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Iosis design becoming a corporate fleet style?
Although the influence of the european Ford design team has become a certain factor with the latest Mondeo, let's hope the route has not been laid out  for more cars of the worldwide fleet. I am afraid, we will see more of these "Machete stye" BMW-oriented cars. Maybe they put once each Ford car next to a BMW and thought about entering more rigid the world car market. Again I am afraid, it was like that. 

"Ford of Europe's model range will have an all-new addition early in 2008 – The Ford Kuga. A preview model of the production vehicle will be presented to the press and public at the 2007 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show, which opens on September 13.
"With the launch of the Ford Kuga, we will keep the promise that we gave at the Paris Motor Show 2006: to develop a stylish new model based on the stunning Ford iosis X concept car in less than two years," said John Fleming, President and CEO, Ford of Europe.
Ford's European Design team has applied its exciting 'kinetic design' form language to introduce a compact and distinctive new 4x4 crossover to the Ford portfolio.
"We recognised that image-conscious customers for this kind of vehicle want a very individual car in which impressive on-road capability blends seamlessly with substantial off-road ability," said Martin Smith, Executive Design Director for Ford of Europe. Source: Ford Europe/19th. July 2007
Following the Iosis X Concept car at the Paris Motor Show, today Ford presents its new Ford KUGA 4x4- to be on sale in 2008.

Although everybody within the Mustang related teams swears, the next one will be still an iconic Mustang as it used to be with hips and such, well a certain blend towards the new faces of the tri-bar Interceptor route or this new Edge-Design seems to become inevitable. 

Maybe we should really back up and promote the Dynacorn business a bit more for the oncoming generation?

Shelby Racing II - SAAC32

Dale Mathers from NZ (aka Kiwiboss)
sent us these nice pics from his recent tripp to the Shelby Club yearly event. His friends took him out for a visit to a Shelby museum and welcomed him as usual for Mustangers and Shelbians.
Bob Bondurant and Phil Henny presented their new book.
Same Bob  and Pete Brock were speakers at the dinner. 

Pictures Dale Mathers/NZ






The Shelby museum
Shelby Racing last weekend 

Racing hot Ford and Shelby iron is not a domain of the US alone. Swedish racers are long known for having  the same kind of race blood in their veins as the well-known big names. This is SFM 6S052, an ex-Hugenholtz race car and having been raced in the TOUR AUTO years ago. Finally being back in Europe again. My fellow in Sweden Mats Johansson captured it 50km north of Lund last weekend. 
Walt Hane told us there is one more Shelby GT350 racer coming over to Europe soon. No worry, we can take more, there are numerous nice racetracks still around on this site of the pond. Photoalbum from Knutsthorp/Sweden.
Here are a few other oncoming european club events from our friends.
Holly Clark sent us first pics of the Phil Clark Stampede and Mustang show in Hillsboro/Texas and a report. 

More pics and the report here

The Phil Clark Memorial corner at the Stampede 2007. 
Remember the designer of the Mustang emblem and the Mustang I show car.
Ford was again a major sponsor at the Goodwood Festival of Speed  22.-24.June.
Aside from the Roush GT600RE the Roush prepared Shelby GT500 used already last year at the Le Mans Classic and for numerous publications article was entered in a hillclimb race at the Goodwood estate. There will be more suprises including some samples of the latest newest series of Shelby Daytona Coupes probably on display with Rod Leach. The Italdesign Mustang is "on" plus more for Fordnatics. We hoped to have exclusive pics and interviews here this week. Since I am often on the road, I don't have time to put it up as of now, sorry.

The Roush GT600RE pictured in front of the British Motorsport museum near Gaydon
Picture Roush UK/Ford USA
TASCA 505 unearthed - 
Exclusive pictures on Ponysite.de of the famous customized Mustang  - after more than 25 years being out of sight.

Another mystery car that has not been seen in the public in over 25 years. It was only started up for about a dozen times, but it did not leave its storage for a spin - yet and probably won't for some years. We are fortunate to have the owners trust that we will keep the secret of its location, so don't ask.

Again I am sorry for teasing you only, but I am still sorting my "holiday news" to be published properly here. More in a few days.
Meanwhile you might like to review what we had so far on the TASCA 505 by Mark Gustavson and one of its previous owners. The car was sold to the new owner in the 80ies. Stay tuned.

Breaking News
1.Jerry Heasley published a piece on the Mustang Pegasus in his RARE FINDS column in the August Mustang and Fords issue. Those searching for the pics he is looking for, go here
Thanks for crediting this page and Mark Gustavson from www.customclinic.com for his contribution. Expect more on custom Mustangs on his site soon and have a look at his own Mustang Pegasus scale model.
2. The Brad Pitt in a BULLITT remake was feeded again by a "source" and that he accepted the role. At least then we will have Angelina with him in the movie. Denied later.
Brad in Bullitt Remake 2008?

3.Another early Mustang with a low 10000X number has been found. Top secret yet amongst insiders, but you'll read about it soon elsewhere . Update- car seems to be lost forever - gone to the weeds.
The good thing about this website is that more and more people pop in these days via the Internet, having searched about their own or families history. 
This time it is David Campion/UK, who found something about Alan Mann Racing team on our site and talked his father Alec Campion (82) into digging something out for him and us. Alec Campion  worked for Alan Mann from 1964-1967 (pictured here on the right working on the later second placed Tour de France 64 Mustang DPK6B) and drove the Econoline support van, so has lots of things to tell. Hope we can squeeze some nice background stories more. I need a few more days to work on the pics, but they offer another insight in the preparation of the Ford Total Performance programm through Alan Mann Racing starting with the unloading of the Falcons and the Econolines including the Monte Carlo Rally 1964 to the Cobra Coupes #11 and #12 at Le Mans.

Alec Campion 1964 checking out the engine bay of one of the Alan Mann entered Falcons.

Alec remembers the green Econoline with the big block as well, but regrets that he had no opportunity to drive it.
AMR mechanic John Grant told us back then, it was a 390 and that he is/was damn sure about that.
I am back with tons of News, but still not enough time to get them through to you.

Automotive travelling is my new passion and if offers insight in many aspects of the Mustang fever around the world. By putting insider information bits together there is more to tell here in the near future about Ford USA plans using synergy with Australias and New Zealands FPV activities, history bits of famous Ford race cars and rare Mustangs hidden in the Kiwiland. 

Why are the NZ Mustangers true experts? Because they can only get Mustangs approved for the road, that have to meet todays requirements for road cars in terms of quality, so there is a  zero-tolerance philosophy in restoring Mustangs. If you need perfect cars, plan your next visit to NZ for shopping, but they will give you a hard time to get them out of their country. The AUS and NZ muscle car enthusiasts could enjoy that 6oies/70ies aera much longer and many a performance, brake or suspension part got further developped through the years, so watch out for some Kiwi and Down under stuff for your next modification.  You might be surprised about the workmanship and the quality and technical advantage. More soon or either on Automotivetraveler.com about this thrilling journey to paradise of nature with a few racetracks. The perfect environment for the new automotive lifestyle real estate trend. Not only for retired ones.  

This Boss 429 owner from NZ would like to have more insight in the drag race history of his BOSS 429. He has pulled many strings, but only a few traces could be found. If you have any information on a B429 on a US strip back then with an HM engine, pls. contact us. We'll be right back to you.

Dale likes it comfortable at his workplace, but at the same time he is ready to jump in and take you for the ride of your life. 
A diehard racer and perfectionist in his work, there is a lot to learn from Dale.

Meeting Mustangers with a story to tell is my ambition. This time my wife and me took the extra burden to fly about 23hours around the world to meet some of the nicest ones and true Mustang experts at the same time. 
Dale Mathers, John and Diane Noble, Roy McDonald and Rob & Sue Donaldson, to name a few. Sorry to my other friends down there that I have missed to spent a few hours with like members of the 7 Mustang clubs all over New Zealand.

Roy McDonald (Automotive Engineering) and John Noble, a long-time reporter of Ponysite.de and meanwhile a friend as well from Dunedin posing for Ponysite with the famous NZ PDL racer. A selection of some other fantastic cars were in Roys stable at this moment like a Concours restored B429 from  Gary McNeill , some outstanding Ford race cars and a few rarities of the  cars of Jim Covert, who recently brought his collection to NZ for a museum.

Rob Donaldson from the Mustang Centre in Christchurch/NZ gave your editor a very hearty welcome.  A number of project and customer cars were inside. 
Above Rob is posing with his stunning freshly restored own car ready to pass the approval process.
Carroll Shelby says himself in his latest OCTANE mag 05/2007 editorial,
that the true story about how the GT40 came to life has  not really been told and that the Mustang was put together by (the team- Ed) of Hal Sperlich. Another hint that it is worth to do more research in the truth. Hal was on top of Phil Clark.

Think again about supporting  Holly Clark this summer. Signals are positive that the 2nd book is out soon with lots of details about him being at GM and joining Ford carrying the Mustang idea with him. 

Doing the Pony emblem from his pre-Ford drawings to the final emblem, about the coming up of the tri-bar and all these detailed bits about how the Mustang name came up and where it appeared on which documents first - in the relevant period early 1962. Some surprises are in order. 
Ever seen the first Pony Emblem that was made?

This is Phil Clarks own handmade Pony Emblem on the clay model of the Mustang I in mid May 1962. 

The Phil Clark Stampede (30th. June, Hillsboro Texas) was a full success. Read the story HERE
2007  seems to be the SHELBY YEAR
Phil Henny,  Shelby Le Mans mechanic and close friend of C.S.,as well as many a race driver, book writer and a contributor to Ponysite.de, sent us this news first.

"I just finish a beautiful book with Bob Bondurant. I enjoyed very much spending quality time with him and re-living those fantastic Cobra years. We are so lucky to have been part of this FABULOUS era! Bob is dedicating the book to Carroll Shelby, Dan Gurney did the introduction."
Another almost perfect BULLITT Mustang is driven by a LAPD Detective. 
Mike Farrell is a close friend of David Kunz and shares the same passion for decades already..
Read more here in the BULLITT News.
Diamond Mach1
While Ford is preparing the next SE of the actual Mustang generation after the BULLITT already, some have started their projects to be ready for the hype in time again. The above article will be published in our next club mag first, but remember Dennis D., when he will pop-up at the movie theatres, wherever the Diamond Bond movie is played - maybe late 2007 or early 2008.
Review some info on one of the Bond Mach1. Some are speaking of 3 429 Mustangs, others have doubts in various aspects of the information available, anyway there is more behind the scenes, but evidence is scarce. We shift some more light on that soon. Link

The magic topic.
The few Mustangs with a 427 always catch a big crowd, if they pop up at a show or sb. mentions sightings of them. Starting with the famous AF/X SOHC strippers via the 67 Shelbys and the mystery unconfirmed 68s, all have in common that they were not done at the Ford factories, but created with enthusiasm by performance oriented partners.
Anyhow the individual stories offer enough room to invest a little more time for research. Without looking the details up yet I think  that 47 67 Shelbys are known to have been equipped with a 427, 25 as well "created" by Tasca and 4 by Holmann-Moody. 3 of them at least went to Europe.


A 67 Shelby with a 427 engine by HM? We will have a closer look at this one. After some years of communication Ted Campioli finally met again the owner, residing in the UK and took a series of shots for ponysite.de.
The car stirred up big collectors interest at the latest UK car show, where he saw it. Worth enough to dig a bit in its history. 

Click here.

Terry Fritts reported of a new 2008 Twister Special run - not by Ford though as he updates his earlier notice

This pictured car was customized by Fang Performance. See also www.searsbrothers.com for this prototype

"I heard there were rumblings around Ford's KC District and Regional Sales offices about doing a 2008 Twister Special.  Initially word had it that there would be 96 cars produced as in the original 1970 run, but then it went different:

"Ford, after convincing R&A Motorsports to produce two(2) 2007 prototype cars, has chosen not to officially sponsor or directly produce the car themselves. Ford has deferred to, and will not challenge, the production of the 96 cars by R&A Motorsports, Lee's Summit, MO..  R&A has applied for and been granted both the Twister Special name plate and the Twister Special logo trademarks and will produce 48, 2008 Mustang GT Coupes and 48, 2008 Mustang GT Convertibles for sale to anyone, anywhere, that may wish to purchase them" 

Sticker price might be 41.500 Dollar.  


Claude DuBois, 71-72 Shelby Europa initiator and ex-5R539 Le Mans driver greets the Mustang world from a meeting at the Mustang Garage Belgium. 
359 cars gathered there and 2200 spectators at the seasons opening festival last weekend.
An Interview with Ned Scudder (Cobra SAAC-Registrar) in our Cobra Section 
Click here
For some reason I like our friends Richard Truesdells new online magazine  
Automotive Traveler. 

Maybe because I'm listed on the first pages as contributing editors? Just don't know, really.

More than 100 pages full of traveling info plus more on a 427 Cougar, Ramblers, Ferrari tour through Peru and Alaska travelling. Maybe the next issue has more on Mustangs, if you contribute in Readers
If you want to skip a few ads, page a bit faster at the beginning, but thats how free of charge mags are financed, so I did not say that really.

Ford car owners received this newsletter introducing the Mustang. Edwin L. Johnson was one of them and  his booklet turned up finally in my hands. Hope Edwin is still around. Edwin - if yes,  your treasure is in good hands anyway. And I did not know Ford had foreseen my website already at that time :)

The Giugiaro Mustang  in Germany

The current (April 2007) italian mag Design and Cars has a thrilling story on this design study and many concept drawings are shown, that might have an influence on the 2009 Mustang.

Essen/Germany Motorshow Fords

The Latest News on the CLARK Story -
Ponysite is proud to host the first website dedicated to the 
Man behind the Pony
This talented designer deserves to be remembered and honored. Ponysite is contributing and supporting Holly in her personal efforts to gain the respect in the designers world for a lasting influence with more than 8 millions Pony emblems on a Body inspired by Phil Clark.

More here 

Ongoing research
More facts
on the link between the Mustang I and the GT40 concept body design

How the Mustang I became a Coupe 
Ilustration used by Roy Lunn in a mag article on the Mustang I 
Follow our research online!
All about the Mk1 GT40 concept car body design 1962/1963

Mustangs in front of the Ford Styling Centre back in 1966. 
Stay tuned for a tour through the secrets of Ford Design.

Ever heard of the 1966 Player Special? 

Raynald Belanger has a story to share on these Specials from Canada. 


In our research Ponysite.de has stumbled over many a Cobra topic.

 While we certainly won't compete with any established Cobra site, next section opened is the Ponysite Sidescoop.

This section will cover some COBRA basics, but will feature the one-offs or unexpected Cobra news. We'll start with a Lance Coren Interview by Wallace Wyss, continue with a Trevor Legate interview, Pete Ettmüllers memories from the Scuderia Felipinetti, Herbert Mueller stuff, the Barris Cobra and such kind of unexpected Cobra stuff. Ever heard of the Kirkham Copper Cobra? Join us in our effort to create another effective sidescoop of Ponysite.

Check it out now!

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