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An American Project:
Equus Bass 770 ready to rumble!
Visit their site on Facebook for continous updates on production and appearances. First cars are ready to go.

We've followed it and we follow it. Congratulations to the team.
Evidence found that Phil Clark - the Mustang logo designer and Mustang I design team member - also worked again with his friend Larry Shinoda on the XP- Corvette designs in 1966.
It takes patience to find further evidence, but we have not given up to dig in the design world of the Mustang and Corvette. Finally we found evidence for Phils creations in the GM archives of 1966. A picture taken by Mr. Madler (GM photographer) on the September 12th, 1966 and filed under 72/70 shows Clark signature on this Corvette design. We hope to find more evidence of Phil Clarks design proofs and we have found a few new former colleagues that finally are able to share their belongings and memories.
Read the story and update on his GM side-career.

Picture courtesy GM archives 9-12-66.

What makes Ponysite such a family oriented website?
It is about our contributors. Here are John and his wife Diane taking this picture. We build up a friendship through the Mustang topic years ago and visited them on the South Island of NZ. John now holds a First Mustang Club of Germany calendar 2013 in his hands enjoying the warm weather outside with his 1966 Sprint Mustang his VW bug while we suffer from snow and ice over here. 
John enjoys of course also the nice pics of our club members Mustangs in the calendar that made it around the world to him and his Mustang mates.
No less than 4 are in his immediate neighbourhood. 
Staying in touch - on a global scale.. and a friendly family atmosphere while talking about cars, but also about things that life throws in your way ...listening and sharing are two attributes that are common to our network 
Updated Feb. 8th/26th 2013
The Dearborn Steel Tubing 2-seater
designed by Vince Gardner is ready for the show.
It will have its coming out after almost 50 years at the Amelia Island Concours show early March 2013.
Restored by Capaldi Enterprises for owner Bill Snyder. It is a true piece of Mustang History. 
Make sure you are there.
Thanks to Michael Capozzi and Bill Snyder for the latest pictures  Stay tuned for more in the near future.
Hemmings Daily beat us to it, as we were not allowed to publish before others did. Anyhow we update this "old" news. 
When Vince Gardner redesigned this preseries Mustang as a 2 seater, he did not know yet that it would have a big show time and a dark longer period. It was first rented by Ford for the Custom Car Caravan and appeared at several shows as we had pointed out in our FCCC special here on this site. It disappeared soon after. As we have it from Bill Snyder it was put behind a brick wall at some time, maybe to prevent it from being crashed, maybe for some other reason. Anyway it spent a longer time in Bill Snyders ownership after 1969 unrestored after he bought it from an insurance company, he stated. 

Vince Gardner designing the Mustang III 2-seater in December 1963 already. A preseries Mustang chassis obtained via Andy Hotton for DST "The Tube". The VIN we got early on is not confirmed though as one of the Passino managed cars. We'll put our torch on that VIN issue soon.

More news pending (update Aug. 2013)
We are just in touch with the Ford Rally Team and Roger and Kathy Bohl and Allan White from the team to get the whole story together and report on their own memories soon.

Fortunately the Bohl family contacted us and we will update you soon on the 5 rally team cars adventures
 and what happened to them afterwards!
Roger Bohl participated with his wife Kathy in the 24 horas de Mexico 1970.

All 5 were returned to Ford. 2 had 428 engines at least, says Roger.
Allan White says, all had 351 Cleveland engines and were delivered to
Lucas Ford in Medford NJ.
One was recently for sale for 47.000 Dollar.

Jean Claude Killy was a famous skier by 1966, but did you know he was a famous race driver as well. He raced with Bernard Cahier Porsche 911s, but his dream was always a 1967 GT500. In March 1967 he visited Carroll Shelby and drove a Shelby G.T.350 to its limit (blowing at least one tire) at Riverside. 
Carroll missed the chance to give him a Shelby for Le Mans that year, but had one shipped to Claude Dubois (5R539). 
If you wonder about the picture inscription, yes I am just testing a new blog style at www.mustanginside.wordpress.com  Check it out.
Ever wondered how they were built?
The 1969 Shelbys assembly process.

We've come across a series of interesting pictures from the Rohm and Haas and A.O.Smith fiberglass production of the 1969 Shelby hood and parts fitment. Thrilling pics.

I was corrected, these pics were published already 4 years ago by a lady, who attended a Mustang meeting where a former A.O.Smith employee showed them in a slide show. Check for the link in the search field of  www.saacforum.com 
Ford Gyron scale model catches 40.000 Euro at an auction.
The original Gyron was a milestone in Fords history. Designed by Alex Tremulis, McKinley Thompson, Syd Mead, Bill Dayton, John Najjar, and Elwood Engel it debuted in 1961 at the New York International Auto Show and featured two wheels mounted along the car's centerline, using a gyroscope for stability.
But there were other breaking news around this car. It was one of the first predicting usage of cell phones and navigation systems in cars.

One of Fords better ideas...in 1961. Unfortunately the 1:1 size concept car burnt down in the Rotunda fire 1962. Yet 2 scale models survived, one disappeared in the ownership of the Tremulis family, but the other came up this year from Ford Designer Joe Oros treasures. 

And now consider...what the Mustang I scale model that is still around, will catch at an auction. We hope to see it again at the 50th latest and we know where it is.

1961 Ford Gyron concept car original scale model (1 of 2) catches 40.000 Dollar at yesterdays auction.
(19.Dec. 2012)
The X-Code 1968 Mustang B-Sprint Hardtop...

is already a rare breed of 390/2V equipped Mustangs. In 1968 they built exactly 57 Hardtops with that B-Sprint option  acc. to the Marti report. 

Fred McHugh's 8F01X1945__ is a true unique car. It is the only one out of those with a maroon exterior color and a red interior. 

Read more about his unique Mustang

We would like to hear of other rare X-codes out there. They always appear to be something special. Over the decades I have been in touch or notified of approx. 5 X-codes. The X-code registry run by Marc Schultz had at least 45 to 50 registered when I last heard of it.
Christian from the pays basque owns this outstanding 1967 Shelby GT500, which we will feature in our next club mag.
He bought it from the Netherlands

Stay tuned for more in the near future.
The 1967 "SHE" and "HE" Country Mustang
I had been notified of it by my friends Craig and Denise MacGregor already in June, but missed due to my health issues to put it up earlier. The car has found already publication meanwhile, yet we have to follow up a lot from 2012 and there is always time to review a few rarities.
"I wanted to let you know first about a Mustang Denise has purchased.Kevin Marti wrote us after we lodged a report through him.  It seems Denise has accidently bought a 67 convertible manual, A/C, P/S "SHE" Country Special  from Goodro Ford in Denver.  Apparenty the High Country Special and Ski Country Special created by Ford were a inspiring series for these. When Bill Goodro passed in 1965, Ann - his wife - took over and created the SHE Country Special.  Itís a pretty red special order colour apparently.  Amazing, and now we have all these Shelby bits we cant use!! on this project. Currently I donít even know what one looks like."
Well by now they both know how one looks like thanks to the Goodro Family and mustangattitude.com plus Kevin Martis efforts. He published an article in the Mustang Magazine in 2010 already. Out of 28 Hardtops and 9 convertibles, 3 have been found so far. So Denise SHE Country Special is most probably 1 of 3 convertibles in lime light green metallic and the only one of those with parchment interior.
We feature this rare Special on a separate side. 

Read more soon (daily updates there with new pics)

A 1969 Mach 1 followed by a Baldwin Motion Camaro in the 2012 Teheran- Dizin Rally
Our reporter Ramin sent us this and more nice shots of the recent Tehran-Dizin rally. The classic car scene in Teheran is very active and the cars always catch attention around there and on their way out. Muscle car enthusiasts are everywhere on this world.

Read more

Photo credit Omid Azarzamani
First Mustang Club of Germany 1964-1973 e.V. wins the FORD FANAWARD 2012 in the club section!

In a series of second and third places over the past years the FMCoG finally made it to the top with the fresh design by our clubmate Felix Henrichs. The Gold version is now ours.

Taking care of the Classic Mustangs in Europe with about 440 members the club has remarkable grown over the past decades, but also kept its family and friendships atmosphere.

Visit our website at www.mustangclub.de 

Rare sighting
A 1972 T-5 export Mustang Q-Code Mach1 in racing trim
Not often do we see today outstanding cars like this one. But Peter from Munich presented us this car in our latest club mag. Originally and officially exported to Germany, it featured the T-5 package on the invoice and has amongst other proofs a 220km/h speedo. Though originally in gold livery, the car has something with its orange color and the door numbers. It has a special DSO 91-6471 as well. Whoever knows more about the history of this car, pls. contact us. Only 162 T-5 Fastback Mach1s were built acc. to the Marti report of this car.
Camillo Pardo (ex Ford GT designer), Laurent Nivalle and David Hilton display their artwork in Cologne
Galerie am Bruesseler Platz 14, from Oct. 27th- Nov. 27, 2012


Car and Driver shows its already earlier online published vision of the 2015 Mustang 
in its Nov. 2012 print issue

Page through the latest issue
Oct. 13th, 2012
Mid November 2013 Ford and HM will announce a new Mustang special Rally style.
Paying tribute to the raceteams of Holmann-Moody/USA and Alan Mann Racing/Surrey/UK the new look features the rally history of the Mustang..
Ford has a lot of success with rallys again today like the WRC and they have become more and more popular with Ken Blocks efforts in the Ghymkhana drivestyle.

Andrew Cowan and Peter Procter won the Tour de France 1964 in their class with the Alan Mann prepared DPK7B licensed Mustang. Second was the DPK6B with Peter Harper and Pollard. Bo Ljungfeldt did not finish nor did Henry Greder in the Ford of France Mustang.

More from the press conference and the official press release here on www.ponysite.de/hm50thTDF.htm
1964 saw the first big rallye racing victories of the Mustang and one or several 2014 special model(s) is/are the logic output. 
The Holmann Moody conversion will feature a number of iconic elements like stripe kits and the red color of the Alan Mann Mustangs in the Tour de France after their first outings at the Sofia-Liege-Rallye and then TDF. While he did not use gold on the Mustang, the red-gold had become famous for his racing team colors. As an homage to Allan Mann, who died this year, there is certainly some tolerance amongst Ford fans to combine them for a tribute car. The Alan Mann Estate has given its permission to use his name.

Other features will be rally style accessories. More in the new feature. Watch out for Fords announcement and the picture courtesy Holman-Moody. Read more on www.hm50th.com site.

Read more in our Alan Mann section about his success with the Mustang and GT40 
Also an interview with Lee Holman which I did 4 years ago. We hope to have another exclusive insight soon on the making of the new Rally Mustang.
Oct. 10th, 2012

The Equus Bass 770 is ready for the road.
The car was recently spied on the road and a first video is online on youtube.
Expect a luxury car with italian premium internal design and material, an aluminium chassis and top notch techical features. 

This car will be  made in a limited series and be sold for about 215.000 to 220.000 Dollar. Stay tuned for more and exclusive pics here.

First spy shot of the early prototype - exclusive here on ponysite.de

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