar emblem on it, a clay model project S-6303-16.  Some other fibreglass models were made soon after and pictures from October 18th, 1963 show the finished model already together with the Hardtop. 
A variety of other pictures of interior alterations of the Fastback project is shown in Gary Witzenburgs documentation.
We also know from Haldermans words, that various Fastback roof shapes were tried to find the final line for the perfect line.

An early Fastback pictured in front of the Styling studio for the Styling Centre brochure. Other early prototypes were shown at the New York World Fair.

All this said and although there was a strict policy to scap those early prototypes, it is reported by our mystery car owner Mike based on discussions with genuine Ford factory people that 6 early Fastback prototypes toured the US quite early, one of them being a orange one. We are very much interested to get a few more facts together on those early showcars, so you are invited to contribute in the research of this car.

More here

UPDATE Octobre, 7th 2009: According to the Mustang Monthly Blog dated October 8th. 2009, JR just finished his restoration f the very first Fastback known, a true K-Code with the first VIN that San Jose assigned - 5R09K125001, built as early as on the second August 1964!. It was used as a drag racer and survived in a reasonable condition. Check out their blog here 
Handshake agreements were yesterday...
Real Mustang maniacs seal important new deals by exchanging exceptional unique cars

Dan Panoz (www.panozauto.com) and Bassam Abdallah (www.equus-automotive.com) agreed on a collaboration to build unique cars like the Tjaarda designed Equus MR (MR for Maharajah Road).

Bassam Abdallah handed a unique  Tjaarda Equus MR made out of gold with diamonds in the headlights to Dan Panoz, while Dan presented the unique Panoz Mustang to Bassam to consolidate the new business agreement.

Official press release here
First ultrarare Finds in 2009
ARI 428 CJ Fastback from Atlanta unearthed

See our preview here

Allen Ackelson is the proud owner of this ultrarare car.
Ever heard of a 
1971 Holman Moody Mach 1 with a Boss 429 Nascar engine?
Our friend Ruedi Laederach, well known for his outstanding orange Mustang Mustero custom car pointed us to his other find, confirmed by Lee Holman. 
It was once delivered to the famous garage Helbling in Switzerland and has been unearthed last year. Check out Ruedis page (in swiss language :)

Click here (out of order as of 2013)

RM Auctions' 2009 "Collector Cars of Fort Lauderdale" kicked off the annual three-day weekend event.   
Among the over 400 classic cars offered for bids on the weekend was a pair of
1966 Ford Mustang Convertibles custom built by Hollywood's legendary "king of the kustomizers" - George Barris for Hollywood stars Sonny and Cher. One of the top sellers of the weekend, the inseperable pair of Mustangs brought $198,000. 

Two Boss 429s catched 165.000 and 140.250 and a Hertz Fastback 156.750 Dollar. More 
With the new Shelby G.T.350 a new defined affordable sports car will be marketed following the Shelby GT. This time designed to be different form the standard Mustang, Shelby is set up with  back-up from Ford to pump this car out in the thousands from several facilities around the US.

That's what I had on it, anyway not the right time again to talk about it this time.
The car presented Feb.5th at 7pm instead - the Prudhomme Super Snake Road and Track car -  is not really worth to mention on a Classic Mustang News page, a Shelby on steroids of the past days.

This is not it, but it might rather have looked like that.
The new Shelby G.T. 350 rolls into town?  

Shelby G.T.350 - V6 lightweight or 5.0 modified? You'll probably see both versions.

By 2010 we knew it did not really met any expectation of a new GT350. At least I don't know anybody, who was happy about it.Shelby maniacs may still like it and it might have a place in history, but it is not a carrier of real Shelby heritage in my view, just a marketing gig like so many other aftermarket cars.



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