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FMCOG Board Meeting
Mustang meets Concorde and Tupolev

The only museum that has both supersonic passenger airplanes ... hosted our last annual board meeting and a car show of its own. Gathering more than 100 Mustangs of all models made up quite a nice and interesting scenario for visitors and participants. You could smell the odeur of Mach1 and even Mach2 or was it simply oil?

After the board meeting guides of the museum offered participants of the event a special guidance and they enjoyed themselves the technically experienced audience.

At 9.00 pm we enjoyed a private movie presentation of all kinds of Mustang movies in the IMAX cinema. Popcorn and a relaxed atmosphere including a few thrilling moments during chase scenes accompanied the perfect evening, ending at the nearby hotel bar.
Next day we visited as well the Technik Museum Speyer, which was also founded by Mr. Leyer. Both museums stock numerous big technical exhibits including trains, airplanes and much more. It is the biggest private collection in Europe and contains about 70% exhibits on loan and 30% owned by the Foundation.

A Space Shuttle exhibit glass pavillion is prepared at the Technik Museum Speyer for the oncoming years, although China is keen on it as well. Make sure, it comes to Germany, we will take really care of it!:)

The Mach1 sign on some Mustangs had a new meaning with the supersonic aircrafts around. Note that you can drive Mach1s on land, while the Concorde and Tupoleve were only allowed to pass the limit over the sea. Quite some advantage.

More pictures from our FMCOG- Mustang Meeting at the Technik Museum Sinsheim

Night scenes in front of the museum. The Mustang Illumination.
And yes, we don't have a problem with a Pontiac GTO surrounded by 'stangs.
Ever wondered where famous F1 drivers earned their first merits?

This is Jacky Ickx drving a Holmann-Moody massaged 67 Mustang in Zolder back then.

Jacky drove a 65 Mustang as well much earlier and continued to participate in many a circle track race in Europe.

Ponysite spoke with Dr. Dieter Eymann recently, who participated in more than 10 Monte Carlo races, several hill-climb, airport and circle track events. More than a decade of active racing from 1961 onwards. Until today Dr. Eymann has had Ponies in his corrall. The Ickx car was just one of those. The article will first appear in our club mag. So sorry for the teaser only.

Picture courtesy Dr. Eymann, who bought this car from Jacky in the late 60ies.
The Mach1 Story
The Mach 1was born already  in 1959 in the Ford design studios as we pointed out earlier, starting with the LeviCar concept. 
Ponysite would like to give you some more insigth beyond the average Mustang book plus guest editor Wallace Wyss will take a closer look at the 1968 Mach1 showcar 

Holly Clark let us have a sneak into her Dads archive for any Mach 1 pics (the rest will go into her book 2)
Including a few rare shots of Super Cobra Jet Mach1 and one-of-ones this certainly makes up a quite interesting mixture, even for long time Mach 1 enthusiasts..

1968 Mach 1 concept car 


We are still patiently waiting for more exclusive interior shots of the Concept cars, but have a sneak preview on the story and return later (might take longer) to this unexpected Mach 1 history page. 

Ford BUILT DAY at the Amsterdam factory plant
Report by 

Arjan Nugteren/Netherlands


Last saturday, the 8th of september, the Ford Built Day of Ford Netherlands took place at the remainders of the Amsterdam factory plant. Today this area is converted and in use as a coal bulk terminal.


Among the "human" guests were dealers, former employees and others. There were also 80 classic, more metal guests, the Ford Taunus, Cortina,  Anglia, Transcontinental trucks etc. and also four Ford Mustang which were assembled in Amsterdam. 
In 1966, 397 Ford Mustangs'
were built in Amsterdam , about 50 of those Mustangs' are found in the last years. About 700 guests were welcomed by the Management of Ford Netherlands .


Together with my friend, Rob van Rijn we had a splendid day with a lot of memory lane stories especially from the former employees, who are nearly 85 till 90 years old. I can say that it was a sentimental and historic day for us all. 

Rob van Rijn and some former employees in front of 4 Mustangs built in Amsterdam back then.

More pictures:  http://home.hetnet.nl/~mustang65-13/FordBuiltDay/index.htm

Une Homme et une Femme
Research ongoing
We've got detailed papers of the sale fo the car from Ford France to the next owner Jaques Becker.

When Claude Lelouche joined the party at the Deauville film festival in 2006, he came with a 66 Hardtop, that resembled, but was not even close to the original #145 and #184 Mustang Hardtop that were used in the famous movie.

We've been contacted in the past years by several auctioneers and private parties for research on the #145 car, that was on the market, but in fact - as Guilleaume Vesnat form the Mustang Club de France says, the car on sale did not have the correct VIN and was subsequently sold for a much lower sales price.

Picture Mustang Club de France

Picture taken in Soissons (02 - France) in 1966 by Jacques B., who bought the Mustang soon after the movie ended. It was still registered under the same licence plate number as was #184 in the movie 

None of the two cars has been found so far, but we would like to kick it off by tracing one of them down. No.#184, which is actually not the original race car, but was given by Ford France to Claude Lelouch for this movie acc. to Guilleaume Vesnat, who has been in touch with Henri Chemin more than once. Frank Becker contacted us, because he wants to reunite his father  with his old car. Jacques Becker bought the car soon after the movie via a dealer in Sedan from William Reiber, then president of Ford France and all documents that he has on file, proove that this was indeed 1636 RR75, a HiPo K-code from 1965. 
Picture courtesy F. Abraham/France (movie scene)

So the race is on again. Any hint, where the car is today, is very much appreciated. 

More details and documents here
News from Terry Fritts on the 2008 Twister

Click here

Terry has ordered the 3 first packages of the R&A Twister 2007 for himself and his wife, so you will recognize him easier in the future and he will make sure, one will be preserved for 2038 for the 30th Anniversary of the 2008 Twister
Pictured here are the prototypes in environments created by Illusion Photo/Kansas City. 

"I have pre-purchased the "Twister Special Package" for R&A VIN's #1, #3 & #96. Number one will be strictly a concours show car and collector investment. 
I am requiring that all factory shipping labels and protective coverings be left intact on this car.  Number 96 will be a convertible, nice weather driver, for my wife and then as soon as I can purchase another 2008 under "X" plan, probably after January 1, 2008, VIN #3 will be a coupe for my nice weather driver."

TASCA and Shelby join forces again

Bob Tasca was the first Shelby dealer on the east coast and inspired Shelby quite often on the performance part of his cars. 

So it is quite logical, both put their heads together again to optimize some parts and market them through the new Tasca Shelby shop.

Ford Germany finally importing the V6 Mustang? "Nope" they say.
After rumours at the recent IAA Frankfurt show, Automobilwoche and a dealer magazine report about the plans to import the Mustang V6 and sell it in Europe for less than 20.000 Euro. 
It certainly will attract another crowd, but could sell until the new Capri will be presented.
With the ST team putting their hands on the V6 (which is actually built already and expanded in Ford Cologne engine factory) for a ST version, this could be a hot european derivative.
We will keep you updated. 

Update: Ford Germany continues to refuse to admit that there is something going on in this direction.

But well in 2012 we all know now that it will be there in 2014.

This picture shows  the 2008 Shelby GT500, but the Ford ST team could certainly easily wrench out a hot V6 version with a Nuerburgring suitable suspension and a massaged V6 - the Ford Mustang ST. A limited sales would be a good teaser and testbench for the next generation Capri. We are seeing things here yet, but as you know, we have often seen things that came true finally.
Anybody looking for a C80F-AB carb? 
used in Shelby KR428 or 68 1/2 Cobra Jets for a 4-speed. 
At least nice to see one in detail. We've got one here left over in Europe, still available as of 2010 in Norway. If sb. is interested, just make your voice heard, it's not for free and it's not a Buy one, get one free action, so rather ask your partner first, whether she's got an idea for X-mas already.

No, it's not mine, but I thought it should not rot on a shelve, but do, what it should do, breath!
Rebuilt by sb. known in the scene.


(MUSTANG) GT44 or GT46  

Exclusively here on this website.

Camilo said that the new 2010 Mustang might be a blend of the Ford GT and the current Mustang. So at least it has already got some heritage back then in 1964.

Whoever thought Ford stopped the Mustang I Concept car development soon after its appearance in 1962 and the final decison for the 4-seater Ash Mustang design, is wrong. 

We've found more evidence of the influence that the Mustang I concept car had in the GT40 design and back again for street cars like the Mustang. The Advanced Styling team was busy after the  Mustang I with numerous designs like the Allegro II and others.
Obviously also with a GT40 street car - the GT44, being 44" high initially, later it was renamed GT46 acc. to researcher Franco Varani, who gave us more insight into the different projects and teams that worked on these cars. 
We've been notified first that Charlie McHose was involved in this design, but actually it wasn't him. Charlie worked from 62-late 65 in Essex/UK,, while Phil Clark was still in Dearborn busy in the Advance Styling Studios with everything Mustang, as we know. He went to Essex/UK around X-mas 1964.

Anyway Phil Clarks original Mustang I side scoop design is clearly visible on the nicknamed Mustang GT46 that was photographed in the studios as late as in February 1964, 2 months before the production Mustang appeared on the TV screens. 

For us it's a blend of the 1963 Ford USA GT40 body design and the 62 Mustang I concept car.
Any doubt remaining about the influence of the Mustang I in this? Read  Wallace Wyss, Brian Winer and Al Axelrods new GT40 book "FORD GT40 & The New Ford GT" that we have featured here recently for some more insight and back-up of our writings. Still we are open for corrections and will study Franco Varanis papers and information in detail and match them with Phils diary.

Ever heard of Marc Terenzi?
NO? Me, too, but he has a nice pimped Mustang around. And actually he is married to Sarah Connor since 2004, but who cares?
Beside that he is a singer (Album Awesome) and has something to do with the Terenzi Horror Night show in an adventure parc in Rust/Germany.
More on Marc Terenzi
His Mustang appeared today at the Streets Magazine Festival in my neighbourhood, which is reason enough for me to mention him.

The unexpected Celebrity Mustang


Castle Dyck  with a big concours show. Entries came from the Schlumpf Museum, Sinsheim Museum, Goodwood, Mercedes Museum (like a 1886 test car) and many private collectors. 
Huge fields full of classic cars of every mark. More than 1000 participants and a special race car show with 140 entries, drivers pits areas anc concours parcours plus a Mini car classic show.
Anybody looking for a special car can contact me. Might have taken a picture of it.
About 40.000 visitors were counted and 4000 classic visitors cars in the formal field/garden area.


Germany has got its own Goodwood 
with the CLASSIC DAYS at castle Dyck near Düsseldorf/Neuss.

UPDATE 6th August: More than 170 PICS

Bratke Shelby Race Car

For more info or a Sunday visit (5th. August) go to www.schloss-dyck-classic-days.de
The unexpected Mustang Racer
Mystery King Cobra Mustang II
Whatever preference you have in Mustangs, a hot Mustang is a Hot Rod and a Mustang Race car on the track thrills you the same way like a vintage race car. The engine sound is not that much different from the first generation. 

Powered by Emotions ...are all of them.

Steve Fancis latest Hot Rod is one of those unexpected Pony race cars. 
"My latest barn find, a King Cobra Mustang II. So far we have SCCA race history back to 1987, however we are chasing the possibility that it ran the IMSA Camel GT series as far back as 1977. It's turn-key and ready to race but has that wonderful patina of an old race car. Whoever has something on it's time before 1987, please contact us via this site.

Engine is a dry sump 310 cu in with a T5 trans, quick change rear end, 4-wheel disc brakes and tires are 10 inch slicks
THE ROAD CARS are back
Alan Faulkner-Stevens (Dragon Wheels/UK) has finally finished his meticulous restoration of a 67GT500  and is already in the middle of the next 67GT500 job.

If you ever need a real expert in Shelby restorations, Alan is "Da Man" for you in Europe.
Being a former Aston Martin designer, he knows all the good ol' school metal beating stuff without any filler. Precision in documentation, recreating and assembling is his strength. 

At the same time he is in touch with many retired or still busy top-level skilled knowledge carriers in the britsh scene of restoration. Just consider this: Who else can be an expert in electrical gremlins, if not our british friends :)

Nothing beats private photoboxes with car memories
Helping PO G.G. to find the current owner of the famous TASCA 505 (Performance car of the Year 1965) we've got some more updates and pictures on the history of this outstanding car. Note here the later added second hoodscoop again and the changed graphics. The Alexander Brothers emblem is still on and Bob Tasca has verified the car himself. Once the article in our club mag has been published this week, we will have more on it in the oncoming weeks. 
For G.G. it was and is really a dream to become reunited with the car his father was so proud of.  
See more of it on http://www.ponysite.de/tasca505.htm 
BUCK TAGs are an ongoing Mystery,
but with collectors like Ron Wade, they become a bit more transparent each day.

Ron provided us with his collection of buck tags taken from wrecked Mustangs of all kind to update our living BUCK TAG Decoder.

There are unfortunately some dull people in this hobby that copy and paste it around on the web since a while, but you might wish to bookmark this one, since it is updated regular with more information as it comes in.

Thanks Ron, it may take some more time to check all, but it's a very appreciated support from a real Mustanger.

The Driving instructor is waiting!
Howard Pardee (SAAC-registrar for 65/66 Shelbys) went the extra mile and created  with his Bob Aliberto Tribute 2007 Shelby GT500 his own Rare Find of the future and a special entry in the new Registry.

Bob was so touched by Howards move, he posed with it far away from the crowds of SAAC 32 and gave Howard some driving instructions free of charge ..... beyond the Basics. 

If you don't yet know who Bob is, then here is some more from Howard himself, which is actually more serious:
"Bob Aliberto, Mustang Monthly magazine's Beyond The Basics columnist, stands next to a 2007 Shelby GT500 owned by Howard Pardee at the Bonneville Salt Flats during SAAC-32 July 9, 2007. at Miller Motorsports Park, Tooele, Utah.

Aside from that Bob is well-known for his appearances in the rear view mirrors of many a famous race driver with his early Shelby and vice versa ...or so..

I met Bob at SAAC-25 some years ago at the race gas station, 
but he was busy with fueling his "funny" Shelby, so actually he missed me:)
Bob, I hope you have got a dose of humour....
... and wouldn't it be a good idea to open your own driving ambitions school

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