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5th.January 2011
History is repeating again?!
The next generation is ON!

Looks like young Alan Mann Racing from Byfleet?
Well it is partially at least and then again itt is not. 

Henry Mann (24) is indeed Alan Manns son and racing like his Dad (73) in the red/gold livery Cortina from Alan Mann Racing like in the heydays. 
Neil Vass sent us via David Campion, son of the former Alan Mann Racing team member Alex Campion this nice shot of another proud son.
History isn't gone, it is right here in front of you - repeating itself. 
Don't miss it - the action is out there.
Greetings and a Happy New Year  to you all from Alan and his son Henry and Brian Lewis.

Racing at Donnington ((UK) was a lot of fun for Henry Mann (son of Alan Mann)
30th. December 2010
Ford Engine and materials R&D in Aachen/ Germany

It was a pleasure for your editor-of-choice to sneak into the Ford R&D centre in Aachen and see what is going on in that area for global Ford cars. 
We reported already about the thrilling PTWA coating of the modern Shelby 5.4 engine quite some time ago, which was developed here and rest assured.. there is more in the pipeline for the new engines, as we heard through the grapevines. Staged here for the official PR pic are the Ford classic car club and community representatives that won the recent Ford Fan award... in front of a test vehicle for fuel-cell Hybrid drive systems. Next to it we had a chance to see the engine testing department, the haptic (surface feel) engineering room and many more areas, where actual test vehicles were parked. 
Stuff enough to look into the future. Ford really is a step forward here in this issue. Thanks to Monika Wagner (PR -far right) for the interesting seminar in Fords activities for global car development.
We were promised to see the actual prooving ground next time and asked for the Design Centre access.:) There was plenty of time to refresh insider knowledge of the 2014 Mustang development as well. 

25th. December 2010
Very special 1969 Shelby GT350 Dubois demo car found down under
When Rich Coles of the left 69 Shelby appeared at the Le Mans classic starting grid, he did not know that the car has been most probably been there before. That is until his friend Christian running a Mustang parts shop down under contacted the Ponysite.de for possible further information on its special rear shock and torsion bar set-up and the VIN and fortunately we could help again pointing to the demo car history of Claude Dubois. 

"We very often fitted traction bars on Shelbys in my workshop, and certainly on my own demos." says Claude Dubois himself."#1963  was indeed one of my  demo cars. A  GT350, Gulfstream  Aqua, black trim 4-speeds manual tranny, put in service in May 1969. But what you have there is a Houdaille shock absorber, no doubts about that.

Certainly installed in my workshop , but I had forgotten we did that modification on a Mustang. Those  Houdailles were standard  on a Ferrari, as I mentioned, but only on early cars like 1950 to about 1955 or 56 models, after& that Ferrari went to telescopics like everybody.
I used those Houdaille on my first competition  car , my personal Triumph TR2, between 1955 to 1957. I won an impressive series of rallies, hill climbs and circuit races with this car , and the shock absorbers helped me a lot, because they literally transformed the poor handling of this car in stock configuration. They had kind of an oil  pressure compensation system built in those shocks." Claude Dubois 26th. December 2010)
The result of that prooven road race modification maybe interesting for other 69 Shelby owners:
"The ride is firm but not hard and uncomfortable like a go kart. There is not a lot of body roll on the track either." says Rich.
25th. December 2010
Another ARI promo car found
If the Marti invoice shows that the car was delivered to the Texas Int. Speedway and has a 351 and a VIN in the 13XXXX range, you can be almost sure, you have something special. Adam Schweizer from www.onlineautoconnection.com was curious to learn more about the ARI promo cars and contacted us. John Bakke, the owner of of one of the 428 ARI Cobra Jet convertibles will help him out with the details learned by ARI-Guru Bruce Weiss, so we succeeded again to link up people with the same interest.
The side stripes will be sticked on soon and the car most probably be for sale.
We will add it to our ARI section soon.
20th. November 2010
Piecing a car together gets a new meaning
with this display of the "white elephant" (1931 Mille Miglia Mercedes SSKL) at the recent Motorshow in Essen. The Motorshow is a similar event like the SEMA, but refocussed this year on its heritage as a motorsport car show.

Photogallery of the Motorshow 2010 

2nd. December 2010
In Memoriam Alex Campion

Alan Mann
mechanic during the glory days of the Monte Carlo and Tour de France 1964

Unfortunately Alex Campion passed away on Friday 19th. November 2010 in his age of 85. 
His sons memories will keep him alive forever. Mustang Life is about Father/Kids relation and this bond will be taken further carried by these moments.

Soon available - the DVD about the India trip of Bassam and the famous group of designers, journalists and creative heads. We had the news first from Bassam years ago and followed his adventure in the past. Good to see the result of this finally in the movie. Dave Newhardt wrote a book about it. 
Make sure you check out the trailer by clicking on the picture on right. 
A reward once and then for all the effort is not too bad. It was also nice to win for the 3rd time the Ford Fan Award of For Germany for our First Mustang Club of Germany 1964-1973 e.V. website. Especially since Ford Germany does not sell the Mustang in Germany.

If you want to know who are the winners or 3rd. places from Germany, click on the logo, however the pages are of course in german language.

Thanks to the club caretaking people at Ford Cologne and thanks for the invitation to the Ford Research Centre in Aachen. We have had already a number of promising contacts there, but we hope to meet  them all in person now to see which developments may influence the next Mustang or its Ecoboost portfolio.
We also hope of course to see the current test cars, but that is unlikely to happen:)

A very famous, but also almost unknown Shelby is pictured here, but it is also a sad story:
This is actually the Ex Piers Courage Shelby, while being in the ownership of Pamela Blakes father (Palmer Hewardine). Pam being pictured on the left.
When you look at the Shelby blue/white stripes and the outstanding pedal car painted the same colour, it reminded me that Piers Courage was actually hired for the Steve McQueen Le Mans movie as a driver, but never made it into the cars due to his horrible accident at the Zandvoort track where he died a few weeks earlier.
We already reported years ago in an interview with Eric Walker about the Leech Mustang racer, that Eric also owned the Piers Courage Shelby at one time and sold it in pieces. 
This is a typical Ponysite adventure, as we linked them all up with the current owner of 6S438.

The car has experienced a lot of adventures obviously including hillclimb races and more. We hope to have some more details soon that may go with the exciting pics into our club mag as well first:)



1963 Camel Advertising http://indymotorspeedway.com/cigs/1960s.html

Sequel 2010 - Mustang meets Camel on the road again
Send us your caption, if you have a cool idea
I enjoyed a cool day near Munich in this bellowing, roaring Shelby GT500 for a feature story in our club mag courtesy Karl Geiger from Geiger Performance Cars. Karl is one of the best known Performance cars dealer and tuner in Europe and oversears. He had no clue nor myself that I would run into a bavarian camel on the road. Konstantin made my day in helping to stage the camel for this shot and more. Goes into our club mag 03/2010.
Camel courtesy of www.Bayern-Kamele.de, Shelby GT500 www.geigercars.de
  Exciting Bullitt News
October 26th,2010
It is fun to follow diehard Mustang Enthusiasts during their projects
We had presented Bob Sifferds Milano scale model project already years ago, when he started. Being a professional scale model builder, he had not only one project running and put this one aside more than once to complete others for events or editorial writings.
It was good to hear from him again recently and to see his latest pics of his ready to be painted Mustang Milano. I used a few amateur photoshop tricks to let you have a visionary image of the car, when it is finished, but of course Bobs result will be far more outstanding after he applied the paint.
The paint formula has been actually been a topic of recent mails coming in. There was a run of special paint Cougars in those year with a violet hue. We will keep you updated as we linked an Cougar owner and Bob together to match their research of the right paint formula. One of the goals of Ponysite.de is - as you may remember - to link Enthusiasts together all over the world in their efforts to stick their heads together over engine bays, whatever size they maybe.
October 22nd,2010
The 40th. Anniversary of the famous Bond movie "Diamonds are forever" is approaching quickly 
The 1971 429 Mach1s used in the movie have drawn more interest in the past years and will certainly appear here and there for some show-effect.
Well-done replicas have been scarce over the years, but we are fortunate to have followed Dennis resto project for years and it is finally ready in time to be maybe used for (owner-driven) incidents. 

Stay tuned for pictures of the finished 429er Bond Mach1 clone project exclusive here on Ponysite. 

October 15th,2010
The norwegians have to be taken serious - Arctic Snakes in action
Collecting rare Shelby icons has been a domain of the scandinavian countries, mostly Sweden and Norway. In the past decades it was known that wherever in Europe a Shelby is on sale, you can be sure that a Swede or Norwegian is on the phone to ask about the details and pick it up, before anybody else could jump in the deal.
So it is quite a habit to combine business or leisure trips with an evening of fuel talk with our northern friends. Would not be realistic with the open hood mentality they are well known for.
So did Erik Joys and Hans Arne Gjerde after Norsk Mustang club registrar Lars-Petter Kolkind and local representative Atle Grimstad prepared the visit for your editor of choice.
With 9 own cars (pictured here one 69 GT500) and a bigger number of muscle cars in Hans "greenhouse" and the driving experience in the meticulous 68 GT500KR of Erik it was again a pleasure to be up there and a nice report worth in the following weeks in our club mag. 
October 12th,2010
Phil Clark inducted into the MCA Hall of Fame!
Steven McCarley, MCA president, himself informed us after the latest MCA meeting that Phil Clark will be inducted soon into the Hall of Fame. 
Within a close range of members votes, Phil made it still to the top, thus one of Hollys major dreams came true that her father is finally recognised not only by Ford itself, but also by the Mustang Club of America. 
It was a long way to get Phil Clark back into the records aside from just a small note in the Gary Witzenburg documentation through the archives of the Ford Benson Reseach centre, reading tons of interview paperwork and matching them to the notes of Phil Clark himself. Still there are so much items left for Hollys second book to share with the Mustang community that we all hope, Holly will be able to fund the publication and get a producer for a movie or documentary ellaboration. The story of an unrecognized individual for over 40 years, whose emblem is on about 8 million cars and whose conceptual sportscar drawings in his application folder lead to an american icon and somehow to the greatest sportscar ever - the Ford GT(40). 
See www.ponysite.de/phil_clark.htm for more information. (Will be updated soon)
October 3rd,2010
1967/1968 Group 2 Notchback Mustangs are getting more popular these days at the race track. 
Carlo and Mirjam Hamilton from the Netherlands were and are a avid readers of our site and finally thought, it was time to create their own dream of a Notchback racer. We will feature it in our club mag and soon in the replica section of our 67/68 Notchback section.

Sorry to the many, that sent e-mails and exciting information during my holidays in Italy, where I haven't send yet an answer. I am following up as soon as I can.
Sept. 10th. 2010
The Myth around a sequel and the possible storyboard of a Remake 2011
John O. pointed us to mystery things currently going on in the UK with a script of a sequel, where the story of the movie is going on. This storyboard makes pretty much more sense to me than a simple remake and we are fortunate to have got some first shots of the staged first movie scenes where Frank Bullitt got trapped and shot by a criminal. 
Well this is cool stuff we want to see on the screen and a double of McQueen is an easy one with digital editing.
Read more about the developing story
Almost unnoticed?
Brad Barnett developed MCAs new website
We all knew he must have been sort of being bored, when he sold The Mustang Source website (TMS).
Well, he is back as initially TMS Brad, now  BamaBrad at the new www.mustang.org forum. Not much traffic yet, but it is launching fast.

September 6th. 2010
Phil Clark inducted into the Hall of Fame from the Ford Capri Club North America
Read about his role in the european development of the Capri here

Phil Clark races for the MCA Hall of Fame against Kevin Marti and Lark Braig

1971 Shelby EUROPA for sale
Hilding Tillman Shelby Europa comes up for sale, but we will have a closer look at its tags some time soon.
Asking price is around 100K Euro, which is about 130.000 bucks or best offer.
According to a friends report the car was bought by Mr. Tillman in 1975 and taken from the road in 1977, some work incl. a color change being carried out over the years.

Click here for more information

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