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The 1967 Shelby - 40 Years Anniversary 2007 is on!

One of the special guests in our new club mag. Alan Faulkner-Stevens, a former Aston Martin designer living near Newport-Pagnell, the hometown of AM. If you know the 1967 Shelby story inside out, you may understand why this masterpiece had to be red - just like Charly (Chuck) McHose' masterpiece. 

Did you know, Charlie worked in the Ford Design Center with Phil Clark? After leaving Ford and Shelby, he went to Mattel to design car toys, drove a 68 Shelby himself and more. Expect an exclusive interview with Chuck here soon.
If it comes to 1967 Shelby restoration, there are only a few real experts out there, probably less than 5. Alan is one of them and he does peak-level restorations. His latest project is awaiting completion after 2 years. We listened to him for all the details of the first and later 67 Shelbys. 

The PEGASUS will be reunited with its creators.
We have followed this early Ford Custom Car Caravan highlight for years and finally owner Ramon could get in touch with its original creators to finish the restoration with the best attention to details. Being long retired the customizers have teamed up to help Ramon and put their hands on the car for a second time. Stay tuned for more.

Picture Mark Gustavson


Looking for Ghia Cobra and other hidden pics


Click for more info , another interview with Wally and share those with us.

PJ and George Follmer back on track in 2007
Mark your calendars for these "Must-see" events in 2007
Michelotti designed this 1967 Meccanica Maniera 4700GT Mustang and displayed it at the Geneva Auto-Salon 1967. You see it here next to the Shelby Zagato, that is still around in Switzerland.

Anybody who has more pictures of this car?

Picture: Auto Retro Magazine 1984, found by Jean-Philippe for Mustangpassion.com
Swiss Mustang & Shelby Museum opens in early 2008!
20 cars are already selected and bought for this interesting project of a swiss businessman. 28 will be the final number for the opening in early 2008. Amongst them rare K-Codes, one of probably 2 T-5 K-code Convertibles, Shelbys of each year until 1968. 
P.I. focusses on 100-points Concours car for his collection and makes no compromise regarding Quality. Legendary Motor Cars has been one of the selected suppliers for this project, but a big number is from Europe as well. Stay tuned for further info.
T-5 Registry
My good old friend Gary Hanson finally launched his own Ford T-5 website. Click on the pic to start his engine and get his webcounter running into the thousands.
The Mustang Lovers Valentine Cruise 2008

Want to join a bunch of real Mustang maniacs on board for a 7-day Mustang cruise 10th-17th. February 2008? Going to the ports of Nassau, St.Tomas and St. Martin in the caribbean tropicals? Talking to maniacs like Kevin Marti, Arley Witsell (ex-MCA president), Arnold Marks (Mustangs etc.), Larry Jewitt (Mustang Enthusiast magazine), Mark Fletcher (collector car appraiser), Ed Terwilliger (detailing/restoration expert) and Rich Truesdell (photojournalist)? Then book your Mustang Valentine cruise starting at around 600 $ for a die-hard cabin project  (well, not so) to a mere 2100 $  for a concours deluxe suite.
Update March 15th.2007,Much more info and no, I don't get money for this. 
In our research Ponysite.de has stumbled over many a Cobra topic. While we certainly won't compete with any established Cobra site, next section opened is the Ponysite 
Sidescoop -
Check it out now!

This section will cover some COBRA basics, but will feature the one-offs or unexpected Cobra news. We'll start with a Lance Coren Interview by Wallace Wyss, continue with a Trevor Legate interview, Pete Ettmüllers memories from the Scuderia Felipinetti, Herbert Mueller stuff, the Barris Cobra and such kind of unexpected Cobra stuff. Join us in our effort to create another effective sidescoop of Ponysite.
The Giugiaro Mustang  in Germany

The current (April 2007) italian mag Design and Cars has a thrilling story on this design study and many concept drawings are shown, that might have an influence on the 2009 Mustang.
Essen/Germany Motorshow Fords

The Sneak Preview: 
The Galpin Boss in Action
Expect full coverage of the hot "horseshoe" in an oncoming magazine. 
Don't forget, If you read mags, your family can enjoy your frontside  more often and share your emotions much better.:)

Shelby Group 2 racers
in Peru

The Peruvian connection. Thanks to Benito Lores.
Exclusive on www.ponysite.de. Click here



We have pointed to this phantastic  
2006 challenge tour
quite some time ago. Editor A.M. Roks realized one of his dreams with some help from our network and toured with a red 2006 Mustang recently the historic Tour de France route.
The article will appear in the oncoming December issue of Autovisie in the Netherlands. Visiting some of the old racetracks along the route and enjoying great panoramic views of the french alps another editor had a great time in a Mustang. 
Read more here
Look here for the recent SEMA 2006 Mustangs
Exclusive by Richard Truesdell for Ponysite
Magazine editors invited to ask for specific photoshootings. 

The Roush entered  project car
at the SEMA is a Doug Hoppes high-end build ..called Reactor ...from the Ring Brothers. Mentioned already in the Oct. issue of Hot Rods it features a 427 Roush IR engine, big brakes, Protouring everything and a bunch of carbon-fiber body pieces from Gemini Technology Systems in Wisconsin. 
In addition to that 3 engine packages including a 700HP charger set-up for the GT500 were shown.

Galpin Ford  has a long history in customizing Mustang.
We said it before, but Ford obviously is revitalizing its other resources for marketing of niche cars, while they really need to focus on the volume cars. The blue Galpin Mustang above features a new Boss crate engine.
A full feature on the BOSS 302 Galpin is soon covered in Mustang Enthusiast or another muscle car mag. Rich did an excellent photoshooting of it. Expect lots of burning smoke.

Pics in the SEMA collection above
More details on Roush website.  
Rich Truesdell has a reason to write for Mustang Enthusiast. 
He is one himself. And he likes to lean over engine bays and talk to others, even across the pond.

One of the photostories Rich did before and after the SEMA is about the ANACONDA GT690GW from Maibellene Autosports. His great shots will make it into mags. Get in touch with us, if you run a publication and would like to do a pro-story on one of the SEMA highlights.

Gene Winfield and Leonard Compton from Maybellene Autosports are back with the ultimate  Mustang Muscle Machine. This Anaconda is much stronger than any Super Snake in the world. Make sure you get one of only 21 being produced. 
All the specs at your fingertip here thanks to Jim Enochs.

Ford Performance Display at the Geneva Classics
A nice Ford performance portfolio out of Claude Nahums collection
A genuine GT40, a new GT, a 2007 California Special and 5R096, the former Comstock Racing R-Model

No, it wasn't actually Ford that made this effort, but Burgol Racing from Geneve, who put up this nice booth at one of the most promising european new events featuring a mix of classic boats, airplanes, Racing cars, art and memorabilia. 

More pics here
Reliving the past at a swedish drag strip
Once in a while your editor of choice has a good day with other Mustang maniacs in Europe.
Meeting Tord Jonsson and Mats Johansson made my day, when I had something to do up north in Sweden. Cruising in Mats 65 289 powered 4-speed Hardtop, staging at a Malmö dragstrip, riding the Bullitt of Tord and feeling the vibes of a 420HP Boss 302 racer from Jorgen. 

Swedish guys have a long history of setting up ultimate drag cars. A speed limit of 410km/h at this Malmö based 1/8th ! mile strip is a bit of a limitation to their skills, but low-speed peak torque is the key here.
More pics here

Watkins Glen and Lime Rock  
saw the gathering of a big group of vintage Trans Am Mustangs. Have a look at our friend and reporter Steve Francis' webgallery.

Click here for Lime Rock and here for Watkins Glen

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