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May 15th
Rare Find of the Month
Restoration started on this K-Code T-5 GT convertible

Turned out it is one of only maybe one or two dozen Export K-code convertibles (6T08K132877) that was used in the 80ies for airport slalom races. Being originally registered in December 1965 from a US-car dealer in Germany, it is very likely that this car is one of 3 remaining T-5 K-code GT convertibles

The car found some days later a skilled and real enthusiast in  Michael Bruns, owner of a 68 GT500 and participant of the recent Monte Carlo Historic and many other races. The K-code featured still the original black powered Top-S droptop,  the original K-code engine with the lower part of the air cleaner, correct carb and many more items that give authenticity. Soon after he brought it home, Michael started the restoration of it and found still original paint under the strange body extensions, which have gone already.

Customized K-Code Export Convertible wit a special 95-0421 DSO


This car being unloaded last week at our annual club meet in Sinsheim caused quite a stir up with certain looks at the owner. Well it sat 20 years at his place with occasional engine start-ups and he finally decided to part with it. 

Ripped off the strange body pieces, decent original metal was found. The paint was still original under a layer of clear laquer. The car indeed was not driven too often, but stored away most of its history.
A good base for a thorough restoration. So never laugh again about strange 'stangs, there might be a gem under the skin.
Michael also found more original stuff in his research: The original engine belt was still on, original solenoid, the paint O.K. mark is still visible and much more. He tries to preserve most of what he finds in the ongoing restoration.
May 10th
Proud father of 2 girls and previous owner of 2 R-Shelbys
It seems that the  father-son projects are quite often mentioned in the mags, while the special memories of daughters about her Daddys Mustang lasts much longer. So don't forget your daughter when working on your car or racing it. Those ladies are even more proud of you as you might recognize instantly as a father.
That refers to Phil Clark and his daughter Holly, Henry Carlini and his daughter (a new book about her memories will be published in 2008) and as well to the pictured Bratzo Vicich from Peru and his 2 daughters. One of them - Andrea - contacted us to share with us her memories and adding details about the cars from her fathers mouth.

We hope to be able to come up with another Ponysite exclusive full interview with Mr. Vicich on his race career with several Shelby race cars in Peru soon. Pictured here are probably 5R530 and 5R535 before they went on sale in the 80ies.
The Cherry Blossom Parade Princesses are back
Rex Turner send us his shot of Miss Nevada, Miss Cherry Blossom Parade 2008, Miss Ohio and Miss Nebraska in his 1972 Sprint Convertible. What else do you need? 
Maybe the GT seen behind it? Rex remains open for discussion here.

April 28th.

So did I, but Michael Bauman (www.transam-mustang.de) came to the rescue with his outstanding pics and videos. Meeting swedish Jörgen Sjölins Boss racer #778 on right and many more incl. Historic Monte Carlo 2008 participants (Michael participated there with Michael Bruns) was a big topic for everyone as was the record setting vintage car lap around the Hockenheim Ring that was targeted at 1000 cars. Everybody enjoyed it.


Missed it? Jim Clark Revival at the Hockenheimring 26/27.April.

Everybody with an interest in early Mustangs knows about my fellow Klaus from Germany and he has exiciting news:
Klaus became  the first german certified MCA Judge


"I merged my registry data with the data of the MCA Head Judge Charles Turner. Together we now have 10034 early-mustangs (64-66) inside the database. To clean up everything and add them will take some time, but the VIN's will be accessible online next weekend. I would be happy if you will support this largest Mustang Online registry with your and/or your clubs data! Thanks,
Klaus from Germany
Certified MCA Judge 64 1/2 - 66


Recent addition to our Enthusiasts network is Bjørn K.,  
to whom I was introduced by my friend and B429 & Shelby collector Svein Erik Aaserud up north. Bjørn showed us his thrilling Bond-like hideaway in a mountain cave with treasures most of us were dreaming of all those years. So did he, until he could afford to put them side by side and focus his attention to detailing of his recent buys. One of only six 66 Shelbys with a spoiler the Hertz car is almost unique, another quite unique low-mileage 66 Shelby with automatic used in a driving ambition school back then just came from Tucson last year and the 67 Shelby will be soon a nuts and bolts restoration..

ørn likes to share his passion for details and rare cars in his 100% safe bunker garage inside a norwegian mountain. 

Seen out of John Bakkes ARI Pace car 428 Cobra Jet, the 66 Shelby Hertz with the rear spoiler. Next to it is a meticulous Shelby replica. None is for sale, so don't ask. It was good to meet John Bakke as well after so many years and exchanging latest updates on the ARI 428 pacecar whereabouts.

More published in our club mag 1/2009.

Adding to the pleasure of my recent visit in Norway was a trip to the 
of another new friend nearby.
A man that has a good taste in choosing a tungsten grey met. Ford GT, a black Shelby GT500, a red 66 Fastback, a black 390GTA (restored and detailed by Bjørn) and a 67 convertible behind the photographer, yours truely.
The above 67 GT500 will join this hidden place quite soon.


What do you think, out of 20.267.977 websites,
which rank your favourite Ponysite.de is currently taking?


Well, 258.959 doesn't sound good? Then check a few other commercial free (or even advertising loaded) Mustang sites that you visit occasionally and suddenly it's not too bad at all. Catering to about 5-7000  US uniques, we are in the good neighbourhood of the boss302, SAAC, Clubcobra, Shelbyforums and outperformed a few others that I thought had much more audience. It seems that Ponysite is still able to gather and address a bigger share of enthusiasts around the world, but also in the US. For more demographic details of your co-readers simply check the below link.I did a short check on those that I know and it is fun to read the comments and traffic details on some, you may review your preferred site by simply adding the website address to www.quantcast.com (like www.quantcast.com/ponysite.de ). You'll be surprised to learn a bit more about Mustang website audiences and you may trust a bit more into their independent data that aren't influenced by top-sites links.

Search Engine Marketing is quite a science in todays public relation work. I was really suprised to see that we succeeded to get a higher rank in Mustang sites even without using any of the common tricks, that help bigger companies to get up in the ranks. And especially for a private driven non-commercial site like this one. 

So ...thank YOU as bypassers, regulars or addicts as well as contributors. 
Thank you very much is all I can say . Let's be proud of us all to make this happen. 
Without you it would not work and without me, well it could work as well:)


Linking with the clubs. Really?

I am afraid  we will face a new era of 
"Officially licenced clubs".

Some time ago, I reflected here shortly in an editorial about a "thread" called teammustang.com trying to sort the good clubs from the bad ones based on Fords own criterias. Well, they gave it a different name, it is now FordPerformance,com with a few clubs meeting those criterias being on board already.

Can they be proud? Yes and no in my view. It is always good to be recognised for your efforts by the manufacturer, but one should not be to enthusiastic. Ford does not start such an effort to be nice to some. What counts is contacts for sales, adresses for promotion and liability, enforcing and controlling the communication, topics and items spread by those clubs. 
What I foresee is actions to get adresses (Certificate of ownerships is certainly already one), spread out invitations for events with less costs using clubs data, merchandise being promoted and at the same time controlled (maybe even licenced). Which is not an evil thing by itself. But seeing its sideeffects, means clubs are sorted to their alignment to the selection criterias and may loose some methods of self-financing, which could be misused to get rid of some. Then or later Ford will ask for registry datas to have better access (all for the benefit of the members of course) for information.
The critics on the web and in the forums are much better dealt then with the club officials, because they might not want to hurt their sponsor and will have better tools to sort out the disliked members. Actually some sites already exclude criticism of the car or board members already in their board rules. Hmm. No other opinion liked? Communication will become poorer, although I agree that you don't want to listen to nay-sayers too often in your free time.  
Will Mustang clubs even have to sign a licencing agreement to be able to call themselves a Mustang club? Watch closely what happened with Teamshelby.com. A first effort to get rid of the way too independent clubs like SAAC was? There is more behind that case than you see today (building a new sports car brand), but it fits the same scheme.  

So all in all  these moves are a very effective way of gaining more control over the enthusiast network. Do we want this? Some obviously yes, some not. All I ask for, is use your brain twice as a club official or member before you make arrangements and stay critical even if you love the brand. I love the brand too, but I'd like them to pump out new good products that we simply like by themselves. Don't follow the carrot, even if you get a free ride in a mule. Enjoy your Mustang and keep your independency. That's what Mustangs were made for.
And let's hope we don't have to sign licence agreements in the near future to be able to talk about Mustangs and Shelbys with our own opinion. Mercedes-Benz (Classics) and others have exercised that for a long time and Ford just copies here. But it really hurts to see it coming. 
The affordeable Movie sportscar- The EMR500
With the first and only officially licenced Eleanor being soon available for no less than 139.900 Dollar from Halickis Classic Restorations, enthusiasts with a smaller pocket can still be served by an UK based company. The EMR 500 is a true kit car. This perfect example to the right was built on a modified Sierra base, but plans are on the table to create a specific cage/chassis for the body. The mold was taken from an original and as you can see the appearance is as close as it could be. 

Trevor Lewis from Mill Auto Conversions/UK builds these complete kit cars and serves skilled builders with the right ingredients to create their own EMR500 or pick up finished and road-approved glossy cars like this one.
We featured one of them in our recent club mag.
The last few remaining mysteries in Mustang research
- First is the Mustang origin with Phil Clark being a key player for the emblem and Mustang I creation.
Stay tuned for further documentation being published this year.

- Second are the preproduction Mustangs built prior to 5th. of March 1964
Again stay tuned for further documentation being published this year
- Third are the Production Broadcast sheets. 
Wouldn't it be great for a restorer to be able to read all those codes from the piece of paper, you found under your carpet or dash or somewhere else in your car. 
These handbooks do exist as you can see in the following proof. They might end up soon in Kevin Martis third book in a row.

- Fourth are the Ford internal Special Order sheets
that specify per DSO-PSO-umbers and what exactly made up this special order. They do exist and even for the early 65/66 cars as you can spot here in this R-Shelby spec sheet 71-2506 that we shared with the SAAC long ago. 

Our source had been in touch with an Ford employee. Wouldn't it be great to make these available? We hope the other two smart guys that have these sheets are making this happen before the 45th. Anniversary is taking place. 


Eleanor replica

When it comes to good 'ol panel beating or kit cars, there is no bypassing possible around the UK.

This one is an all steel body Eleanor custom built for a client using a worn out 68 GT390, that needed a thorough survival treatment. Otherwise it would not have happened. Rest assured.
My friend Alan Faulkner-Stevens (ex Aston Martin designer) is just working on this project for a customer and rest assured, it will be a top notch car on the showfield.

Visit his new website at www.dragonwheelsrestorations.co.uk for more information 
about Shelby and Mustang restorations on a peak level.
The Michelotti version - Meccanica Maniero 4700GT 1967

A while ago, we asked for better pictures of the Michelotti Meccanica Maniero 4700GT.
Francesco Maurizi from Italy came to the rescue and searched his piles of old mags finding this one in a 1967 Quattroruote Magazine No. 136 soon after the show was over.
Thanks Francesco, it was worth the effort, almost no front shot was existent so far.

Acc. to the adjacent text the experimental mechanical thinks were joined with a a Mustang engine. Although announced the Ferrari 330GT did not make it for the Geneva Show 1967.


Sorry for delay in news. I was quite busy in my job, while watching out for a Mustang thrill during my stay in the Czech Republic. On the hunt for Frantisek Snobl, which is searched for by the MCA and Mustang Monthly, Juergen Schuhmacher came to the rescue with his supercharged 450HP, lowered performance car with 35 ratio tires, a Borla exhaust plus more. It was a blast like in a jetfighter. Thanks Juergen for the nice evening. The car was a crowdpuller at the gas stations and in Prague. Juergen knows which car Frantisek has driven and the Mustang Czech Rider Club (50 cars and some Shelbys) is engaged to find him again. Stay tuned.
BULLITTs staged at the Techno Classica 2008 (27th.-30th.March 08)
With 1000 exhibitors showing their classic cars and acessories in 12 halls and expecting more than 150.000 visitors the Techno Classica is the worlds biggest Classic Car show.
The First Mustang Club of Germany 1964-1973eV is proud to display a 67 replica from Marco Hauptmann, a 2008 Bullitt from club member D. Thiel/Uscars24.de and a 66 Hardtop from Marco Gungel in the green colour choce livery from Ford.
By concidence a green 68 Charger was set-up opposite of our booth by the STREETS MAGAZINE.
The new Capri 2012 Concept car
...is the pioneer of the new worldwide design approach for an affordable sports car. With a target weight of 1160kg only, the 2+2 seater is featuring several state of the art technologies like:
Can-Bus,  miniature-technology for battery, power valves and actuators plus electrical instead of hydraulic actuated components. LED-headlights will become a standard and are used on the Capri as well. (Source Autobild 19th. March)
The Mustang Lovers Valentine Cruise
The February 2008 cruise was exciting for the participants and the details for the 2009 cruises are just worked out.
Famous Mustang "names"  gave insight into the secrets of restoration in seminars or told interesting stories from their memories. 
Watch out for the full report from Richard in the next issue on www.automotivetraveler.com and details of the next cruises on www.catchawaveproductions.com (from Easter Monday). Make sure you don't miss the BIG WAVE next time. 
In the future possible competition of Roush and Shelby, Roush takes a step forward featuring its Avro 720 Mirage Ford GT with 730 horsepower at 6.950 rpm and 678 NM at 4500rpm.
10 cars will be availably only. The good old Brooklands society obviusly near Byfleet still works, where Avro is located. The cars will be fabricated at the Brentwoods/UK Roush base
"Amelia Island Concours Show was a blast" Sam Colman

More about the Trans Am heroes and a few pics provided by Daniel Lipetz in our Trans Am News Section.

More soon from Frank Dobias, who attended Sebring as well after Amelia Island.


The Mustang and Cougar Tag book 
finally available from Kevin Marti
Engine Tags, carb tags, trans tags, Buck tags and more - 
deciphered from the Pro

Just arrived on my desk, an outstanding source of information for 67-73 Mustang owners, that are interested in the tidbids of restoration.

Available from www.martiauto.com or major Mustang parts vendors for  30 Dollar plus postage.
History repetition might be continued with the new Shelby Europa*
Ponysites vision of a new Shelby Europa featuring Marshal fog lights and the famous snake licenced by Shelby American.
See the history of those 14 Shelby Europa 71/72 exclusive here on www.ponysite.de/sheleur.htm

Buying a few of the last KRs and turning them into Ring track capable HiPo Road cars or better yet creating a more stylish elegant outfit like this one might be someones next project. There would be enough market over here, so we hope  this does not remain our vision only. 

* well almost ....the project turned in anothe route - speaking as of 2009
Halicki vs. Shelby in the LA Times Headlines
Denise Halicki plans to have built Eleanor clones by herself with a company based in Oklahoma in 2 versions with 535 and 770HP.

Although CS/SAI prefers to be in control of all his headlines with his latest move for the Teamshelby Club, there are a few out there that aren't happy with the lawsuits filed against them to hold them down in todays "wrestlers" world. Call it backlash, call it stand-up, call it weird or comedy or sit on the fence and keep watching.  
One -in my view - excellent attempt to catch both parties viewpoint is the recent LA Times article (1st. of March). You'll be not the judge in this case, but a professional will have a tough time soon about the marketing of "ELEANOR".

Additional comment/article by Wallace Wyss.
Leads me to some thoughts: 
These days a new profession might become more popular, that is car-nut attorney or judges specialised in car history and perception. So if you are just studying law and have a Mustang in your garage, consider this job as a rewarding direction for your future. We might even see Mustang related courthouse departments. 

Club officials will have to participate with experts, so might think about rebates seminars, sessions, club evenings with lawyers teaching about correct expertises in Mustang history or even carshow judging, an hourly rate for consulting or deductions, in case the other party joins the club for whatever reason. 
At events one might sell merchandise stuff like T-Shirts, caps and bags with "I am in LAWe with Shelby" or "My Hero is still kicking... Halicki" or "Filed unter CSX0427" or "Big Lawyer is watching you" or "10 years in a Cobra lawsuit" or stickers like "My car is owned by my lawyer".

A special newssection on the Speedchanel called "Courtyards update" may be worth to introduce and even a printed mag with "Car nuts courtyard" title might be valuable for many investors and historians.

Well all this said, my point is, let's face that vintage cars rising in value make some owners, enthusiasts and audiences different or even change the audience and authors. Wether it makes our hobby more valuable? I don't think so. but we should be not surprised to see more of this in 2008 and later. Good luck to all of us that have to defend something in the near future.
Bosse Ljungfeldt back then in the glory days in his #8 Shelby Hardtop

1967/1968 Mustang Notchback racer subsite opened -
we start with an almost empty site as usual, but as well with a lot of ambition:)
Let's see where it goes.
Nothing beats a well done custom Stang and we learn that the 68 Fastback, although being a masterpiece in design of its own, has potential to smoothen and stretch its muscles.. a bit more. 

Theron Hanson has got the nerves and skills to do it and created this flawless 68 custom car. Gone are the door handles and mirors in this case plus many dings and dents or imperfections.

  Look closer at the custom touches on this outstanding car. 

This one is one more on my favourites list and I am afraid the list will never end until I build my own. Yet with a lack of craftmans ability, this is not going to happen. 

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