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Sept. 20th, 2012
Darryl Zeman presents his 1970 Sidewinder to our readers

The Sidewinders are still rare and we are proud to have them covered here on Ponysite thanks to David Charlier and mot of the owners themselves.

We will add him to our Sidewinder section soon.
Sept. 10th, 2012
Do you know, which car Allan Moffat picked during a Ford Day in Western Australia in 2010?

Yep, a Bullitt replica from Craig Davies. The world is small and everything comes together on Ponysite.de:
Like Bulllitt and TransAm related stuff.

August, 16th, 2012
Ponydrive III coming on in 2013
David S. Turnbull wants to redo the original Ponydrive (from John Manners) for the 50th. Anniversary.starting in Jacksonville, where overseas cars can be shipped. Interested parties should start preparation now and contact David.

Watch www.ponydrive.us for updates soon.
On August 16th., Henri "Titi" Greder, who raced Falcons and Mustangs in Europe in the early days passed away. 
Titi Greder participated for Ford France together with the 3 Alan Mann prepared Mustangs with door number 84. 
He later also raced Corvettes. He was 81.
20 years of Mustang reporting and 41 years of Mustang enthusiasm.
The History of Ponysite.de

It was 1992 when I bought my first own Mustang, though the Mustang theme has kept our family busy for actually 41 year already, when my father popped up with a red 1971 Mach1 at our doorstep. Can you impress your school mates more than exiting out of the actual Bond car from Diamonds are Forever?
We were attempted to buy another 71 Mach1 in the early 80ies, but unfortunately dropped out of that deal, as the car had mysterious repair welds. 
Well, maybe it was "fortunately" then. 

Forward to 1992 I promised my own family, I would buy and keep my own 68 Mustang just for a year to have some fun. Well it has become 20 years now and digging into Mustang history has kept me busy for the same time. Although reports in print and on the web appeared some time later, your Ponysite editor is busy in sharing and reporting found newsbits since 1992. It has been a pleasure and thrill and it continues today and hopefully in the future.
It always amazed me in all those years that there is still after 50 years (from the beginning of the Mustang story in 1962) such a mass of hidden information that can be digged out, if you put your shovel at the right place or just happen to catch things out of the blue at the right time and follow them for a while. Of all the hints and mails I got only a few were misleading or ending in Nirwana. Some exciting news are still cooking on my plate, while others developped in the background or have turned into longtime friendships. The Ponysite network has ever since grown and I wish to thank you - the contributors who keep this site actually alive for all this trust and engagement. Keep on kicking. 

Sometimes it took years to get trusted and being allowed to sneak into a photobox or getting some response for questions posed. But it was always worth the patience. 
Trying to be independent and fair - but at the same time not loosing your face and reputation is much more delicate, when it comes to high-priced collector cars. As in other car marks markets, the Mustangs increase in value and more and more also commercial interests float into our enthusiasts corner, which is good, if your investment and dedication pays off finally for the owners or contributors. If it is linked to selfish exposure, we tend to overlook that and stick to the facts. Dealing with mock-ups, fakes and rebodies or just tags and papers and created cars is very difficult, if you know the truth, but can't tell, simply for legal reasons.
But we love the mystery cars that pop up and owners looking for help in research or support. They keep our interest alive and one thing leads to another. Finding documentation and visual proofs is the key here and we do everything to support those owners and contributors. Quite often it is just missing knowledge or wrong assumptions based on former paperwork that still can be corrected with other more in-depth paperwork or more picture proofs....and if it helps to find the truth, we think it is worth to mention it on Ponysite.
We have several interesting cases going on right now in our T/A section. Have a look if you want and click on the upper left boxed link to the 67/68 T/A news and have fun. We tell you the stories - as we find them and with an open mind for new facts.
December 25th
Ed Diamond
was a well-known name back then in the 1966 Trans Am season and he made his debut in that series at the 1966 Sebring race.
His original car wasn't found yet, but Tim Fuchs from Switzerland spent a lot of research in that car, found another SCCA raced 65 notchback and created with consulting Ed and his former crew chief a very nice replica that he now races in Europe. The Solitute revival was its first coming out and we'd like to congratulate Tim for his efforts and Ed for sharing his records and memory with Tim and us here at Ponysite.
Read more at www.ponysite.de/66_ed_diamond.htm


December 6th  
December 14th
Caravan towing on a racetrack looks like fun, but Brian Charig took it really serious. 
He won the Silverstone 1974 Caravan race with his 1968 Mustang. Brian was a motorjournalist by heart enjoying racing himself in his free time.

Unfortunately he died at the age of 74 in 2006. Wish we had known him earlier to report on more memories, but his son Robert was so kind to share his story with us..

My late father raced and took part in rally's with his Mustang for many years and kept it until around 1980.

My father had many racing and rallying firsts. Including being the first rally team to use radio communication directly between the service crew and rally crew using the Securicor radio telephone network. His co-driver/navigator was a physicist and build the headsets in to the rally helmets. We had lots of sponsorship firsts including Levi jeans, Avon Tyres and 2 of the 4 largest spotlights ever placed on a rally car. At the time of the Levi sponsorship, Levi were using the slogan Leader of the Pack and we were at that time Team Leader of The Pack.
There was only one American car rallying in Europe at the time and that was my dad's Mustang.
We were involved in the talks and PR surrounding the legalisation of CB radio in the UK and a CB Radio shop owner in Brixton South London begged my dad to sell him the Mustang. I recall at the time asking him if he was sure he could deal with such a powerful 'race prepared' car and he boasted experience driving his 3 litre Toyota Supra. Sadly a few days after he bought the Mustang he wrecked it along Brixton High Street. He was unable to handle the massive torque from the specially installed posi-drive diff.
The late Eric Prue of Autosport caravans was also a close friend and he went on to design the worlds first aerodynamic caravan and having set the first world towing speed record we went on to set up the next during which my dad was towing one of these super safe caravans at speeds in excess of 225 kph. Indeed when he replaced the Mustang with a Rolls Royce we hit 233 kph on a drive to Le Bourget Paris.
Regards Robert Charig (Jan.14th,2012)

December 6th
One of 3 Ferguson Formula 1965 Mustangs on sale in the UK

The rumour spread quickly within a day, unfortunately I was not in:), so we are late, but not too late with some more pics of its history from former research.
A dealer in the UK offers this historic car for just 45.000 pound sterling and it deserves to be collected for a Mustang museum certainly. 
Not this one, but another of the 1965 FF 4-wheel-drive Mustangs was testdriven back then by Rob Slotemaker and also by other rallye drivers up in the north, as pictures from Thomas Haventon tell us, that we found in the past decade.

In a dutch  Autovisie mag from 1969 Rob Slotemaker tested one of the cars, here FWK863D licenced.
Same test article from Autovisie/NL. Pictures courtesy Arjan Nugteren/Dutchmustang.nl

5F07A348611 was one of three testmules, this blue one, a maroon and a red one.
This car is now on sale by Donaldson

This picture from Thomas Haventon in a swedish publication shows actually two of the cars (probably the red and the maroon one) driven on an ice test skid pad with the spare spike tires put on the rear deck lid. These 2 cars were used in at least 3 swedish races.  I found this pic in a swedish library back by incidence. If I am not mistaken, Bo Ljungfeldt tested the car himself for rallying.

Aside from the 3 1965, the 4 1969, a recently found 1970 convertible (in the Netherlands) there are rumoured to be a Fairlane and a Torino around acc. to a german magazine article. 17 Capris were build, out of which 12 were exported to the US according to the UK Capri club.
November 30th
Following the traces of the unique Shelby GT250 from Claude Dubois

Sometimes we get pretty exciting mail in the box and this one leads again to more research work which is the biggest fun of your editor of choice. Digging in your own backyards, where you never look typically. It is always amazing where these kind of cars pop up suddenly. 

Review the known digged out a from an interview and stay tuned. Another exciting Ponysite adventure is ON.

The GT250 was a unique licenced Shelby Europa project car by Claude Dubois. It was considered neglected and lost  for a long time. Let's see if it survived or where it ended up.
November 16th

The Geiger Performance
Driving Experience
When it comes to performance cars, Karl Geiger is the place to visit. So I did last week. 
When you start up the engine, the sound alone gives you the real EGO-Boost. Ford should rename its performance philosophy just by one letter indeed.
With the latest Boss 302 Laguna Seca in his new stable, we may see soon some new hot rod based on this outstanding Mustang. "I really like this one, it is the best of Mustangs" says Karl, who also joined the GT500 5,8 testing recently at the ring, but could not really learn something new there....after his well-known GT650 project.

On 21st of November Geiger moved to a new building nearby his old location next to a Harley-Davidson dealer. The formal and official opening will be sometime in spring however. See www.geigercars.de for more information.
November 8th
Vince Gardner was the master of this piece of art, the Dearborn Steel Tubing 2 seater Mustang.

As many a designer he never got the biggest fame, but his Mustang 2 seater is an icon in the Mustang history. 
Nobody knew where the car was, until Bill Snyder stepped up at the ShelbyForums and presents the pics of this unique survivor.
It was shown at several Ford Custom Car Caravan shows back then.

See pics of the survivor here  in its past and present condition.

November 1st
The SEMA 2011 showcases again some Mustang highlights.

Galpin presents its 700-plus HP Boss 302-X showcar for example. plus lots of other modded newer Mustangs are around. 

We prefer the classic ones here: Like the 1969 restomod convertible from Vintage Air. Not everybodies taste, but it has some fresh styling.

A 2011 modified by Spyder.

But the most spectacular is not a Mustang, instead it is the "Survivor" Bullitt Movie Charger from Arnold Welch at the Optima Batteries booth.

Galpins Boss 302-X looks "glorious"

Mustangs at the Panamericana
With 2 german drivers being there - Jochen Mass and Tim Maelzer (TV-cook) we are fairly well updated in Europe.

One participating Mustang was hit hard in a frontal crash, but fortunately nobody insured. The modern car came straight ahead on a closed road (somewhat typical in Mexico?) and there was no escape for the Mustang.


Jochen Mass comments the fatal crash here on 
youtube (not his car!)

October 19th, 2011
Mustang Dreams come true

Michael Baumann finished his Pettey/Hallquist replica, yet with a 428 built by Redline Motors - street legal, but ready to race.
More soon in a separate page, when we have all the specs.
October 5th, 2011
Occasionally all that work and patience works off and the current owner of the Goldfinger Mustang puts trust in our Mustang enthusiast network to cover his car exclusively wiht more actual details.
We have had already for a long time a section of this site dedicated to the Goldfinger Mustang convertible and the special Ford built Fastback, that never appeared in the movie, as it was finished too late. 
Nevertheless this is a very unique Mustang that deserves another spotlight here on Ponysite.de soon. Ed Herbst send us actual pics of the car for a feature. We will just cover it in our club mag first:) So stay tuned for the update on it later this year. (you may browse the "old stuff" meanwhile here)

October 16th, 2011
Club mag 02/2011 finished

Again this was a tough one to do, but worth when out in print - I hope:).
Several unique and original T-5s are in, 1966 Shelby restorations from Alan-Faulkner Stevens, exclusive the Goldfinger Fastback in all its glory, event reports from the US and Germany plus more.
One of 173 1969 T-5sīMach1
but what a special one...
In 1977 this car went from Germany over to the UK right into the hotspots of London. John Ritchie turned it into a funky and groovy custom car in 1978 and it has turned heads ever since. 
These kind of custom cars have had their place in history and at custom car shows. John got a bit tired of it and so he plans to undertake a mid-term restoration to its candyapple red former glory. Reason enough to preserve this time capsule here on ponysite.de.
Cool Girls and a big parade of Shelby GT500s, drag race, judging and more. 
All this was "ON" last weekend with Albert and his mates of the www.shelbyforum.de:
If you want to see the girls only, then click here 
August 28th./updated early Sept.
5R107 appeared this weekend at the Swiss Shelby Meeting in Lupfig.

Sold in July or earlier by Colin Comer to a swiss new owner, the car appeared by surprise and almost unnoticed in Europe. If we had not that clever scouts in our network like Tim Fuchs, we would probably have not seen it for a while.
The Competition model was converted for road use and licenced. Meant to be driven again finally. 

Colin Comers former website about the cars history with a lot of pictures was sold with the car, but obviously it is not the interest of the new owner to continue it. 
August 28th.
The one and only Shelby Mangusta?
It was one of those ideas to create a Shelby Mangusta as a successor to the Cobra. Little is known about the traces of the cars that appeared in secret shots. The De Tomaso registry shows this Shelby MKIV badged Mangusta.
We had also stumbled over late 70ies pictures of a Shelby stickered lightweight race car.

Reason enough to research a bit more these unique cars. The racecar - restored by the genuine William Sala, then race preparator of De Tomaso factory racing - is said to have one connection to Carroll, while he was in Africa. 
If you have anything to add to the history of both cars, the design prototype and the 70ies racecar, pls. pop in and contribute. Thank you in advance.

Read more

The grill badge clearly shows a Shelby MK IV lettering.
Picture sourced at the De Tomaso registry
August 21st.
Once again we will have a Rare Find 
- found in Peru and back then assembled in Peru
Stay tuned until the owner has taken better pictures of it.

It is a 7TAT7FG____ peruvian 1967 Mustang Hardtop, original color probably blue and a black interior.

Check outmeanwhile  www.ponysite.de/mustang_peru.htm for some earlier cars we had found. 

August 12th.
THEN AND NOW - 1965-2011
Jochen Neerpasch

Driving Mustangs for 46 years already
It always amazes me that the race drivers of the golden days are still around kicking and teaching the young ones at vintage races today. Well - typically, but not this time. Read on.

Jochen Neerpasch and Remo Lips shared this Shelby GT350 (Friday, August 12th, 2011) at the AVD Oldtimer Grand Prix at the famous Nuerburgring. 
Jochen was the Ford Germany race chief from 1967 on and raced 5R107 already in 1965 at the Ring, yet he made his name known already much earlier as a Cobra driver. In 1965 he also raced one of the former Tour De France Mustangs from Alan Mann (DPK6B) at the Nuerburgring. 

Neerpaschs car was prepared by Milestone Motorsport.com/Netherlands. Unfortunately Neerpasch could do only some training laps, in the first official race Remo drove the car only until round 6, when it dropped out. So Neerpasch could not get behind the wheel again nor start in the Masters GT race.
August 1st.
Which better place to meet classic Mustangs can you picture than Lago di Garda in Italy.
The Mustang Club of Italy found the perfect piazza and thanks to club member Sergio Costa Devoti we got a nice report for our own club mag. 
July 28th.
Ford Rally Team 1970 in Action
Roger and Kathy Bohl participated in the Mexican rallye (24th Rally Internacional de las 24 horas CAF) with this 351 cui Mustang, dressed to win... and they won.

Already in 1968 two american cars had won speed tests in the 1968 rally, in 1969 four american cars finished. In 1970 a bigger effort was done and Ed Crocket, Ford Rally Team Manager brought a TV film crew along, because he thought it would add some commercial value to the effort.

The start of the rally was in Mexico and the cars launched in 1 minutes intervals. 70 cars participated for a fee of 80 dollars each, 66 could start Friday night, 62 were left over by Saturday morning. 6 entries came from the US plus 3 that had a mexican driver on board, thus not considered "foreign teams". Several speed tests are included in the rally. 
The Ford Rally team consisted of 5 Mustangs, the others being driven e.g. by Oscar Bush, owner and main rally sponsor (aside from the Mexican Department of Tourism) who ran Bush Ford of Mexico.

I remember that one car was on sale a while ago, but we wonder what happened to these 5 Team Mustangs. Roger Bohl remembers that they were turned back to Ford.

As of December 2012 we received an e-mail from Roger Bohl sr. and jr. with some new information and will update a Ford Rally team separate page soon in a new interview.

July 19th. (updated Sept. 3rd)
6S923 made it down to earth!
Rolands car was a heavy stone in many a Shelby enthusiasts stomache for decades. But finally Roland had the time to get his car down from under the ceiling and work on it. He wants to preserve the racing history of it, that is partially documented with a Panhard rod and a title entry of Claude Dubois after having been originally delivered to FAV and later to Alan Mann. Makes sense to research the history in detail. It might be one of  the cars that was used in racing in Belgium and maybe even France. We invited insiders to share pics or knowledge of a race car from around 1970. We know about the various other green Shelby around 6S772 to 6S777 and the Hazard connection of one of them, yet we need some more details of exactly this car, that got a Panhard rod. We hope to jog Claudes memories as well in a second attempt.

A pic of the strange and unique double rear Panhard rod. Whoever remembers this, pls. send an e-mail. 
July 14th.
Introducing Gary Tatman 

Would you believe you can carve these details out of a mahagony piece? Gary can.
The good thing about Ponysite.de is that it brings together a lot of maniacs and this contact hit a nail, as he could provide deep insight into GT40 development details prior to the actual body design in the US to our Phil Clark GT40 site, which will be soon updated. You never know what comes in our mailbox next, but this was a really unexpected newsbit again. Gary made my day.

"My name is Gary Tatman and I hand-carve motorsports most iconic cars, from mahogany. They are some of the most historically correct motor art sculptures, in both shape and function! It takes about 780 hours to finish one. I've included a few photos of the GT-40 which I've done, hope you like them! I have other rare stuff on the GT40 development as well, which might interest you." Gary
Yes, Sir, thanks for the stuff. Copyright requests were properly transferred with the permitted delivery of the documents involved, so we will first check permissions from the original source before sharing the ultrarare GT40 information. Stay tuned.
July 9th, 2011
What I like most?

Hanging with experts over the engine bay of rare Mustangs and Shelbys. Had the pleasure to learn more about the tidbits of high-level Shelby restoration with Alan Faulkner-Stevens during a visit there and this one is going to be real outstanding, when it is finished. 
Alan, being a former Aston Martin Designer, who did his last interior project with the Aston Martin Virage, now has quite a good living from topnotch Shelby restorations for customers in Europe.

Whoever wants it the original way or repaneld like only the old english Masters of panelbeating can do. Alans place is the one to contact. Unfortunately the calls always keep him meanwhile from finishing his tasks while laying under the cars, so don't disturb him too often.
It was again a pleasure to watch over his shoulder for some time seeing a former almost project car coming back to life finally with its first engine start-up. 

One of the treasures of Alan, a signature collection of many a former SA employee
He recently bought a very unique photo collection of a genuine 60ies/70ies  race driver, reason enough to visit him again and sneak around:)
July 6th, 2011
Documentary movie online on sale soon

The diehard Enthusiasts like Camilo Pardo, Kyle Evans, Daniel E. Panoz and his CEOs and engineers plus more participants around car collector Bassam Abdallah hit the road back then in 2009. See the trailer online here .

BTW the original documentary of the India trip is just in print (on DVD) and soon on sale this or next month finally.
July 1st 2011
With the appearance of this picture in an interview with Martial Delalande in the
Autodiva magazine #8 one other Shelby Competition history record again has to be at least slightly corrected. 
According to a contract paper from Ford France with racer Martial Delalande 5R209 was rented out to him for the Rallye des Routes du Nord at the beginning of 1966.
Thanks to an interview with Martial Delalande our french friends at Autodiva (particularly J.F.H aka mustang66) pointed
us to the fact, that Guy Ligier and Martial drove this car in that specific rallye.

It has been common believe so far that they drove 5R097 in that rallye. Yet this paper prooves that it was 5R209.

We are still sure that 5R209 later ended up in Peter Schettys hand at the Ecurie Filipinetti and drove it in 7 hillclimb races in 1966 beginning in June. We are interested in what deal was made between Ford of France and Peter Schetty or Peter Filipinetti, as the car was shipped acc. to records on Sept. 3rd, 1965 already from Ford Advanced Vehicles. Mr. Schetty himself could not remember the VIN nor anything about the purchase, when we contacted him in 1998.

The car is today still in Switzerland.

More about the european R-Shelbys.  

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