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Knotts Berry Farm 2005  The Norwegian Freeway drag   DST Short Wheel base Mustang and Mustang P51 2005 Shelby Cobra GT 500 69 CJ-R automatic in France Australian "vinned" Boss 351 1970 ARI Promo car unearthed 2005 Mustang export to Europe cancelled New Pocket Shelby Netherland assembled Mustangs revisited
A pair of 1971 429 well-proven in hillclimbing   The first Mustang in Europe? One of  a dozen 66 T-5 K-code convertibles?

Archived News 

Bullitt 2001 owners row up at Knotts Berry farm

A special movie car display with one of the 6 surviving Eleanors of GISS

David Kunz BULLITT replica as part of the movie car display

Our reporter Gary Hanson visited

Fabulous Ford Forever, Knott’s Berry Farm, April 2005
For each of the last 20 years the Ford family  faithful has gathered each April to celebrate the greatness of all Fords, past and present.  Every year the show has a marquee car line that is highlighted and honored with special recognition.  This year the honor car was the Ford Thunderbird, celebrating 50 years since the original model was introduced.  About 1700 Fords from 1903 to the current models are on display.  It is believed to be the largest gathering of Fords in the world. 
As in past years the car line with the largest representation was the Ford Mustang.  About 400 models from the original 1965s to the latest designs from Saleen and Roush.  The Mustangs on display represent cars from all walks of life, everything from cars needing total restoration to pristine show cars.  The trend toward the “restomods” continues to grow and now seems to be the norm. 
The restomods are even growing in the late model Mustangs.  In an idea that started about two years ago several cars are now equipped with upward lifting side doors, gullwing style.  While they look very difficult to install the word is that the installation is easy and takes 4 hours per door while the special hinges cost about $1700.  They change the whole character of the car and make entry and exit much easier.  These special hinges are not yet available for the early Mustangs.
The latest models from Saleen and Roush are very nice are ready for immediate delivery from selected Ford dealers.  Steve Saleen was on hand to sign autographs and visit with the Mustang crowd.  You can get excellent pictures of the cars from their respective websites. 
A trend in the early models that continues to grow is the installation of newer 5 liter engines with fuel injection along with AOD and 5 speed transmissions.  These newer transmissions are also being seen in the early models with the original engines. 

As in past years it was a great show. 



More than 20 years in the detailing process. This will be probably the most authenthic 68 Shelby, when it's finished. There is more around the corner in the background. 2 Boss 429, one of 15 Torino 302 pace cars, a 69 Dubois Shelby ...plus more

The Hemi Cuda convertible is stored by a friend of Svein Erik in his garage. Svein also owns the only 1969 Super Cobra Jet T-5 in the world. 

Svein is approaching on the fast track Bob Perkins level of dedication to restoration. If it takes 30 years to make a car right, he will take the time.

This 1967 S-code (390cui) powered black Mustang was our "rental car" for a trip to Pony Parts Norway, pictured in the background. The car is owned by Rudi Rønning from Hønefoss and now needs a C6 overhaul. Sorry Rudi, but it wasn't really us, was it?
Did you ever wonder, why Norwegians accumulated so many  big block Mustangs?
When I was just recently in Norway, Lars-Petter Kolkind from the Norsk Mustang Club dropped a sentence that made it all clear. 
"Here in Norway entering a freeway is very dangerous. It's not ruled out who in which lane should wait and who should accelerate or slow down. 
With a Big Block, the choice is easy for us and we decide the way it will be sorted out." 
Maybe that's a reason, why these guys are the toughest competitors on the dragstrip? 

After coming back from this thrilling carnut journey to some Norwegian enthusiasts guided by Lars-Petter and meeting finally Mustang collector Svein Erik A., it came to my mind that there is something, I had really forgotten a bit in the process of this site, the RARE PEOPLE behind the Mustang collections. 

I am starting soon a special series  - "The Mustang Collector"

There are more Mustang Enthusiasts out there that do have the opportunity to live the dream of many other Pony Enthusiasts - in buying, restoring or caring about our beloved items of special interest without necessarily thinking about the savings of your partner.
Still you don't always need a big pocket to acquire more than 3 Ponies, it's most often just about timing and buying and selling, until you get what you really want to keep. 


Note the meshed wire grill - it's not an invention of these days, back then it was already quite popular in the custom business. This custom Mustang was built by Andy Hooton (Picture courtesy Mark Gustavson)

The Dearborn Steel Tubing Short Wheelbase Mustang is only one of never seen and published concept cars. 
More soon exclusively on this site.
Exclusive on Ponysite - The untold Mustang History
The Mustang P51, the DST short-wheelbase Mustang plus more

Ever heard of a Mustang P51? Sure you have heard of the airplane, but certainly not about this unique custom Mustang of the 60ies. 
Thanks to Mark Gustavson and his Lynx Project we can present you untold stories about the Mustang in the next weeks to come.
Unique concept and customs car never published - even in the Witzenburg documentation - will be shown in this section thanks to Mark. Watch out for his soon to be published book on the Lynx project with rare and never published pictures of one of the most exciting Ford and Mercury adventure in the early 60ies.

Here is what Mark has on the Mustang P51:
"Andy Hotton offered, for a short time, a custom conversion kit for the '65 Mustang Fastback.  He called the car the "P51" -- a play on the word "Mustang" and Andy, apparently, was a WWII figher pilot.  There are advertisements for the kit in 1965 issues of Road & Track"

We will first publish an 8 page article exclusively in our club mag 2/2005 and will publish excerts of it on this site later. 


Following the original Mustang 2005 concept car shown above, the front fascia of the new Shelby G.T.500 catches a lot of the original designers ideas and was probably most easy to apply in a short time for an option package as intended.

The finally decided Shelby Cobra GT500's supercharged 5.4-liter SC (not DOHC) V-8 will produce over 450 hp

More pics and details on Ford Media site 

More in the Hot Rod June 2005 issue about the development including pics of the prototype in the Showroom car treatment studio. 

The new Shelby Cobra GT 500 has been launched at the New York Auto Show 2005 

Acc. to latest information 7500-12000 Shelby Cobra GT 500 will be produced, featuring the 5.4 litre engine and about 450HP minimum
Ford took the wraps off the 450-plus horsepower Ford Shelby Cobra GT500 show car at the New York International Auto Show March 23. Designed in the unmistakable image of Shelby Mustangs of the 1960s, the Shelby Cobra GT500 melts SVT's modern engineering with the big-block performance that made the original GT500 the king of the road.

The colour choice will be limited to a red/white scheme as presented, a blue/white one plus 2 sets, that have as of June not yet been decided. Bet it will be white/blue plus Terlingua Racing colours. Price is currently calculated to be between 37.000 dollar and 40.000 dollar. Body changes will be done to the hood and fascia yet.


I did some time ago some BULLITT racing on a forrest road near my hometown against a 2005 Eibach suspension equipped 2005GT.
A local TV station wanted to do a design and driving comparison between a screaming yellow tough 2005 one and a clapped out 68.
Not so clapped out indeed - because they got mine as a comparison - race proven at a french racetrack with an all around Poly and KYB-A-Just suspension, made even stiffer with  Mustang Plus springs front (Magnaplus), rear 5 leaf springs and Magnaplus racing shackles.. The yellow one could hardly escape - just because of the wet terrain occasionally and I did not even have to stretch my legs to get around the corner as they did in the 2005. 
The report was about 4.00 minutes and aired on 23. April in german TV (www.swr.de/rasthaus) (16.30) 
Unfortunately they called my car Grandpa of the new Mustang in the report. I should have known better. These remote off-speakers can be such a pain having no clue what they speak "of". 

Rare Find
Another 69 428 Cobra Jet Ram Air Convertible in France

Unfortunately, the door plate has disappeared, 
but the Marti report says:

76B - Mustang Convertible
6 – Acapulco Blue
7W – White Corinthian Vinyl bucket seats w/black components
07L – Sheduled for built : November 7, 1968
90 – Export
R – 3.25 Traction-lok axle ratio
U – C-6 Cruise-o-matic
Dealer# - 9S0H00

Thierry from France brought this one to our attention. Being aware of about 12 69 CJ-R Convertibles in France, he found one of them in bad shape and is looking for an interested buyer to preserve this car for the future:
"This is a 1969 428 CJ Convertible, automatic. The car is in poor condition, with many rust, missing parts and needs a complete restoration. It was stored since 1988 in a quite humid place… The engine was running last year, but I cannot confirm, as it was not when I saw the car last week.
This rarity is 9T03R130218. Amazing is that 9T03R130219 is also in France! 

Although the original color was acapulco blue with black interior and white top, it's now pearl white, with a white 70 Mach 1 interior.
Due to the amount of work necessary to the restoration, I cannot preserve it myself."
Anybody interested may contact me via this site." Current bid is about 15500 Euro.
Lot's of work to do and engine is not original.
Options listed in the Marti report :  
White power top/glass backlite
GT equipment group
C-6 Cruise-o-matic
Traction lok differential
Visibility group
FR70x14 Wide oval tires
White sidewall tires
Power front disk brakes
Power steering
Exterior decor group
Interior decor group
Deluxe belts/warning lights
Front bumper guards
Accessory packaging
Touch-up kit
Export safety decal
Car was actually produced on november 26, 1968 – nineteen days behind schedule
Australian RHD 1971 Boss 351 with an extraordinary VIN AA02LC36584K


Getting a Mustang over to Australia has never been easy. Driving it as well. This right hand driven Boss 351 however seems to have been the real fan for a guy down under back then. Jo and Lindi inherited it from an relative in the opal mining area of Australia.

It's on sale for an Mustang enthusiast only, so make sure you make the right money offer.

More on the car - click on this link

New 1970 ARI Promo Mach 1 unearthed
Good news from Finland. Marko send some well-spent money to Kevin Marti (www.autoworks.com) to get his Ford data and copy of the original invoice and received confirmation that his car was indeed one of those sent to the Texas International Speedway for promotion purposes. Marko used this car as a daily driver, but of course now plans a rotisserie resto job to get it back to its former glory. 
I will soon add his car to my ARI Pace Car and Promotion Cars registry

We had got information in February 2005 that at least one Mustang 2005 has been available from Ford for the Geneve Automobile Show. (3.-13th. of March). Although the exact usage intended was not quite clear, several indications had let us believe the launch of the Mustang in Europe would be promised and announced at the 75e Salon de l'auto in Geneva. 
But since the delivery problems have arose for the US market and in order to avoid "shades" from any european comparison tests, that might disturb the Mustang hype, no import is planned so far. Rumours have it that initially 2000 were planned for Germany and 

See  www.leblogauto.com for further info.
New Pocket Shelby
The new Fiesta ST is available in blue with white stripes or red with white stripes aside from many other colours
For those who can't afford the new Shelby Mustang, Ford Europe has got the solution with a 150HP powered Pocket-Shelby. 
Although some of you might be amused, this is the car that has been built as an affordable sportscar and has become a hot secret iron in the hands of motoring journalists recently.

TV series moderators called it lovingly a small "race pig". Think of it for your kids to enjoy a little bit of Shelbyism with a standard size money bag.


More proofs for Netherland assembled Mustangs in 1965 through 1967 found.

New documentation that has been researched, proove that the Ford Factory in Amsterdam built Mustangs in 3 consecutive years near a tractor line. 
Kevin Marti had already confirmed quite some time ago the existance of these cars by giving accurate numbers, which you can see on Dave Hammars website. So there is no more doubt in these cars. However best evidence is to see such a car in person.

Arjan vom www.dutchmustang.nl brought  exciting news to our attention.
"My good friend Rob is the owner for the last 22 years of a Dutch built Ford Mustang Coupe. 
The VIN is ANO7FY39558.  
Originally the Mustang came with a 200 cid/2V, 4 speed toploader, standard 66 wheelcaps, 66 trim outside,66 interior, full console, rally-pack, standard black upholstery and front bench seat. Sorry, we have no door-tag plate, but the car is confirmed with the VIN.
Year: 1966
Build: March 1966  at Ford Factory, Hemweg 201, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Body: 65A
Engine: 6 cyl. 200 cid.
Trans: 4 speed manual transmission
Color: Some sort of Green?
(The colour is a story on it's own, we haven't been able to find this paint code in any book or anywhere. )
Owner: Rob van Rijn 

Today this special  Mustang is heavily modified to a real restomod. 
V8 Engine 302 cid, 4 barrel Holley, FMX Transmision, disc-brakes, power-brakes, power-steering, 9 inch. rear-end and loud pipes!! 
For more info..... visit Arjans website 

In Memoriam: Tony Sousa

Tony Sousa, co-organizer and participant of the Mustangs Across America trails died in early January 2005 due to a heart attack.

Thanks to my friend Gary Hanson, who has been "in the MAA trail" since years, let's have a short review of the MAA 2004 in memoriam of Tony.

MAA report 2004


A pair of rare genuine hillclimbing 1971 429 Cobra Jets (original export cars)

Hans Halek - 1971 429 CJ-R

Rolf R. - 1971 429CJ-R

Nothing beats a big block once you enter the mountain world of Austria and Switzerland in tiny little Europe. We'll feature today these two rare export '71 429 Cobra Jets that have certainly paved their tires into the "roads to Heaven" more than once.
Hans Halek from Salzburg takes it more serious. He enters occasionally the Rossfeld Historic hillclimbing race and has done a few mods to his engine and suspension to be up front of his competitors. You'd never expect a Big Body in such a race, but Hans is proud to have won several prices, so don't underestimate its brute torque uphill with a 4-speed.


Rolf R. from Germany recently bought this black Big Body with a 429 Cobra Jet  from Switzerland. It is well optioned and will be featured in our next club mag 1/2005. So be patient for a while..

Both cars are original export Mustangs to Austria, respectively Switzerland, most probably the Austrian is the only one ever exported there, while in Switzerland we do know of already 3, probably around a dozen exported there.
1865 71 429 CJs were made in total, 1512 with Ram Air like these 2., 618 with manual, 894 with automatics (of these 1512), 544 exported and only 3 were exported to Germany as T-5s. 

One of the first serial production Mustang in Europe?

You might have read on this site already about the preproducton Mustang that went to Alan Mann Racing for suspension test as early as February 1964.
Well recently I found this pic of a 260 convertible that is most probably one of the three first Mustangs ever to arrive in the UK for media use. 2 convertibles and one 170 hardtop are mentioned in an early 1964 UK motorjournal, however they were not pictured there. 
Looks like it got a lot of attention immediately after it was put on the docks in Great Britain. Whoever has more on this car, might want to share his memories.
We assume that this is a car around the VIN of #100170. 
We know that there are lower numbers delivered to Europe like 5F08F100145, but the subline of this pic said: "the first Mustang in Europe"

One of about a dozen 1966 T-5 K-code convertibles?

Pictures courtesy Emmanuel

"I bought the car on the 14 July 2004 (Anniversaire de la Revolution!) in Marseille from a french man, who restored it completely 4 years ago. It was one of my teenager dreams and as in our times we cannot speed too much any more on these roads, it was the best way to enjoy driving in an eyecatching convertible. Initially I wanted only a regular convertible, but a friend of mine put me in contact with the T-5 convertible owner. It was not really within my budget, but after thinking about it,this friend who collects cars, told me that it was a great oportunity. Today I really don't regret this. This car has a lot of options. It's VIN indicates it as an early 66 car  (6T08K107xxx) and the door tag codes read as following:
Int.76B    Colour R    Trim 66    Date 03J
DSO 95   Axle 5      Trans 5

At least one of 2 registered today!
Emmanuel from Monaco presents us this ultranice dark green metallic 1966  HiPo convertible shown in front of a perfect RIVA boat  setting at the Monaco seaport..

What else could be a better background for such a beauty? It certainly has found a warm and perfect  home down there. Let's hear, what the owner has to say about this CV.

Thanks for letting us know. There are still no accurate figures about early T-5s (64-66). About 600 of all body styles are estimated by my friend Gary Hanson (T-5 registry owner). According to import statistics 624 Fords were officially imported into Germany by Ford, however US-staff cars (T-5s as well) are not included in that. 

That leaves us only to speculate about the accurate numbers of T-5 Mustangs back then.  Anyway we can assume that the total number of convertibles was less than 200 and the HiPo probably around a dozen in total.

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