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The Parnelli Jones Limited Edition at the New York Auto Show
Picture thanks to our Friend Richard Truesdell at the New York Auto Show
More on this in the Trans Am Section

Ever heard of the Mustang Hobo?
Joel Patrick Inc. produced this nice top for Mustang convertibles. More soon only on Ponysite.
We'd like to see survivors out there.

Read more details of the Mustang Hobo here on this site

Mustang Bandido on sale 

The Mustang Bandido, a famous Custom car was  in March 2006 on sale. 

This car is one rare piece out of the former Don Chambers Mustang Country collection.
"Mustangs and Less"

..might be the title of this new page here. Looking for odd couples out there. Rinaldo is first, since he shared my passion for the little Fiats together with a 10 times bigger engined Mustang.
Read on and send in your "Less" and "More" combinations.


Did not Ponysite.de predict it  more than 2 years ago? ... while other forums were listing up 1000 reasons why it could not? 

Yes we did (this is a link our old news back then
2005 Hertz having the word from one that knew about it  and having our ear always at the heartbeat of Mustang.

There are some Mustangers amongst us that don't play around with one Mustang after another, but a variety of TOYZ at the same time. The TRANS-AM Style. Everything or nothing. 

The Bowden family is well known for their car care, not only in terms of related products, but as well in preserving valuable cars for the next generation to come. But first of all of course any collector preserves things for himself or his kids. The Bowden's are special however in that sharing their jewels with clubs once and then and showing them off at racing events in their natural environment. 
Ponysite is proud having had the first full insight into the Bowdens collection of 90 cars Down under in mid 2005. Aside from the Coca Cola Moffat Boss 302, they have added quite some rarities of the Shelby notchback aera plus more from the australian Ford and Holden racing scene. This is the first visit in a series yet to come.
First in a row of a new series on Ponysite

Check in here for a sneak inside the Bowden's Paradise.
The 35th. Anniversary Diamonds are Forever Bond Special Model! 

A 2006 Diamond Mustang GT 
Ford might get a better idea out of this promotion proposal.
Read more

Maybe even a better idea for the 2011 Mustangs. 

While some think about 2009 Mustangs, we think early about 2011/12 Mustangs.
How to get a cheap IRS under your classic 'stang.
Ponysite has researched a nice solution.

This IRS set-up in a classic Mustang with quite an history can be redone with an early 9-leaf Corvette set-up acc. to Spring guru Mike from Detroit Eaton Springs.  

We found this set-up under an IRS Mustang in Sweden, recently published in the Power Magazine, while researching the history of the IRS Mustangs (article published in our club mag 04/2005). The true history of the IRS Mustangs will be published some time here in 2006, still if you want to try one of these set-ups that seem to work suprisingly well, go call Fred from Detroit to ask your customized set. I am sure they will collect requests and do a limited series again. Mike  told us this was quite popular in the 60ies, but we've never heard of it nor read in Mustangs mags about it. So here is your chance. 
Special thanks go to Mats G. Johansson for his contribution to the research.
The Belgium Mustang and Cougar Club hosted the biggest indoor Mustang Show 2006 of Europe at the Auto Retro Brugge

Further Pics see the BMCC Web

The recreation of the Mustang Milano!
Bob Sifferd has started a new project - to walk the extra mile and build a Mustang Milano from a 1969 Shelby G.T.350. Perfection is what drives him and so is his choice of cars. Now don't shout at Bob yet, we are talking about scale models here. But this might get us back in contact with the guy that e-mailed me 2-3 years ago who intended to attempt this custom job in 1:1 scale. Bob will have all the answers now to get him in the right direction.

Follow along this project on Bobs Milano project site


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