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Pictures from the Ford Action Nuerburgring AVD Oldtimer Grand Prix vintage car event  
Click here for a link to the Mustang Club of Sweden webpage

Reinhold Groeppers racer at the Nürburgring

Thanks to Mats and the Mustang Club of Sweden.
See you next week, guys.... up there in Sweden

Picture courtesy Mats/Mustang Club of Sweden
Ford could save millions with our Ad Campaign proposal 
but they did not

Follow us for a variety of  advertisement suggestions!

If you've ever wondered what the origin of the Mach 1 was,
think again, but have a close look at this 1959 Ford concept car and the writing on its thrilling roof line. 


Ford Motor Co. is joining forces again with racing legend Carroll Shelby to produce a new high-performance Ford Mustang that will hit dealerships later this year. Ford announced the new vehicle to dealers at meetings in Las Vegas
in mid-August 2006 
The new Shelby GT
is coming in January 2007- but in the wrong colours black or white. 
Make your voice heard.

Fewer than 10,000 of the 4.6-liter, 325-horsepower coupes will be built. They will go on sale beginning in January based on a request by the dealers to react to customers complains about the GT500 prices.
We hear the hood will be exchanged still, but we don't feel comfortable with the current concept car of the SHELBY GT.
The 4.6-liter, 325-horsepower Shelby GT will only be offered as a coupe and in two exterior colors, Performance White or Black as the press notes run. 
We will however soon see another hot Shelby as told. We are sure it must be a green and a special GT500 Le Mans Edition. It could be so easy..to make money. 
The Low-Bucks Dealer Request Shelby GTs (LBDRS-GTs) will begin as standard Mustang GTs from Ford's Flat Rock assembly plant. They are then shipped to the Shelby Automobiles facility in Las Vegas for modification. The poor looking riveted hood is the worst element as of now.  Shelby enthusiasts will have to call SA for launching it finally with a bit more tasteful  colour choice like green and blue. 
'The most famous 
Movie Chase Scene

Reliving at the Bullitt Nats 2006

Anthony Bologna followed David Kunz Bullitt 'stang and Scott Ullrichs 68 Charger. See Anthonys Web gallery

A famous Shelby called 6S342 
driven by Herbert Mueller of the Ecurie Filippinetti is returning finally to the States.
After the Rosso Bianco museum has moved its inventory to the Netherlands, owner R.R. finally had a reason to bring his car home. R. bought it when he was stationed in Germany back then in the 80ies and lent it first to the Nuerburgring museum, then to the Rosso Bianco Museum. We are glad to see it finally back on the track some time in the near future, although it was one of my personal favourites, that I was interested to buy. 
Thierry R. was one of the editors that had the opportunity to ride the first Shelby GT500 in Europe at the Le Mans Classic (July 7-9th., 2006) imported after the Detroit press date and handled by Roush UK. 
Ford had it sent over to be used in a parade lap on the historic racetrack and to do special pics - might there be a special Le Mans version in the future?. 

 The Shelby will be featured in a number of european mags like Auto Plus, Nitro, Octane and more to come. Blick online from Switzerland has already featured the car 


A second GT500 has arrived at www.uscars24.de on 11th. of July

More about the GT 40th Anniversary and a world record gathering of 54 GT40ies at the Le mans Classic here

Picture courtesy Thierry R./Auto Plus/Mustangpassion

3 Shelby GT-H lined up for tech inspection at SAAC-31
Picture courtesy Joseph Boland

Classic and retro come together, both handbuild from almost scratch, it's Joseph Bolands clone rowed up with the first GT-H prototype at the Virginia International Raceway. Prototype or clone, they share the same dedication of their builders and a vision of what it should be, isn't that what leads to great cars?

SFM5R107 made its first public debut after decades
While we consider this Competition Model to be "ours", since it spent its racing career mostly in Germany, it returned to the US a long time ago after being rescued by Craig C. to the US.  Restoration began, but due to a lack of time in his very busy schedule, he rather decided to let it go to be displayed finally. It was finished in time by Cobra Automotive's under Curt Voigts leadership and  displayed for an east coast gentleman (the new owner) at the SAAC-31 for the first time. The new owner Paul .P. enjoys it a lot.

SAAC-31 Gallery from Joe Grippo

Picture courtesy SAAC/Howard Pardee

Picture courtesy of Friedhelm Theisen (one of the R107 racers in Germany).
By coincidence we have just succeeded to link the owner of the other car to its past racer (Klaus Fritzinger and his Shelby clone that was the toughest competitor to 5R107)

SAAC-31 saw a few other Shelbys first appearance
after decades like the Ray Cuomo 66 Shelby Notchback #6 now owned by Frank Dobias/Jan Nelson (the later was the original driver).

Pic courtesy F.Dobias


The Michigan ARI Grabber Orange Promotion Mach 1's
While we all know meanwhile about the calypso corral Texas Speedway Promo Mach1s, the 5 ARI Pace car 428 Convertibles and the mystery 5 ARI 428 Fastbacks, little has been written about these additional grabber orange Promo cars that were given away at the Michigan International Speedway on June 06, 1970. J
John Betts brought this to our attention, being an eye witness back then.

"I took pictures at the MIS June qualifying and practice. I went through my old slides and found I had accidently taken a picture of one of the ARI convertibles.  I remember Ford had a big promotion going on in the infield.  There were orange Mustangs parked all together by a large tent.  It must have been some kind of dealer party and car pickup program. Ford had a strong presence at MIS in the early years. The garages and scoreboard had Autolite and Ford emblems painted on them.....I found some snap shots I took on June 6, 1970. They are of poor quality, but I can make out the Ford tent and the shapes of the cars located around it.  Some like 12-24 cars. All were the same color as the pace car convertible. (Grabber Orange). The Ford tent was in the middle of the infield.  The tent had two half circle openings with the Ford emblem in the middle.  The cars were setting around the tent. Sorry about the quality, but I used a 1950's vintage fixed lens box camera for the snap shots.  In one of the June and August MIS race programs was the Mustang advertisement.  The other was a small picture of the Grabber Orange convertible  leading the pace lap at  the June MIS race.  I remember seeing only orange Mustangs and the pictures I have found show no other color Mustangs."

More on the ARI Pace- and Promocars from Ponysite here, if you missed it

he famous MIS 428 Convertible Pace Car , repainted several times from the original grabber green...

..but look at the background, where the Ford tent was and obviously "12-24" orange Mustangs  


The Mustang GT-R  
- a brute street/strip car
Samu Kaunisto from SK-Autosound owns this special GT-R and put a number of genius ideas in the customized 68 former S-code like fabricated audio trays, NOS-Bottle plus more. The Edelbrock equipped 302 spins wheels through a C-4 with 3500 TCI stall converter and is good for a low 12sec. run this season.
See more on his car here 

More pics from the X-Treme-Festival here


Low mileage (5255 Miles) Boss 429 found.

"I just purchased a very low mile 70 Boss 9 which I have been trying to buy for over 20 years.  The car has only 5,255 miles.  

The engine had a lower end problem which was repaired at a Ford garage but because the dealer wanted the owner to pay for part of the repairs he hocked it up to a tow bar and took it home. The engine block was in a wagon" J.B. 

Hot 'stangs on the Market
This '66 K-Code Convertible  
s 1of 13 with automatic, 1 of 54 with this drivetrain acc. to the Hi-Po Mustang registry.

Gary Gunter's convertible will be soon at an oncoming Russo and Steele auction.

This car has been concours style restored, and is on sale, if the money is right. 

for sale from previous owner Bruce Weiss

This outstanding and fully documented car had been covered on this site and the MCA Mustang Times more than a decade ago.

Asking 300.000 Dollar
More on the history of #120302

Still on sale as of April 2008, Update: Sold in late 2009
Exclusive TOP NEWS
One of the 1964 Tour de France Mustangs unearthed in 2006?!
This car has been not on the racetracks since 1989, but is now under restoration.
We are currently piecing together the history from this Mustang history icon and it's not easy to link it up through the years, but the VIN is right and documented. It has been believed to be burnt up in a workshop fire at Frami Racing, but that was most probably another Mustang.
This might be indeed the DPK5B driven by Bo Ljungfeld in the Tour de France race, then driven by Mike Salmon, sold to Rob Slotemaker form the Algemeen Dagblad Racing Team, then sold to Serge Trosch. From there it went into a barn under pinball machines and was found by the current owner in the early 8oies, raced until 1989 and put into storage. Now it might be back soon. 
Read more about this rare Pony. 

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