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June 19th, 2011
RK Motors or rather Joe Kemp
built this 5.0 powered 1965 station wagon, that is currently featured on our friends (Richard Truesdells) site of the Automotive Traveller Online Magazine.

You can browse more pics here in their gallery.

June 18th, 2011
5R539 en miniature rolls into town.

Robert Cline wanted to have his scale model perfect and we linked him up back in April to Claude Dubois himself for some questions of detaling. Roberts questionnaire led to some interesting additional answers to our interview that we had done already years ago as probably the first Mustang club and enthusiasts website around. Read Claudes detaling answers later on in a separate page. It will be about tires, the Le Mans winglets, interior and much more including the famous double wiper set-up. We congratulate Robert Cline for his attention to detail. More soon.  

Above picture courtesy autodiva.fr

Above picture courtesy Schlegelmilch archives

Check out the various pics online from the Le Mans 1967 race. You may wonder about the missing winglets during the race (Claude lost one during the start). Actually they were necessary to keep the front down on the straight while going over 160mph. The center light on the front apron is also a detail that is often overlooked, when looking at test session or actual race pics.
June 17th, 2011
Going back to what we are here for
"Classic Mustang News", let's put the spotlight on other worldcars. This is Jose Alexandres original 1965 T-5 Export Fastback, that made it via Portugal to Brasil by now. It appears on the show stages these days and certainly will win its awards. it is always good to hear from our mates around the world as you may know, I am co-registering T-5s with registry founder Gary Hanson, this one got into the collection as well, same as a swedish T-5 convertible from Jorgen W.

Did we tell you yet? Gary Hanson is planning to produce a T-5 registry members calendar for 2012, so be quick to enter decent high-res shots for that one.

Jose's and Jorgens T-5s definitely will be in.
June 10th, 2011
or rather an artist called Dvorak made this 2014 rendering and we just gave it a bit more color. Speculating about a global world car is on and feeded by many earlier comments from Ford ranks.

A thread on GMinside gives a lot of insight into what may happen in terms of engine tests.

May 22nd, 2011
Once and then we feel that the airstream is changing
and a vapour of racing fuel strives us coming from the pits. 
We put like good 'ol native Indians our ear to the ground and ...yes, we were not wrong. Something is approaching quickly with a well-tuned beat of an massaged all-alum V8 and really mighty sound - the Sound of Total Performance.
The Daytona coupes dominated Le Mans 1965 as their major milestone after Daytona that year. 
Testing took place at the Ring back then and so it seems logical that the same order is kept again.
Ford has found Europe again on its map since a while. 45 years later the same excitement is ON already  and being in the 110th year of Ford Racing...we count in typical Ponysite mode 1+1+X-factor = The new Ford Supercar with a Daytona Heritage? might galop into the corral  quickly and testing is ON at the Ring (or elsewhere as we think by now).  We will keep you updated, when it's time to speak.. 

Yep, we knew these 2013 Shelbys were also there and we knew it in advance. Unfortunately Ford public affair did not trust Ponysite.de  much and kept us outside this time. We sticked to the embargo, but real journalists are there anyway at the Ring to spy things coming. Karl Geiger joined the group instead and exchange of information was ON for performance upgrades of the new Shelbys.

A recent illustration by Radisvan "Ana" Varicak/Motor Forecast (March 2012)

Update June 6th: Unfortunately we will be excluded based on one Ford internal veto, which we will have to accept anyway. Let's see what comes our way from other sources then.  

Update June 17th:

It's now speculation but a testbed was reported on GMinside. We may think it has rather a connection to the new Ford Supercar after all we have heard.

Done. This was a tough one! But exciting...
Writing our clubs first mag this year, was a real nightmare chasing me for over 3-4 month at least and yes, it is ultralate due to my joblist of events to organize.

Researching the tidbits of previously unpublished photo material and background stories..around the peruvian R-Shelby racers required much more time and e-mail communications to sort out the facts and minimize assumptions in the identification of those rare cars. 

Some exciting e-mail contacts are in that popped up in my mailbox like the secretary of Alan Mann in 1964, Anna Abel, who shared her memories about the gentlemen and not-so gentlemen of those times that walked into his raceshop before the Tour de France 1964. 
Our own club Mustang maniacs share their automotive travel stories, mechanical wizzards their knowledge about bossing the engine bays, NOS-enthusiasts their 1000HP projects and a rare Shelby Europa replica garners the content. 
Many more contributions and rarities from inside and outside make up this thrilling new club mag for our readers and offer a real insight into the 4th dimension of Mustanging..at least.in german language first.
In the end the result makes up all the effort, because I am the best reader of our own mag. It jogs my memory in years to come about all those interesting stories that passed our way at Ponysite.de. Stay tuned for more, even if it lasts a bit longer then and now.

New Bullitt replicas fill up going on.

With more than 59 Bullitt replicas worldwide on Ponysite.de we have expanded our portfolio over the past 18 years or so to the max, but we are still keen on finding new ones. This car on the right is a good example that we also take care of the ones we saw in the early days of this website.
Bernard Decone finally identified himself as the owner of this car I spotted in Belgium more than a decade ago.
But we have even more in the pipeline.

Stay tuned for more. We may even break one day the figure of 100 Bullitt replicas.
The coolest Shelby Meeting invitation of this year is for the Shelby GT500 meeting Sept. 17/18th 2011
at an airport in Germany.

Katharina Kuhlmann will also be the moderator and join the drag racing with a Shelby GT500..just if you thought, she is not driving in this teaser.
.April, 4th, 2011 and April 12th
New Boss book from Donald Farr available on amazon.com

UPDATED April 12th, 2011! 

Click here

As Donald confirmed to us this will be indeed the revised good 'ol book we all know announced for July, although the preliminary promo title looks as that the content may be focussed on the new 2012 Boss.
It wil be not, 160 pages of B302 history and tidbits for Boss owners to enjoy.

Open for preordering on amazon.com now and a must to have. Or visit the Boss Reunion 2011, early August in Dearborn/MI.

March ,24th,  2011
Ever shoehorned a 460 into a 67 Mustang?

It's not easy but possible, a few guys do the meta-mathematics . Ramin sent us a few more pics of the "artwork" of some skilled mechanics, that made the impossible possible.
Here is a 460 in a 66 Mustang, so don't ever say, it doesn't fit.
Rare Find
What a nice present - 
The CARLOS 1 Mustang
A colleague from my better half somehow thought of me, when he found this nice package on the shelve. Totally unselfishness he bought it and then as a now fresh Mustang owner did not want to part that soon with it, so sat back in a leisurely armchair and pulled the Carlos 1 Brandy to think about it. It might have taken a few evenings, but finally the box arrived on my shelf - just the bottle of Brandy was missing. 
He could not stand to let me be without this nice Mustang finally after having absorbed the Brandy or thought without the Brandy, the model looked cold on his shelf.. 

One might this this is a spanish export Mustang, but think again. ...

It is an original CE (Chinese export) marked Welly Mustang model, but very nice and well detailed - free of charge in the box of the CARLOS 1 Brandy. Two classics in a box.

Thank you very much. This car has a thrilling odeur.

Twister Special registry owner Terry Fritts died early in the age of 61 this week. The memorial will be held on March 16th. 2011.
We are very sorry to hear that, Terry was in close contact with us for more than a decade in a constant exchange of information. We are with his family.

Wallace Wyss pointed us to this book
An authorized 2012 Shelby Biography?...and already 34% off?

Rinsey Mills is a known historian, who was obviously given the opportunity to write an officially authorized biography of and with Carroll Shelby. One would have expected such a book from some other well known writers, but it is surprising that this book finally comes from an english writer, published by MBI publishing probably around April 2012 as the release website says.
We may get a glimpse behind the curtain for this book. Stay tuned.
The peruvian Shelby connection

SFM 5R211 with Mr. Alvarado in Peru/
Picture courtesy L
uis Lamas
Here is another great teaser - at least for our club mag readers first - thanks to Luis Lamas we got a lot of historic pics of the Avaraldo Shelby Competition model 5R211 and more about the 5R540 crash. 
Actually Luis has lived his life the Shelby way and his collection of both cars and parts of the era has led him to his dream car - a replica of an R-Shelby in most details even using a few items of the original peruvian R-model. You may have to wait for a few weeks, but we are going to fill in a few gaps of the known histories as usual here on Ponysite.de. 

A very detailed R-Model replica to the bone, even with a few items from  5R540 or 5R211? We are going to tell you more about it and its owner- some time soon..

More about Luis Lamas and the peruvian Shelby world of today (later more history bits)

More about the Peruvian connection from an interview with Benito Lores

Editors Note: The past weeks have been again very exciting in terms of Mustang news popping up in my mailbox. Sorry, that I could not share all of them in time and detail with you, but my free time does not permit it typically. Anyway I promise to fill in on the gaps and many promises very soon.

Rare Find
A 66 Anniversary Gold Mustang now in Norway
Morten bought this ultrarare 66 Gold Anniversary recently from the US. 
Finding the Detroit special DSO 331111 on its tag and a build date of 29C is like digging out a real gem. 

With an F6A interior for a Pony interior with parchment seats and black appointments (carpet and dash) and a C engine the car matches most of the criteria, yet makes it even rarer than rare..

The car seems to have a few shades of gold, but also shows the original color in various spots.
We will dig sooner deeper in this car that has a close VIN to the other 2 registered VINs in the Haskell/Smart Production guide. 
Congratulations to Morten .. for his unique 1 of 50 Anniv. Gold Mustangs and read more here.

6S2389 Shelby Continuation Series convertible 
with a Paxton supercharger found a new home
David Stone is the proud new owner and we appreciate his story soon in our CS logbook here at
Shelby biographer Wallace Wyss finally scores a film rights sale for TV series based on his latest Shelby book'
Wally is good at PR and famous for unexpected newsbits, ....so we could just not let his PR-note go unnoticed, as he certainly will be in the center hotspot on related forums, once any Shelby related episode has been aired. 

Shelby Daytona 1965 at Le Mans
Picture courtesy Archive Alex & David Campion 
(Ex-Alan Mann mechanic)

Wyss reports that like his hero Shelby, who is a horse and livestock breeder with ranches in Texas, he has become re-involved with horses "learning the thoroughbred horse breeding trade from the ground up." To relax, he paints fine art of classic cars, which he markets in the U.S. and overseas.

Wallace also told us, another TVseries with Wolfgang Petersen on Le Mans and Shelby is coming on based on another book

"You have to be passionate about a subject to write three books on it. Wallace Wyss,  reports that his latest biography of an East Texas race driver, Carroll Shelby, is slated to become a TV series.

     The book, SHELBY The Man The Cars The Legend, made its debut in 2007. On Jan. 17th, 2011 Tony and Ridley Scott, the Hollywood action film producers  ( Top Gun,  Gladiator etc.), announced plans to co-produce a new TV series based on racing at the 24 Hours of Le Mans racing back in the fifties and sixties.    Wyss has written no less than three books on Carroll Shelby, a one-time East Texas chicken farmer who became a legendary race driver and car builder.  He has written seven other car histories but SHELBY is the first one purchased by Hollywood.   

   The TV series, despite the title of the book will likely not center on Shelby specifically but on the conflict between the young drivers for firms like Ferrari, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz and Ford. 
With the TV deal on the Shelby book inked , Wyss reports he is now beating the bushes for an agent for his first novel, one of a series featuring a detective who operates in the milieu of million dollar collector Ferraris. "If I can't find an agent and/or publisher, I'll publish it myself in time to make its debut at the Concorso Ferrari 2011 show on Colorado Boulevard May 22nd in Pasadena."

The Cobra painting is of a 289 Cobra being test driven in Europe by Bob Bondurant before a race.
The mechanic on the right is Phil Remington and on the left Charlie Agaipou. That print and others are available from the website

19th.January 2011
Ever wondered what the mid-engined Boss 429 looked like that Kar Kraft built?
The diggers at Muscle Car Review around Drew Hardin found this in their archives. The February 2011 issue of MCR is worth to buy at the newsstand not only because of this rare shot, but due to the interview with Peyton Cramer on the Shelby Hertz cars as well, done by the best of all and never tired Mustang maniac, Bob McClurg.

Get out of your seat and take a short run to the newspaper shelf or make yourself a subscriber to the MCR digger mag.

The B429 engine was installed front to back  with a C6 forward installed then turning the power around by 180 to the limited slip differential in a special cast housing. The project was mechanically perfect, but found too expensive for production with its transfer case, driveshaft and half-shafts and independent suspension. During the project also Jaques Passino had to leave due to the ending race program. Curious enough the program was about a Low Investment Drivetrain project.
15th.January 2011
Powered and saved by Emotions

Some Mustangs hit our mailbox more than once. That was the case with this rust bucket that was offered as a project car as of 2004 from Brians Classic. This is a very rare car, because it features an original ASC installed sunroof. We have presented you over the years a number of sunroof cars, but this one really had potential. 
We meanwhile learned that even a 67 Shelby was supposed to be build with an ASC sunroof for Carroll Shelby as a test car. It is in the SAAC registry mentioned, yet the car finally did not got one installed.
(corrected 17th) 

What makes this car unique that indeed after dismantling ..the owner Kevin found rust, rust, rust and more rust. Almost every part had deteriorated and given up against mother nature. Everybody would have probably given in and called the wrecker, but the mates of Kevin Czaplicki encouraged him in his dream and offered their help to get it even back to concours standards. Tom Lampron, Bob Lareau and Ken Turowsky are the ones that teamed up with Kevin to push each other forward.
The 5 years way to that condition, which is not finished yet, will be covered this or rather next year in an US publication, but we wanted to teas you already. The team wanted to do it right and with almost every part being restored or replaced, this was an adventure of its own strengthening the teams comradry and given them power for other adventures in life. Emotions where high and low during the project, but this is indeed one proof that - yes, you can do it and save a Mustang life, it's heart never stops and it's soul will live forever....well done.

We will tease you a bit more in the next month with some detail shots of the restorations starting point in 2006.
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