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Peters special BOSS 302 with Gapp & Roush modified cylinder heads

Peter van Tol/NL is working on a special project BOSS302. He is going to build the engine with vintage Gapp & Roush modified  heads. Sort of SUPERBOSS Click here for full details.

Mustang Day en France

The 17th. September 2000 saw lots of pavement carving and cooling water spilling action on the Circuit de Mornay in Central France. Chantal and Bernard Boivin from The Mustang Club de France report from this very thrilling special race track event in Europe.
 Click here for full details.

Race track picture courtesy Mustang Club de France and Circuit Mornay

Special ARI-Registry started: One of only 5 ARI-Mustang convertibles in Scandinavia since 1976!

John Bakke presents his original 70 Riverside International Raceway pastel blue special Mustang on this website. Here are some pics of 0F03R120303 as a teaser.
More about Johns ARI convertible plus information on all ARI Fastback only here on this site!
Click on this link to read the full story.
If you want to know more, have a look here at the Website


Found - The Spirit of Mustang

..or the Message in the Bottle, or Bossmans Fuel or Liquid Wrench... or just a cool beer, whatever you may call it, it surprises that this Mustang beer is produced in one of the smalletst countries in the world. In the Mittelland area of Switzerland, the Karbacher brewery (near Solothurn) bottles this Mustang beer.
Although it is not yet famous enough to be exported worldwide, your interest might encourage them to do so. My buddy Günter found this rare stuff during his holidays, always keeping an eye open for things like this. Alhtough this bottle expired in November 200, the Mustang spirit will survive forever - just order another bottle. If you are interested in such a bottle, just make an offer.

Mustang beer backside of bottle

TOUR AUTO 2000 - Les Cheveaux en France

The TOUR AUTO 2000 offered more than 2000 km of rallye road to the participants. Amongst Ferrari Daytona, GTO, Lusso, 250GT and 330 LMB as well as Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Porsche, Aston Martin, GT40, Cobras and ...Minis, Dauphine Gordinis, Panhards etc. there were of course our beloved Mustangs.
Erwin Derich, the famous german race driver participated again in this famous rallye, as it offers the most thrilling vintage racing experience these days aside from the circle tracks. In 5 etappes (Paris-Dijon 389,50km / Dijon-Vichy 336,32 /Vichy - Nimes 556,29km / Nimes - Toulouse 354,51km / Toulouse - Biarritz 334/88km) at least 3 Mustangs of Derichs, Ribadeneira and Cohn/Lindeman competed as well against a Chrysler-France entered Barracuda (Curval/Raoul) and a Corvette from Bigot.
Even heavy Jaguars MKII and lightweight Lancia Stratos showed the broad range of entered cars and possible driving styles. John (Hans) Hugenholtz, the Mustang driver in the last Tour Auto 1999 this time entered his blue GT40 with no. 1 on the doors. Famous names like Stirling Moss, Jochen Berger, Walter Röhrl, Bernard Consten and Rowan Atkinson (MR. Bean) were part of the event, organised by Patrick Peter. If you can get hold of it, try to get a RETRO COURSE magazine No. 5 from June/July/Aout 2000, Edition Stevens, BP337, 80103 Abbeville cedex (France)

Pictures courtesy RETRO COURSE magazine
German Erwin Derichs in his Mustang racer - photo courtesy RETRO COURSE
The Mustang from Ribadeneira , admired by young enthusiasts
The Mustang entered by Cohn/Lindemann

SAAC-25 Convention 30th. June - 3rd July 2000, Lime Rock/CT

Total Control Products modified race Mustang - one of the few exemptions from the otherwise throughout concours car show
The former Allan Moffat/Horst Kwech Shelby Terlingua Racing Team car. No. 2.

Lime Rock/CT was the place to be in 2000. 1040 Shelby GT350 and GT500, 8 GT40s, 6 R-Models and uncounted Cobras gathered on the famous scenic race track in upper Connecticut to fill the air with a thrilling spirit of those good old days.
Open race track with serious competition amongst professional and semi-professional racers got participants and spectators involved into past Trans-Am feelings. There was for sure no better event to get your Shelby and Mustang soul "in touch" with the aera of the roaring 60ies plus lots of famous names were there to join the 25th anniversary party of the Shelby American Club including the man himself - Carrol Shelby.

Much more pictures on our clubs website

.. and in the MUSTANG SPECIAL section of this page.

Besides - Speedvision, an US based car TV channel aired a 1 hour report on this event.

Annual Meeting of First Mustang Club of Germany

Round-up in Beerfelden/Odenwald

The tiny little village Beerfelden/Odenwald was the spot to be on the 10/11th. June 2000. More than 160 Mustangs from Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and of course, Germany met at this welcoming location.
With help from our vice-president and local resident Jens Ihrig a perfect organized come-together-party was organized and appreciated from neighbours as well as participants. Mustang enthusiasts from Vienna/Austria received the special gift for the farest-distance-travel and were invited and sponsored to do a small airplane flight over the Odenwald.
They enjoyed the flight very much. Seeing all kinds of Mustang from top view must be like bunjee-jumping.... or even better.

Club members from the Wild Ponies of Hanau, American Ford Friends and Mustang Team Center Netherland joined our meeting and had much fun as well.
See some photos on our webpage from the "Stampede".

Remake of "Gone in 60 Seconds' - The making of...

Photo by

picture courtesy TV Spielfilm

 The movie 'Gone in Sixty Seconds' (Nur noch 60 Sekunden) started in the german cinemas on the 17th. of August 2000!

A special promotion truck was used in southern Germany and will tour around Europe. This truck carries a driving simulator to experience scenes like in the GISS movie.
Read on to get some background information about GISS.

Quote Howard Pardee/SAAC: "The Shelby is a real 1967 Shelby but there are 11 look-alikes which were used in the movie and I think 5 were destroyed.
We hope to have an extensive article in a future SHELBY AMERICAN magazine. This movie is be very big. I saw some clips from the movie back in February and heard the sound track. The car was modified with side pipes to give it a better sound and you won't believe how neat it is. A SAAC member did the sound effects engineering and drove the car at Willow Springs Raceway for about a week recording everything possible with the car.
Notice the Porsche which is driven through a glass window. They prepared a look-alike dummy car to use in that scene but the stunt man used the real car by mistake and destroyed it; cost to the studio, $90,000!"

The dummies were modified amongst others with the latest rack and pinion steering kit and reinforced coil over front suspension from Total Control Products, the body modifications were done from CVS (Cinema Vehicle Service/Ray Claridge). Honours for the car design go to Steve Stanford and Chip Foose (Boyd Coddingtons former designer), who mocked up the prototype in clay and wood. The mock-up served for molds to produce the fiberglass frond end. PIAA Driving lights, fender flares, side skirts and scoops, trunklid and hood were modified as well.
CVS built a 13th. car (1 prototype, 11 used in the movie) for producer Jerry Bruckheimer from an actual GT500. This car has functional sidepipes and the C-pillar fuel fillar is for real fueling up. However for Shelby purists the car is said to be easily converted back upon necessity.
One of the cars is currently used by Total Control Products for promotion, 2 of the remaining cars were at least used as "pick-a-part" garbage at CVS, at least the 9" rear ends, seats and such went out.
Total Control Products is going to reproduce the body parts of the 'Eleanor'(Date 26. April 2001)
More about the remake and the original movie via or or

Had this vintage Mustang racer any relation to the real SFM5R539? 
We think, it's probably the Hardtop, in which the R-components were transferred for one race.

At the Nürburgring in 1969 or 1970
At the April 1971 Monza 24hour event. Driver Rolf Kienen and Dieter Hegels (the circle track champion from 1969) entered the car in this race

True 5R539 found in Belgium? It appeared at the 2004 Le Mans Classic for the first time.

You may know that 5R539 is one of the 10 most wanted vintage cars worldwide. Lots of Mustangers and Shelbians have tried to chase down this car over the years. Well, we are proud to have found traces of the ultrarare car. SFM5R539 had been raced by Claude DuBois, the belgian Shelby dealer. (See details on our clubs webpage - Shelby R-competition model section).  
The car you see on the left, had been bought by Rolf Kienen and the former Kleber race team chief Mr. Dietrich from Claude Dubois in 1969, as our information goes. 
However it is  not the original 5R539 fastback body, that was altered to a hardtop. Most probably the engine and some parts were put in this car or the VIN used only for homologation of this hardtop racer. 
This Hardtop car however had been approved by the FIA race organisation showing SFM5R539 VIN in the race pass document. 
The SAAC has got information in 2000 from P.v.C. in Belgium, that he still owns the car and was currently re-roofing the original car. In 2001 Claude Dubois verified the car to be his true R-Shelby. 5R539 was intended to be shown in 2002 with Claude driving it himself at an european race event. 

Update: in fact it first appeared at the 2004 Le Mans Classic, but did not make it into the races. The final word is that no Ford VIN has ever been verified or authenticated on this car.

Here is a picture of the real SFM5R539 at the 1967 24hours of Le Mans.
Claude DuBois racing at Le Mans 1967 with SFM5R539
Picture courtesy Christian Bonnemaison/France.

Now translated - original T5 article from the 17/64 "Auto,Motor und Sport"

Less than 10 Mustangs were shipped to Europe for media coverage as a part of the Ford introduction campaign. 
Read through the original test report from the german magazine "Auto, Motor und Sport". I just managed to translate it. Don't blame me for any statements made in that article, but this article probably caused the necessary Heavy Duty modifications that were later documented for export cars.
Follow this link.

Need help to identify these stock looking Shelby GT-350R look-alike and standard GT-350!

The R-type Shelby GT-350 (clone?) on the left side appeared in the french/swiss vintage racing scene in the recent past years. Can anybody give me a hint, which car this is and who might be the owner?
Same applies for the stock looking 66 GT-350 model, that belongs to the french Mustang Club scene. Pictures courtesy of a french fellow enthusiast Christian Bonnemaison.
Send me an e-mail, if you have have additional information

Do you remember the french movie "A man and a woman"? (Une homme et une femme)

Mustangs played a major role in some of the 60ies famous movies. One of this kind is this Mustang, that appeared in the french movie "A man and a woman". The movie won the "Golden Palm (Palme d'Or) at the Film Festival in Cannes back in 1966. The picture shows one of the major actors,a 66 Mustang hardtop with the door showing no. 145, how it appears today - restored to its original appearance in the movie. 
Last owner was Laurent Dubois, but it was on sale in 2004 for the amount of 14.000 Euro only in restorable condition.. Did you notice that there were 2 Mustangs in that movie 'Une homme et une femme'? The other one being a red convertible? The current owner is M. Doutaud. Both cars were pictured in the March 99 issue of AUTO RETRO in France. Above picture courtesy of Christian Bonnemaison.

Picture courtesy AUTO COLLECTION No.7 showing from left to right Henri Chemin, Jean-Loui Trintignant, Claude Lelouch, Pierre Barouh, Anouk Aimée.

Send me an e-mail, if you have have additional information.

Ever seen such a strange dashboard set up?

Early export Mustangs for Germany called T-5s were equipped with a dealer conversion package, which included a steering wheel without the word "Mustang" on the lower half. In addition sometimes road regulations also made it necessary to change the usual non-locking ignition switch to a locking device.
 In most cases we found a Ford Taunus locking unit on the right side of the column, but this device pictured here with a flexible wire/tube styled mechanism really hurts our eyes. It is certainly unique and was a dealer installed item on request by the local TÜV authorities.

The emergency flasher is a unique item as well. Usually you will find BOSCH units in here, if it was requested by the TÜV. Check out our webpage for full details about the T5 history

Send me an e-mail, if you have pictures of such kind of ignition switches

Ever wondered, what Irish people do while its raining outside?

Irish people are known to be proud all day of their redish hair, strolling around with their Jack Russel doggies through the green meadows and waiting for better weather. Not so Steven Magill.
He spend a lot of time getting his 68 convertible converted into a brute Shelby clone. He went an extra mile and made it super wide, maybe a little bit to wide, you'll be the judge. Anyway it is now for sale for 10.500 irish pound. Give Steve a relief and buy his car, so he can sit in the pub and order another Guiness. Another irish not so bad habitude.

1 of only 4 69 Mustang Ferguson Formula found and restored

2 years ago Kar Craft Mustang Parts of England found one of the ultrarare 4-wheel-drive 69 Mustang, that were modified by the former english tractor company Ferguson back in 1969/1970.
Besides the 4 Mustangs, they built some Torinos and other big Fords with the 4-wheel drive parts from a Jensen. The Matarex anti-lock-braking system was another expensive modification on the Mustangs. As the price was extremely high (almost 6500 EUROs) for the finished car at that time, only 4 cars were built and probably sold. The car that was found in Sussex, was recently restored and an article appeared in the "Thoroughbred and Classic Cars" 1/2000 magazine. It is said that 2 428 and 2 others were built with the smaller engine being underpowered for the FF-System.

Here is a picture of the original german article in auto motor sport of 1970 (only german).

Another article appeared in a dutch magazine.


This car was (Feb.8th. 2001) for sale from Frampton Classic Cars. 
More information available on request.

Norsk Mustang Club - Annual Meeting July 1999

Annual Meeting at Dagaali Geilo Airport

The Norsk Mustang Club has plentiful of space and no neighbourhood to be afraid of, so they do, what Mustangs are built for: Letting the horses fly over ground. Drag and airport racing is very popular. Above are some photos courtesy of Arild Gronnevik, that show beautiful "Toyz" of tough guys, but nice original collector cars as well in a row. The meeting took place in late July 99.

Svein Erik Aaseruds BOSS 429

A Hardtop racer from the Fifty-seven team at the Colmar race track

real and fake Shelbys plus a Cobra

The french Mustang Club meeting took place at the Colmar race track "Anneau du Rhine" in Alsace/Rhine on the 19th. of September. 
It was real great fun to drive around the very fast race circuit. It is a privately owned circuit usually used by Ferrari and Maserati owners. The race track was rented for about 7000 dollars by the Mustang Club de France and almost 100 Mustangs and 12 Shelbys participated. See some pictures on our website. Check out the news box.
Paul Fabers Shelby convertible

The Hugenholtz won the Tour Auto 99

Unknown Mustang racer on the road

Mustangs won place 1,3 and 5 at the 1999 Tour Auto in France.

The tour went in 20 etappes for 2500km through several countries, but mainly in France. Various race tracks were visited and actually driven. The Hugenholtz family finished first in the GT class with their Shelby (SFM6S108). John told us: "This is a car I bought from Switzerland, where it was for a short time after coming from the US. I cannot remember when I bought the car, but it must have been around 1989. I also had SFM6S052 for some time in the US, then sold it to Robert Manschot (Paradise Valley, AZ) who drove it in the Tour Auto a few years ago and then sold it in the US. The Shelby that finished 3rd in the 1999 Tour Auto was driven by David and Deb Franklin."
Erwin Derichs, the famous german vintage racer finished 5th.
More pictures on following website

Below is a photo of a Shelby in the Tour Auto 1993. This car is owned since 1990 and driven by David Franklin (UK), codriver and former owner Thomas Studer (SWI). VIN SFM6S771. The same car participated in the TOUR AUTO 1995,1996 and 1997 as well as some other european vintage races including Silverstone.
Thomas Studer and David Franklin drove this Shelby at the TOUR AUTO 1993 (pictured here), 1995,1996 & 1997

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