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March 2014
These days we read a lot of 50 Years Mustang stories and they all still repeat the old wrong narrations about the birth of the Mustang itself, the Mustang name and the emblem. It is unbelievable that the story still gets watered after 50 years.

Ford has a clear statement on that. It doesn't really matter what the truth is. They like that the car is still a topic of those discussions, so they are not interested to solve it ever seriously.
I thought about what would have really happened, if they had let the designers around Phil Clark do whatever they wanted.
Phil had a Mustang Coupe already drawn way before the Mustang I became reality in a clay model, a show car and the T&B running car. This later concept car was a logical derivation of his original 2 seater race car, the first car that ever got a handmade Mustang Pony emblem in May 1962.

We all know that you can spin around many "What, if..." in history, but this car really became reality in the form of a concept car and we probably will see it soon again, as somebody with the power saw the potential in it. Well, what if Marylin Monroe had not died in August 62 and Phil would have had the power he was denied. You see it above. The Unbelievable!
Yet it was done and it will be realized one day in the near future. Trust us.
Picture: Concept Car GT46 - Mark S. Gustavson/The Lynx Project, Photoshop: W.Kohrn
March 10h, 2014
1964-2014 50 years of Mustang racing

We will entertain you with some 50 years stories until the 17th. April, though we missed the 50 days countdown in fact.
Yet the 9th of March the first serial Mustangs and a few pre-series Mustangs came down the assembly line to be shipped worldwide.
Some of them went to the Alan Mann Racing team, likewise to 4 US based rallye teams and a few customisers.
The Alan Mann Mustangs served Ford to get it homologated for Racing in July 1964 after a first attempt failed due to bad preparation by Ford itself. Still there were earlier Mustangs racing. Stay tuned for more on them from another author.

However the AMR Mustangs got some special attention by several race car builders in the past few months. Anders Weiter from Sweden was one of at least 4-5 privateers, who took the challenge. One will be shown at the Le Mans Classic race.

This is the 1964 FIA racer that Anders Weiter just finished for a swedish customer. We will see it soon on the race track.
Be prepared for an official TDF early Mustang as well at the 50th Anniversary in the US. 
Update May 2014:
As we learned in a discussion with Lee Holman on site, the project was really hot, yet the first who pay, will rather create a starting point.
March 10th, 2014
50 years Mustanging,
21 years Ponysite.

The Mustang has been and still is a true world car. Getting closer to the date, one gets more and more e-mails, of how many friends have come to meet each other thanks to the Internet and well, yes thanks to Ponysite as well even became close friends. Like I met many new Mustang friends in Europe and anywhere in the world. Still in touch with many of them from New Zealand to Czechoslovakia, north to Norway, Canada and south to Venezuela, Peru or Mexico, even to South Africa I can count on contributors reporting and sometimes about just about the weather conditions or family incidents. It is nice to be a part of this worldwide network

We even have a world bowl in our neighbourhood, so I took the time today to drive up there and take a picture.

Glad to have my 1968 T-5 still running. Considering that this paint is 30 years old, it still looks good in the sun. Forgive the frenched automatic antenna, those were the days and meanwhile I like it even more as a custom touch just like the rims and mirrors.
February 20th, 2014
A Boss 302 still rules. Even in 4K.

This one was a real eyecatcher at the latest ISE show in Amsterdam.
It was displayed at the Christies booth, which is one of the leading state-of-the-art screen and projector supplier on the market. A Mirage 4K25 DLP was used for a back-projection on a - what I think - was a 122" screen.
What I immediately thought that this would be an outstanding luxury garage gadget for the true Boss 302 collector. Finetuned with some latest music, it may stimulate some for a "Start your engines, gentlemen".
Watch a short sequence of the UHD or 4K quality video. The bypassing visitors may give you an idea of the sheer size of that screen.

Click here for the video
And sorry that I could not film the whole sequence.
February 7th. 2014
We are very sorry that the Sourcelink publisher cut loose our befriended Mustang Editor Donald Farr 20 hours ago.
Donald has been and still is a mate to almost every Mustang enthusiast around the world and that is a special status. He was constantly looking beyond the borders to enrich the Mustang topic with inspiration and has never gotten tired.
I hope he takes my invitation to write for us more often until he has for sure another job in the Mustang business next week:-).
We are sure, it won't take long until he gets hired by a big carmaker or publisher.
February 6th, 2014
We had been in touch with Andrea Vicich years ago and were fortunate to report on her fathers race success in Peru early on. Andrea took the effort on her finally and created a new webpage dedicated to her fathers race career.
See yet unpublished pics of her fathers photobox.

January 18th, 2014
Many things have been written about the preseries and first days Mustangs of 1964, yet there is still enough to uncover these days. We are going to put our torch on a few yet unpublished cars in typical Ponysite manner.
Thanks to the huge archives of our contributing collectors such as E.Z. we found out about the Walter Buhl Ford Mustang convertible. Walter caused quite some trouble in breaking the embargo on March 11th 1964 driving downtown Detroit to a lunch, where he got caught by the Detroit Free press reporter. The pictures and story made the Competition press, the Times and other mags later that month.

Walter Buhl Ford - nephew of Henry Ford II - just being 20 years old in 1964 loaned his mothers car for a spin and parked it in the public in Detroit downtown on March 11th.
A very early embargo breakage by a young Mustang fan - as we see it today. The Mustang carried a Manufacturers licence plate 12M36.
We are showing you more cars that appeared  in public areas before the official launch dates these oncoming weeks.
We have also heard already about a very exciting very, very, very early car appearing at the 50th in Charlotte in April 2014. Stay tuned for more.
January 6th, 2014
When was the last time you saw a 1969
Cobra Jet convertible for sale?
These cars are for sure the collector cars of the future, but time to buy one elapses pretty soon.
This one - VIN in Marti report - was recently for sale in South France and still is as far as I know.
The current owner recognized that the adventure to find correct parts and especially a date-coded engine will be beyond what he wants to do with it.
Anyway it is running with a BB in it and any cent spent might come back with some patience one day, but it is not a cheap trick anyway.
Sold in 2014 to Scandinavia.
December 29th, 2013.
Ever noticed that the left guy in this picture looks like the young Jay Leno. Well he wasn't there when the Mustang I was introduced by Ford at Watkins Glen in October 1962, but he remembers to be in the queue at a Ford dealer in 1964.

But he and NBC produced a nice new video with the Mustang I, the first Mustang preproduction convertible to receive a VIN and Iacocca.
It will be aired from tomorrow (3oth or 31st latest) here at

Make sure you tune in 30th/31st.Dec. The material was filmed before the 5th. December and the prototype not ready, so NBC decided to add 2015 Mustang material later. All 3 cars will be presented.

Unfortunately Bob Fria repeats the story about the Charles Keresztes 1964 pony modeling in 3D.
Charles worked on the Mustang II (74-78) pony model and Cougar and Pinto. Read the 1974 Ford PR note and see the pics of him working on the other emblem in Ford Archives picture collection.
The credit belongs to Waino Kangas for carving the first production model for a mold and the first one 3-D pony emblem ever put on the Mustang I was Phil Clark ones. Gale Halderman recalled at the Charlotte event that they chromed the wooden pony for the first prototype to be approved.

Same time the Mustang I itself was never called Allegro. Allegro was a different concept car.

Maybe one day they get it correct, but hope is what remains.
December 27th, 2013
Certainly not a ONE OF ONE - but then again how do you think some Big Body Mustangs survived the 80ies and early 90ies?
See this austrian car and you can picture that someone had a hard time in finding the right components in the 80ies to keep his car running or he had a wrecking yard or just a really "brighter" idea?
Looks like he used Late Model, Granada or Omega headlights to brighten the view of himself frontwards or to blend the onlookers, who knows. Thanks to the new owner the 71 was already converted back to the original fascia.
But then again, this would certainly catch the crowd at the next car show with the BIG QUESTION written in white.
December 27th, 2013/span>
The Bass 770 will appear at the Detroit Autoshow starting January 13th.
The american built Bass 770 will see its first car show. Ready to rumble since a while, interested parties have the chance to check out the outstanding quality, material choice and design - a blend of the best available components in the muscle car market of the past and today.
See the new official TV commercial
No I don't get paid for that, but I like it:-)
Dec. 27th, 2013
One of at least 3
TDF tributes coming soon
Yes, sounds strange, but we follow at least 3 projects where racers or race enthusiast or....(withhold for now) took on the race to create a Tour De France Mustang replica on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the TDF.
We had already reported about the 2014 HM TDF SE, but let's have a look at one that will for sure be ready to race - in line with the FIA regulations suffix K and for sure a winner on the track.

Anders Weiter from weitersracing.se is busy on this one. The engine goes in in February and soon the first testing will take place. We press our thumbs for this one.
Dec. 27th, 2013
One of Four

There is something special in those words and I am always surprised  about the open-hood mentality of most Mustang Enthusiasts we run across in our research. Thanks to him we get some exclusive insights into the car, which we will publish in our next club mag.
John Atzbach owns this rare 1966 Shelby Convertible. We all know, only 4 were built despite the long narrated story of 6, which never found some evidence beyond...narration.
Ponysite readers know this for a long time since Howard Pardee from SAAC clarified the issue for us about 13 years ago.
Here are already a few more teasers on the 6S2375 webpage, we run since then.
December,23rd 2013
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

This is David Redheads Bullitt Pair shot from the UK and it may inspire a new chase for fun with lots of Action in 2014.
I guess we classic Mustang Enthusiasts will tighten our relations at the oncoming 50th Anniversary events and lets welcome the Mustang VI in our family ...likewise their owners.
They all have their reasons to stick with the brand or change from others. Mostly family memories or emotions from the past.
Moreover the Mustang is back to the affordable sportscar theme with the lighter weight and efficient powertrains. Still there is ample room to modify it to your style ... just as in the 60ies. We will certainly see the aftermarket launch parts before you can't even testdrive a Gen VI Mustang, but that will be good for the personal Mustang you can build as soon as it is out.

The Mustang is not a follower, its a hunter. So instead of following Tweets, Alerts, SMS or PNs, go out and drive it and focus your target.
Action is what McQueens lifestyle was and so be it with all sorts of Mustangs.

December 10th, 2013
The 50th mechandise stuff has a first highlight
The 1962 Mustang I in 1:24 or 1:43 size.
Automodello sells it starting from 119,95 Dollar upwards including Dan Gurney signed versions for up to 350 Dollar.
The 1:24 for 299 Dollar is certainly more spectacular, the pics online of the prototype look promising, yet it will hopefully get the same attention to detail in the finishing as the 1:43 obviously already has.
Well done for any serious collector of the future.
Check them out here
50th Mustang 1962 scale model
Some of you might remember the original 1962 model car of which only 2 were produced in metal, 1 in clay.
This is one of the 2 known.
December 9th, 2013
Now that the dust has settled, let's go back to the roots.
After 45 years the 1968 radio console knobs were reproduced.
I had some originals around thanks to  Perogie a decade ago (free of charge samples!) to compare and also asked Plastique Bertrand, a local car parts specialist, who repairs and manufactures obsolete plastic parts and he thinks they are very well done, especially the plating.
Of course missing the original Ford part no  and some obvious differences in the inner housing ring, but they really stand out, when mounted.
Check them out, if you have not noticed that they are available since a month or two for about 28 bucks.
Thanks to my friend Gary for sending me the set.
December 6th, 2013
No secretarys affordable sportscar..but a fashion thing?

It seems that Ford wanted to give the Mustang another classy touch immediately after the launch of the car on December, 5th. As of yesterday Sienna Miller narrates in a fashio video - that must have been filmed a few days earlier - about her love of american style.
Though in my view a better choice could have been made - sorry - the marketing pull into the fashion world should probably match the Tiffany advertising gig 49 years ago.
Well, if we had just another Audrey Hepburn around......
Fashion Mustang 2015
Watch the video and the making of with Sienna Miller here
December 5th, 2013
The Mustang 2015 launch 12/05=17

Los Angeles

We will collect the pics from the locations.
This is LA - red 5.0 GT picture taken by our reporter on site David Kunz, TV reporter KBC...at the Chinese Theatre.
Dave was there with his 1968 Bullitt.
Thanks Dave

Over 2400 people at the launch in Barcelona
Aside from the dealer network many european Mustang club representatives gathered in Barcelona with the press and brand marketing scouts from Ford. A red Fastback and a silver convertible were on display.
Lots of video material was taken from Ford Europe to be aired soon incl. interviews with the reps, dinner ongoing tonight.
Our reporter on site: Ralf Wurm, FMCOG club president

Donald Farr catched this shot for us -
J. Mays presenting another red Stang on stage!

A silver convertible made its appearance in a live show. "Well done" down under unveiling driving in from the back under a silk red cover .. our Mustang enthusiasts say there.
Congrats on the best show so far.
See the vid yourself

Shanghai - Red Ecoboost

Pics Sidney, Shanghai and NY - Ford Media

New York - Allan Mulally himself

Looking forward to the Ford Test days next year.
If Ford can really maintain the curiosity for that long lasting period?
Will this be the longest lasting serial production car launch ever?
December 3rd, 2013
With the global launch of the Mustang 2015 we see a new way of media campaign - the Social Launch of cars.
For people like me working  in this communication business it is very interesting to see how the machinery works behind that Social Launch.
Ponysite had been early contacted about the 50th Countdown campaign by the editorial Mustang story telling Team Detroit,  by the "hired" multiplicators and other insiders. Yet I've tried to stick my head a bit out while still enjoying the newsbits and the campaigns unfolding... of course helping with the relevant hubs in the european network. Some of these from Mustang clubs all over Europe will enjoy a noteworthy event now in Barcelona.

Yet I felt that some of the discussions about the "incident" and "inspiring" style of the new Mustang campaign were not totally conform with our Ponysite philosophy.
I think that the Mustang topic is rather characterized by EMOTIONS rather than INSPIRATION. For most this might make little difference, because they are interested in the output - appearance and performance.
Yet all the contacts I have made over 20 years with Mustangers - the majority had strong emotions when thinking of their Mustangs. The bondage of their Mustang with their family heritage and which vital role a car can in memories and feelings is the biggest factor in a Mustang lifestyle....at least so far.

A red one will be shown on the east coast ...with the Ecoboost engine!

It is possible that Ford wants to change that character to INSPIRATION and LIFESTYLE, yet it makes it exchangeable and short-termed in my view. Which I did express in those discussions.

I hope that still EMOTIONS will continue to bond the new car to families in their daily life despite the short moment of INSPIRATION only. I hope that the 5th. December by now is not just a gigantic flashmob event followed by others. Sit back and enjoy, but reflect how you get used by a social launch.

And yes, we got a better final Ecoboost 2015 pic on the 3rd December.
How about this maroon version?

Maroon is not on their color list, but we would like to see it soon.
RIP Paul Walker
The famous Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker died in a fatal single car crash on the copilots seat in the past few days. Many - not only younger - Mustangers knew the smart guy. RIP, Paul.

The 6 Mustangs used in Tokyo drift are not so much known - just the one with the Skyline engine. However there was a wider engine variety. One with a special Hawai engine is up there in Norway and we are fortunate to be able to feature it in our next club mag. The other one is currently in the US and we met him at Charlotte. Feature coming soon. Both really cool cars.
November 24th
A new movie star is born.

This 1967 Mustang Fastback will starr in a german movie production called "Not my Day" with Moritz Bleibtreu and Axel Stein.

Check the trailer out and we will show it to you in detail this Friday.

November 18th, 2013
We heard about the rumours for a while and got confirmation last Saturday, when the invitations came in for a travel to Barcelona on December 5th, where the Go Further event takes place for information of the dealer network.
For sure this is the place to continue the launch campaign for the new affordable sports car Mustang. After more than 30 years Europe will have again an official import of the Mustang starting in 2014.
Little known is the fact that in those 30 years we got only grey imported Mustangs, but that is a fact. Most people are tuned to muscular Mustangs, but in fact the original export Mustang was mostly sold as the affordable sports car that it was with few options, yet sporty enough to hold up to the competition...on the straight roads.
Today one can be sure that even with the 4cyl Ecoboost and over 300HP, the car will quickly gain its place in the european sporty car market.

If priced properly with the US/Euro advantage, the car may even be a hit. Though 2000 are enough to make profit for Ford Europe, the target is certainly set much higher at 10.000 minimum per year.
Current Ford Mustangs club are certainly valuable to get the word out in social media, but I think the target group is quite different from the previous muscular area.

The new Mustang will take away from the Z1, Nissan and VW area, though Scirocco and other sports cars are considered a flop from profit viewpoints. With the Ecoboost Ford has a big card in this game to make the new Mustang a true success.
Kaethe Lowe is our most famous club member with her one-and-original owner 1965 T-5, that won several dozens of awards over the years for the best original condition and still driven today by her.
See this outstanding and moving report on her and her dog taking it out for a spin.
She certainly deserves to be mentioned as one of the best known T-5 owners and FMCoG member.
See the video here.
Nov. 6th, 2013
Gary Hanson
has a new T(5)oy in town
Gary is well known to many Mustangers as the T-5 registry founder. He must be around forever, since his registry was already well grown, when I bought my T-5 in 1992. In fact he is into T-5s since 1977 still kicking tires.
Most T-5 owners knew his red Fastback, but since about 3 years he had another T-5 Fastback as a restoration project, which looked for most drivers like a resto nightmare, yet with a solid base indeed. The car unfolded its beauty after the first cleaning and disassembly.
The 1966 GT Fastback today looks like a real beauty and Gary sent me a series of pictures right away. Good to see it shiny now after the updates in previous years.
Congratulations, Gary and hope to see you at the 50th.

Sad news must be however added for T-5 registry members.
Our friend and military T-5 version expert Ray P. McCaffrey died in Sept. 2013 unfortunately as we just heard. It was his dream to restore his original one owner T-5 hardtop K-code for the 50th Anniversary in 2014, which he drove back then in Germany and at local drag strips. We are with his wife Kathrin and his family and hope they can realize his dream one day sooner or later.
Ray has provided lots of materials to the T-5 registry about the details of the military PX order system and Mustang pricing as well as many of his race car pics and prints of his vintage sticker collection plus shared numerous stories around T-5s.

We will preserve those memories and documents for the oncoming Mustang generations just like  he intended. R.I.P. Ray.
November 2nd, 2013
For years I have thought about doing a St. Martins lantern and prepared myself with the buying process of black carton, coloured transparent paper and the correct tools.
If you have understood what the Pony emblem means for my family history, you would not wonder about this strange thing, but anyway...it was a must have for me.
Think about it for your kids and they will never forget what car they should buy in the future. Now time to align your kids with your dreams.

For sure you can do it much smarter, but this is the essence of all I wanted. Impatience ruins the quick job, but it can be done in 1/2 an hour, if you are in the right mood.
BTW if you are in need for a guideline, send me 5 bucks or a Mustang part and I send you my post-it scribble instruction manual with all related dimensions. My own Pony template that my brother did in 1971 with tin worked fine in cutting this one out, but for sure you may have your own technics.

I can't wait for St. Martins day and sundawn to rock the local parade with this stunning lantern and make the kids envious..

This is the Deluxe version as the back side shows a blue Pony emblem along with the T-5 indication as the pony far light indicator in my 68 T-5 fastback is blue.

October 27th, 2013
It always amazes me what is still available today and even after 20 years of the Internet being ON.

Thanks to the FORD ARCHIVES I got a series of pictures which give even more proof that Henry Ford indeed rode in a red convertible at the LE MANS 1966 race together with his wife and his son Edsel.

Fiat Boss Agnelli entered the car for a photoshooting as well, while it was in the pits. Driver Henri Chemin, the famous Ford France PR man drives the red convertible around the track for a tour d'honneur. The series shows that - the top was closed shortly before they went for the track. Our friends from the Autodiva.fr forum had come up with the first evidence of a red Mustang convertible at Le Mans and they or Guilleaume also found out that this is indeed the original "Une Homme et une Femme" red movie Mustang convertible.

It all comes together one day with help from the Ford Archives, the Autodiva.fr engaged Mustang enthusiasts and historians and inside knowledge of long time Mustang club guys like Guilleaume Vesnat and JHF (Mustang 66)
October, 27th, 2013
Ford Europe
is teaming up with the european Mustang clubs since the last Detroit Auto Show and has done a few projects with us - the FMCOG.
The result of one video effort at our last 32. International Mustang Meeting at the Technik Museum Sinsheim is now aired on the Ford Media website and Ford Europe youtube channels.
Check it out and btw - the airplanes and  Mustangs are all real in tiny Europe.
 More than 161.000 Mustangs were exported according to Kevin Marti since 1964.
October 17th, 2013
We featured links to external websites very seldom in the past 20 years, but one name seems to have been around forever when you talk about detailing or research. Known as the Coralsnake Pete Disher's name comes often to mind when you talk about 1968 Shelbys beyond the basics and finding resources to get a NOS or exact replacement for any part.
Pete has been researching the hidden secrets for the past decades and it is time to mention him not only for his recent story about the Conelec EFI systems on 68 and other Shelbys. The pictured Green Hornet is (EXP 500) certainly the best known example that had it once installed, but you may wish to read about the other prototypes. Any further information is appreciated on those Rare Conelec Finds.

See Coralsnake Conelec website.
October 8th, 2013
Recently I stumbled over really outstanding artwork from Monika Godsmark. We all know the many artists and their creations.. you typically see at vintage car events. This time it was different, the quality and gloss draw Mustangers and other bywalkers from a far distance...like me.
What an eyecatcher would this be in your office, living or even bedroom?

For sure you can put up a prof. photo, but these are truely way superior in their appearance and stylish factor..

These are acrylic paints in the size of 90cmx130cm and cost about 3000 dollar each, but they are worth any cent of it. Monika Godsmark does also other Mustang artwork and can turn your favourite car or part photoshot into a real eyecatcher, you never want to inherit.
Visit her website for more affordable pieces done with a very interesting method - http://cars-on-paper.weebly.com/
October 8th, 2013
Doing a parade with Mustangs & Fords only is a big challenge, not only later for the participants...exercising a lot of patience.

Ann Clack has taken this burden on her shoulders in organizing such an event on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary 2014.

"On April 12, 2014,the Saturday before the MCA event in Las Vegas........we are going to try to break a world record with the most Mustangs/Fords in a parade. The event will be held in Woodburn, Oregon and the Woodburn Drag Strip.  We will be parading on 9.5 miles of country road around the drag strip.   
You can read more at www.mustangparade.com. We have been working on this project for a year now. We are a Ford recognized event.
Octobre 4th, 2013

For more information about the Goldfinger movie and Mustang, visit our subpage
Sometimes you just have to remind me what I promised earlier. Actually back in 2011 we ran a story on the Goldfinger Fastback Mustang in our club mag and I promised latest pictures to be online soon.
After 2 years the time has come to publish actual and exclusive pictures of the special car that never made it into the movie ...from Ed Herbst, who still is the current owner.
With the latest find of the Lotus submarine Bond car in a container, the 007 movie related gadget cars get more attention. Ed Herbst got the car for a very low price of about 34000 Dollar in 2011. It is almost guaranteed that the car today would fetch a much bigger amount at an auction.
Here is a teaser on things to come on our Goldfinger Fastback webpage. Also more on the white convertible from reliable sources. Stay tuned.
Genuine Ford people speak out on Ponysite.de:

I know we owe you already the story from Roger Bohl about the 24horas from Mexico, but have not heard again from him.
Allan White, another team member jumped in and provided extensive documentation on the Team efforts. Here he poses with his navigator John Bain (on left) and Miss Laurel Highlander at one of the awards ceremonies.
The Ford Rally Team was a very professional team effort lead by rallyist Edgar M. Crocket in grouping previous successful rally champions for a win-win situation in 1969 and 1970 with 5 meadowlark yellow Mach 1.

Read the story here - exclusive on Ponysite as usual.
New spyshot of the next Mustang?
One can think that Radovan (Ana) Varicek from the Toronto based Motor Forecast Design has taken a photograph of the next  generation.
I just modfied it a bit in color and brigthness for a night vision and I think that's pretty much it, of what we will see April 16th/17th at the Detroit Auto Show 2014.

Thanks Radovan for the input. It will be a true affordable sportscar for a base price around 23.000 Dollar or even less with the 4-cylinder, yet it can be personalized to look elegant and muscle style with the SVT options. Looking forward to seeing it in person.
September 15th. 2013
Even now  50 years later
- Ford Media seems to get things still wrong with their own Pony emblem story.
It took them until 2002 to acknowledge that Phil Clark did the original Pony emblem drawings and attached the first emblem to the Mustang I.
These days the Ford Media site lists Charles Keresztes as having done the wooden carving of the Pony emblem, while insiders know that he did the revision of the pony emblem in 1972 for the Mustang II.
The original pony mahagony carving was done by Waino Kangas as we show here. This is from a Ford publication in 1965!
Ford Media has some time left to correct it until the 50th ...I hope they do it in reading Ponysite.de. Thanks guys for giving proper credit to Waino. He did other wooden carvings in his free time like cats and many others.

Charles Keresztes was working in 1972 on the emblem revision for the Mustang II, not in 1963.

Waino Kangas was the guy who did the first mahagony Pony emblem carving.
September 5th, 2013
The Equus Bass 770 is ready to go on sale
With the launch of a promo video and choices of color and interior this car finally made it to the market.
Priced at about 250.000 Dollar as reported earlier it plays in the league of the Car Toys. We hope to see a number soon on the road at casinos or better yet - in a movie like this one here.
September 3rd. 2013
The Hemmings Muscle Car Machine of the Year 2013?

Make sure you support our friend Richard Klein with his no-stripes former rally-driven Shelby.
Go th this link scroll down the candidates and vote on the left side by marking the circle and submit your voice. There is little choice for Ford/Shelby enthusiasts, so make sure you do the rignt think. Richard deserves it.
September 1st. 2013
Again the master of Shelby restoration in Europe did an excellent job
Alan Faulkner-Stevens from Dragonwheels put his magic hands on this 1967 GT 500.
Dark moss green and parchment interior - or Brits might say racing green with a french champagne blend inside - perfectly dressed out for a drive up at any casino for sure.
It is going to a swiss customer, so watch out in the land of lakes and mountains at the next Shelby meet.
August 26th. 2013
The dutch magazine Autovisie and its editors around Jaco Biljsma (and former chief editor Ton Roks) have a heart for the Ford history. Editor Bart Lenaerts and photographer Lies de Mol put together a decent 8 pages article on the story of Une Homme et une Femme (A Man and a Woman).
This movie from Claude Lelouch featuring 3 Mustangs and a GT40 during the Monte Carlo rallye 1966 became famous for the dense atmosphere and the editors of this August 2013 article catched exactly that atmosphere in their pictures and text.

Visiting the movie spots on the road from Paris to Deauville it is a true piece of art. We are sure this article will soon appear in another magazine in english language. We'll keep you updated.
August 25th. 2013
Goldfinger Artwork in a limited print run

This nice piece of artwork from the Goldfinger race with 5 signatures from Sean Connery, Gert Froebe, Harold Sakuta, Honor Blackman and Shirley Eaton...all actors and actresses in the Goldfinger movie was recently on sale for 2750 Dollar at Monterey. Not sure how many prints were made, but the sticker speaks of at least of another one that could be delivered. A very nice collectable that will go into our Goldfinger memorabilia collection at www.ponysite.de/goldfinger.htm
August 24th. 2013
1968 Shelby GT500 KR barn finds
are very rare these days. This one is a true survivor from the United Kingdom. Our friend Alan Faulkner-Stevens found it with just 37.000 miles on the speedo.
"It turned no wheel for the past 20 years, it was stored in the subfloor garage of the 3rd owner in that period" says Alan and he is by now busy to restore it for a UK customers. It will be certainly as perfect as his previous restorations.
We wish the new owner and Alan a lot of luck in getting this one on the road again soon. Actually it looks already quite decent in that status and maybe could be driven. We'll keep you updated in the future.
August 21st. 2013 - update Sept. 21st. 2013
With the 50th Anniversary approaching....I always wondered what the Mustang I would have become..we know that the designers at Ford did not stop with the 2-seater project and many a concept car followed the original Mustang I project.

And did you know that the white with blue stripe becomes a black/gold theme if you invert the picture. Not that Hertz did not relate the car to its black/yellow logo heritage, but it is quite stunning that by a simple click today..you may understand that there was also another reason behind the black/gold appearance. In those days with color separation films...we may speculate that the original idea of black/gold has just another reason..

We have heard that a Mustang I tribute concept car is in the works ..if not ordered by Ford, but by a real enthusiast. Ford today can certainly not afford such PR gimmicks as in 1962, but it is a good idea...and we will update you on the development of that Mustang I 2014 version.
This design shown here was done by a Waldo from Belgium already a decade ago. We hope to have more on the real one soon.
Update: Waldo had no time unfortunately. But a guy with a sort of link to FORD is really working on a Tribute car.
August, 14th 2013
1000 miles in 30 years!

It takes a lot of character to withstand driving this low mileage early beauty. Jim Turchich admits, it should be driven more, but there is time enough in the future.

The car was shipped to a dealership in November 66, but not sold before January, then again in November 67 from the same dealership, never having left the showroom, due to the first owners military duties, writes Philip James in the MCA article* and Jim confirmed it to us.

Jim bought it in 1984 with just 11.000 miles on the odometer, after it sat for a decade in a basement of the 4th owner. A restoration took place soon after and then he preferred to preserve it from the oddities on the roads.

Thanks, Jim for the excert from the story.

*The readers of the MCA Times magazine August just enjoy the article about it, but we thought this deserves as well some more global attention.
August, 10th, 2013
The AVD OGP at the Nuerburgring used to be an Eldorado for Mustang Enthusiasts for the past decade at least. Not so this year, but we have yet to speculate about the reasons. It seems the management made one more mistake, if not one too much.
Lots of Mega-tents for catering and combined in-tents pits in the drivers pits instead of the old atmosphere of individuality. Gentlemen riders seemed to be the new target drivers and obviously many an individualist lost interest. Instead of typically more than a dozen Mustangs and Shelbys only 6 or 7 were present, 3-4 Cobras plus CSX2300 Daytona Coupe, a De Tomaso and two Galaxies.
Or were there just to many dates on their schedules? We will keep you updated. More pics soon on here.
August 8th, 2013
If you haven't yet been to El Mirage/AZ and the Peoria Ave to spend a few hours in Kevin Martis 70 dealership museum, put this on your list as a must-do on the way to anywhere.

A true outstanding collection!

For those that can't wait, the Cougar Center TV has tubed it for you here. Take the 18 minutes, it is worth it.
August 6th, 2013

Make sure you get the 3 page article of the latest Mustang Times to read John M. Clors article.
The "fairy tale" about the Mustang name and other mystery stories.
With John M. Clors late article in the MCA Mustang Times magazine again more light has been shed on the various mystery stories that had been put once on the train of the Mustang history. We appreciate him laying out the fairy tale of the P51 Mustang airplane link and instead facts about the Phil Clark involvement ..from Holly Clark narrated for years on this site.

Telling one story out of the memory never is a good history record, nor is once produced paperwork as we Mustang buffs (or historians) all learn earlier or later. A piece of Ford paper can be often prooven wrong with memories of people that had something to do with it or repeatedly narrated memories can proove wrong, if paperwork and drawings appear with other dates and eye witnesses finally speak out to set records straight.
One such case is certainly the naming of the Mustang, the making of the emblem and the Mustang I and many more facettes of the Mustang history. We are glad that the Ford Benson project has collected facts and evidence and done hundreds of interviews for decades to get close to the truth. They are backing up the Phil Clark story as well, still many eye witnesses haven't yet spoken, but shared their memories with Holly.

For sure there will be even more evidence brought to the service in the next year up to the 50th and we will put more efforts in pushing the eye witnesses to speak out finally, but it may also take another 5-10 years, until the records can be fully adjusted.
August 4th. 2013/update 5th.
Malte Huth was a famous hillclimb racer back then and we need some help from european Shelby owners

He got recently invited to the Historic Rossfeld race in September 2013 and would like to join with a "rental" Shelby.

We have immediately thought of the well known Shelby race car rental companies and pointed him to those, but of course he would still like to find his old Shelby, that disappeared at a dealership in Germany some time in the early 70ies.

We just heard, the registration has now closed, but two Shelbys were already in.

Update: We are following a few new traces.
August, 2nd, 2013

The Classic Days at Castle Dyck are always great fun for any vintage car owner. It is called the german Goodwood and has achieved comparable attractiveness already, though the visitor numbers went down from 35.000 to 27.000 this year. There are several reasons for that, but at least it was still a successful event for the Castle Dyck renovation program.
Our club had booked a number of parking spots on the outside Micanthus field and next to the "AFF" old Ford friends and FMOCC Ford Motorsport club we gathered a representative mixture of Mustangs there. The car show inside featured about 2500 vintage cars, John Surtees was on site and Jochen Mass and many more known drivers. Historic camping caravans and advertising trucks of the 30-60ies, trucks, rare race cars, Prof. Rosemeyers son, a big Bentley meet and all sorts of Gullwings, Horchs and historic relevant cars were shown. The 1908 built Fiat Mephistoteles, powered by a 21 litre engine weighing 520kg, which broke the landspeed record in 1923 was also shown the first time here, since it went from Goodwood back to Italy. We might put up more information on this outstanding events soon.

July 27th, 2013
For a long time we had been convinced that styled steel wheels were not available on early T-5s due to official letters between Ford and Ray McCaffee stationed back then in Germany. Ford turned him down back then.
Just to learn today that Ford indeed delivered styled steel wheels on early T-5s such as this 1965 T-5 Fastback from December 1964.Steve Welch owns it today, after a friend bought it from the widow of the original owner, a Seargent in the US army.

Proof that Ford was never consistent in those days, at least not in their paperwork or communication upon claims.
July 21st, 2013
Worlds biggest Scale model WONDERLAND in Hamburg also features Mustangs in several areas

Ever seen 215000 persons, 228.000 trees, 930 trains, 13.000 meter of track, 1270 signals, 335.000 lights and 46 computer controlling all this in a scale model world?

580.000 hours were spent already on this outstanding adventure that started in December 2000 in Hamburg and will not finish at least before 2020 measuring 2300m² by then.

Just to mention a few highlights are the airport, the haven, the stadium and open-air concert with thousands of scaled figures glued to the surface. It takes weeks to spot all the tiny details, but I found dozens of Mustangs in the America area.

At the Furka pass in the Switzerland they made a small mistake using a green Mustang hardtop, but as it is not a history scene, we may excuse them for using this type in the history car hillclimb scenario.

In the 13 years only 59.000 visitors from the US were there...out of 10million in total.
So we europeans would like to invite you to have a look at the world biggest scale model world. Don't miss it.

How many 4-5 mm big figures can you get into this HSV stadium with the right tool. Just try to imagine how peculiar you have to be. Each person is different, of course.
July 17th, 2013
A one-owner 1973 Q-code T-5 sees the light again.
With just 48.000km (30.000 miles on the speedo) this car was stored away for 20 years in a horse barn. What better place it could have been stored?
Being one of only 84 1973 T-5 convertibles it won't be overrestored, says the owner in Germany.
July 7th. 2013
Editors choice
Sometimes wheels make the difference, sometimes the color. In this case both make this Mustang really outstanding from the rest of the cars. With personal taste you can still make a statement today ...designed by you. At a todays vintage car gathering at the historical Zeche Zollverein location this one is your editors choice of the day.

The area is a perfect environment for vintage cars. About 350 vintage cars estimated, maybe even more came to the event and enjoyed the scenery in the old coal mining scenery.

At least 15 Mustangs were on site.

July 7th. 2013
 Kjell Plosjoe had his original 1965 T-5 convertible restored the hard way.
A complete frame off, little was left on the rig, before the re-assembly started as you might in the smaller pics in the upper right corner of the article page on the right. Finally the effort paid off and he and his car got featured in the recent swedish magazine Nostalgia 7/2013

Kjell is one of the 2800 swedish Mustang club members, which is the biggest club in Europe, but including late models up to 2013 of course.
With his 1965 T-5 that came to Sweden in 1975 already from Germany, Kjell and his wife can still be recognized in the big field of dreams in Sweden. The wimbledon white car with a DSO 91 and all the typical T-5 signs like the horn button, wheel covers and gas cap without the Mustang script is truely outstanding. Congratulations from here.
July 6th. 2013
SAAC-38 is on!
Dave Kunz was there to report from the Fontana event.Check out the link on the right for more information.

And note the subline in the TV report. I did not know Rick was Rich, but the shirt speaks of a recent Hawaiian island holiday, so maybe it's true....

June 18th, 2013, updated July 2018
Back in 2005 Dan W., who intended to buy this
Twister Mustang sent us this pic - one of the many stories, where the owner resists to selling it and wanting to keep it for his retirement.

But finally 8 years later, in 2013 this car turned up again. Fortunately the new owners found the pic on ponysite and found out they just acquired this very car, after we compared their VIN to the information I got back then still by the late Terry Fritts, who unfortunately has passed away since. 

Good we had the history of it and now Kathy has a good shot for her history book. We will update you, when it is done.

As of July 2018, it looks like this below and was picked up by a new owner. Thanks to Kathy for updating us from Missouri.
June 18th, 2013
Don't know about you, but to me it is always a pleasure to follow the history of rare cars through various owners.
Chris Lenihan from Down Under updated us again about this outstanding
ARI Texas International Speedway Promo car
that I know since 2002, when the first owner told us about it.

View some more nice pics from a racetrack around the Melbourne area. Click here for our ARI registry and click on the Chris Lenihan link in the 351V Promo car section.
June 14th, 2013
Ever seen
One of the few surviving of about 185-200 preserial Mustangs built with a production date of 05C? 

If you google around, you won't find many pics probably except those from Mecum in May 2012, but Ponysite.de comes again to the rescue. My brother photographed it a while ago in the well-known US museum Volo and I forgot about it.
Just now I was browsing the CD-ROM again and there it is.

Its door tag has following codes according to our mate Klaus from www.early-mustang.com
76A 3 86 05C 21 2 W


June 9th, 2013 update May 2014
Donald Farr's new 50th Anniversary book
can be ordered already from Amazon
Publishing date is Oct. 2013

John Clors 2014,5 and 2015 Mustang development book was stopped on request of Ford in April 2014. 70% was done already. We will keep you updated.

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