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Steve McQueen on a sunny day end of May in 1968:
  "I wanted to see the inside. I saw more than I counted on. I got my head twisted. I was raised in the streets and I never liked cops much. 
But here I am right in the middle of real police business. Man, it's different from the inside....Christ! I am playing a real cop and I can imagine going up against that!" 

Steve found a new friend in Frank Panacci Sr., a real policeman from SFO.

Exclusive pics, letters and stuff archived by the son of a BULLITT film crew supporting SFO police member - Frank Panacci jr.
Interviewed by Anthony Bologna

See the Ponysite Bullitt News here

The Proof - a 1966 N-Code Mustang assembled in the Amsterdam Factory.
Finally Arjan Nugteren found a real proof of Mustangs assembled in the Netherland, an original Ford picture from the Factory Archives.
More will be published on www.dutchmustang.nl 
More on this site as well in the near future.

Picture Ford Factory Amsterdam/NL late 1965

Mustang Enthusiast has a heart for foreign Mustangers.
The new February 2006 issues has an article with a few cars from our club and about this site. Make sure you get the last copy at the Newsstand. Richard Truesdell did some really stunning shots of a handful selected club cars in 2005. 

Now at the Newstand - 
German Road Rippers in  Mustang Enthusiast Feb. 2006!

You might expect to see a detailed report on US drag racing facilities of the Mighty Mustangs Net group in Germany out during late 2006. A dyno and drag event will be held some time in late May, early June. 
A really unique RARE FIND in France
This is definitely one of one!!!!! Why?

A unique 67 GTA lost and found by our reporter Eric 
Liberté, Fraternitè, Egalitè = Tolerance!

Solution: O.k., a good dose of humour that you need here.  Somebody put a french heartbeat in your american icon and it worked. Tolerance either way makes things work indeed. Don't flame the guy who did this, wait for your fuel prices to raise to the level we have here in Europe. We've seen it all - Mercedes, VW Diesel, tractor engines in a Mustang .. you name it. What do you have in your Mustang. Let's here about weird projects.
Pictures above thanks to Eric from France.
  The Mustang Pegasus is finally undergoing a thorough restoration
Owner Ramon and Mark S. Gustavson (The Lynx project) have exchanged information and "teamed up" to make this restoration of a unique Ford Custom Car Caravan show vehicle the Story to read in year 2005, maybe 2006.
If you've followed Ponysite news since a few years, you saw this car coming. Look here for past information and expect more detailed info soon.

Update 2009 - restoration not yet finished


2006 sees the 35th anniversary of "Diamonds are forever",  
Remember the famous James Bond movie with the red 429 Mach1? 
What an opportunity for a series of special promo cars. Las Vegas will be the place to be acc. to 007forever.com.
2006 is not only the 35th Anniversary of Diamonds Are Forever (released 12/17/71 in the US), but the 50th Anniversary of the publication of Ian Fleming's DAF novel and the 60th or "Diamond Anniversary" of James Bond joining the British Secret Service! 

So, join us for a DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER ANNIVERSARY WEEKEND in Las Vegas! Events will include: a tour of James Bond locations including new locationsnot seen at BCW2; visit to the Paris' Eiffel Tower (AVTAK) and the Venetian's Gondola Rides (MOONRAKER); a special movie screening; Bond celebrities, and optional fun for an additional admission fee such as shooting Bondian weapons on the gun range or hovercraft rides in the desert! The Las Vegas weekend will include a low admission price plus optional add-on items. (Matt Sherman)

If you see a Diamond Edition 2006 Mustang there, rest assured the whole story started here at Ponysite. See our "Diamond" section for background to create the suitable car. Click Here
  The Mustang Stationwagon
Another Mustang that deserves a second look and additional research beyond the books. 
This car was built by Intermeccanica in Italy back then, as we all know. 
But there is more. Or less. Depends onhow you see it. 

Gerry built a scale model of this car. Read more about it here.

  Boss 302 found in Iran
0F02G16.... indicates the proper VIN for a BOSS 302 and it will be soon registered with the BOSS registry.

Our iranian reporter says: 
"This Boss 302 popped up at an auction. As you can see, the car has the shaker. Other options are fold down rear seat and a tachometer. The engine is intact. The paint is red, and it looks orange because it was lying abandoned outside and has turned orange from being under the sun for so long."

The Boss turned out as a real BOSS 302, VIN confirmed by Kevin Marti's report.
The car was originally build in March 70 and sold to Wilson Ford Sales in Huntington Beach/CA. 

It features
Evaporative Emissions, a four-speed trans, Traction-Lok Differntial, F60x15 Belted Tires w/raised white letters, shaker hood scoop and sport deck rear set, AM/FM stereo and tinted glass plus a tach. More on the history of the car soon here.

If you'd like to read something about the iranian Mustang scene, visit the Mustangs around the World section. Here
  Rare Find of the Year in Germany
This 67 G.T.500 #783 was 30 years burried in a garage under piles and  unearthed just recently. Being one of a few  67 export Shelbys it's a rare find indeed. Originally white, it will hopefully be turned back to its original glory in a ground-up restoration.

The owner is willing to part with it for a reasonable sum to finance his other resto projects. There are already several interested parties bidding on this one already and yes, SAAC has confirmed the Ford VIN to be true.

Update 2008: The car will return to Luxembourg after it has been in the US for a thorough restoration.

1972 Sprint convertibles
Rex Turner, who is running the 1972 Sprint convertible Registry  tells us a bit more "Behind the scenes" about his personal treasure and the registry. 
37 are currently  registered out of only 50 built back then for the Cherry Blossom Parade/Washington D.C. 

Read more on Rex car here

We've got one of those here in Europe in Norway and one in Sweden.

Exclusive on this site 
Traces of the 1964 Tour de France Mustang #82 
(or DPK5B licence plate wise) driven by Bo Ljungfeldt and co-driver Fergus Sager, which actually did not finish due to battery problems and a disqualification. Click on the pic!

Revisit the winning TDF cars and their history
The History of the '64 TDF winner Mustang DPK7B
The History of the '64 TDF 2nd winner Mustang DPK6B

Coming soon: 
The history of the TDF spare parts car DPK4B
Rare Find Twister Special 

Terry Fritts from the Twister Special Registry confirmed this one, after we checked the VIN with him. But it turns out this '70 Twister Special won't be saved probably for more years to come.
The interested buyer got a no-no finally from the current owner. 

We were updated these days in October 2005 that this car will rest further outside in the weeds, the owner does not want to part with it and intends to keep it for his retirement.  
More about the Mustang Milano 
Thanks to Mark Gustavson's archive and Jeff Burgy, we've got insight into more details of this most famous Mustang concept car. 
Plus new never published photos thanks to Rob and Sharon McLellan Automotive literature shop..

More here


Picture Archive Robert de la Rive Box.
Visit the Sony & Cher Mustangs 
Philippe Guattari, well known Mustang historian of the Mustang Club de France revisited his friend Don Chambers at Mustang Country Intl. and takes you with him on a nice excursion. 
Read more
The Mustang Zebra 
We are going to have a closer look at this famous Barris Custom car fabricated for the Sinatra movie "Marriage on the Rocks".
This car is stored as of 2005 in the Mustang Country, Paramount collection.

Read more 
The TASCA 505 - 

The Tasca 505 was built as one of 20 personalized cars for Bob Tasca, given as a gift from Ford to him.
The Alexander brothers built this car. 

I do have a trace to the owner that bought it from Tasca later. Hope to have more in the next future. 
If anybody knows something about the whereabouts, pls. contact me.
Update 2007: The current owner has contacted us, but would like to remain anonymous.

 Read more
Total Ford Performance Day at the Nuerburgring 13th. July 2005
Thanks to Rich Truesdell and Ford UK/D
Several mags were interested to report about this lifestyle oriented performance car tour.. 
Our  network over here organised a number of "genuine" GT40ies to meet the GT during the trip in London, Monaco, Reims and Le Mans, amongst them were #1012, #1062 and 4 others at least.

Read more in a sneak preview  about that thrilling event

A true Powerhorse - a 427 equipped 68 Fastback
Many Mustangers have dreamt of this performance mix and others have been afraid of it to come true. Cory Ellwyn just built one for himself. Starting in 1981 and finetuning it since the early 90ies today Cory even turns down big number offers. 

Read more about his unique Special Performance Vehicle - here

You've got some more hours left to browse even more archived news? Here is the content of our previous Archive. 
Expect some more true Rare Finds and interesting tidbits of Mustang history, you've never heard of...   

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