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A matter of taste... this Mustang Ranchero from Miami/Florida

spied by Mario Fröhlich from Chile/South America. Anyway it is another kind of interesting Mustang mutations for my collection. Click here for further information.

Two Netherland assembled 'stangs found

Pictured is Nick's 66 green hardtop.

Ultrarare Find!

A second T5 (german export Mustang) that had been assembled in Amsterdam/Netherland has been located in the UK. The specific car carries the same ANOG.. VIN, that was already found on Walter Hofmans T5. Stay tuned for further information here soon. The car is currently under restoration and the british owner was surfing for advice. Stay tuned for a while as the owner is on tour right now.

Nick from UK also contacted me with another 66 model Mustang with an ANO7EE3. VIN. About 397 Mustangs have been assembled in 1966 alone in Amsterdam acc. to Kevin Martis research (

Two more 71/72 Shelby Europe found!

Picture courtesy C.v. B.
Picture courtesy C.v. B.

Rare Find

Edwin van Beurden contacted me to find out more about his rare Shelby de Europe. Only 14 were built by the former belgian Shelby-dealer in the years of 1971-1972. After the Shelby Mustang production came to a halt in 1970, Claude du Bois found himself in a dilemma, as he had had a very good business with performance cars including the Shelby G.T.350 and G.T.500. When he met Carroll Shelby, they came to an agreement and he was allowed to build so-called Shelby Europe cars. 7 out of these 14 had been located until 2001, amongst them 3 in Sweden, 1 in Finland, 1 in Norway and 1 in New Zealand. Another was known to exist in the Netherlands, but was indeed stolen in 1998 or 1999.

Now Edwin v.B. enters the picture. His Shelby Europe is currently dismantled and sandblasted, so you can't see a picture yet. He will send pictures and his story soon. Edwin adds: "According to Mr. Claude Dubois my car is one of the two equipped with a GT500 engine. The car is registered as a GT350 because it was to expensive to register it as a GT500. I've included a picture of another Shelby Europe GT350 thats riding in the Netherlands. This car is the same as mine exept the engine, wheels and gearbox. Mine is an automatic. This car is not the registered NL car, but another one. I will send the VIN and name of the owner soon."
Well Edwin, that would mean, we have found no. 9. Follow this link to read and see more in my new opened Shelby EUROPE Showroom.

Rare Pegasus Custom Mustang detected
Picture courtesy Ramon
Picture courtesy Ramon

Mystery solved.

Ramon sent me this picture, because he wanted to restore this rare pony. As to recent information this 65 Mustang apparently underwent a custom job. 

Ramon gave us additional information back then on his special car "It was originally a 65 mustang 2+2. I believe it was a part of the Golden Globe Awards of 1969. It is a 2-door with gold/black and interior is also a two tone of gold/black in color. If you know of any info as far where I may search for more Info .I would be very thankful to whomever can point me to the right place."

Update 2004: Identified as a custom Car - see 

Rare Lane collectible -
The SAAC-25 Shelby G.T.350 special edition

Being the proud owner of one of the 750 limited run Lane collectibles, I wanted to share this one with you.
Click here for more details on this car. The value is increasing every other day. Look at to find out the current pricing.

Exact Detail Series - Lane collectibles

Ever heard of "The Lawman's Super BOSS 429 and the 12 428CJ Mustang Mach 1 used for driving ambition training of US army guys back in the 1970?
This ultrarare Mustang species recently got a greater audience, when one of the 2 SUPER BOSS 429 appeared at the June 2000 Carlisle Meeting. Here are some more facts about the idea and program of "The United States Performance Team". Check out this link.

Picture courtesy Pete Geissler/Orlando Mustang

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