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ARCHIVE 1 Page 1  
17th. August

What a simple yet probably selling Bond car! :)
Actress Olga drives the latest world car in Panama in the current filmed Bond movie. 
Seems while Bond will save the world, this car has to save Ford's future and turning their image around. 
Back to the roots of Bread and Butter cars, yet with a bit of glamour. Now the movie industry needs to push the enveloppe a bit further for Ford. 
While the current Bond Ford Ka movie car may be timely, let us introduce to you the next one - a thrilling unexpected non-Eco boost car, but more inspiring one with a boosted Ego-Factor. 
The New Aston Martin One-77

We might surprise you some time this year with unexpected news about this outstanding car, latest in October.
Watch www.one-77.com for the time being. Only 77 will be built of this V12 powered masterblaster.
15th. August
Matthew Mark Chitwood
unearthed further documentation of the unique Goldfinger Fastback concept car for us and we hope to expand our site with more top news on this peculiar car, but also on the white convertible that was used in the movie quite soon. 

This car was also featured earlier in a Mustang Monthly (1984) and Mustang Illustrated Article (1990) as I learned through Matthew. Thanks for sharing the related articles, Matthew.
13th. August
A low mileage Boss 429 and its owner get their merits

As mentioned more than once, we try to follow each car we featured once and when we digged out Jan Byrds Boss 429 as a rare find with its ultralow mileage of 5295 miles only years ago, we knew form Jan's mails over the years that the car will be really outstanding when finished. A few pieces were missing, when Jan bought it for less than 1/2 of what it's worth today, but Jan went all the extramiles to find the NOS pieces and put the car back together with fresh paint.

Recently he received a Diamond Award at the Tulsa Show and in one of the upcoming Mustang Monthly mags his car will be featured. Congratulations, Jan. 
8th. August
22 Mustangs and Shelby GT350s in a 280 car field for the Marathon race at the AVD Oldtimer Grand Prix last weekend
With 7 Shelby GT350 and 15 FIA Mustang racers last weekend 8-10th. August was a blast for any Ford enthusiast. On Friday they all participated in the 18th. AVD Historic Marathon, a 220min endurance race, that for the first time in the 36 year history of the Oldtimer Grand Prix used the complete old Nordschleife course plus the new GP race course of about 29km. Genuine Nuerburgring enthusisasts got a cold chiver when the gates were removed to connect both courses for the historic moment.
For a limited time only, since my traffic has tripled and my pocket gets empty.



2nd August
of Castle Dyck
from 2nd/3rd Aug. 2008

More pics in gallery here until my camera quit working 

Inofficially this event is meanwhile called the Dyckwood Festival, because it has a number of similarities to Goodwood.


Here is our next prediction:
Jost Capito will head this group by 2009

Review the GT/GT40 meeting where it all started back then in 2005, when Jost outperformed in his Fiesta ST the Focus ST developped by another group within Ford 
Another Ponysite prediction from at least 7 month ago became truth :

Ford Motor Co. is going to explore whether its SVT operation in the United States and the European ST and RS tuning arms can somehow be merged under global streamlining plans ordered by CEO Alan Mulally.
Jost Capito, head of Ford’s European performance vehicle division, said this integration strategy is his next challenge after the new 265-hp Focus RS goes into production in spring 2009.

“We’ll have to look at it and whether it’ll work, we don’t know yet,” he said of the integration. “We’ll have to look at it very carefully because you get one chance to get this sort of thing right.”

More on Autoweek
25th. July
1967 Meccanica Maniero 4700 GT found in Padova/Italy

Actually this is a pic thanks to www.italiansupercars.net from last years Padova classic car exhibition, but it took eagle eyed Christian W. and his friends to spot the Mustang based special car and research about the owner.

 It is still around garaged, we hope to get a few more details about a possible sale of this unique car with some Mustang heritage.
20th. July
LE MANS CLASSIC was a blast!

Michael Bruns supported Christopher Schwartz with his Olympia Charger at the last weekend Le Mans Classic. Unfortunately the driveshaft broke after the 4th round and no replacement could be found on site.
Still there was lots of action with numerous Fords on the track as you can see here.

You may read Christophes website for some interesting tidbits and stories.

We hope to have a few more pics and reports soon.
In memoriam
Bernard Cahier died 10th. July 2008 in Marseilles.

Born in 1927 in Marseilles, Bernard  got widely known from his Road & Track and Sports Car Graphic plus many more european magazine articles, but also in the last year with many of his "parting shots" in majour classic car magazines.
Bernard Cahier was always part of the scene at the race track. Fortunately enough for me Bernard Cahier browsed his huge archives years ago for hours for any of his pics around the Tour de France and Alan Mann and came up with a lot of never published pictures, that I've bought from him. Bernard told me in an interview a few years ago that he was also advisor for John Frankenheimer on the Grand Prix movie with James Garner and attended many car movie scenes including the well-known LE MANS movie with Steve McQueen or in the studios near Paris with Trintignant and Peter Ustinov. With his recent book he left behind many of his memories. 
We are with his family. 

Pictured here is Bernard Cahier with Alan Mann (on right) and his drivers at the Tour de France 1964.
5th. July
Holly Clark had a good day - 
The Phil Clark Stampede took place in Hillsboro/Texas

... and more than hundred Mustangs plus other muscle cars and Hot Rods followed her and Russ Kintz invitation to this special memorial Day of the designer of the Pony emblem and the Mustang I prototype. Read also more about Hollys report on the status of research.

  Read Tommy and Donna Gayers report here.
10th. July
Exclusive Interview with surprising facts !
Lee Holman speaks out! 

Lee Holman puts a few things straight from his memories and his fathers notes in the history of the 60ies Total Performance era.

"My father drove the first AC Ace with a 260 engine from us in it. John Willment put it together."  

Read more 

Exciting and unexpected news only here on Ponysite.de with previously unpublished pictures of the 1964 Falcons, the 68 427 race cars, new and current projects and a dream of Lee Holman.


28th. June
The 11th. Flanders Mustang Event 

.. was a big success, with over 37 participants and cars from 1964 up to 2007. Even a Ford GT came and had a look at the departure. Around 80km on Flanders most beautiful roads were presented to all the participants. Since the sun was also there, the almost 18 convertibles were driving open and getting slightly sunburned........
The practical test (driving backwards, only using mirrors, close to an object) proved to be very difficult, but enjoyed by everybody; especially the audience. Like every year the trophee was a bit more then a simple trophee, but a hand made mustang related item.
I attach a couple of pics, but you can find alot more here: 
Geoffrey (www.mustangdrivers.be)

19th. June
Bright Side of Life
An American Beast in Bavaria   or  
The White-Blue Connection
Like good 'ol Discovery Channel this time I'm serving the clichees here - just for the fun of it. During my recent stay in Bavaria I had the opportunity to drive a brand-new Shelby GT500 Convertible. Dressed out as a Sleeper with no stripes in a modern days white clad, it was peak fun to run up on the Autobahn behind those pseudo-TTs, 325s or whatever they are called. 

Spotting a Cobra in the agressive grille, some gave up early and with a slight pedal movement and a thrilling supercharger whistle you can pass them easily with their mouth wide open showing them the insignias of a real  JET style acceleration. COBRA and JET is therefore a rather perfect combination to describe this Fighters performance instead of the GT500 name. Read more here
12th. June
40 years Cobra Jet at the Carlisle 2008 event

Swiss Mustang Club member Iso Schwager went with some mates for his almost annual shopping tour to the All-Ford Carlisle event and shared some pics of the 40th Anniversary of the Cobra Jet.
"It was hot and humid, but still fun and the show was awesome". 

More later.

8th. June

How to build a Fastback from a Convertible? 
Looks easy, does it? But it is not. It requires a lot of craftmanship and attention to detail. 

More about Autokraft Restorations from Lincoln/Nebraska that seems to be capable of doing it plus information on  some of their customized andn chopped Mustangs.


Click here 

5th. June

A nice piece for your Ford office. If you like it, feel free to contact him.
He offers work in two sizes, 20” x 24” on canvas giclee for $450  U.S. or small 8” x 10” laser prints for $34.50 US. He can be contacted at: photojournalistpro@hotmail.com
Francois de Poqueville (Print of artwork)
News from the Mustang Desperado
Wallace Wyss prepares himself for the Monterey Historics
Known in the Ford world as the author of many books and indefatigable digger for lost and overlooked information  he didn’t become a fine artist until June 2007 when a portrait he painted of Carroll Shelby merely to promote his book was bought by a book buyer as well as the book. Wyss decided then to offer prints of his watercolor portraits of cars. His artwork varies in style from super-realist to a looser style of brushwork. He calls himself a “super-realist,” not a photo-realist: “It depends on whether the car is moving or static,” he says. “If it is moving, I can’t possibly get in the detail I can when it’s sitting still. My ancient Nikon F3 begins to lose focus when a car is blasting by at 150 mph, so I go with the flow of the picture.”
Why does he use photos as his source material? "That’s both good and bad. At times  the picture that came back looked great as far as the car but the background was distracting or boring, so I developed a style where I go to semi-abstract backgrounds so you can still see what context the car was photographed in, but the background has been rendered less important."
The latest work is a GT40 from a photo he shot at Monterey. Other artwork done in the recent months covers the 2002 Ford GT Concept Car, a 1965 Shelby GT350 and a 1969 Shelby Mustang . 

Some more on Monterey August 2008 and a recent interview
3rd. June
A unique pair of export 429 Super Cobra Jets reunited

Unique because this is a pair with consecutive VINs and except for the colour code, they have identical door tags. Our club member Rolf R. owns 1F05JXXX211 and 1F05JXXX212, both export cars, shipped across the pond in 1971 and reunited after 37 years in one garage. That's what we call a ULTRARARE Couple indeed.
28th. May
Another Collector's Pony?
Anybody out there, who has some info on this one. It is a 10 lb solid brass emblem, very accurate in the details.
One of our Bullitt guys - Declan o'Dwyer owns this one sourced in the U.S..

Shown here in relation to a 68 chrome pony emblem
20th. May

Ford Dealer promotion horses pair  in 1:1 size sold on ebay.
Holly says this might be the real deal, done in 1963 for Ford Marketing Tools.
18th. May
Rest in Peace 
Elton "Al" Eckstrand
Acc to www.davedennis.org one of the most fearless and "giving" Mustang icon died mid May in Florida at the age of 79. Al has been in touch with a lot of european clubs over the past decades and visited a number of them. It was a great pleasure to listen to his stories about his drag race and later safety instructor career. Myself and our FMCOG club president had been in continous contact with him and exchanging information about Mustang maniasm and development in Europe and the US.
We are sorry to loose one of our most well-known enthusiasts, contributors and we are with his family in these days. We are pretty sure, he will give us some safety instructions upon arrival up there in heaven once we join him for another ride ..... .

The Cobra Jet Reunion at the Carlisle Ford Event early June will certainly commemorate him in a special ceremony or minute of silence. Seems they forgot?

Reread our Lawman section here 

BTW - Elton planned a modern Lawman tour together with Ford and Chrysler and based on the new FR500-CJ.. We hope to see it still happening and we count on Hau-Thai Tang. 

Elton with his present from his mate Hau-Thai Tang from Ford Design.
May 24th
Another design preview of another Ford world car - the Mondeo 2012

The new Ford KA will be build on the current Fiat 500 platform in Poland. A KIA ST is planned as well thanks to Jost Capito.

Based on the CD platform the new Mondeo will obviously follow the Capri concept and the released Kuga format in style. One remark in the recent Autobild publication however was that the platform allows enough room for many body designs, since it has to last for 15 years. Whatever this means for the next world car, we can certainly expect a variety of concepts in the near future. (Pictures courtesy Huckfeldt/ Auto Bild)


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