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The Graphic Designer De Lusi draw this new Capri 2012 Vision for "Autozeitung" and it is certainly as close as it can be...following our recent interview with a higher Marketing rank at Ford Germany.

The base chassis will be the Focus and Ecoboost engines up to 2,0 liter/203HP will power up the standard range.. There is yet room for another Capri ST and RS with much more HP. 

The "downsizing" strategy was recently tested in marketing interviews with german Mustang IV owners as well, since there is a limited market for 2+2 sportscars.




Picture courtesy DeLusi/Lineale Design

24th. July 2010
The hard work and years of fighting may pay off finally for Holly Clark 
and her efforts to have her Dad Phil Clark recognized as the Pony emblem designer and more....

Now review our
Phil Clark website section and we will keep you updated on the MCA voting process. 
Holly ... I am one of the National Directors for the Mustang Club of America and a member of the Hall of Fame committee. I am pleased to inform you that your father Phil Clark was nominated by the MCA president Steven McCarley for the hall of fame. His name will be placed on this years ballot along with the other nominees to be voted on by the membership. .... I know you have fought hard for him I am sure he would be very proud of you. Kerry
21th. July 2010
Bullitt and the Planet of the Apes.
both filmed in 1968, both with cool - human - characters... and reunited in 2011? Sounds interesting? 

Check it out
Classic Days at the Castle Dyck/Germany 
an outstanding event drawing thousands of club cars around its perimeter, but also a very high leveled gathering of all kinds of vintage cars from known brands such as Bentley, Bugatti, Rolls Royce, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes and Fords. A circuit for driving experience and lots of show elements incl. flight shows, brass bands and vintage picknick area. Meanwhile on the same level as the Goodwood Revival it has become an pan-european event. 
Check out some impressions from my visit yesterdy on the Saturday 31st. July.2010.

14th. June 2010
A 1968 Shelby at Le Mans
The picture of our club members Michael Bruns 1968 Shelby on the 2010 Le Mans Classic racetrack leads to the question, why none was present at the 1968 Le Mans race.

Well there was this one ... driven by Claude Dubois parked at the pits fence, when he visited 1968 Le Mans. This is a rare shot that I got from a 67 export Shelby owner in 2003.


7th. July 2010
Peter Larsson from Sweden owns this 
Black shiny 1970 T-5 Fastback - 1 of 173

Peter's brother owns a number of Mustangs up there in the north and is proud of this one. I think most of us would like to have such a shiny beast in their garage.
The car was imported from Germany to Sweden already in 1972.

T-5s are surfacing these days more often. 
We just registered another 1 of 71 from 1978, a nice originally silver Mach1 from M. Schulze, who is still looking for the twin  of his car that the Marti Elite report show in its filtered research.

And another new 1967 T-5 registry entry 

7T03A100159 surfaced just now and has a long history. Delivered on 18th. August to a Ford dealers wife in Germany and already sold in Jan. 1968, it spent 22 years in the second owners hands. After being stored away, it has now been brought back to the daylight by the 4th owner, who is planning a restoration.
14th. June 2010
Glens BULLITT REPLICA photoshooting with Boss fashion and singer Michael Bublé

Glen Kalmack from Canada takes his Bullitt enthusiasm serious and currently enjoys multiple requests for his replica. We'll tell you more soon about the other projects.


May 29th 2010
Taking a lesson in Shelby and Cobra restoration in Europe..
isn't that difficult, if you visit our friend Alan Faulkner-Stevens in the UK like I do almost on a regular base ...well every other year. 
Having this time 2 original Cobra lightweights in and a Kirkham 427 Cobra plus a 65 GT350 it was again a pleasure to see the little details one needs to pay attention to in person and being teached in the correct procedures - and not cheap - restoration by Alan and his mates.
While being there we talked about the unearthed 1963 Alan Mann Galaxie, that was known to be around for quite a while by Alans engine man and just recently picked up when Bill Shepherd was able to buy it through him. The shell and parts package will be restored on a very high level and being one of only four H-M 63 Galaxies certainly will get a lot of attention, when finished and appearing next to Jack Sears so far only surviving other 63 H-M Galaxie. The others were driven by Sir Gawaine Baillie and Alan Brown, although Roy Pierpoint was mentioned to me once as a driver as well at a Brands Hatch race.

Since we are with the Galaxies: Jack Sears drove his Galaxie as a driver in the John Wilment race team first time in May 1963 at Silverstone, while the second of Sir Gawaine Baillie arrived much later in the season. Alan Browns as well, when Jack had already won the championship.
Since Roy Pierpoint was Alans man, the Brands Hatch car was likely the car that Alan Mann entered later in the swedish round. The Karlskoga Motorsportklubben (KMK) might certainly come to the rescue for the Shepherd team to provide pictures as they are looking for those in the mags...:) By coincidence I visited a special display there during my holidaysone day and they had several pics of the 60ies race season on the wall.
May 22nd, 2010
The ultimate 1970 Mustang with a 514cui (8,5 litre) engine for sale
This car is fairly known in Germany for a long time. Previously owned by Mr. Bubenzer, it is now in the skilled hands of Mr. Welteroth and finally on sale - not cheap, but worth a thought for true performance lovers. Drop us a note, if you are a tough guy or girl.

Asking price: 50.000 Euro = 65.000 US Dollar
May 5th, 2010
A piece of Mustang History for sale

1964 Tour de France Mustang DPK5B

Although it has never been verified - until 2008 at least - with ex-Alan Mann mechanics, it seems to be the veritable DPK5B car.
This is our history report since the car caught my interest about 15 years ago. Jeffry Harris teased me with his research and from there we went together to check back with Alan Mann himself, John Grant, Brian Lewis, and more including Alex and David Champion. 

The car actually placed third in its class (!) after the Procter and Harper car. This is the Bo Ljungfeldt driven TDF Mustang.

DPK5B - the only survivor - in front of the 3 Alan Mann cars at the Safety Check 1964

 Link to Speedmasters

The car as of 2009 acc. to Speedmasters. Asking price is 180.000 Euro, which is roundabout 235.000 Dollar.
Ex-Alan Mann mechanics can identify the car by its special welds, so make sure these confirmations are included. 

May 2nd, 2010
Pioneer hits the Mustang market with its latest 1967 T/A notchback racer in 1:32 scale. 
Another one being soon presented is the 1968 #21 Tony Marcotti racer and a plain white "paint-it-yourself" version of the 68 popular racer.
Make sure you have your slotcar racetrack ready for it.
April,27th.  2010
What do we know about the 2014 Mustang?
Once and then we hear the grass growing. Ford Germany had weeks ago addressed our club and invited a few 2005-2010 Mustang owners for interviews about a new world car. My claim to have driven a  number of them was unfortunately not enough.  The topic was mostly the Mustang, while the Capri 2014 was raised at least for 1/2 an hour. Later on design sketches were shown around. Interviewed Mustang drivers tell us that the sketches show a 69er rear window similarity, a 67/68 rear end treatment where the upper lid is pulled more rearwards and a less edgy appearance overall.  

Less edgy, 69 rear window and the rear decklid drawn to the back, these will be styling elements for the 2014 acc. to interviewed test persons. Well, we'll see how sporty it really will be and for sure 5" may be added here and there for a 2+2, but this rendering would at least make a good Mustang GR-1 - our Ponysite vision of it.
April,26th.  2010
Building the ultimate Bullitt movie Replica?
Glen Kalmack from Canada takes it serious, although he started out as the no. 23 of our US based Bullitt replica, he is engaged to win the race for the ultimate Bullitt movie car replica. 
After a thorough detailing he went the extra mile to build the subframe fixtures for the camera and lighning holder, now seeking for the typical Arriflex 35mm camera that was used and more. He plans to tour around western canadian show circuits together with 68 Charger owner Paul Martin, owner and equally biased for the details of the Charger movie car. Read our Bullitt News, if you want to be informed about real Bullitt maniacs.
April,19th.  2010
What is a real Rare Find?
Although 453 of 1967 T-5 Hardtops have been built and most of them been exported, we consider this one to be a Rare Find indeed, that Christof brough to our attention recently. He owns it since 1991 and hasn't made a fuzz around it for all that time, until he found, it is time to register it with our T-5 Registry. Which was a good idea after all those years. For what reason?
Well we have another Rare Find that we can talk about now and present in our clubs magazine and that is reason enough for us enthusiasts.
7T01T111421 was an embassy car in its early years and it seems it was very well preserved with probably just 3 owners. 
April,8th.  2010
195.000 Euro = 250.000 US Dollar for an original swiss export 68 GT500 convertible...

shows that the prices are still high, although there were a number of 110.-180.000 Dollar 67 and 68 Shelbys around at this  years Techno Classica 2010 in Germany.

#1333 from Barcelona/Spain for 115.000 Euro

#2819 GT500 from Paris/France via catalogue for 135.000 Euro



#1443 was picked up for 195.000 Euro

#2613 was available for 83.000 Euro only
April,7th.  2010
Our club at the Techno Classica 2010 (April 8th - 11th, 2010 in Essen/Germany

Mustangs gathered at the biggest european classic car event and our club celebrates its 25th anniversary with a display featuring a
66 CV GT
65 Hardtop
65 HTWT Racecar (Titus Dittmann/Greengas project)
67 390 Fastback
68 Coupe
1971 429CJ 

At the show on display for Ford enthusiasts or for sale:
65 GT350, 67 GT350, 67GT500, 68 GT500CV, 1970 T-5, 1972 T-5, 66 CV, Eleanor convertible, Cobras, GT40, Capri race cars and more 
March, 28th. 2010
David Charlier got exciting news for his Sidewinder research:
Mike B. from Texas called me.  Mike claims to be the designer of the rear decal and the person responsible for the Omaha DSO sidewinder project back in 1969-70 (1970 sidewinder) time table. Here are some of the things he has told me that hasn't been known.

Read more on our "moved" Sidewinder page
March, 26th 2010
1968 T/A Shelby #2 returns into the public from a long "hibernation"
Bill tells us he now owns the car that surfaced some time ago and was inspected back then by two insiders.More about it soon here
From Chicago News March,22.nf 2010
blog post photo
 Donald Frey, former Bell & Howell chairman and one of the engineers who helped design the iconic Ford Mustang, died March 5 of a massive stroke at Evanston Hospital. He was 87.
Mr. Frey, who would later teach at Northwestern University, had a long career of innovation in industry. He received the National Medal of Technology from President George H. W. Bush in 1990.

Mr. Frey was chief engineer and an assistant general manager of the Ford division when the Mustang was introduced. He worked for the legendary Lee Iacocca, who took much of the credit for the car.
"A few of us at Ford were sitting around one day in the early 1960s and thought it would be a good idea to produce a small, sporty car that would appeal to a mass market," Mr. Frey once told a reporter. "We were a bunch of young guys in our 30s and early 40s then."
Mr. Frey and his cohorts had a hard time selling Henry Ford II on the idea. "The company was just getting over the Edsel flop and really didn't want to gamble on another new model," Mr. Frey said. So development funds for the Mustang were taken from excess money buried in the budget.
Years later, Mr. Frey said that it had taken five tries to persuade Mr. Ford to go along with the project. "On the fifth try, he said to me, 'I'm going to approve your Mustang, and it's your ass if it doesn't sell.' "
Sell it did, of course. Instead of an estimated 86,000 that first year, 400,000 cars were sold. The Mustang is still in production today.
Mr. Frey was born in St. Louis and earned his doctorate in metallurgical engineering at the University of Michigan, where he had also earned his bachelor's and master's degrees.
After he left Ford in 1968, he was president and chief operating officer of General Cable Co. in New York.
Later, as CEO of Chicago-based manufacturer Bell & Howell Co., he helped engineer the first CD-ROM. He also became a key player in getting Hollywood to release its films on videotape, thus creating the home-video entertainment industry.
Through his position on the board of 20th Century Fox, he secured permission for Bell & Howell to duplicate five movies onto videotape from the film masters, according to Innovation magazine. 
Mr. Frey retired from Bell & Howell in 1988 and went on to teach at Northwestern. "I don't care if you're building chairs, automobiles or schools," he told students — the most important part of business is knowing your audience, according to Innovation's 1997 profile.
Mr. Frey was married to longtime Chicago society columnist Mary Cameron Frey from 1971 to 1989. His survivors include five children and a number of grandchildren.

The Test car: PTWA based repair Nano-coating SUNA-6-3in a 66 Mustang cast iron engine

Unfortunately this site will run over a few bumps from 1.st April on. Reason is that the early freenet-homepage.de/pony based stuff will be not serviced anymore by the provider. 
Having started as an amateur in web things the structure of this site has grown around the free website later I moved newer stuff to the paid website ..linking back various pages (I guess around 800) to the old 500 pages.  The link structure had become a nightmare, but I hope to get it all sorted out soon enough. Bear with me, you probably will find a bigger number of broken links. If you had bookmarked a special site like the Sidewinders etc., look for it with the same file name and .htm ending in http://www.ponysite.de/pony/....

PTWA Repair Coating for Ford Small blocks soon available?

Some of you may have followed the Ford news in February about the innovative 2011 Shelby G.T.500 alum block treated with the PTWA coating process, developed by Ford Aachen R&D centre/Germany with Honsel and Spray-Flame Industries. Actually the 2011 G.T.500 engine block is produced over here in Germany now from Honsel in Meschede..

Many overlooked in the February 2010 PR news the words about the cast iron engines that were tested. Well it helped our club to be well-known in the Ford inhouse magazine in Germany, so we got a mail from INSIDE the R&D that there will be more news around repair-PTWA-coatings of cast iron engines. A Caterpillar project is another that turned out of a "Nano-Mobil"-R&D project sponsored by the german BMBF with 11 million Euro. The Mustang engine project is carrried out with help from a former Q-Manager at the Ford Cologne engine factory, that produced the Mustang V6-engine for years.

It is a 66 289 Mustang engine. While we don't think the repair coating might be necessary for the average Joes daily driver depending on the final pricing, serious racers and Boss runners may keep their antennas tuned to Ponysite and the FMCOG publications for further updates from INSIDE Ford.

Missed the PTWA news?
PTWA= Plasma Transferred Wire Arc

Expect some unseen material in Robert A. Frias "MUSTANG GENESIS" book (coming out finally in August 2010) plus major magazines are going to pick up the Mustang history before the Mustang actually appeared on 17th. April 1964 in the public. .

Update 2011: Frankly after getting my copy, I was a bit disappointed about the content. But anyway it remains a nice reading and we know how hard the copyright and research is. If not we, who else?

Robert A. Fria speaks out about his new book -  here on Ponysite.de!
"Mustang Genesis is a thoroughly researched historical review about the creation of the concept that produced the new Ford Mustang in 1964. It took 6 years to research and produce. Complete with about 130 photos, it includes an introduction by Lee Iacocca, with cover art revealing the first ever publically seen original Gale Halderman rendering of the concept new Mustang. Much of the research included interviews with the original members of the Mustang concept team and chapters are inter-woven to reveal how the concept began and was carried through to the first days of production.
Samples of new information revealed include: how the prototype two-seat Mustang, Mustang II and the production Mustang actually got their names and emblems, not what you think. How the new production Mustang design was approved for manufacture before the two-seat Mustang was ever shown in public for the first time. And a revelation about the only known-to-exist actual prototype production Mustang still in existance today. Also how we will probably never know the true identity of the first Mustang actually built on March 9th, 1964. Detailed background biographys on each of the original Fairlane Committee members and where they are today is revealed.
If you have an interest in knowing the full and complete history of the origin of the Ford Mustang, you'll have to read the book. Licensed by Ford Motor Co., MUSTANG GENESIS  is the first thorough research published on how one of the 10 best cars of the last century came in to being the first Pony Car."
Author:  Robert A. Fria, owner of the first VIN numbered pre-production Mustang hardtop, 5F07U100002
45th Anniversary of the Shelby G.T.350
2010 marks the 45th Anniversary of one of the most famous sports cars worldwide
Instead of looking at the 2011 post-title conversion G.T.350, we rather go back in time to drool around the original with some vintage pics. 

Malte Huth won 1st place with his G.T.350 at the Timmelsjoch Hillclimb race in September 1965. The car was reportedly imported through a connection with LLoyd Cassner and an US army general. Yet the VIN has not yet been confirmed nor the later history after 1967. We'd like to reunite this car as well with his previous owner Malte.
31st. January 2010
The 61st National Roadster Show this weekend (29-31st January) 
showcased a few outstanding Mustangs. Well, very few.

8th. January 2010
Bob Tasca Sr. passed away

Bob Tasca started his career at the age of 27 with a dealership in East Providence/Rhode Island and soon became the best known performance maniac in the Ford world. With the Tasca 505 and the later 1968 KR8 as well as the Super Boss he set milestones for performance minded enthusiasts. His famous Bill Lawton piloted drag cars managed to get headlines and draw the audience into his showroom. With his move to become a Shelby mod shop since 2007, the Tasca family sold more than 100 Supersnakes in the recent years and is back on track.
Read more on the surviving Tasca 505 exclusive only here 
More on the Tasca KR8 in the latest March issue of Mustang Monthly.
The car before it went to the US as found by Kimbi A RARE FIND from 2005 is finally back in Europe

Back then in 2005 we reported about a Rare Find of an unearthed 1967 GT500 at a wrecking yard that was buried for over 30 years in the piles. Our mystery man "Kimbi" h ere in Germanyfound the car in a separate garage at a wrecking yard owner and after tough negotiating in a friendly atmosphere based on trust and enthusiasm, he could get the car. Being a Chevy man, he decided to let the car go to the US to professional hands for a thorugh restoration. 
Current owner B.J. contacted the SAAC one day searching for one more for his collection in Europe and transported it back across the pond, where it belonged. The car is now stored away in Iceland in a climate controlled garage until its next show there. B.J. collects Shelby and Boss 429s and we had featured his collection already in our club mag. B. finished the restoration with some experts in Europe during the last year..
Ever seen the original  
When the new Hurst Mustang came out this year, I always wondered how the original looked like. Had to browse my archives in depth to come up with this picture. Actually Mr. Hurst himself drove the car and it featured amongst other stylish items... the obvious Hurst shifter, the more visible front grille with driving lights and special wheel rims. We wonder what happened to it. If you have any trace of this car, let us know.
A New Year 2010 - Time to follow up some projects 
We asked Dennis Dierking about the status of his 1971 Mach 1 Bond replica

Dennis  finished his 3 years restoration - in February 2010 - of his Diamond Bond movie car replication. just searching for the final touch of the correct tires. I will soon update his page. Stay tuned for his pictures of the car.
He has already filled the liquids and started the engine, you'll see it first here soon.
Bob Barkers other Mystery Notchbacks?
Jim Langes father bought this car 1977 from Bob Barker and yet has to find all track records and the detailed history of this car. If you have some hints, drops us a line. Read the details of this 1967 A/S Mustang with Shelby bits.
Read here 
A rare 1972 Sunroof-equipped Mach 1 assembled in Mexico
1 of 4 1973 Mach 1 assembled in Mexico with an electric sunroof. Thomas Vega restored this car and is seeking for further information.
The 1967 Shelby that was planned to start in Le Mans, but did not....
Actually many Mustang Enthusiasts were constantly looking for a picture of a 67 Shelby that started in Le Mans. The headline of this newspaper clip said:"The cars that race in Le Mans", but obviously - after some research on related racing results websites - the car was not entered. According to our swiss friend Reto Wigger from the FNC the licence plate refers to the swiss Kanton Thurgau. Reto found the last known owner meanwhile and we will feature the story soon. Good to have mates everywhere. Check out meanwhile Retos article on the Shelbys, Corvettes and more on their www.fnc.ch website.

Chris Turner was 18 back then.
"It happened during a BRDC Club meeting at Silverstone on 28 April 1968. From reports of the accident, the driver, Robin Smith suffered a heart attack while at high speed on the long club straight prior to Woodcote corner. I remember the car continued without any reduction of speed  or attempt to take the corner. As an un-educated guess I think the car hit the earth bank at over 100mph." More later on our related history page 
Finally unearthed from Chris Turner
Historic pictures of "The End" of DPK6B - the second winning Tour de France 1964 Mustang

The hidden treasures of the SEMA 2009 exhibition
There are certainly numerous 2010 Mustang custom and aftermarket performance show cars, but this new Gateway Classic Mustang project caught my attention immediately. For coverage of the SEMA show, see The Mustang News webpage.

Earlybird Ponysite Preview:
A new record for Ponysite - a 5 years prediction and putting a bit of pressure on  Ray Mc Caffrey to finish his restoration within this period. This original 66 K-code Export T-5 was raced by Ray while he was stationed in Germany (1964-1967) and returned to the states afterwards. Driven for a while he retired it decades ago. Through my friend Gary Hanson we had been in touch again recently. 
So Ray - it's your turn now to finish the car in time.
Original Owner 1966 K-code T-5 will reappear at the 50th Anniversary

It has become common knowledge that some rare cars  - this is a 1 of 29 only - had found their way quite early across the pond or down under. This one indeed changed the SAAC records related to a color ID code of 1901 vs. 1900 and we are proud to have it overseas down here in Monaco with our good ol friend Emmanuel Theux in his collection. We'll feature it together with his other treasures in the next club mag. The "metal gun" Shelby GT350 that changed the SAAC records

Some insiders say "Old news", but it hasn't yet been printed in MM and Isham wants to know more about his cars and other early Fastbacks, so we try to support Isham JR of course.

This is the first ordered San Jose 65 model build Fastback K-code 
and Isham can be proud to have found and restoraed this car in a record time. 5R09K125001. 

heck out the Mustang Monthlys blog here

And then follow our own page and try to piece the story together with us. 
More from Isham JR Shelby himself about the details  here


Actually this car is on sale as of December 2009. If you are interested, drop us a line

A new book from Bob Fria is ready to hit the bookshops in August 2010
We've followed Bobs efforts for years to gather material like original Ford drawings of Mustang prototypes from Ebay for a really considerable sum of money plus more. This is not another Mustang book, this will clarify a lot of the Mustang genesis and is a must for any serious Mustang researcher.
You can preorder it here at McFarlands website

Although you will not find this pic of the Alan Mann suspension test prototype in his book, it is clearly one of the early 05C date code stamped prototypes. The 05C does not decipher as the 5th. of March, but identifies the pre-run of Mustangs before the serial production. Stay tuned for further bits of the Mustang Genesis - here on ponysite.de from Bob Fria himself.
One of the few Peru assembled 1967 race car, modified by Holman Moodyin 1970 to 1971 T/A specs, acid dipped and raced in Peru by Christobal Galluf. 
Now on sale from the Jorge Nicolini collection.

Read here
Ever heard of a J.W. Automotive Engineering Mustang?
We all know John Wyer had his hands in the european Ford racing, GT40 program, FAV operations and many things more. 
It pretty much makes sense that they did something with the Mustang as well, having prepared Cortinas for racing in the US, Cobras over here and of course GT40 cars. Some of them obviously received J.W. Automotive Engineering VIN tags - we assume for easier homologation rules or racing approval issues or maybe just for an exhibition car at the London Race show or a press event?.
The owner of this 1966 Mustang just recently contacted us to find out more about his - maybe - rare Pony. Until then he prefers to stay anonymous, although it was advertised on the web some time ago.
Following some hints from insiders we assume the tag was put on the Mustang for either racing or promotion purposes. The car has a typically low and early 66 Ford VIN otherwise, that would indicate it was a special request car for overseas purposes.

If you know anything more about the reasons of applying J.W. Automotive Engineering tags or can give us a more concrete hint where to ask, pls. contact the Editor.
Meanwhile we found out there must be a J.W. registry list around. Anybody having access to that, pls. contact us. 


We'll be updating our 67/68 Trans Am section with more bits on the early Group 2 Shelby notchbacks. - Ongoing research and many mysteries make this a really challenging task - 
Phil Jacobs is just opening his photobox for us.

Sorry, we linked owner Jerry first up to an US car mag, but we can tease you with some pics at least.

We'll show you the 1967 Shelby used in the Dukes of Hazzard movie 





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