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1964 Tour de France Winner 69 428CJ GT convertible Shelby Zagato Ponydrive 05 Mustang Music MEM Frencheros Shelby GT250 
Interceptor 6S2381 on sale  2005 launch Didam/NL Numeric engine-code W-code 68?  2005 Custom Challenge  
+++Some SEMA pics (2004) +++

Ever wondered what happened to the winning Tour de France 1964 Mustang licenced DPK7B?

Picture courtesy Christian Bonnemaison

4 early Mustangs were entered in the TDF 1964, 
3 from Alan Mann and 1 from Henri Greder/Ford France 

The chase is on!
Well, most Mustangers know, it went to Comstock racing in Canada. Upon order of Ford the car had to be send back by airfreight to the US, where it was immediately transferred to the canadian Comstock team to get a few better results together with a Shelby G.T.350. So far the story of the winning TDF Mustang ended there.

Thanks to the Henry Ford Heritage Association I've got a rare pic of DPK7B while being raced at the Nov. 1964 Nassau Speed week. 

Read more about one of the most important Ford Total Performance image carrier back then in 1964. Click here

What happened to the second winner car? We've told you here already.

Winter blue for spanish nights cruising

Jordis car features also a hood-lock delete option, seat belt delete option, a Deluxe-Interior. It is an export car as well. Together with a winter blue colour and 7A interior, it is certainly almost unique and an excellent choice of sb. back then with a good taste.

A truely rare 69 428CJ-R GT Convertible
How many exactly were made? We believe that exactly 13 1969 GT R-code convertibles were made  Acc. to our calculations, some related Kevin Marti info and contributions of other owners of such rare cars, we currently assume there were
71 R-code convertible (428CJ)
51 Q-code convertible (428SCJ)

Anyway I was fortunate enough to meet Jordi Fusté and his wife Pili downtown Barcelona for a spanish night cruise to the Ramblas. Jordi got his car just recently out of a 4 years restoration process, which basically included a frame-off job and the engine carefully diassembled and re-assembled. The original Winter blue Ford paint was mixed and professionally applied. Jordis father Jordi (yes, true) did most of the work in his shop and he had to do a lot, because the car was saved from a french junkyard, where another car had already been stored on top of this one.
This is a true export car, which ads to the uniqueness of this car together with all the specific options this car has.

More about the restoration of this Winter blue Beauty here.

One of the rarest Ponies 
The Shelby Zagato

It is hard to beat that phrase "one of one" again, but once you look at this car, you'll truely admit, it is exactly that and has got quite some custom treatment to keep that "tag" forever.

Pictures published  with permission from Mike Bertola


We've mentioned this car in the News here quite over a year ago announcing actual car show pics. Well, it took Mike Bertola from the Ponycar Club Switzerland to come to the rescue in sending us pics from a members car show.  
Shelby sent over to Ford Advanced Vehicles  a 66 Shelby G.T.350 #6S761. Ugo Zagato, famous for his Alfa Romeo conversions today, modified the cars body with  European headlights, parking lights and turn signaIs, a restyled hood and an integral hood scoop plus a changed  front lower apron The GT350 rocker panel stripes were removed and replaced by chrome "GT350" letters along with pieces of chrome trim  The original Mustang rear window was removed and replaced by a customized one. The car was found in 1974 on a junkyard by its current owner, who wants to stay annonymous. 
Thanks to him for preserving this important icon of history.
The SAAC has this car on file and it is pictured on page 429 of the last registry.

David is calling for the Ponydrive 2005!

Pictures courtesy our club member Rainer Staub, who participated in the last years Ponydrive

We all thought, David would be tired after doing the 2004 Ponydrive for a 6000miles spin around the U.S.. Not so, David is calling his mates again to the Mustang arms.

This time there is a special offer from Fords Mustang Brand manager Paul Russell - a special motivation in getting a 2% below invoice (200 to max. 3000 dollar rebate for a GT conv.) on a new Mustang V, maybe even customized in a Ponydrive version with a special emblem. 
The Ponydrive 2005 will start in Detroit picking up your special ordered car at Superior Ford across the factory and then touring with David and a big group via the Indianapolis track to the 2005 MCA meeting in Kansas City.
Tour dates are June to 26th.June (MCA Meeting 24th-26th.)

More info on

My early Mustang music is on the market

Funny enough that it takes a german band of my hometown to create a new Mustang music CD package with the launch of the 2005 Mustang. 

While the sound itself may not be to your all liking on advanced CD-players at home, playing it in the genuine 65-73 Mustang sound systems adds a certain missing vintage atmosphere of the good ol times. 
Listen to some of their tracks like "Driving Down" or "Miss you" on their homepage

By simply asking I could get a nice poster at a local CD-shop for my Mustang office. See also their gifts in the shop on the a.m. webpage.

Editors Note: Did Ford's advertising agency Thompson sleep? 
We would have expected some original Ford soundtrack with the 2005 Mustang launch. I could imagine a competition for famous genuine 60ies singers on a sampler. When do we get the news here? It is not too late!

Separated Frenchero Twins
This site covered already a lot of Musteros, Mustang Rancheros etc. The green one here was called Frenchero by MM quite a while ago and published. 
Now we've found a very similar roofline in Wales/Florida at Might these be separated twins? 
Our fellow club Mustang gurus in France and George from Florida Mustangs checked the cars out, but found some differences. The rear cabins window is set back on one car, while the other has it smoothly built in the rear roofline.
Still some guys seem to have had a very similar idea. 

Picture above thanks to Philippe Guattari
Picture above thanks to George and 
thanks to Tom Covert as well.

One of one only!
Shelby Europa G.T.250

You probably never heard of this one, but it's no more a mystery, it was real!

Only one car was made unfortunately by Claude Dubois, then Shelby Dealer in Brussels/Belgium. Under licence he was allowed to use the name Shelby on his products and this one was his favourite car, that he used himself for one year as a demo car.

Read more on this page about the little "rocket" flying over 140mph and Claudes memories of the car. 

One of 12 Customized Mustangs! 
Mustang Interceptor at the SEMA Show

Spyshot: Work in progress. 

"This past February, I was approached by the founder of the Mach 1 Registry to take part in a competition. Working with Mustang Racing Technologies under the direction of Ford Motor Company, we were tasked a project to develop a customized 2005 Mustang for display at the SEMA show in Las Vegas this coming November. There were 60 groups from all over the country picked to participate, and from those 60 groups only 12 proposals were chosen to be brought to life. Our project was one of the 12 chosen, and so work began on the "MRT Interceptor". 
We spent many weeks refining the ideas, and the first week of September we took delivery of our project car. It is currently going back together at the Michigan shop where the work is being done, and everyone involved is excited about the official unveiling in a little over three weeks. 

As you can guess, it has been really tough not to be able to talk about any of this, as we were under a confidentiality agreement with Ford. As it has been officially shown on the SEMA website, it can be shown and talked about now."
John D. Canfield.

Update: 27.Oct.2004: Actual pics here at
Update: 10th. November 2004: The MRT car is being taken to the NASCAR final race at Homestead, Florida to be put on display for the Ford Exhibit at the racetrack. We are very proud of this and there are only three other cars that were chosen for this honor. (John D.Canfield)
Update: December 2004 The building of the MRT at

Prepare your cheque book
6S2381 Shelby convertible Continuation Series might be on on sale.
As prices for rare ponies are rising into the sun, make sure you get one of those few Shelby convertible continuation series. The owner is thinking of parting with it. 
Remember you read it first here.

Read the history of the CS cars here 

Back from a photosession in Finland of 2 1971 Shelby Europa convertibles (GT350 and GT500) plus one 69 Shelby GT350!
Only 2 out of 14 Shelby Europas were convertibles and they are now under one proud ownership - Rauno Harvima. 
One of the famous Mustang mags got interested, so stay tuned for their issue in about 4-6 months. 

While the Mustang 2005 Launch Party was on the 28th. of September, Ford announced as well officially the expansion of its Race Parts Programm for our beloved Pony. The variety of racing parts is accomplished by the 5.0 Cammer V-8 crate engine with 420HP. The white car was the first 2005 Mustang that got the car built in. The second is the Competition orange coloured 2005 shown at the SEMA 2004.

Some official lines out of the press release:
  • Ford Racing has initiated a performance parts development program for the all-new 2005 Ford Mustang to be launched at the SEMA show in November.
  • Ford Racing's new 5.0-liter Cammer V-8 crate engine provides the basis for a possible racing program for the new 2005 Ford Mustang

Actually we had reported about the Stinger Show and 429 equipped Mach1 already. But finally it made it into the TV show on air, so we'd like to show Craig McGregors proud from down under for a day or two again.

Details of the car for you to remember are on the second news page.

Highligths at Didam "down under" in the Netherlands

A club with more than 1200 members - including Mustang II,III and IV -outside the States is truely unique. We are lucky to have it just a few miles to the border.
This years Team Mustang Club of Netherlands meeting saw a lot of sunshine and a few rare and true ponies like a BOSS 302, 66 Shelby Hertz, a 67 export Shelby, a 68 GT500 KR convertible and a Twister clone aside from the heavily modified variety from the Wild Ponies of Hanau or the Drag Racing team from the Netherlands.
Here is just a small selection of more than 150 that came to the Meeting in Didam.

No way, a numeric engine code could be true on a Mustang?

But it is true, most VIN decoders do not list the special export engines that were available. 
Thanks to original Ford documentation, provided by the Ford Export Division, Wixom, Michigan, back then, Debbie from Australia can sleep a bit better, as V8s in a Mustang considerably add to the value down under. 
In search for verification of her VIN we could also add some paperwork for the original 289/2V low compression engine (code 3) in her 66 export Mustang.
Below is a listing of several Ford export engine codes. 
If you own a truck, we do have the numbers as well upon request.
Code Model Year Cyl C.I.D Litre
1 1968 (Bronco) 6 240-1V 3,0
2 1966-1972 6 200-1V 3,3
3 1966-1967 8 289-2V 4,8
4 1969-1977 6 250-1V 4,1
5 1966-1971 6 240-1V 3,9
6 1968-1972 8 302-1V 5,0
6 1968 Bronco 6 170-1V 2,8
7 1968 Bronco 8 302-2V 5,0
8 1966-1968 8 428-4V 6,9

1968 427 Ford Drag Car or 1 of 10 Holman Moody conversion 
The ultimate Factory freak or forever a mystery? 

We, know it did not came ex-factory, we are still researching a car here in Europe, compiling all available info on any test car and looking for professional advice from genuine Ford drag and performance cars teams or prototype development engineers in late 67. 
Please send any tidbits of information, you may know about the existence of a 427 in a Mustang.

Ford could repeat 60ies successfull promotion again with the Ford Custom Car Caravan 2005 (Mustang Custom Challenge).
Back in the early 60ies Ford toured the stadiums, city halls, custom shows and youngsters fairs with a special promotion caravan. The Mustang Pegasus was one of the outstanding custom cars aside from the "Mustang Karavan" made by Warren Veurink and Jack Florence from Holland Auto Trim and Fostoria Styling.. 
Other Mustangs were the orange with Gold Candy side panels "Out of Sight" Mustang built by Roy Johnson, the Zebra Mustang built for Sinatra, a Falcon Competition Coupe built by Holman-Moodie, then the Galaxie Magic Cruiser, Gene Winfield built LTD Executive, The Fairlane GTX A Go-Go plus a Pacifica Pickup and the Strip Star, a Bonneville Coupe powered by a 427 cui. Dean Jeffries and the Alexander brothers worked for Ford as well. This promotion tour was extremely successfull in the youth program accompanied by seminars of the famous race driver Ak Miller and young kids racing on AMT scale modeltracks. 
A number of special Falcons (Falcon Python, The Franciscan and the Falcon Rancho Deluxe) added to the picture.
Aside from the Aftermarket show coming on at the Las Vegas SEMA show, Ford is unfortunately not planning ahead for the mid 2005 Custom Car caravan inviting customizers to think about creative derivations of the Mustang for another "Young owners" relation programm. 

The original Mustang Pegasus customized by Fostoria Styling/Holland Auto Trim and shown at the Ford Custom car caravan, has been found - exclusive pictures here on my site! Thanks to owner Ramon.
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