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May 30th, 2013
Bass 770 Commercial 
Movie team spied at the scene

A Detroit blogger called Mr. San 44 man caught the movie team. Using CINEMOTION head cranes and movie equipment the team did professional work. 
Though the blogger speaks about Transformer 4, these scenes are part of a commercial done just now in Detroit for the unveiling of of this new american muscle car. 
A 34 minutes long video report is now on youtube. It is worth to look the full report, cool music, a cool reporter and a good insight. 
Thanks to Mr San 44 man and his Detroit Road show. Enjoy!

May 29th, 2013
Costa Rica is just now in everybodys mind, but you may be surprised that there is an avid Mustang Enthusiast group active there. 
Our reporter on site is Marcel Rohde reporting to Iso from Switzerland and thus our Mustang Maniacs network.
Remember when your car gets lost, just contact us and we may help you to find it again - worldwide. Of course the pictured Mustangs here are clean and have only petrolheads history -  one by one. 
We will set up a Costa Rica site in our "Mustangs around the world" section, which wasn't updated for a longer period.

Mustangs in Costa Rica are obviously of the better show car quality. This is just a small selection of the cars that appeared at a recent club meeting.
May 25th, 2013
Wallace Wyss is working on a new book with barn finds over 100.000 dollar value. 
We are just doing an interview with him, yet have a few more questions pending for a review. Here are just a few first remarks of him.

Editor: Isn’t Jerry Heasley already working in this area with two books already published in his RARE FINDS series?

WYSS: Yes he is and I think he has homed in on an exciting concept—finding pictures of the cars when they are rusted and forlorn and telling how they were found.

Ed: So what makes your book really different?

WYSS: I am drawing a line or making a threshold, as it were, of $100,000 value today so in order for any car to be featured in my book it would have to be worth that. Of course there are some in my book  worth , say $40 million , so it averages out that I am writing about $100 million worth of cars in 50 chapters.

Ed: Why did you draw that line?

WYSS: I knew a guy in the Mustang business (co--founded California Mustang Accessories) who once said “Why look down on the ground for dimes when there’s dollars in the trees?” so he meant why think small, so I am encouraging car fans to search not only for the Mustang notchback down the street but some real treasure, a neglected car that could be worth from $100,000 up when restored. 

Available from Sept. 1st, 2013 at Motorbooks.com or from amazon.com

May 25th, 2013
Our friend
Trevor Legate did it again - another Cobra Book with co-author Kay Hafner with the title "The story of an Icon" featuring the history, some Goodwood revial coverage, but also 40 pages of an AC and Shelby Cobra meeting from 2012,  where almost 40 genuine AC and Shelby Cobras gathered in a barn on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary (we reported on that earlier further down this page).

The book is now available from Collectorscarworld.com. Just 289 copies ! are made, so don't wait too long.

May 20th, 2013
Rare Find - One of two 
1971 460cui Mach1

This car was indeed believed to be a Shelby Europa for more than 2 decades. Upon further research with the owners and Kevin Marti on those cars, we noted there was something wrong with it. Note the front fender emblem on the hockey stripe that caused the historic error aside from narrations over the years. 
Yet the owner was not aware that his car was listed as a Shelby Europa and it turned out to be an even more interesting car after we finally succeeded to contact the current owner Anders A. in Sweden.

The full story will be in our club magazine first and added here later. 

Stay tuned.

This car was ordered by an australian Ford engineer, who was working in Detroit back then in 1971. He and a mate had Ford deliver two 71 Mach1 to the Stark Hickey Ford dealer, who installed 460cui engines. One was then imported to Australia, the other guy was shocked by the high import taxes and decided to step back. This second car made it then to Sweden to another Ford employee. It ended up in Anders hands. 
May 20th, 2013
Finally we found the trace of the
Shelby G.T.250 again last year and could trace it down. Unfortunately we have to report it as being lost. Philippe Bervoet, the partner of Claude Dubois sold it after his ownership to Olcar Sales in Le Hulpe. M. Olcar sold it to one of his longtime norwegian customers. In the mid 80ies, the G.T.250 was parted out and scrapped, as he told us. At some time during Bervoets ownership the GT40 289 engine must have been taken out as both M. Olcar and the norwegian owner told us, it had a 302 installed.  We have updated our related webpage.
May 20th, 2013
Guenter Ohler
was the Mustang man back then and he is still today around with vintage Mustang racers. Aside from being an excellent mechanic, he also drove his own Shelby from 1968-1971. Here we see him probably at the Hockenheimring. I stumbled over this picture at our last weekends meeting. Guenter was there. 

Here is a link to his race results.

We'd like to know the VIN of this Shelby.
May 19th, 2013
A new record in our event history.

At this years First Mustang Club of Germany 1964-1973 e.V. 32nd International Meeting we had more than 420 Mustangs on 18th/19th. of May.

We welcomed Mustanger from the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, the United States and many more nations. 
A Ford of Europe film team was there to do interviews and do a movie on this event.
The Technik Museum Sinsheim offers indeed with their spectacular airplane environment a very nice scenario for our Mustangs - old and newer ones.

Ever seen a real 1971 Shelby de Mexico GT-351?
If not, check out ebay now for an opportunity to buy one or download the photos.

AFO1MR27185 is on sale with the item no. 221227922871. Check it out

May 8th.2013
When Alan Faulkner-Stevens restores a Shelby, it might double its sales value, because it is done perfectly at a top concours level.

This is the case with
6S1393 that saw a number of paint jobs during various resto attempts in its life changing from the original black/gold to red/gold and then white/blue, red/gold again and now back into its original black/gold livery. 

We plaid a bit with the number. Considering the car being sold at 3754 Dollar in 1966 and a rental fee of 17 Dollar a day and 17cents for the mile, the car could catch today at its current value1040 dollar a day and 1040 cents the mile. Not bad. Calculating what it would earn for Hertz with 9 month operation (it was actually used 11 month) and a 10.000 miles borderline (it had 10.023miles, when being returned), the car would earn almost 380.000 Dollar at that rate today...well, if someone would pay that rental price. Now what is the current value?

To relate those number on the left .... by inflation a Shelby Hertz ex-factory would cost today 26900 Dollar and the rental fee per day. Would be 120 Dollar with 1,20 a mile. 
Dean Jeffries passed away on May 5th.
Dean was a big name in the Pinstriping scene, but also in the custom car era. Working with George Barris he created numerous outstanding cars by himself, such as the Ford Cougar concept for the Thunderbird in 1962. 
He got better known in Ford/Shelby circles by painting the first Cobra CSX2000 numerous times to simulate an already started production for the public ordered by Carroll Shelby. Also for owning one of the few GT40 roadster GT #109. 

We offered author Wallace Wyss the opportunity to recall his memories about Dean Jeffries here 
April 20th, 2013
Larry Ballard owns a rare and valuable Shelby.
5S271 is aleady a piece of racing history. John Mangold turned it into a B/P racer in the late 60ies and since then it was raced for all of its lifetime. Larry is a co-founder of the Autobahn Country Club near Chicago. 
Now you see the connection to us in Germany. We will feature his outstanding car in our next club mag. Actually it is one of only about 35 early 1965 Shelbys that were raced early on by independent drivers. 
Thanks to John this car has certainly already reached a value of above 200.000 dollar.
But this is not what counts for John. "They were made to be driven and I plan to drive it for a long time". It is a lot of fun. Well said. 

Since Ed Ludtke owned it for a period, we will feature his memories as well on the car. We brought Larry and Ed together and it turned out that Ed still has the Mangold trophies...maybe to share with Larry. Sounds like a good deal made.
April 20th, 2013
The COBRA 50th Anniversary
was last year, yes we know, but little had been published about an extraordinary german event that took place near my hometown.

29 real Shelby Cobras gathered in a nice exclusive private barn and celebrated their own Cobra fest.
I missed it frankly...but heard from it once and then, until one owner recently contacted me. 

In that email conversation I  learned that Trevor Legate is publishing soon in mid 2013 a new Cobra book including 40 pages about this specific events and the rare Cobras that were on display there. 
Sometimes it is just coincidence that you get to hear something that is in the pipeline. Now you know...
April 17th, 2013   
April 19th, 2013
There is plenty of artwork out there about Mustangs, but this one catched my eyes. 

Roger Lusty does water color artwork of your individual Ponycar in 13 x 21" for 400$. He just needs about 10 weeks, but it will be outstanding like this one.

Visit his website at www.rogers-auto-art.ca 

April 17th, 2013
Not many exciting news on this day, as many enthusiasts expected.
Just the 49th Anniversary of the Mustang release date in the US.
The 1 millionth Mustang built at Flat Rock, 8,5 millions built so far, numbers that can be told with pride from Ford and should be enough for the moment, no doubt.

The more interesting things for Mustang historians happen in the background right now.
We will tell you in the next days.

Expect some 50th marketing actions with clubs from Ford, but we are going to tell you more tidbids about famous Mustangs of the past instead ..like the Group1 Shelby notchbacks.

April 3rd, 2013
A few new facts for Mustang historians

Every Mustanger knows the April 15th to 17th is a special period in its history.
The debut of the car in New York at a presss conference the 15th and the launch on 17th.

But it was already launched on the April 12th. In Switzerland and in Bern to be exact. 
John Hirsch - Fords Switzerland general manager - and the US ambassador displayed it in the Kursaal in Bern and let hundreds of balloons loose which had covered the car before the announcement. So think again next time...the Mustang was launched in Europe already on April 12th, 1964.  
We learned as well meanwhile that on April 12th, the Mustang was also shown in Jyväskylä from 12.00 to 9.00 pm. So who was first?

Note the Pony emblem embroidered on the curtain behind. A strange Pony emblem that looks like a mix between the 1962/1963 Mustang I promo logo and the final one. 

Photo courtesy Zwischengas/Bern AR 12.04.1964
March 26th, 2013
Ford invited a selection of european Mustang club representatives to the 50years Mustang Anniversary launch party in New York.
Ford plans ahead in their GO FURTHER marketing plan to involve a few of the european Mustang clubs already starting with the New York Auto Show 2013, which just opened today. 
Steven McCarley (MCA) (and Fords vice president Jim Farley) welcomed Carl Attali (MCdF), Ralf Wurm (FMCoG), Salvatore Mirabella (MCoI), Mark Hayden (MCoGB) to discuss and mindmap around common european events for the 50th Anniversary in 2014. 
The new dialogue started with the launch of the new 50th merchandise website (of course) to the club officials, but also to strengthen relationships. They all will have access to the Mustang collection tonight and enjoy a visit to the NYAS. The 1200HP Shelby was on site and many more.
Visit the new Ford 50th Mustang Anniversary show here at www.shopmustangfifty.com and see  this video from Ford online

Unfortunately Parnelli Jones did not appear as initially announced ..and no explanation was given, why he could not join.
More cooperations between the clubs and Ford were discussed towards 2014 and european club events for the 50th Anniversary. The interest was bilateral to improved in communications and support, guess why.
The NY show itself disappointed a bit european visitors concerning its size. The Ford and MCA representatives learned that europ. car fairs are much bigger and draw many more car nuts. 
March 25th, 2013
Some may cringe at this, but well...yes... Americans and French have something in common.

The famous tricolor colors blue, white, red in their flags. Now look at the Mustangs emblem and find the same colors red, white and blue again....:)

The book is available through major bookshops since this month. 
But it took Enguerrand Lecesne (try your spell-checker on that one) to come up with a thoroughly researched new Mustang book. Some may wish to learn the french language now to understand what went on in France. 
The french racing  history is plastered with Mustangs of all sort and you will be surprised how many actually were raced there. Followers of the autodiva.fr site have gained quite some insight into Mustang history already through our friend J.F.H. aka Mustang 66, but if you consider to make your racing Mustang book collection complete, don't wait too long to get it.
March 26th, 2013
Would you picture that an owner of a Shelby GT350H  writes horror stories.
Well, typically horror stories begin with calm scenarios like this picture shows, a suburb of a city, where everything seems to be in order, kids are playing, husbands polishing their cars and ladies ordering the next car parts for X-mas..... o.k. something is already wrong here, sorrry, but what?
Richard Elsliger is not in his car in this picture, because he just left it sit outside to get inspired for his next horror story.

One of his latest books is ROAD CLOSED. A true horror story around Muscle cars and all the stuff that you expect in a horror story.
Though I link instantly rather crime stories to Mustangs (like Bullitt, Diamonds are forever, you name it) - horror stories may have their avid fans out there. 

Just browse the web for Richards bloody stuff mixed with Mustangs and the other ones pictures here in his book cover. 
And good luck to Richard in selling his books. Give us a theme for another Mustang crime story and we follow it. 
March 22nd, 2013 - updated March 28th
Have a closer look at the New York Autoshow with  no big news !

The Mustang Collection (cloths, merchandise stuff) was on display for the european clubs, but no cars except for the Shelby 1200HP version.
And yes, we were wrong on some new Racing Heritage Special Editions created by the known names in the peripherals of Ford. But we don't give up hope for these to be followed up.

- A 2014 Saleen PJ Edition makes pretty much sense
-2014 The Tour de France H&M was shown already and will be brought to Goodwood
- 2014 Roush SE - a Roush 2013 Shelby has been seen on the Autobahn, driven by a UK journalist. The Roush UK company supports the european Ford engine test team typically
- Maybe a 2014 Le Mans edition comes out of that
or maybe a 2014 Monza SE is realistic. Stay tuned.

Just guesses based on recent informations and rumours we got, but the days for the coming out are counted for new racebred Mustangs...

An Ecoboost new Mustang 2015 driving simulator makes pretty much sense, as the current Mustang owners need to be convinced anyway and the best argument is to let them drive the ST and new Fiesta R5 variety plus the Focus ST and then a Mustang chassis with an Ecoboost. There is little you miss after that.
The series of  50th Anniversary car show eyecatchers
Another Mustang 
T-5 at the 50th Anniversary
We know we are early, but again the first ones! We told you already the story of Ray McCaffeys 1965 T-5 K-code that will appear at the 50th Anniversary. Update: Yet it did not, since Ray unfortunately died before.
Now here is another earlybird show car:
John Kamph owns this very nice and outstanding example of the german export version of a 1970 Mustang. Having been an Ford engineer for 35 years and having been at Ford Cologne for some time, he likes to drive today this american muscle car with a a german touch. Not many can say, there car has seen the lights on the Autobahn. 44 years later it is still around and in the US.

"I always like to restore a car that is a little different than most. I am planning on driving my T 5 to Dearborn Michigan in April 2014 for the 50th anniversary of the Mustang."

One of the planned logo artworks for the 50th. 
Make sure you become a sponsor now.
The Ponydrive plans ahead for the 50th. Anniversary, but don't forget the 2013 action.
Jacksonville/FL will be the starting point on 1st of April 2014, while Orlando maybe an alternative due to available Mustang rental cars. 
If you plan ahead to enhance your 50th. Anniversary travel with a group roadmovie adventure, then this is the time to let David S. Turnbull know about your plans. He has made already a number of arrangements.
The schedule will be announced soon.
If you can't  wait you can still join his 2013 adventure from July 4th to July 19th. from Boston north into Canada.

It is amazing that David spent all his and his familys time in those adventures. He deserves certainly soon a lifetime achievement award. 
Ford should plan ahead as well or the MCA get him into the Hall of Fame.

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