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Pictures W.Kohrn

Race action pure at the Nuerburgring.
More than 10 Mustangs and Shelbys, 2 Ford GT 40s, a number of Cobras and Falcons plus a Daytona Coupe would have been a nice heritage background for the Mustang or GT promotion. But not so, Ford again missed the opportunity to promote its new products in Europe. Otherwise it was an excellent event.
Check out some nice pics here.

Pictures courtesy Luis Antonio Garcia Sanchez

One of 353* 1966 Mustang Mexico Hardtops
Luis Antonio Garcia Sanchez owns this rare Mustang "hecho en Mexico".

See details about his special AF07FL14753 VIN and the history of this Murcielago style Pony here.

Pictures courtesy David Viales

Top News - SFM5R539 back on stage at Le Mans Classic 2004
Back then driven 1967 at the Le Mans race by Claude Dubois, the car had its first outing in one race at least entered by Patrick van Coppenolle.

Click here for some background

A "one-of-one" today - a RHD 429 cui 1970 Mach1
soon to become more famous in the detective series "Stingers"

Certainly unique is this sparkling grabber orange Mach 1 from the MacGregors downunder. Soon a very famous detective is going to make this his ride in a TV detective series. Watch out and again here is exclusive info on this unique car.
Click here for direct access

A true Boss 429 with race history
Denise and Craig MacGregor have found some race history in the live of their BOSS 429 KK2417. Still they'd like to find some shots of its appearance at the racetrack back then. Check out the details in our BOSS 429 showroom and send us an e-mail if you know more.
Click here for direct access

Bordinat concept cars displayed at SAAC-29
As reported a few weeks ago, Jeff Burgy brought the Bordinat Cougar II and Cobra II to the SAAC-29 convention hotel in the Ypsilanti Marriott hotel lobby. Exclusive pics thanks to Jeff here on our site.

Pictures courtesy Jeff Burgy

Pictures thanks to AHP/Roy

One of only 189 X-code 68 Fastbacks
X-code 68s have been a mystery for a long time in the past. Built only for a short time from March through July 1968 (733 in total acc. to Kevin Marti's "Mustangs by the Numbers"
, 189 of this Thunderbird derived engine made it into Fastbacks. Roy from American Horse Power/NL found this car indeed in a barn next to a Thunderbird and it was full of dust from about 6 years of storage.
The car is now in the Netherlands. More info about this true survivor and even more rare Mustang concerning some options, read on here.

Pictures thanks to MUCAR

Perfect Young Owners Club(YO) gift
The "Tilt" or Woodie Mustang 2005
Available in autumn this year, reserve this new "tool" for your educational family obligation. Psychiatrists will need about 6 month to backroot your kids key experience in the year 2044, after being arrested for acting in a strange way in their Mustang in congustion jams....
Make sure you get one for about 150 bucks in November this year.

Sneak into a very secret Mustang collectors place
All pictures thanks to Wayne Robinson/NZ

Exclusive on this site:
The New Zealand Shelby Europe and a race BOSS 351
Cedric is one of the most famous Mustang collectors in NZ, but only a few people have seen his collection. Cedric likes red Big bodies (painted in Porsche red and with a 4-speed) or let's say red hot cars in general. For him it is always difficult to make a choice, once he opens up his garage door.
See yourself and make your choice which one to get out first, the Shelby Europa, the rare 1972 HO R-code Mustang or one of the others

More about the Shelby Europas

The first Lawman Super Boss 429 in Vietnam
Pictures thanks to Dennis Collins

Exclusive on this site:
The crushed Lawman Super Boss 429 in Vietnam plus more
A famous TV show is doing a report on the Lawman activities and the Super BOSS 429, which will be aired sometime this year.
In our additional research for detailed shots previous owner of the Super Boss 429 number 2 - Dennis Collins - has come to the rescue and opened his photo files.
We are happy to present them here exlusive on this site. Dennis also had pics of one of the Lawman Cobra Jet Mach1.
We are also awaiting pics from another previous owner of the Super Boss, so stay tuned on this websphere. Look here for the Super Boss pics and here for the Vietnam Cobra Jet Mach1.

The original early Mustang Vivace wall drawing
Picture thanks to Doug Whyte

Picture thanks to Jeff Burgy

Ford X-cars get back on stage
We've recently mentioned the Mustang Vivace Experimental car.  Thanks to Doug Whyte, Jeff Burgy and The LYNX Project - a dedicated enthusiast scale model builder group - for unearthing and revealing more details about this almost unknown bit Mustang history. 

It turned out later that the or rather another Vivace was actually created by Vince Gardner at DST. It had originally a burgundy red metallic paint and a rear spoiler like decklid. It looked actually like the early DST 2+2 Mustang and was a really outstanding designed car. Automobile Collectors did an article on Vince Gardner.

The Lynx Project is the subject of a major book that will be published in 2007.  The Lynx Project (  is currently investigating and reconstructing the history of the little-known Lincoln-Mercury concept car (1963-64), the Lynx as well as other vehicles associated with that L-M Division "lost" concept car. The many scale models and related diorama models relating to The Lynx Project will be presented at the Twenty-First GSL International Scale Vehicle Championship and Convention in 2007 ( in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States.  Check in often at the Lynx project website for updates!

In the past few month (2004)  the Bordinat Cobra and Cougar II have been found in the Detroit Historical Society archive. Jeff Burgy researched them for a long time and was finally allowed to bring them to SAAC-29 being on display in the Ypsilanti Marriott hotel. Michigan Int. Speedway and the date of July 2-4th, 2004 was the spot and time to be to see those extraordinary long lost cars.
The 2004 Shelby American Mag has a multipage article from Jeff on these concept cars.

Mark Biestman entered a Shelby G.T.500E

An UK based 69 Shelby G.T.350 was entered as well
Pictures courtesy and thanks to Audipassion and

Shelby G.T.500E fast and furious in the Gumball 3000 european rallye
Although I personally have no understanding for the jet-set style of this event and possible risk for other people that has become a big part of this rallye, it is at least worth mentioning. Mark Biestman of Unique Performance brought over a 150.000 dollar Shelby G.T.500E and takes currently part in the Gumball 3000, an unofficial high-speed event on public roads over 3000km. The Shelby got already some fines including a 750 Euro fine in Austria for use of unlegal radar detection systems. The cars started in Paris on 5th. of May and the rallye ends in Cannes on the 11th of May 2004. We stay tuned for the winner. Some cars like a Ferrari Spyder and others have been already smashed in accidents.
Mark thinks he's got a good chance, but there is quite a bunch of other high-speed cars including a real Saleen. Another Shelby entry is a 69 G.T.350 from England.
Some more info on the Shelby authorized G.T.500E from Unique Performance website here: Press release (pdf-document)

Video from the start in Paris

Update: Unfortunately the G.T.500E did not finnish due to problems with the brakes. It was flown back from Spain to London and then back to the US.

Edsel Ford and David Turnbull, organiser of the Ponydrive II discuss real enthusiasm at the 40th Anniversary

The Ford trailer meets the Pony Drive II
Picture courtesy Ford Media

First pics of the Pony Drive II thanks to my fellow club member Stefan Arendt

The Pony Drive II at Riverside Ford

Race Mustangs at Nashville

Pony Drive II at a gas station

The Ponydrive featuring Mustang 2005
The Great American Pony Drive II is now crossing the country to celebrate Mustang's 40th anniversary. Ford listened to one of its "bigger" Mustang enthusiast David Turnbull finally to get extra promotion for the next generation Mustang and visit 40 U.S. and Canadian cities this spring.
"Some 50 classic Ford Mustangs will serve as the grass-roots entourage as Ford Motor Company takes the all-new 2005 Mustang GT on tour to 40 North American cities to celebrate and generate excitement for the new model." they say. "The Mustang enthusiasts are crossing the United States and Canada under the banner of "The Great American Pony Drive II" and are meeting up with the 2005 Mustang Tour in 14 cities. The Pony Drive plans 50 stops in all."
"Our first goal is to have fun. The second is to promote the entire Mustang industry," says Pony Drive leader Dave Turnbull, 54, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
The troupe will stop at various national landmarks that reflect Mustang's pop-culture heritage such as the Buddy Holly Museum in Lubbock, Texas; a stretch of the fabled Route 66; and the site of the 1964 New York World's Fair, where Mustang officially debuted in 1964.
David Turnbull, a member of the 11,000-member Mustang Club of America since 1989, often has six vintage Mustangs parked on his front lawn. Three are his personal Ponies: a '65 GT convertible, '66 hardtop and the '64 convertible he's taking on the tour. His son Garrett has a '69 Mach 1 and an '89 GT, and daughter Jennifer has a 2001 Mustang coupe.

  • Total stops on the tour: 50
  • Total miles: 10,320
  • Average number of years tour members have been in Mustang clubs: 10
  • Estimated cost per car for the trip: $9,000
Read more about the tour at and remember, this site made the first promotion for the Ponydrive almost 3 years go. Then my friend Pat Johnson took over the creation and hosting of the Ponydrive website. Thanks Pat. I met David last December in New York and he is a great guy!

Our club fellow Stefan at Nasvhille grinning next to the Concept Mustang

Jack Brabham in an Alan Brown Racing entered Ford Mustang at Snetterton.
This car was - according to UK magazines, imported fresh from the USA specifically for Jack Brabham. Magazines reported that it was set-up rock hard at the beginning, disturbing Jack in the first race with an unbalanced set-up.
The fender treatment is the same as the TDF cars, as it had been done in the same Weslake body shop.
Alan Brown entered it with Jack Brabham in the 65/66 season, then it was bought by Ronnie Lyon and raced in the following season, later sold to a dutch racer, probably Jan Akersloot from the Frami Racing team and/or W. van der Ende.

In memoriam Alan Brown
Alan Brown recently died in the age of 84 in Spain. Most of you might not have a clue who he was, but in fact he was teamchief of Alan Brown racing with Jack Brabham driving a Mustang back then in 1965. Acc. to an interview with him, he got even a money offer by another well-known UK race team chief, who was backed up by Ford, to loose the races. Of course he turned down the offer. Those were the days.
I got in touch with Jack Brabham quite a while ago and he remembers a few things from his time there:
"I only drove the Mustang and was not involved with buying it. I did not crash the Mustang, but in '64 I crashed Alan Brown's Galaxy at Goodwood with a flat tyre. I remember the Gold Cup race, but I do not remember driving any saloon cars in 1966 except maybe in a celebrity race of one make of car." Thanks Jack, although the pic here shows you at the Snetterton race in 1966 acc. to the picture description.

Ronnie Lyons ex-Brabham car ended up in the Netherland with the same maroon/gold livery.

Techno Classica 2004, Essen, 1.-4th.April

4oth Anniversary at the Techno Classica
The Techno Classica is the worlds largest indoor classic car show. Despite this fact unfortunately Ford Motor Co. decided not to listen to our request to send over a retro-styled 2005 Mustang prototype to catch additional attention for their relaunched performance image, that will be soon revitalized with the Mustang GT-R and the subsequent Ford Racing parts catalogue. Mike Friedlanders Trans-Am Mustang will be with the GT-R on the cover and in the press very soon. So again we had to celebrate the Mustang 40th Anniversary on our own in the middle of Europe and a big potentional crowd of customers :).
A variety of early Mustangs plus a Shelby G.T.350 were on display. Read more on our clubsite.

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